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Boys who grow up with this message can be affected later in life, because they are taught early on to defeat “bad” guys with violence.If we moderate how much violence we see, we can limit how many of these bad habits we pick up.According to a survey conducted by Girl Scouts of America called “Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV” 78% (compared to 54%) of girls that watch reality TV think that gossiping is a normal relationship between girls.The bad guys don’t have full names, no families, and they don’t deserve sympathy.Limit how much we watch TV, and don’t watch too much violent TV.

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The Effects Of Television Essay

Children watching scary shows may affect their mental condition.Everything contains good side and bad side and television has no exception .Let’s imagine : if one day , one person spends a hour watching TV without gaining any useful information , then in one year he will waste 365 hours and in 10 year is 3605 hours.Adult scenes, frequently shown on television, will have bad effect on children’s mind.Everyone must agree that the advantages of watching TV are very considerable.

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The Negative Effects of Watching Tv Too Much for the Children

The second negative effect of watching TV is that it can make the health of children bad.Television is a good media but we need to know how to use it to bring positive effects.Besides,it also causes several negative effects.The final harmful is that children watch TV to much can only get the one-way information.In conclusion,watching TV to much can brings three important negative effects such as reducing the ability of concentration and awareness, making the health of children bad, getting the one-way information.

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Is TV bad for your children?

No single factor affected the children’s schoolwork as much as the amount of TV they were watching.” .By the time your child has graduated they will have spent more time watching TV then inside a class room.“Does watching violence on TV cause children to be more violent?Watching TV appears to affect children’s attitudes and behavior.Is TV actually bad for your child to watch?

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Effects of Watching T.V

TV is a habit; definitely it is a bad habit.How to protect them from the negative effects of watching too much television?In my opinion, cognitive effect can be considered positive; however, it makes up only approximately one fifth of TV watching effects.There are a lot of researches, statistics and other scientific data, which are dedicated to effects of watching TV, which, however, don’t demonstrate the situation as it is.Hence, the entertaining effect of watching TV is nothing but positive, when one know when to stop.

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Disadvantage of T.V

They will lose interest in all other activities of life when they get addicted to watching TV.Everything contains good side and bad side and television has no exception.Then it will be no bad effect for the youths for watching television.By watching TV, we can see many things happened in the surrounding us world.It increases their knowledge by watching various channels, vocabulary by watching English movies, shows etc.

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Harmful Effects of Television Essay

As a result, people get obsessed with watching television.Though television may be a temporary relief from reality in the short term, the long-term effects are devastating both physically and mentally.As well, violence on TV is not real; however, children who watch TV think that violence is reality.For example, watching a late movie will result in sleeping late and being tired the next day.In addition, watching television can become a steady habit.

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Disadvantages Of Watching Television English Literature Essay

She says that it has a lot of effects, some of these effects are that the improbable outlook that people would believe that life is so vivid and that life should be full of performance and that is not in the real life so, this is improbable opportunity.The purpose of the article is to make the audience know the effects of watching these reality television shows on the teens and all the people watching these reality television shows.the author says that reality television has lots of disadvantages as first it has no privacy as people who are in these reality shows everyone is watching them and their steps as if they are in public so there is no privacy for them , also it makes people  who are in this reality television really ashamed as e...

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The effects of excessive television viewing Essay

CONCLUSION In closing a child watching too much TV is harmful can lead to many poor effects on children.UNIT 2 IP Introduction Discussed in this essay are 2 effects that excessive television watching has on children and what parents can do to help prevent those effects.Being active and involved in the child life by monitoring what they watch, and preventing the child from being exposed to the negative shows and rated r things on television prevents your child from those poor effects of television.Allowing a child to watch that much television could effect the child’s behavior depending on what is they are watching and its health by allowing a child to watch television and snack.There are many effects of television but health and behavior...

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Television Essay

Take “ chuyen la Vietnam” as an instance, a man strike himself a brick on his head, then, on account of curiosity, kids emulate the actor after watching that show ; because of this an accident happens In short, TV has tremendous potentiality as a power means of mass communication; whereas, it is obvious that TV has bad impact on children in private and on people in general.For example :”I also think that TV negatively influences people, especially in terms of education, health and children’s social behavior” The first effect is that children turn to be lazier in view of watching TV exceedingly.Take “ chuyen la Vietnam” as an instance, a man strike himself a brick on his head, then, on account of curiosity, kids emulate the actor after wa...

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TV has bad effects on children: Agree or disagree Essay

Little by little, TV cuts them off from the real world and also desecrates their creativities.Especially, it has very bad effects on children.This issue that “TV has bad effects on children “is a controversial one and can be approached from different angles due to its complexity; but in my opinion, a closer examination reveals that new generation is growing up addicted to the TV as it has never been truer than it is today .Hence, watching television does not encourage any of these.First of all, when they watch TV for long hours, they do not get a lot of physical exercise.

