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Content Diversity in Metro Online and Citizen Journalists

The sport topic has found 1.4% which has one article within the months.A by – line is a short line on the news that indicates the name of the author or who is writing the article.However, for sport topic the researcher just found one article within in that months.Figure 4.2.5 shows the number of author in each articles.As referred to the bar graph above, a number of 62 articles have by-line and the no by – line on the story.

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Essay on A Journalist's Audience

Such as, a scientist or researcher who is reading the journal article to learn more about the topic being presented in the article.The comprehensibility of a newspaper article will be much greater than a research journal article written by a scientist.This is science language for “this is data that only certain people can understand.” While the journal just spills information without any personable language, the newspaper article gives life to boring information by adding lively words.Before one can analyze an article, the entire article must be read.The more general information a reader wants will probably find it in a easier to read newspaper or magazine article.

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Project: Indian world / Tea stall / Archives 2 Essay

I worked quite a bit on the Politics article in Karachi during the last wikicontest, and I think it reached the criteria for the “good article” label.After reading the general article eligibility criteria and specific criteria, you can provide feedback on the Discussion: Shakta / Suppression discussion page.After reviewing the general article eligibility criteria and specific criteria, you can provide feedback on the Discussion: Jangarh Singh Shyam / Suppression discussion page.The article “Alexandre Astier (historian)” is submitted to deletion (cf.Hello, Question on the application of the recommendation on the transcription of Indian languages ​​for the article Divālī, I am copying below part of the discussion of the article --Superbenj...

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Article Essay

Traditionally, in French grammars, the partitive article is considered separately, although it is, "for value, only an indefinite article used before a noun to indicate that it it is an indefinite quantity of a non-countable reality ”(a matter, an abstract notion).Compared to the other languages ​​mentioned in this article, in Hungarian the cases of the absence of the indefinite article are much more frequent than those of its use.With this preposition, the name can also be indefinite, despite its use with the definite article: Mergem cu mașina "We are going by car".In French and English, for example, the article, the possessive determinant and the demonstrative determinant are mutually exclusive, but in Romanian, when the noun is used w...

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Help: How to write a good article Essay

The header is sufficient for the reader to move quickly through the article, the modest reader is satisfied with the entire article, and the reader requiring many details will be interested in reading the sub-pages.This has two objectives: to encourage others to contribute and to alert non-experts that the article is incomplete, that what they read is not is not the whole subject.If the topic, say a character from a TV show, is too limited to have its own article, it is advisable to incorporate the information on that character into a larger topic article.To best deal with these cases, the use of the {{detailed article}} and {{main article}} models is strongly recommended to ensure better navigation.If this doesn't detract from the artic...

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Medical Marijuana

The third article is also a study done on multiple sclerosis patients, but this article focuses on the cognitive effects with patients who use medical marijuana.This article is listed second in this section because of the organization of the section, but since this was the best article, it is listed before the other two articles.To me, this article was the best article in this literature review because the experiment rules out any bias that could mess up the test results.The technology to vaporize marijuana for medical use is in the last article called, “Cannabis Vaporizer Combines Efficient Delivery of THC with Effective Suppression of Pyrolytic Compounds.” This article is a study that tests the effectiveness in vaporizing marijuana.Ove...

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Academic Discourse: An Overview

In the case of the Article “Scaling from field to region for wind erosion prediction using Wind Erosion Prediction System and geographical information systems” the type of article is called “Applied Research”.The article flows well, kind of like a story or explanation.The “abstract” is a short summary paragraph of the article; after the “abstract” are the “key terms” of the article.In this part of the article they explain why some of the results came out the way they did and then it makes conclusions from all the information of the “results” part of the article.The article in the is much easier to read and follow.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Case Study

Other possible future works that the article needs to incorporate include increased in-depth elaboration on the integration of the components with the methodology.Apparently, the article does not provide a succinct explanation on how organizations can integrate the components with the ERP system, and thus, organizations can encounter challenges during its implementation.As such, the article needs a range of possible future work to advance its importance in the modern business environment characterised by dynamic and trendy consumers.Conversely, the article requires some possible future work so that it becomes more productive and useful to several organizations globally.In the article, the concept of ERP occupies the larger part of the ar...

