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Keat’s Ode to Autumn Essay

There is an ode to Autumn but there is no ode to spring, and Keats is praising Autumn by telling it that “thou hast thy music too”(Keats 44).Until the last line of the poem, Keats continues to strongly use visual imagery to describe autumn with its “rosy hue”(Keats 44).While most of Keats poems contain sharp cadences and emotionally charged themes, Ode to Autumn is a calm, descriptive poem about Keat’s perspective of the season Autumn and its relation to other season.However, by using a “spring” term- bloom- to describe the clouds, Keats lightens the mood of the darkening weather, allowing the reader to fell the pleasant nature of autumn.This stanza with the “careless” autumn is a sharp contrast to the previous stanza in which autumn is ...

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Critical Analysis of Ode to Autumn by John Keats

Autumn the season that robs us of summer's warmth and prepares us for a dark winter, has a purpose too.In the third stanza Keats compares autumn to springing the lines, ' Where are the songs of spring?By comparing autumn to a little girl, Keats implies that like a little girl autumn is beautiful and humble.Finally in the last stanza autumn is slowly fades away and dies, still in all the beauty and glory that it came in with.In conclusion I found John Keats poem 'Ode To Autumn' very unique and interesting because it is more like a short story than a poem because it progresses along the story of autumn so beautifully.

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Compare and contrast the views of Autumn in Ted Hughes’s There Came A Essay

praise autumn’ which implies that it is going to be about the good .Keats may have written in a in a positive way about autumn is because .In the opening stanza of ‘Ode to Autumn’ the first few lines set a .why he felt autumn is a harsh and ruthless season, because it .title we cannot tell that the poem is about autumn but it is more .

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John Keats’ To Autumn and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Ode to the West Wind Essay

In Keats’s poem, however, it is clear that the creative power of autumn dominates the references to death.The first stanza of “To Autumn” describes the way in which autumn is able to support life.In “Ode to the West Wind”, death is a recurrent theme, but death is also mentioned in “To Autumn”.Both poems have alliteration to emphasize the quality of the season: “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” shows the kind nature of Keats’s autumn, while “O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumns being” shows the powerful character of Shelley’s autumn.Even though both John Keats’s “To Autumn” and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind” are about the same season, they are very dissimilar.

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A Critical Appreciation of the poem “To Autumn” by John Keats

Stanza three describes the ending nature of autumn and the sounds that are created during autumn.‘Thee sitting careless’ and ‘thy hair soft-lifted’ ‘…Sound asleep’ makes it seem like he is describing autumn as a farm girl.In conclusion, Keats is using autumn and it’s rich images to represent his own feelings.He tells us how autumn brings lots of harvest ‘to bend with apples the mossed cottage-trees…’ he is saying there is so much fruit on the tree, the branches are starting to bend because the fruits are so heavy.‘To swell the gourd and plump the hazel shells’ shows that the fruits in autumn are very ripe.

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To Autumn and Spring

Portraying autumn as a woman and talking about ‘her’ role in the harvest makes it much more believable and realistic for the reader.Also, continuing the idea of autumn being female, Keats talks of steadying ‘thy laden head across a brook’ as though autumn is a female labourer with the fruits on her head to carry.Keats then returns to autumn, saying ‘Think not of them, thou hast thy music too,’, as though he is reassuring autumn that she is just as good as spring.In this particular stanza Keats manages to show what happens before and after autumn, as well as autumn itself.Also, there is constant description of what is happening to the poet’s surroundings as autumn affects them, making it much easier for the reader to picture and imagine i...

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To Autumn: John Keats Critical Response Shaunna Deeney Essay

This shows that Keats is saying that Autumn and the sun are very friendly and they are planning something and Keats tells us of how the sun and Autumn are conspiring.The ‘M’ sound gets you thinking of the idea that the fruit was perfect, and from another view John Keats could be starting his poem like this because he may think Autumn is a perfect season as throughout the poem Keats constantly glorifies Autumn.I can now see Autumn, not as the season of dying or what comes unnecessarily between Summer and Winter, but a fun filled season and a season of preparation and maybe just the very most important season of the year.This shows that at the end of Autumn things may be confusing and looking at nature, the young may be confused of what is...