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TV Addiction Problem

“Television addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching.” It is common beliefs that stop watching TV is the fastest method to quit TV addiction.Television is so commonly criticized as being bad for children that an important fact sometimes gets overlooked”.However, even in this case, I would say that television merely contributed to the bad situation, but it did not cause it; if television were nonexistent, surely these people would have found other escapes, alcohol or gambling, for example.You can control yourself spend watching time within limited time, Fourth, commit to exercising whenever you watch TV by walking on a treadmill, or rid...

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Negative Effects of TV on Young People

The study found that watching TV as a child affected educational achievement at age 26.Watching more TV in childhood increases chances of dropping out of school and decreased chances of getting a college, even after controlling for confounding factors (Bushman, 2010).A person would burn fewer calories while watching TV than when just sitting quietly, doing nothing (Langholt, 2010).In this case, children may be frightened or upset by TV stories easily, and the symptoms include bad dreams, anxious feelings, being afraid of being alone, withdrawing from friends, and missing school.On the other hand, watching TV has bad influence on children’s mental health, too.

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The Effects of Violence in the Media Essay

At this point in their lives the kids can make life changing decisions the violence on TV has some effects on that decision.“Children who watched one to three hours of television each day when they were 14 to 16 years old were 60 per cent more likely to be involved in assaults and fights as adults.” This is saying that people might act like the people in the TV shows that they might watch in real life.The Effects of Violence .It’s not like the kids won’t see so act of violence on TV for there is 50-60 times more violent commercial TV for the children then for the adult’s prime-time programs.If they don’t realize that they are out of the dream world then they might act the same way as they see on TV.

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Too much tv Essay

The first reason why people shouldn’t watch too much television is because the content of many TV programs is not educational.People shouldn’t watch too much television because the content of many TV programs is not educational, it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities, and it affects people’s mental development.Moreover, the impact this tendency has on children is worse because they grow up with the idea of a world where women must be slender and blonde to stand out, where problems can only be solved with money and violence, where wars are inevitable, and the fact that it is ok to AFFILIATE yourself with bad activities.Watching television is an experience shared by most people.TV has also become one of...

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The Positive Impacts of Reality Tv Essay

We can get the benefits and be away of the bad effects.Like there is nothing perfect %100, also there is nothing bad %100.Everything could be bad, or another way, you can make .Knowing the bad affects and avoid them is a perfect thing to do, and understanding how to get benefits from things you do or watch is a very smart idea we all need to follow this method.To conclude, reality TV is the same is everything else has been created, having bad and good things, it is all about us and how we use it.

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Effects of Watching Too Much TV

As a result of spending too much watching TV, the health of the human body will become very week, which is so bad for any person because that will cause sick vulnerability for the body.For example, if a person spends too much time watching TV every day, when he or she goes to work they will feel tired and under pressure because every day when they watch TV for a long time, their bodies and brains get effects, so they cannot work well.However, people who spend match time watching TV every day, they may not see what happen to them right moment, but by time they will know that they got a lot of problems in their bodies and health.All in all, spending too much time watching TV will affect any person whatever hi or her age.People who watch to...

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Influence of Tv Violence to the Behavior Essay

And what’s the bad thing is that if children are used to watching television, they will be exposed to violence that might influence their behavior.Some parents even admitted that they have observed some negative changes in their child’s behavior after watching a television show that has some bad scenes in it since children tend to imitate the things they have seen from the show without knowing that it might be wrong.Influence of TV Violence to Children’s Behavior; 10 A number of bills were filed to mitigate the negative effects of televised violence.The power to initiate change for the prevention of the harmful effects of TV violence should come from the “market”– not a market that passively laps up unhealthy and disturbing programs that...

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Our Culture and the Media

Here are some statistics that I found: •Approximate number of studies examining TV’s effects on children: 4,000 •Number of minutes per week that parents spend in meaningful conversation with their children: 3.5 •Number of minutes per week that the average child watches television: 1,680 •Percentage of day care centers that use TV during a typical day: 70 •Percentage of parents who would like to limit their children’s TV watching: 73 •Percentage of 4-6 year-olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and spending time with their fathers, preferred television: 54 (parents are finding it hard to compete with all of the excitement of the media) .They see people having casual sex and using obscenity-laden language… I don’t see how it c...

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Television, a Waste of Time And Money Essay

Television Effects .Many kids are into the “bad guys” and the strongest or most evil TV characters out there.“Television Violence: A Review of the Effects on Children of Different Ages”, Science 1995; N.P.Of course, there was still some violence but very limited and no swear words or realistic special effects.Mixing television into your daily routine is not only bad for you but sets aside priorities that are more important like school work.

