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Essay about Animal Testing Is Unethical And Should Be Treated Differently

A professor at Clinical Neuroimaging at Aston University, Paul Furlong, states that "it 's very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we 're trying to achieve in the human."(Animal Testing .While many animal right groups continue to further their campaigns, an increase in companies has begun to sell "cruelty-free" cosmetics, personal care, and household products that are free from animal testing.Many believe that speciesism still occurs today despite all the major movements to eliminate animal testing (Garner).Over twenty years, the safety testing on cosmetics has drastically changed as many companies don 't test on animals anymore (Howard).

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Should Animal Testing Be More Than 100 Million Animals Every Year For Human Purposes?

That is why the best way to stop animal testing is to come up with an alternative, than require laws to end animal testing for good.It is not just the multibillion-dollar research companies that are experimenting with animals; the government both requires and regulates animal testing.No animal should suffer in pain, and the same goes for a human.Many scientists believe that animal testing is the best way to find answers to many questions.The top ten countries that use animal testing the most is: United States of America, Japan, China, Australia, France, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, and Brazil (Cruelty Free International).

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Animal Testing Should Not Be Banned Essay

The Government of Australia’s Animal Welfare Committee (2015) states that animal testing is legal in Australia, however the government does not fund testing on animals for medical research.Animal testing has contributed to many lifesaving cures and treatments.Rutledge (2014) stated that students show a positive attitude toward animal testing.The modern era of animal testing began around 150 years ago, although the conditions were quite different; the animals suffered severely as there were no anesthetics (Understanding Animal Research 2013).Animal testing dates back to around 400 years ago, when one of the first famous researchers William Harvey was curious to discover how blood circulates around the body.

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Animal Experimentations Essay example

Sixty four-week-old guinea pigs were randomly separated into 6 groups: 3 control and 3 test groups.How many more animals should we sacrifice to fulfill our insatiable needs?Annually, over six million animals are exploited in facilitating research and teaching in Australia and New Zealand.In the research paper I reviewed, guinea pigs were used to investigate the effectiveness of a drug called levodopa in suppressing short-sightedness, indicated by the retinal dopamine level.The guinea pigs in the test groups were first anesthetized and their right eyes were occluded using milky-coloured latex to artificially induce short-sightedness and tested with either saline or levodopa, with the latter shown to revert short-sightedness in guinea pigs...

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Would You Give Your Dog to Science? Essays

Higbee RG, Byers AM, Dhir V, Drake D, Fahlenkamp HG, et al.(2009) An immunologic model for rapid vaccine assessment – a clinical trial in a test tube.Altern Lab Anim 37: 19–27.Biologicals 37: 148–151.Animal testing's have been used for cosmetic testing, drug testing, education reasoning, breeding and the study of diseases.

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Animal cruelty speech Essay

Society doesn’t realise how serious animal testing is, people are just testing animals for their own selfish selves.Animal testing!Animal cruelty is like a disease, it just won’t stop, students I will now tell you all my last argument which is why animal cruelty should be abolished.animal cruelty MUST be stopped!Three arguments were discussed, the different types of animal cruelty such as animals being forced to violence and animals being slaughtered, animal testing which is used on millions of animals all around the world for human products and lastly why animal cruelty should be abolished and how horrendous it is.

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The relationship between humans animals and plants

There are two categories that could be divided for animal in science, which are the use of vivisection can be split into two general categories such as living & undamaged animal and animals’ tissue.Reduction denotes that the scientist must use the animal in very low number to get their goal on experiment.Animal science has many goals such as improving the health and well-being people for entertainment, sport, recreational, and service animals, discovery a better ways to guard and manage the range of animal species, especially endanger animals, to keep the balance in the ecologically stable, developing endangered animals to prevent extinction, and broadening the knowledge and understanding of biology science and life processes for all...