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Simplicity is Power: An Analysis of the Poem “When Autumn Came” by Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Autumn is deprived from its “decay” theme and is given life by people through seeing this season as a season of beauty.Man, as well as different animals, enter the scene with the lines “Anyone could trample them out of shape/ undisturbed by a single moan of protest.” These lines show the helplessness of the trees during autumn.This line already gives away the time the narration takes place – the end of autumn or the start of winter – through the shift of tenses, from present to past (“is” to “came”).After describing how autumn comes to the trees and birds, the narrator pleads to the God of May in lines 13 to 18.It implies grief and horror, especially the phrase “stripped them down to the skin.” The use of the word “hearts” in the 4th lin...

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Essay on Love Is The Tree Never Die Throughout The Winter

For this example, of a comparison of love to autumn, the poet creates an image of a tree root prospering under the snow, even if the part of the tree above ground looks dead.To illustrate how the poet wants to let go of her lover, she paints an image of trees losing their leaves in the autumn.Next, the poet associates with autumn to comment about loss by explaining how trees in the autumn lose their leaves.Additionally, the author correlates autumn with love in the lines, “If I come to know what they do know, that fall is the release, the consummation.” Autumn and love are connected in these lines through the idea that autumn feels relief when the leaves fall just as the poet feels relief when she lets go of her lover.Additionally, the l...

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John Keates – “Ode to Autumn”

This rhetorical question is used to draw attention to Autumn and tells the responder how beautiful and calm Autumn is.It is used to emphasise the last days of Autumn.This poem is about the beauty and essential goodness of nature, especially Autumn.“Close blossom-friend of the maturing sun” is another example of personification which emphasises how the persona may feel intimately connected to Autumn.A gleaner is a person which takes the left overs after a harvest, which may show that the persona is trying to take in as much of the last days of Autumn as he can.

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Autumn: The Best Season of All Essay

People need beauty, and it comes around every year in the form of autumn.What do people think when they hear the word autumn?The crisp, refreshing autumn air fills everybody’s nostrils and lungs.People need to feel relaxed and less stressed out about everyday life, which autumn once again provides.Not only does the beauty of autumn appeal to the eye, but the mild weather makes it feel just as comfortable as it looks.

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My Favorite Chinese Festival Essay

Just like me, I felt so lonely at this year’s Mid-autumn festival.As the atmosphere of the autumn is becoming more and more evident, the Mid-autumn festival is coming.I even have a little sense of sentiment of autumn, homesick became stronger.“Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.I hope there is one day as soon as possible that I can stay with my families and lover when the Mid-autumn festival coming.

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”To Autumn” by John Keats

Keats had tuberculosis for a long period of his life and knew that he was going to die; another interpretation of “To Autumn” is one of death.In “To Autumn”, autumn is personified as a young and beautiful woman or goddess who is often seen sitting on “a granary floor” or sleeping on “a half-reaped furrow”.Keats also includes the theme of over-abundance at the end of the first stanza, “warm days will never cease” gives the reader an indication of summer never ending and therefore, overflowing into autumn.Both “To Autumn” and “Amen” use natural imagery to represent the poets’ sensibility: for Keats it is the remarkable description of the harvest season that signifies a woman who cannot recognize her own individual worth and for Rossetti it...

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Nature is not just a matter of presenting landscapes Essay

To autumn has very limited presence of human.‘To Autumn’ and ‘London’ differ all aspects shown portrayed in the poems.Keats also uses archaic language to emphasise the ancientness of the process taking place in autumn.The ‘Marks of weakness, marks of woe’ are human traits and do not occur throughout ‘To Autumn’.‘To Autumn’ is presented in a more relaxed from, there are three stanzas of eleven lines each.

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To Autumn by John Keates - Critical Analysis Essays

That is not to say that the poem lacks meaning or metaphorical significance, the poem was written to convey a sense of purpose to life and the worth of death.The poem is rather literal in its meaning as it does not convey a deeper level of meaning that relates to the reader.The poem fails to “move” the reader in a philosophical, idealistic or moralistic way, and therefore bears no significant message to the reader.To Autumn by John Keates - Critical Analysis John Keats once said about Lord Byron “He describes what he sees - I describe what I imagine, mine is the hardest task” To Autumn is evidence of his way of thinking, as the poem is a vivid, lyrical portrayal of the English autumn, as he imagined it.The poem achieves this by using des...

