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Welcome Speech Showfest

Your theme “Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Through Contemporary and Authentic Bicolano Cuisine” is timely and relevant.Be the pride of La Consolacion College and serve as a model to others.Now is the chance to prove to others that you have not failed and that syou were right in choosing our school.So, grab every chance and every opportunity to show your skills and talents and to enhance your knowledge for your future careers.Continue to develop the competencies which you have acquired from the best HRM and Tourism school in Camarines Norte.

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Distancia Amingo Essay

Ancient times indeed reflect how our ancestors passed on our good culture that defines our Bicolano identity.I could read the inscription, In God We Trust.I presume; Bicolanos’ ways of living unfold the profound relationship with God.So, we have no reasons to smile.This simply reminds us that we should balance our material needs and our spiritual need.

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The Philippine’s Ethnic Tribes Essay

Their ways of life remain mostly free from Western and Islamic influences.Most Filipinos are Malayo-Polynesian, another term for Austronesian.Mixed-race individuals are known as Filipino mestizo.Their tribal groups include the Ati, and the Aeta.The Negrito are a pre-Mongoloid people who migrated from mainland Asia and were one of the earliest human beings to settle the Philippines, around 30,000 years ago.

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Juan Osong

Before letting him go, however, the father said to the monkey, “You must never come back again to our house.” .There is also a Bicolano (Bikulano, from Bicol) version of this story.One night he dreamed that there was a castle in the midst of the sea, and that in this castle dwelt a princess of unspeakable beauty.He said to himself, “It is my fault, I know; but I uttered that invocation without thinking.” So, instead of putting the monkey to death, the couple just hid it from visitors; and whenever any one asked for the child, they merely answered, “Oh, he died long ago.” .The monkey, who had been baptized two days after his birth and was named Juan, immediately repaired to the palace of the king.

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The Legend of Mayon Volcano Essay

It just strikes me as kind of typical for a Filipino legend to have the love story element in it.One day, however, a brave and virile warrior was so smitten by the princess that he threw all cares to the wind, clambered up through the window of the royal chamber and enticed the girl to elope with him.With Magayon at their heels, the couple prayed to the gods for assistance.We Filipinos are such incurable romantics, aren’t we?I heard still another story that tells of Daragang Magayon’s lover being killed by her family that she fled from them in anger.

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About the Philippines Essay

The pagans were converted to Christianity by the Spaniards.These include Tagalog, Kapampangan, Ilocano, Cebuano, Pangasinanian, Bicolano, Hiligaynon, Chabacano, and the different dialects spoken by other ethnic groups such as Muslims and cultural minorities.The proofs of this are fossil materials found in different parts of the region and the movements of other peoples from the Asian mainland during historic times.The Americans later arrived and introduced further cultural changes, which made the Filipinos more and more different from the peoples of other Southeast Asian countries.According to Jocano’s findings, the peoples of the prehistoric islands of Southeast Asia were of the same population as the combination of human evolution that...

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Philippine Festival Essay

* A celebration of the plentiful harvests of fruits and orchids during the season * celebrated every 3rd Week of August in Davao .The feast of our lady of peñafrancia .* Tacloban City .* A smiling mask, which is the symbol of the fiesta, was conceived by the organizers to show the happy spirit of the Negrenses despite experiencing bad times in the sugar industry.* Considered the biggest and most popular religious event in the Philippines, * Bicolanos from here and abroad will flock to that progressive city to pay honor to the Virgin of Peñafrancia, * Celebrated on the third Saturday of September in Naga City, Bicol Philippines.

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Philipino Tale: Juan Wearing a Monkey’s Skin Essay

If you can bring her here, I will give her to you for a wife.I am willing to losemy head if within three days I fail to fulfil my promise.” After he had said this, Juan withdrew, and sadly went out to look for the hidden princess.“O your Majesty!” said Juan, “I am sure that I can find her and bring her here.He looked up, and saw a bird caught between two boughs so that it could not escape.There is also a Bicolano (Bikulano, from Bicol) version of this story.

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Grading System Essay

The limitation of the sample to employees working in companies employing 20 or more workers left out workers from smaller companies that are potentially organizable; other cultural groups (Visayans, Muslims, Cordillerans, Bicolanos, etc.It focuses on how the proposed system will be able to contribute a lot for the students in terms of showing their grades.One other limitation of the study was its coverage that made it prone to sampling biases.And to develop an electronic and advanced system that will allow the students of DATAMEX to show their grades and how computing it.Moreover, the study focused on an examination of the factors influencing the propensity to unionize from the standpoint of the worker (meaning, an individual level analy...

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Ethnic Groups and Racism Essay

In essence, symbolic interactionists ask the question, “What happens when two people of different race or ethnicity come in contact with one another and how can such interracial or interethnic contact reduce hostility and conflict?” The basic argument made by conflict theorists is that class-based conflict is an inherent and fundamental part of society.First, they look at the role of social interaction and how it reduces racial and ethnic hostility.In his study, (1974), Bulatao listed impressions on some ethnic groups by respondents from five Philippine cities: Ilocanos and Chinese were viewed as most industrious, serious, thrifty; Tagalogs, progressive; Bicolanos and Cebuanos, humble, friendly, warm, and peaceful; Warays, lazy but stron...