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Industry And Competitive Analysis Marketing Essay

Home shopping party plan operation operates in the UK, USA, Australia and Germany.Products are also sold via the BodyShop at Home, an in-home sales program that operates in 48 US states and Australia and via a company website in the US.The company’s mission statement is as follows (, 2004):To dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change.To creatively balance the financial and human needs of our stakeholders: employees, customers, franchisees, suppliers andshareholders.To courageously ensure that our business is ecologically sustainable: meeting the needs of the present withoutcompromising the future.To meaningfully contribute to local, national and international communities in which we trade,...

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Marketing Plan for a Herbal Company – Himalaya Herbals

?’ Himalaya Herbals Australia .‘Himalaya Herbals Australia as masculine as you can get’ .Animal Testing free .(Himalaya Herbals Australia) .‘Himalaya Herbals Australia, no threat to your manhood’ .

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Domestication of Dangerous Dog Breeds Essay

A legislative amendment, stating that any attack by a domesticated animal, specifically dog/s, would incur both a criminal and civil liabilty to fall upon the owner, will add a significant amount of risk to the purchase of said animal breeds.The council, while considering the effectiveness of any agenda, will be primarily looking for the solution executed with the most ease, as animal management is not a high priority in comparison to other issues.Restriction is thereby determined not by the ownership of certain dog breeds, but by the behaviour or potential behaviour of both the owner and the individual animal in question.Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, 142.However, while it is conceded that dangerous dogs do pose a potential...

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Global Animal Health Market Report Essay

Economic development and related increases in disposable income, particularly in many emerging markets; increasing pet ownership; increasing demand for improved nutrition, particularly animal protein; increased focus on food safety and need for greater livestock production efficiency are major factors driving the animal health market.Demand for animal health products is more in emerging markets like India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.Animal pharmaceuticals account for more than half of the animal health products market followed by biologicals and medicinal feed additives.The animal health care industry in Europe is majorly dominated by France, Germany, Spain and the UK.The report discusses the major drivers and issues...

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Is Animal Testing Really Necessary Essay

Whether it is referred to as animal testing, animal experimentation or animal research, it means the experimentation carried out on animals.Both sides have their valid points, animal testing can be seen as cruel, especially when there are alternatives that can be used, but also, even with alternatives, testing on animals is still sometimes necessary in order to get the needed results.In a debate between Laurie Pycroft, one of the founders of Pro-Test, and Helen Marston, head of Humane Research Australia, the two go back and forth about animal testing and its potential alternatives.Animal testing can be conducted anywhere from a university to a military defense establishment, wherever there is a need for testing a product.The kinds of ben...

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2019-2020 bushfires in Australia Essay

and four out of five animal species in Australia only live in Australia, so scientists point out that when one of these endemic species disappears from Australia, it disappears from the face of the Earth.The state environment ministry, which supports the slaughter, explained that the drought also posed "serious animal welfare issues" because many animals are thirst or injured each other while rushing to water points.Chris Dickman explains regarding the fires of 2019-2020: “These are very different fires in all aspects of the forest fires that we are seeing, and which are unprecedented in terms of scale, severity and impact on animal life ”.Almost everywhere where fires raged, animal rescues took place or were attempted (thus a 14-year-ol...

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2019-2020 bushfires in Australia Essay

Chris Dickman explains regarding the fires of 2019-2020: “These are very different fires in all aspects of the forest fires that we are seeing, and which are unprecedented in terms of scale, severity and impact on animal life ”.The animal was finally euthanized because of its serious burns, in order to shorten its suffering.American singer Pink donated $ 500,000 to support local firefighting authorities in Australia, posting a message on Twitter: "I'm totally devastated watching what's going on in Australia at the moment ”,.He explains that these fires are adding new pressure on animal species that were already struggling for survival due to harmful species introduced by humans, such as foxes, mice, rats and especially wild cats, having ...

