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An Analysis of George Bataille's The Story of the Eye Essay

"Transgression and the Avant-Garde: Bataille's Histoire de l'oeil."Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons.Minneapolis: U of Minnesota P, 1985. ix-xxv.Visions of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939.On Bataille: Critical Essays.

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The Cursed Part Essay

"As a result, such a book being in everyone's interest might as well be in nobody's interest," he wrote in the foreword.It is about going to the end of the possibilities of the world.His vision of "general economics", to which also relate his texts entitled The Limit of the useful, The Economy to the measure of the universe, is marked by a crossing of sciences humanities and physical science, due to the influence of his friend Georges Ambrosino, a researcher in nuclear physics, met in the mid-1930s, and who participated in the founding of the College of Sociology in 1937.Bataille tackles the problem of excess energy outside of specific disciplines, in an interdisciplinary manner.It is this unprecedented interdisciplinary perspective, in ...

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The Significance of Anti-visual Imagery in Story of the Eye and Un Chien Andalou

Bataille fled the invading German army in 1914, abandoning his blind and paralyzed father, but was called up in 1916, though he was discharged a year later when he fell seriously ill. Bataille's attitude, however, towards the war was remarkably different from other Surrealists of the time.Bataille's query into the origins of ocularcentrism led him to a fascination with cave paintings and the ways in which man perceived before the coming of civilization.Breton charges Bataille in Manifestoes of Surrealism claiming that "M. Bataille's misfortune is to reason: admittedly, he reasons like someone who 'has a fly on his nose,' which allies him more closely with the dead than the living, but he does reason.What is paradoxical and embarrassing a...

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Life: A Fusion Of Pleasure And Pain

(Mansfield Centre: Martino Publishing, 2010), 20 .Georges Bataille, Madame Edwarda.Sigmund Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle.Bataille, 153 .Sigmund Freud, The Uncanny.

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Eroticism and Mortality in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 Essay

New Haven: Yale University Press, 1977.Longman: Essex, England: Longman Group Ltd. 1995 Shakespeare, William.Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 3rd ed.The Complete Works of Shakespeare.David Bevington.

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The Seduction Of Unreason Essay

The Seduction of Unreason:  The Intellectual Romance With Fascism .For example, European neo-fascism once spoke of white supremacy, but now promotes national and ethnic identities, or multiculturalism.Wolin, Richard.He sees associated secularism as moral decay and societal downfall in a grand conspiracy of thought tracing back to the enemies of the French Enlightenment who felt reason and critical inquiry to be evil.Wolin shows that the current ideal of multiculturalism is merely political and anti-democratic.

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Cameron, R. N. ed.Finnis, A. E. (1989) Capitalism, socialist realism and subcultural narrative.(1994) Reassessing Constructivism: Neoconstructivist objectivism in the works of Stone.University of Massachusetts Press .(1993) The Vermillion Fruit: Socialist realism in the works of Rushdie.

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Americans and Cinema Essay

“Native America: Portrait of the People.Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987.S Department of State’s Bureau of International Informational Programs, 2007. .Singer, Beverly R. “Native Americans and Cinema: Native Americans in Movies.Thomas, Jeffrey.

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Erotic literature Essay

The Medio-Platonic variant of Latin eroticism indulges in passion, even initiatory mysticism (Apuleius and the Isiac Mysteries).The Middle Ages invented the courtly novel, brilliantly illustrated by Chrétien de Troyes.The mystics describe themselves as the “spouses” of God, and frequently speak of an intimate union with their God (see Transverberation of Saint Thérèse).Luther, on the other hand, speaks of the soul as the “bride of Christ”.It is inspired as much by Plato's amorous dialectic, which went from bodily eroticism (Le Banquet) to a more mysterious, chaste, more religious eroticism (Phaedrus), as from the Bible (notably the Song of Songs in the 'Old Testament, which pictorially describes the journey of two lovers, and the New Tes...

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Clement Janequin Essay

Apart from his descriptive songs, his repertoire is divided between rustic, narrative, gallant songs, and erotic or satirical epigrams.One will find in Halévy-His-Vignes 2013, p. 439-465, a complete list of the works of Janequin, including spiritual pieces and motets, with their original sources and the names of the poets.Thus, his song, La Guerre ou La Bataille was used on the soundtrack of Gus Van Sant's film Last Days (at the very beginning of the film and in the end credits).Janequin's music remains highly regarded and has been recorded often.When you listen to La Guerre or Les Cris de Paris, you have the impression of hearing, in addition to the music, the sounds present at that time, as if they had been recorded.

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Canada and Official Bilingualism Essay

How could any intelligent Canadian deny this benefit to their children?It would be looked at as an excellent opportunity for all people in all areas, not a submissive response to heavy handed governmental control.With Britain as the victor, France agreed to sign over sovereignty of its lands, and its citizens in Canada, to the British Empire (Batailles).Trudeau’s philosop... ... middle of paper ... ... which second languages are to be taught.This act was a noble and audacious experiment by a man daring enough to try something different.