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GCSE media studies coursework Essay

The other article on the other hand is about the same length, but contains a lot of information on what happened, backed up by fairly short interviews with the people involved.There is also quite a bit of irrelevant information in the article, such as the child looking at the fire engine.Firemen free bathroom tot on the other hand is found in the Bury St. Edmunds Citizen which is probably aimed at the people who live in the town of Bury St. Edmunds where news like that in this article would probably be big in the town, but not many other places.The other article I feel doesn’t do this as well and so it just loses out.This means that the article from the Metro has been written in an interesting and emotive style, but is condensed to a siz...

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The second paragraph in this article deals solely with how unplanned logging destroys more of the environment than planned logging.It was also revealed that article six was an irrelevant article because of its context.Article four is perhaps the best written attempt at neutrality , however nearing the end of the paper the authors’ opinion comes to light.Article three was published June 19,1996 and article four was March 4, 1997.Under each heading article five goes into detail on how deforestation causes or is related to these problems.

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Equal Opportunity

49 of 1947)” contained in Article 8, paragraph 3 shall be read as “having been absent from work as stipulated in Article 87, paragraph 1 .The phrase “Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare” contained in the following provisions shall be read as “Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport”: Article 4, paragraphs 1, 4, and 5 (including cases in which the aforementioned is/are applied mutatis mutandis to Article 4, paragraph 6; Article 10, paragraph 2; Article 21, paragraph 3; and Article 23, paragraph 3); Article 10, paragraph 1; Article 21, paragraph 2; Article 23, paragraph 2; and Articles 24, 25, and 26.The provisions of Chapter II, section II shall not apply with regard to the Mediation conducted by the Seafarers’ District Labour C...

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Carrying Out an Investigation to Research the Readability of Two Articles

I am going to take 20% of the words from each article; this means I will be taking 91 words from the Reveal article and 130 words from the Kerrang!This would however be biased towards the first article as a larger percentage of the words would be take from it, and there would also be no clear indication of which 100 words I should take from the article.The article has 639 words and I want only a small number of words as it doesn’t need to represent the article as it is only the pilot.For the ‘Reveal’ article the Median and Interquartile Range are: .In view of this I will take a stratified sample of a set percentage from both of my articles, this means that if I were taking 10% stratified from each article then 30 words would be taken ...

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Annotated Bibliography for healthcare assignment

Throughout this article many references are made to many people who have researched this area before, therefore this article is supported.Throughout this article there are many quotations by health professionals and results of a survey carried out therefore this article is supported.The author of this article Sue Thomas a nurse policy adviser for the Royal College of Nursing writes this article to inform health professionals about the barriers that face nurses when trying to make policy changes and how maintaining patient dignity can bring about policy change.As this article is published in the British Journal of Nursing and written by the editor of the journal this article is aimed at Health Care professionals especially who work on war...

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Analysis Of The Article ' Arkansas, Mississippi Gay Marriage Bans Overturned

Wolfe-Sisson’s article is about a couple that married in Alabama.This article was written to inform the general public.In Sam Frizell’s article he basically discusses the same thing but his article was about Florida.This article is not bias.This article does not contain any bias .

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Human Sexuality

The popular media article is also important because it gives people more of an insight on how the rest of the country is feeling on this same subject, which can also be helpful in understanding where our youths are coming from when it comes to oral sex.Something that also makes the popular media article better than the scholarly article is all the opinionated information about the effects of young people using oral sex so casually.This isn’t an article isn’t purely based upon numerical facts.The popular media article gives professional opinions about the negative things that this could possibly cause for the future of relationships.The popular media article is the best because it is easier to understand for a wider variety of individuals...