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TV Addiction Children

Another negative effect is that excessive TV watching inhibits physical activity causing obesity in the Unites States.Not monitoring what kids watch can bring out these bad behaviors.“Television Addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching” (GNU free documentation, 2008).Once one decides to turn off the “tube”, the hours that were dedicated to watching TV can now be used for more productive activities throughout the day.Watching too much television can have negative effects.

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Human Services Issue Memorandum Essay

HealthDay Monday, May 7, 2007 MONDAY, May 7 (HealthDay News) — Parents don’t seem to be heeding expert pediatrician guidelines that urge a ban on TV watching for their very youngest children.” The study’s findings weren’t all bad.“There’s this belief that TV is helpful to children and may soothe them, but TV activates the brain and actually makes it more difficult to sleep,” explained Lucas.Neither Vandewater or Lucas is specifically advocating TV watching for young children.Because of which, as related to this field of childcare, I believe that the issue presented in a recent study regarding the influences and effects of media particularly television programs to the children must be incorporated to our organization’s concerns and approa...

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Is Television a Bad Influence on Children Essay

Children that view such shows are likely to fear that the world is scary or that something bad will happen to them.A balance point on television viewing should be adhered in order to best utilize the television by minimizing its negative effects and at the same time get ourselves refreshed and ready to concentrate on things like homework.Children love to watch TV and prefer to stay “glued” to the TV screen all day, rather than playing outside.In short, excessive television watching hours may plague the healthy thinking of the children Secondly, the structure of children’s behaviors’ will be less desirable, particularly the emanating of wildness and violence.Nowadays, people, especially the youngsters, become inured to the habits of indul...

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The Advance Effect Of Television Essay

Despite the fact that TV is an important medium of communication and it can provide entertainment, TV is the worst invention of modern times.People say that TV is the resource of information and it is a sort of window on the world.TV has a bad effect on viewers through violent and stimulating TV programs.The Advance Effect of Television .While some people are able to feel convenience and comfort, others are addicted to watching TV for a long time and get wrong information or violent TV programs through it.

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The Effects Of Media On Children 's Children Essay

It shows through the time the effect media has on someone.But what effects does just watching that violent movie or TV show really have.The Effects of Media violence also predicted later aggression.”(Lancet 2005, VOL 365:702).This article explains how learning from media effects the way you are.Media can have its effect on people in different ways .Movies and TV can have an influence on the way we think about violence and about the way we feel about violence.

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tv-dont use this paper

Others do better in the house watching TV .I can see how people think TV is bad, and don’t want to have anything to do with it.I watch TV three to fours a day.After watching all the channels, he then went and spent two days on Crow Mountain watching nature.I’ve seen things on TV that I will never see in the life and I’m thankful for that.

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Positive Effects of Media on Children Essay

The use of social media and television has more positive effects than what it has negative, it is a key part of our current society and the minds of the children.The stars and idols of tomorrow are the children watching TV today, the kids who are inspired by that athlete, by that celebrity, or that scientist; restricting television for kids would mean prevailing them from growing their passions and becoming who they want to be.Advertising companies spend huge amounts of money on creating conscience among kids about the problems related to drugs, alcohol, social problems, and bad nutrition.There are three types of people: the ones who think that every aspect of the social media is bad for our children; the ones who think that social media...

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Reality TV a Poblem Essay

so bad it’s good or just plain bad?I then asked Desirae a last question on why she thinks other people are so fascinated by reality TV and she gave me a short answer she said “people want what they can’t have and reality shows give them a taste of what they can’t have” This may be a key reason of why so many people enjoy watching shows about the rich and famous or maybe people just enjoy the entertainment aspect of the shows whatever it may be that attracts a viewers to reality television the networks have no problem with it.Despite the fact reality TV is very popular it can have negative effects on its viewers.Shows like the ones my sister would watch made me feel like I was losing brain cells just by watching them, the shows had no plo...

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Weapon of Mass Destruction: Media Essay

This newness contributed the effects of the media on people.This leads to an increase in having bad habits among people.The effects of the media can also observe on the production industry.To illustrate, after cartoons widely take place on TV, some firms started to produce the models of cartoon characters and use these characters to advertise.Moreover, after the famous TV series and films, some firms start to produce same of accessories and equipment that was used in these productions.

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Violence on Television is Harmful to Children Essay

They are exposed to violence at a young age and this has been proven to not have a very good effect on them.This is because their young minds might not be able to comprehend the reality from the show itself (TV Violence… , 2010).For these reasons, children are lured into emulating the actions despite the reality that they should not (Kaufman, 2004).While watching TV violence does not make criminals out of children, findings show that the children who are often exposed to TV violence are those who fight kids at school or turn oyt to be bullies.It also makes the children believe that it is but natural for some people to become victims of bad habits or crimes (TV Violence… .

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