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Berger Australia Essay

In contrast, ASCA and AKC consider these varieties to be separate breeds.Some left for Australia, a country known for its sheep farming and wool production.In other words, the gene can cause death or cause early death in the animal.Most breeders and owners of mini and toy Australian Shepherds consider their dogs to be separate breeds, but others consider them to be miniature versions of one breed.Despite its name, it is not originally from Australia, but from the Basque Country and it is said to have developed in North America.

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Australian Cattle Dog Essay

It is recommended that reproductive subjects be tested using an Auditory Evoked Potential (PEA) test, in order to detect possible unilateral deafness.In Australia, the Australian Cattle Dog is also used as a farm watchdog: selected for years to bite the hock, if it were to attack humans, it would bite in the same place.In the early 2000s, 25% of Australian Cattle and Australian Short-tailed Cattle were non-carriers of progressive retinal atrophy, 50% were healthy carriers, and 25% had the disease.Progressive retinal atrophy is an autosomal recessive monogenic disease causing progressive loss of vision to blindness.The French Club of Australian Cattle Dogs and Kelpies believes, however, that the x-rays necessary for the detection of this ...

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Animal Testing

(“Animal Testing: Harmful or Logical?”, 2012).Advocates of animal testing say that the benefits far outweigh the costs.To sum everything up, I have found animal testing to be cruel and wrong.On the other hand, innumerous animals have been sacrificed and suffering from animal abuse during medicine testing.Animal testing (April 20, 2013), Retrieved May 29, 2013 from Wikipedia.

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White Australia Policy Essay

This was done deporting all not born in Australia and stopping all entry to Australia for the rest of the Pacific Islanders.Indeed the White Australia Policy was in use up to 1973, with related policies ending as late as 1982.Two of the most controversial were ‘The White Australia Policy’ and the ‘Aboriginal Protection Act’.Australia was a huge continent largely uninhabited at the time and politicians were afraid of, as one man put it “The Asian invasion”.Politicians feared an influx of Asian people into Australia- they felt that it was a chance to create a completely white society “Free of the crime and disease that our mother country has been subject to from those Asian immigrants” Propaganda supporting this was rife in the towns of Au...

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Engineering Practice Case Study Case Study

By respecting the interest of the community, an individual member is also deemed to have upheld the ethical values of his/her profession (Engineers Australia 2003).Engineers Australia 2003, National Engineering Register Discussion Paper.Upon conducting a battery of test borings, the design team proposed to have the tunnel positioned 4 meters below the ground surface.Members of the Australia Institute of Engineers are obligated to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community by ensuring that they undertake engineering judgment in executing projects, based on the relevant analysis and years of experience (Engineers Australia 2010).One of the basic tenets of the Australia Institution of Engineers’ code of ethics is that members s...

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Genetically modified organisms Essay

Without long-term testing no one knows if these foods are safe.As for environmental impacts, the use of genetic engineering in agriculture will lead to uncontrolled biological pollution, threatening numerous microbial, plant and animal species with extinction, and the potential contamination of all non-genetically engineered life forms with novel and possibly hazardous genetic material” (“Genetically Engineered Crops”).The United States does not realize that it is bad for you but Europe, UK, Japan, and Australia bans all genetically modified foods for their safety and health.N. p. , n. d. Web.There is no long-term safety testing for genetically modified food.

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Should 1080 Be Used to Control Forest Pests in New Zealand?

Evaluating the use of 1080: Predators, pests and silent forests .[12] Wright, J (2011).1080 report ‘kick in the guts’ -Dunne .This is because it is a naturally occurring toxin that is found in plants in Australia, South America and South Africa12.[18] (01.03.2014) .

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Food safety scheme and risk assessment

Botulism in dairy herds is caused by ingestion of preformed toxins produced by the growth of C. botulinum in decaying crops, vegetation or carcase material, or by the animal acquiring a gastrointestinal infection with the organism.Chemicals are used by the dairy industry for a number of purposes, including pest and weed control on farm, animal health and sanitising equipment.Microbiological testing for process control in the meat industry – guidelines.A parallel survey by the FSAI included Salmonella testing in the survey design (FSAI, undated).animal-related factors (eg animal health, herd size, age and production status) .