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Ethnic Groups and Racism Essay

In essence, symbolic interactionists ask the question, “What happens when two people of different race or ethnicity come in contact with one another and how can such interracial or interethnic contact reduce hostility and conflict?These theorists thus argue that racial and ethnic conflict is tied to class conflict and that in order to reduce racial and ethnic conflict, class conflict must first be reduced.Batangueno, “balisong” (knife-wielding); Bicolanos, “sili” ( pepper or hot people).Assimilation is a process in which a minority becomes absorbed into the dominant society – socially, economically, and culturally.Symbolic interaction theorists look at two issues in relation to race and ethnicity.

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Ethnic Groups and Racism Essay

In essence, symbolic interactionists ask the question, “What happens when two people of different race or ethnicity come in contact with one another and how can such interracial or interethnic contact reduce hostility and conflict?A few examples are Ilokano, “bantay kuako” (heavy smokers) and “kuripot” (stingy); Pampangueno, “dugong aso” (dog blood or traitors); Batangueno, “balisong” (knife-wielding); Bicolanos, “sili” ( pepper or hot people).Symbolic interaction theorists look at two issues in relation to race and ethnicity.These theorists thus argue that racial and ethnic conflict is tied to class conflict and that in order to reduce racial and ethnic conflict, class conflict must first be reduced.Assimilation is a process in which a ...

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Automating computer usual processes Essay

For better understanding of the study, the following terms were defined operationally or concepltually: Research Proposal an study that request time and fund from instition Monitoring Management System the process of checking the updates and status of ongoing health research Proponent in this study the proponent is the person who is requsting or conducting health researh Storage.Secure System in this study this term refers to a system that cannot be easily tamper the information that is stored.This will provide the future researches sufficient information with regards to system development.The primarily goal and objective of BCHRD is to institute/strengthen the system collaboration in Bicol to develop and enhance the capacity of research...

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Filipino Philosophy Essay

A Filipino has two major ways of dealing with his society depending upon the basis of relatedness to the self.The choice is left to the people whether to take it as a material for its national pride and left to the critics, the Filipino philosophers and scholars if they push our philosophy to the limits and to the level of other philosophies or to drag it down.For it shapes the Philippine politics, economics, justice system, and the rest of that which revolves in the society of the country.What matters is that the country that belongs to the eastern coast has a philosophy that is distinct and rich in itself.Culture is passed from generation to generation through time (history), through psychological time, but the self being that self, wh...

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Period of Enlightenment in the Philippines (1872-1898)

He was also known for having a photographic mind.The lead poem was La Cruz, meaning “The Cross”.Panganiban y Enverga was a Bicolano propagandist, linguist and essayist.JOSE MA PANGANIBAN (February 1, 1863 – August 19, 1890) – Jose Ma.ANG LUPANG TINUBUAN (My Native Land) .

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RSS feed Mobile Archive Search Ask me anything Submit Essay

PAL owns 30 Airbus aircraft and four Bombardier airplanes.Most of the country is comprised of Malayo-Polynesian ethnic groups including, the Tagalog, Visayans, Ilocano, Kapampangan, Bicolano, Moro, Pangasinense, Igorot, Lumad Ibanag, Mangyan, Badjao, Ivatan, and Palawan tribes.On July 22, the airline acquired the franchise of the Philippine Aerial Taxi Company.The airline’s first flight took place on March 15, 1941 with a single Beech craft Model 18 NPC-54 on daily services between Manila (from Nielson Field) and Baguio.Government investment in September paved the way for its nationalization.

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Filipino People and Spaniards Essay

* Because this mutiny was caused by the revocation of the privilege of shipyard workers to be exempted from forced labor and from paying tribute by Govenor- General de Izquierdo.The Spanish government with its cruel measures, continued, to frighten the Filipinos into submission.And it was also because they killed some Spanish soldiers and officers in the fort.Why do you think the Spanish authorities called the Cavite mutiny a rebellion?JOVER SALVADOR IA12103 PROF. HANNAH BODEGON.

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Classifications of Philippine Folk Dances

“Karasaguyon” of the T’boli portrays a polygamous male in the process of picking his next wife from among four sisters vying for his attention.They are followed by men playing the udol, a long wooden musical instrument.This dance, from Camarines Sur, has been adapted by the Bicolano people and is characterized by a brush-step-hop movement.Karasaguyon – it originated from Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.The jingling of beads and brass bells around their waists and ankles provide musical accompaniment.

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Isyu Sa Wikang Filipino Essay

Authentic Though Not Exotic: Essays on Filipino Identity.Quezon City: Ateneo de Manila University Press.South Hadley, Mass: Bergin & Garvey Publishers, Inc. Zialcita, Fernando.Language as Work and Trade.Rossi-Landi, Ferruccio.

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Who Made Rizal Our Foremost National Hero, and Why?

Likewise, we attempted to disprove the claim made by some quarters that Rizal is an American-made hero, & we also tried to explain why Rizal is greater than any other Filipino hero, including Andres Bonifacio.Who made Rizal the foremost hero of the Philippines?Rizal himself, his own people, & the foreigners all together contributed to make him the greatest hero & martyr of his people.We have also shown during his lifetime, Rizal was already acclaimed by both Filipinos & foreigners as the foremost leader of his people & that this admiration for him has increased w/ the passing of time since his dramatic death on the Luneta that fateful morning of 30 December 1896.1 Hero of his people.

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