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Stereotypes and Stereotyping of Native Americans in The Last of the Mohicans

The Disuniting of America.Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.Rosenstone, Robert A.New York: Simon &Schuster, 1994. .New York: Oxford UP, 1990. .

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Othello Radou Essay

He exhibited from 1940 to 1960 at the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Salon des Indépendants, Salon d'Automne… .In 1963, Othello Radou decided to devote himself only to the painter, Othello created in music, never took his eyes off his easel and worked in search of the 'balanced.He does commission work for school groups and exhibits internationally.Would a tiny canvas of this writing be the essence of a change?The eye appreciates the vibrations of the colors and tastes the daring associations of tones in these large canvases based on mauve and pink.

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The origin of the world Essay

He denounces at the same time the general conditions of Facebook which oblige him to lodge a complaint only in the court of Santa Clara in California, and hopes to make recognize the competence of the French justice.On May 29, 2014, a young Luxembourg visual artist, Deborah De Robertis, sits on the ground in front of the painting exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay and, legs apart, exhibits her penis in front of visitors in the same way of the model in the painting, before being dislodged by the guards and the police who came as reinforcements.Noting that his emails remained unanswered, he therefore decided to summon Facebook for "infringement of freedom of expression".The Paris Court of Appeal confirmed in February 2016 that the French court...

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Anna Magdalena Bach Essay

Together they had thirteen children between 1723 and 1742, of whom seven died in infancy.The other members of her family do not care about her and she gradually sinks into precariousness, living on subsidies or bequests until her death.She also helped him with his copy and transcription work and it is possible that she was the author of certain pieces attributed to her husband ,,,,.After the death of her husband in 1750, the sons having dispersed, Anna Magdalena remains alone with her two youngest daughters and Catharina Dorothea, the eldest of the first bed.The town of Arques-la-Bataille (Seine- Maritime) has an Anna-Magdalena Bach street.

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Analysis of Sexuality in Literature

She exemplifies her yearn to become more manly and explains that she was happy in her dream because she “had a beard and my chest was flat.” Her dream allowed her to realize her desire to be a butch and finally be able to connect with others like her.Eroticism as defined by Bataille holds undeniable truth in the case of same-sex love.More specifically, the implications of homoeroticism are seen in Walt Whitman’s foliage related metaphor in the “Calamus” poems, Audre Lorde’s experience with lesbians as written in her autobiography “Zami: A New Spelling of My Name”, Essex Hemphill’s loneliness in his poem “Under Certain Circumstances”, Housman’s unrequited love in Tom Stoppard’s play “The Invention of Love, and Leslie Feinberg’s resemblanc...

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WWII: U.S. Army Support Units in the Fight

“M1 Carbine – Semi-Automatic Carbine – History, Specs and Pictures – Military, Security and Civilian Guns and Equipment.” Military Factory – Military Weapons: Cataloging Aircraft, Tanks, Vehicles, Artillery, Ships and Guns through History.September 1941, the military selected and adopted the U.S. Carbine, Caliber .30 M1.Produced and issued in a larger magnitude than any of the other U.S. small arms in WWII, 10 main manufacturers collectively built more than six million M1 Carbines.Gibson, Robert.Carbines during the American Occupation.” U.S. Carbines during the American Occupation.

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Jacques Lacan Essay

The writings are the completed and condensed part of Lacan's thought, while the seminars show Lacan's thought in action, with advances, setbacks, hesitations.I found there a sort of equivalent of shamanistic power.Gérard Haddad, Sin original of psychoanalysis, Lacan et la question juive, Paris, Seuil, 2007 ."Beyond this presence, the person and the art of the word of Lacan, Lévi-Strauss also explains that if they crossed, their paths went in very different directions:" Myself coming from philosophy , I was trying to go towards those human sciences whose legitimacy Lacan criticized, while Lacan, who had started from a positive knowledge, or who considered himself as such, was led towards an approach more and more philosophical of the prob...

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Transition Essay

Its position over the years became more radical: thus, in June 1929, it took as its subtitle an international quaterly for creative experiment (“an international quarterly for experimental creation”) and opened with a manifesto entitled “The Revolution of the Word Proclamation ”where the authors assert that the literary creator has the right to disintegrate the primal matter of words imposed on him by textbooks and dictionaries (“ The writer has the right to disintegrate the raw material of the words imposed on him through textbooks and dictionaries ”), as part of a manifesto signed by Kay Boyle, Whit Burnett, Hart Crane, Caresse Crosby, Harry Crosby, Martha Foley, Stuart Gilbert, A. Lincoln Gillespie, Leigh Hoffman, Eugene Jolas, Elliot...

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history of O Essay

His writing, cold and concise, makes it all the more fascinating.Taken in the first degree and understood with a reading grid from the 2000s, it is only an erotic novel, but Histoire d ' O is also a cry, that of a person who wants to belong to another.Conversely, Georges Bataille and Graham Greene admired the work of Pauline Réage.There is a sequel, Retour à Roissy.The book received the Deux-Magots prize in 1955. .