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Guideline for Article Review Essay

Very Brief Summary Prev Page For our article reviews, we do not want you to spend much space summarizing the article.Note: Do not discuss the contributions of the technologies the article describes, but rather the contributions of the article itself!For example, if your article develops a new framework, compare it with Bandyopadyhah’s Prev Page framework criteria (and vice versa – whoever does Bandyopadyhah’s article could test his criteria on frameworks from the other readings).If no class readings cite your article, then write in your review “No class readings cite this article.If the article does not build upon key pieces of prior research, then write in your review “This article does not build upon any foundation research.

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Analysis of three sun articles on the execution of Robert Harris Essay

This is very emotive language and makes the article more dramatic.The only fact in this article is that Mother Teresa fought with other campaigners to spare Harris’s life.Article two has got a bit of opinion He said “he may have been brain damaged by a beating at the age of two” The words “may have” means that not necessarily true.The second half of the article seems to tell more fact, it says how the victims were killed, for the first time across the three articles.The first article is very against the death penalty as when it talks about the execution was reprieved twice before he was finally gassed, the article tries to make you feel sorry for Harris.

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Wikipedia: Introductory summary Essay

The introductory summary should, in addition to being an introduction, also be a summary of the main points of the article, a stand-alone digest of the topic.Each article should be self-sufficient, that is, understandable on its own, through the use of a vocabulary that tends to be as basic as possible as long as concern for precision is not sacrificed.Finally, many general articles refer to more precise articles which deal specifically with a part of their subject, via the model: Main article: for example China refers to History of China.→ If the subject of the article has several names, accessible by redirects or through disambiguation pages, these other names must also be listed at the head of the article and put in fat.In most cases,...

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A Key And Fundamental Component In Nursing Nursing Essay

This research critique will pay close attention to various elements of the article chosen, for instances, writing style, and title of the article, credibility of the researcher, credibility of the journal, abstract, literature review, how is the purpose of research addressed, research approach, research design or research tradition, research methodology for data collection, sample, settings, tools, ethical issues, procedures, data analysis, the rigour of findings, findings/conclusion, discussion and references.The structure of the text in the article was efficient, well written readable and reader friendly, hence it improves the credibility of the article (Cutcliffe and Ward, 2007).The abstract of this article falls short to provide a co...

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Essay on Internet Addiction : Content Analysis

Rather than highlighting the obvious physical symptoms, these articles discussed how, w... .80% of my articles provided solutions to internet addictions, though there was not a conclusive opinion on which strategy was best.Some of the articles that claimed that internet addiction is similar to a drug addiction chose a different approach.The articles that I analyzed were online newspaper articles and, my paper followed a content analysis format.An example of this can be found in Catherine Steiner-Adair’s article.

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Annotated Bibliography for Scope of Nursing Practice

This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as the main focus of this article is to describe the standards and scope of nursing practices.The article further revealed the scope and importance of APRN by describing that it is cost effective, high quality and safe approach of the provision of health care.This article has given useful and reliable information by reflecting on the fact that the APRNs i.e.This article has been helpful in collecting and gathering useful information related to the topic of nursing practices as is has mainly and chiefly focused on the barriers which come up for advanced practice registered nurses.Practice issues and evolution in the field...

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Parenting Article Comparison: ‘Putting Fathers in the Frame’ and ‘Dads Army’ Essay

‘Dads Army’ promotes normal dads the same way the newspaper article promotes new age fathers: “It’s no walk in the park” This tells us that being a ‘new age’ father isn’t easy and it’s hard to live up to it, normal fathers just do as best as they can for their children, isn’t that good enough?This can be compared with the magazine article ‘Dads Army’ in which the main bulk of the article is in fact the writer’s view, and uses a regular father.‘Putting Fathers in the Frame’ uses hyphens to create a perfect column where the magazine article doesn’t, a word is too big it leads on the next line.The magazine article uses celebrities and young men to back up his opinions and evidence of ‘new age’ fathers like Jude Law and David Beckham.This is...