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Adaptations of Mammals to Arid Australian Environments

This would have a large effect on the animal’s heat budget and its thermoregulation because the animal would have to exert a great deal of energy to dig a hole this deep.An aestivating animal can live longer off its energy reserves due to lowered metabolism, and there is reduced water loss though lowered breathing rates (Schmidt-Nielsen, 1964).The animal is wetting its fur instead of the skin, and this reduces the effectiveness of evaporative cooling (Dawson, 1972).For example, when a kangaroo is hopping at 30 kph, its energy costs are about half that of a similar sized animal running at the same speed (Campbell et al., 1999).Aestivation allows an animal to survive when there are high temperatures and a scarcity of water and/or food.

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Estee Lauder: Integrated Marketing Communications plan Essay

All cosmetic companies selling their products within Australia must comply with all Australian Safety Regulations.Estee Lauder Australia is the third country to undergo dramatic transformations in the appearance of their counters in department stores (King, 2003).The use of the Internet and Direct marketing has played a minimal role in Estee Lauder’s IMC program for Australia.These rules and regulations have enormous implications for Estee Lauder and other cosmetic companies in Australia.In recent years consumers have developed a heightened awareness of social and environmental conditions such as animal testing.

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Reusing Plastic Bottles for Drinking Water

Vibrio spp have been found in source waters in Australia but not in reticulated supplies.It is therefore important to ensure that after the bottle has been washed in hot water and left to air dry that it is intact and has not been damaged.Contamination from these organisms comes from human or animal excreta i.e the faces.Testing for the presence of specific bacteria pathogens can be expensive and time consuming, therefore water is often tested for microbial indicator organisms.Some plastic bottles can warp when exposed to heat in the cleaning process.

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Invasive Species in Australia

In general, no more introduced species should ever be allowed in Australia.Red foxes are responsible for the extinction of at least ten native species in Australia.Rabbits were first introduced to Australia in 1788 as food animals.It has taken many years to control the rabbit plague until the introduction of rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHD) successfully reduced the population of rabbits in Australia in 1991 (“Rabbit Calicivirus Disease”).They are considered as the most serious known factor in species loss in Australia.

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Australian Aboriginal Culture Essay

There were hundreds of different tribes around Australia, all with unique languages.Many animal organs were saved fro the elders.Many caves have been found around Australia with Aboriginal carvings on the walls.Across Australia many primitive ovens and other creations were used to help cook meat.In the time that Aboriginals had been in Australia developed a unique culture.

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Meta Runner Essay

However, she also received criticism due to each episode ending on a cliffhanger.The series is animated using Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine software, which Glitch Productions is using for the first time.Meta Runner has been praised by critics and audiences (mostly SMG4 fans), scoring 8.8 / 10, mostly for the quality of its animation, characters, plot and soundtrack sound.On June 25, 2019, it was announced that Meta Runner will be funded by the unlikely association of Screen Australia, Epic Games and AMD.Luke and Kevin usually use Garry's Mod for their animations.

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Countries in the Caribbean and Oceania Regions

Yes, there is poisonous animal roaming in the waters of Australia.Unlike Cuba, Australia has no problem with population growth.Australia is a much massive land mass compared to Cuba.People praise on the long living Australia population.Of the Australians in Australia 92% of them are white, 7% Asian and 1% of other.

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The Beauty of Australia Essay

I have heard a lot about Australia.Australia cherishes lots of memories so that will always be my favorite country.I admire Australia because they have mostly had peace and had almost never been in a fight.I have never been to Australia, but I did research on it and I watched videos of Australia and the sight just seems so beautiful.Australia is my favorite country because it is a big island and it is an independent continent, and that is not the only reason.

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