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Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman Essay

The first known cinema adaptation is from 2006: Shooting in an English Garden (A Cock and Bull Story), British film directed by Michael Winterbottom, written by Martin Hardy, with Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, Kelly Macdonald, Naomie Harris and Gillian Anderson.In an article entitled Who's Afraid of Tristram Shandy?A month later, in the same columns in Le Monde, Charles Mauron's daughter replied with a right of reply entitled A defense of Charles Mauron, in which she protested against "negative assessments" in “Particularly abrupt and contemptuous character” brought against the translation of his father, published by Laffont in 1946, and then taken up by the French Book Club, in the “10/18” collection, by Garnier-Flammarion.Modernists such a...

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How To Understand A World Of Opposites Philosophy Essay

One of the main battles is between pleasure and pain, and we all struggle to deal with it internally.In another of Bataille’s works, Madame Edwarda, he continues with the pleasure-pain principle as he is quoted, .The greatest pleasures are only experienced after great pain such as childbirth, where the joy of motherhood as well as no longer experiencing the pain of pregnancy fuse to form an apex of pleasure that few can ever reach.Maurice Blanchot writes in The Infinite Conversation, how mankind is a fusion of both principles.Similarly sexual intercourse at first for women is tremendously painful however after the initial pain, a whole new world of pleasure and satisfaction is opened up to them.

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What books to read Essay

Rob Roy – Sir Walter Scott 534.The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner – James Hogg 528.Castle Rackrent – Maria Edgeworth.The Absentee – Maria Edgeworth 535.Elective Affinities – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 536.

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Crack Essay

There is no pharmaceutical substitute for crack.Perinatal mortality increases by 3% compared to a population of the same socio-economic level.Infant malformations related to maternal crack are common.During pregnancy, the use of cocaine or crack increases the risk of spontaneous abortion, premature delivery and retro-placental hematoma.Major withdrawal syndrome in infants is particularly common within three days of birth.

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IN Essay

The creator of The 4400 series, Scott Peters, was responsible for writing, adapting, and is also producing with Warner Bros. this remake.If it is a sequel, the film would probably have been inspired by the novel V: The Second Generation: it would not have taken place after the episode The Return of the series, nor even after The Final Battle but directly after the original miniseries.Jane Badler, Diana in the old series, is present in the cast of season 2 from episode 1.The same main actors would have taken over their respective roles: Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler and Robert Englund in particular.Likewise, Marc Singer is seen appearing in the final episode of Season 2, as Lars Tremont, who is a member of a top-secret organization...

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The Battle Of Algiers Film Review Film Studies Essay

The “Battle of Algiers” is a film which is worth seeing since it tells us history as well as moral lessons on how we should respect others’ properties as well as struggle to preserve one’s own belonging.One last character to mention is Omar, the small boy whose duty was mainly to transmit letters and serve as a messenger between the FLN members and which represents the Algerian children who participated in the resistance and who proved to be older than their ages.In the “Battle of Algiers”, Pontecorvo shows the inevitability of violence.They will be losers no matters how long they manage to stay there.In other words, every part wants to be the winner and hence tries to be the last one to inflict the other: an execution of an FLN leader l...

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Alexandre Kojève Essay

Now man can devote himself to art, to love at play, (activities that make him "happy").The end of history marks the end of historical man, of Action in the strong sense of the term (wars and revolutions).Presented in the middle of the Cold War in a note subsequent to the drafting of the Introduction to Hegel, these theses on a classless world on its western side as on its eastern side could have surprised.It represents more Kojève's own thought than Hegel's.The American neoconservative Francis Fukuyama, in The End of History and the Last Man, develops a similar thesis, but with a goal opposed to Kojève's Marxist thought: the end of history would be here advent of liberalism and the market economy, not of a classless society.

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Jacques Massu Essay

In the mini-series De Gaulle, brilliance and secrecy (2020), his role is played by François Chattot.He admits that with hindsight torture does not seem to him "essential in time of war" and that one could "very well do without it".On this subject, we lend them this exchange which would have taken place when he welcomed the general in Algiers in 1958: .Jacques Massu has been married twice: .He has three children, including a daughter from his first marriage (who died during her father's lifetime), and two children, adopted during his stay in Algeria.

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Exploring the Ideal Everyday Environment

New York: Schocken Books Inc, 1998.Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1990.Breon Mitchell.Berlin Culture and Metropolis.Everyday Life and Cultural Theory.

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Heinrich von Kleist Essay

The Heinrich-von-Kleist Forum (Heinrich-von-Kleist-Forum) is a pedagogical and cultural center in Hamm.There is a Kleist museum and a Kleist park in Francfort-sur-l'Oder.The Heinrich-von-Kleist Realschule is located in Heilbronn.The Heinrich-von-Kleist park in Berlin-Kreuzberg is set up by the Kammergericht.Oskar Schlemmer, by his own thoughts, was drawn to figurines, puppets, or puppets, for their mechanical movements, which they considered to be fundamentally harmonious.

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