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An Interpretation of John Keats’ To Autumn Essay

It tells us of men looking out for joy too far out as in spring in autumn failing to notice that joy is just within reach.The poem “To Autumn” is a metaphor.A lot of interpretations had considered “To Autumn” as one of the greatest odes that Keats had written.Why has Keats chosen autumn to represent ingredients of life’s journey?He tells us that like spring or summer or winter, autumn carries within itself its own music like the wailful choir of small gnats, the loud bleats of full-grown lambs, the songs of crickets, the whistles from garden croft, the twitter of the swallows.

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La Belle Dame Sans Merci To Autumn

In this poem nature reflects the position of the knight, however in “To Autumn” nature is personified in a much more positive way and Autumn is personified as being “close bosom-friend of the maturing sun” which shows it’s friendliness in that it is conspiring with the sun.When you read To Autumn it has to be read slowly to savour the bountiful description Keats is creating, but La Belle Dame Sans can be read quickly to keep up with the pace of the story being told.In “To Autumn” throughout the poem the season is gradually changing.”The bees think warm days will never cease for summer has o’evbrimm’d their clammy cells” indicates there are still some characteristics left of summer, but later on in the poem it says that “the red breast wh...

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The effectiveness of the poem Essay

‘ This I believe means that Autumn is in cooperation with the life giving sun to ripen the crops.‘ All of these senses help you picture the poem as a 3D image in your mind.Through the whole poem it is as if he was talking to Autumn, or maybe even Autumn is being meant as Mother Nature.In this essay I will try to explain how John Keats writes the ode ‘To Autumn’.‘ Both these seasons have been personified which shows that maybe Autumn is not Mother Nature, but that each season is a different person with a different personality.

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An Exploration Of The Poems Of Keats English Literature Essay

An example of this is at the end of To Autumn on line 33 “and gathering swallows twitter in the skies” which not only is an onomatopoeia but also it shows the beauty of nature and the season of autumn.This poem is a very sad poem which is the complete opposite of To Autumn because it is talking about how he loses the love of his life which could be referring to his life and that the woman that he is slowly losing is relating to his life and how his life due to his condition of tuberculosis is fading away and slipping from his hands.In “To Autumn” however you can hear the “full-grown lamb’s loud bleat from the hilly bourn” and “all its twinèd flowers”.“To Autumn” and “La Belle Dame sans Merci” are both about autumn, weather, England etc s...

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Vietnamese mid-autumn festival Essay

It is hard for me to tell you all about Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam.Mid-Autumn Festival is the time for parents to play with and catch up their kids.From then on, every Mid-Autumn Festival, Vietnamese kids use beautiful lanterns to light up the road for “the moon man” to come back to the Earth.To me, there is only one word to describe the festival clearly that is “Great!”.In Mid-Autumn Festival, people buy seasonal fruits such as grape fruits, logan fruits, bananas, apples.

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Chinese Mooncake Festival Essay

One traditional custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival that is scarcely ever practiced among modern Chinese societies is the gazing of the moon.Besides eating mooncakes, playing with lanterns, and moon-gazing, family reunions are extremely important during the Mid-Autumn Festival.And during the Mid-Autumn Festival, they make offerings of food to her.It used to be an important practice for Chinese people to gaze and marvel at the glorious beauty of the full moon as the Mid-Autumn Festival takes place at the time of year when the moon is at its brightest and roundest.However, it was not until the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A. D. ) that the Mid-Autumn Festival was considered as an official celebration of China.

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Jane Eyre, Hamlet And Keats

John Keats uses pictorial, sensuous language to convey the very nature of autumn.An idea of sound is also achieved by the use of onomatopoeic words such as “tinkle of the nearest stream” and “whispering” (p143) this brings a sensuous aspect to the prose, something that Keats also manages to achieve in his Ode to Autumn.Unlike Hamlet and Autumn, the extract from Jane Eyre , doesn’t have any particular argument, but the use of language is similar to that of Keats and to some extent Hamlet.The continuing theme of balance is evident in Ode to Autumn due to Keats superior ability to invoke sensuous imagery, from the tactile in stanza one, “moss’d cottage trees” and “clammy cells”(p197), to the visual in stanza two, “thy hair soft-lifted by th...