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Research Paper

The sample populations varied from article to article.In article three; the results showed that transformational leadership does affect how employees respond to those around them, both bosses and customers.In article one; the results were mixed about the effect of transformational leadership on government business.The differences are that article one and two did use different areas to study, but article three looked at a limited amount of women participants.[From here on out each article will be referred to as article one, two, and three (respectfully)].

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Cultural aspects of systemic change management (organization behavior) Essay

Indeed, the article author’s theories should not be used as the only research material on organizational change due to lack of research details.The article relies on primary research resources done by other authors in the discussion of the organizational change management topic.Further, since the details of the statistical techniques were not shown in the article, it would be impossible to state whether the results, findings, and conclusions of the article are reliable, erroneous, or correct.The article brings a question to the article reader to make a stand.Based On The Above Discussion, the article uses primary resources as additional reference in the conduct of one’s on research on organizational change values.

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The History Of A Methodical Analysis Nursing Essay

This research critique will pay close attention to various elements of the article chosen, for instances, writing style, and title of the article, credibility of the researcher, credibility of the journal, abstract, literature review, how is the purpose of research addressed, research approach, research design or research tradition, research methodology for data collection, sample, settings, tools, ethical issues, procedures, data analysis, the rigour of findings, findings/conclusion, discussion and references.The title of the article ‘Why do students fail to disclose health problems?’ draws to the readers with a short and unambiguous understanding of what the article briefly entails as it is enlightening to read.On the contrary, double ...

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Global Strategy: An Organising Framework

The article, with its source an academic journal on an academic data base and available as both print and electronic forms, is stable as a resource.These included the fact that the article was a peer reviewed article.The article has contributed to a better understanding amongst the business community of the advantages and disadvantages, for the globalisation of MNCs.The article is also stable as a resource.The article has contributed to the literature in terms of its valuable critique of current research study on existing and the growing literature on international competition and the implications provide possibilities for future research in this field.

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The Effect Of Mother Employment On Families Sociology Essay

The article was taken from ‘APA’ web site and the key words used to find this article were ‘mother employment’ and ‘family patterns”.I personally liked the article and will rate it as one of the best I have read.The article was retrieved from ‘Fahcsia’ and the key words used to find the article were ‘Impact’ and ‘mother employment’.The purpose of the article was to inform the people that women employment is not bad for children and is perfectly safe.The article was retrieved from Google and the key words used were ‘mother employment’ and ‘impact on children’.

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Comparative Analysis Of Two Peer Reviewed Journals Commerce Essay

The factors we have identified in the article are competitive salary, friendly working environment, better interpersonal relationship, and the most important job security.And the Article No: 02 shows us the practical approaches that will make the motivation to reduce the turn over and retain the skilled workers in an organization.We can find some motivational factors in the first article can be very important to the performance of the workers.The author of the first article says “Performance and Motivation” the main aim of this article is to look at the link between Performance and motivation.The major findings from the article No: 01shows the theoretical aspects of how the motivation should be used to make better performance in an organ...

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British newspapers Essay

However, each article has its own niche market, and I, cannot speak for the variety of people who belong to the readers of any of the newspapers.Overall, the article is excellent apart from the few emotive words present, the strap-line’s severity and the unnecessary size of the picture.The page number of the article shows the relative importance of the article, I personally feel it is a bit too high also the column length of the article at twenty-nine centimetres seams reasonable.The language used in the article is frivolous in places but overall, not too much more complicated that the Star article.The article is well structured with points interlinking from one to the other and the material covered is excellent with a wide range of poin...

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Strategies for Gathering and Evaluating Sources

Does this article report on information experienced by the author, or This article is a summary of information.The source comes of the article?In general, does the information in the source article match with Yes, the information in the source article matches with information found in other sources, or is it different or unique?In general, does the information in the source article match with This information does match information found in other sources.The article is peer-reviewed and can be found on the University of Library, the source comes from an organization that relates to the subject, I did not detect any bias in the article, the article is current, and the information relates to other sources.

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