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Meaning Of The ‘To Autumn’ Poem

The subject of the poem ‘October’ is of course also about autumn but also about death, just like sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare and ‘Autumn: A Dirge’.We also have found enough information to answer our questions: “Is ‘To Autumn’ praising autumn or is there more to the poem?” and “What have the four poems in common?”.In this report we are going to do research on the question: ‘Is ‘To Autumn’ praising Autumn or is there more to the poem?’ The answer on the question will be revealed in the conclusion.In Shelleys poem “Autumn: A Dirge” death comes before life.This time we read the poem ‘To Autumn’ and three other poems about Autumn.

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The Poem, By John Keats Essay

Keats is accepting of the end and wants it to be a beautiful experience even in his end.The poem, “To Autumn” by John Keats is as the title implies, an ode to autumn, but it is also an ode to the death of spring and summer and the life that they held.This is an ode to a life, to a season, and to passion.He ends with the nature that he loved.As an ode implies this poem celebrates autumn, but it is also a celebration of life and more specifically Keats’s life.

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The Mid-Autumn Festival Essay

Beside those, we have fire dragon dances, lantern show, and burn incense to celebrate the festival.The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming; I hope you can enjoy the traditional Chinese festival!!Traditionally,13 moon cakes were piled in a pyramid to symbolize the 13 moons of a “complete year,” that is, 13 moons plus one intercalary moon.If you can’t back to home, remember to contact your family members on that day!!The Mid-Autumn Festival probably began as a harvest festival.

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John Keat’s 3 Odes

The sadness and disillusionment give way to acceptance because of the realization that however one wishes on the contrary, all life on earth is not immortal, perfect or permanent.He calls the nightingale a “deceiving elf”, making him question whether he slept or was awake all that time.While Keats longs or celebrate the beauty of Autumn, the immortality of the images in the Grecian urn or the nightingale’s song that will not be destroyed by sickness or death, a sense of acceptance can be gleaned from all three poems about what life really is.However, although Keats paints beautiful autumnal pictures, there is the prevailing atmosphere of death all over the lines and imageries.Autumn is a woman sometimes “sitting careless on a granary flo...

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Falling in Love with Fall Essay

One of the main reasons I enjoy autumn is because of the many festivities and activities.My favorite season is autumn because of the many changes and feelings of gratitude it brings, the festivities, and fashion.With so many reasons to love fall, the best are those that engage your heart.You can’t help but to feel a calm sense of hope this time of year.It’s magical that even with the cool air; autumn can make a person feel warm.

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Mary Wollstonecraft Essay

” “The Autumn,” has nothing of the fierceness and determination of A Vindication of the Rights of Women.While Vindication is a battle call, “The Autumn” is a lulling of the senses and a poem that encourages people to think of happiness and not the facts of life.In this way, imagery doesn’t just prompt ‘seeing’ autumn, but ‘hearing’ it as well.But, while Wollstonecraft paints the picture of a silly creature that is ridiculous and bound, Keats gives her an almost unearthly beauty.Keats also gives us a depiction of a woman.

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Analysis Of Sonnet 73 Through Metaphors And Structure

The season of autumn is used as a metaphor for the passing of time.However, like the season of autumn, the twilight of a day is a metaphor for the passing of time.The speaker compares autumn, void of the songs of the birds of spring, to his life, which is now void of life?s sweet songs as well as the same vitality that the birds possess.In the first quatrain, the speaker tells his beloved that his age is like a “time of year,” by employing the metaphor of late autumn, which emphasizes the harshness and emptiness of old age.He compares a flame dancing on the “ashes of his youth” to that of a person lying on his deathbed, where both must expire.

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Spring And Autumn Essay

These are usually the things that come to mind when you try to differentiate between the two seasons of spring and autumn.AUTUMN SEASON .The eager anticipation of sunny days and breezy nights, and the stark reality of a vacation ended on a high note.For many people, spring lets them look towards summery days and vacations ahead ‘“ while autumn signifies the reality of going back to school and the routines of the most part of the year.This is because: there is no land bridge between Southern Hemisphere countries and the Antarcticzone capable of bringing in cold air without the temperature-mitigating effects of extensive tracts of water; the vastly greater amount of ocean in the Southern Hemisphere at all latitudes; at this time in Earth...

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