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Effect of Bilingualism on Ageing and the Brain

Speaking two languages benefits the aging brain.Distinguished Professor of Psychology from Penn State; Judith Kroll stated that “Bilingual speakers can outperform monolinguals (people who speak only one language) in certain mental abilities, such as editing out irrelevant information and focusing on important information.” Bilingual speakers may benefit and perform better in tasks such as multi-tasking and also have an advantage in attention and cognitive control which will have long-term benefits.Bilingual benefits reach beyond communication.Language mixing in children growing up bilingual.With the brain performing cognitive processes while a bilingual person speaks, it would increase brain activities which in turn would benefit aging b...

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Cognitive Outcomes Of Multilingualism Versus Bilingualism And Monolingualism

The results revealed that both bilingual and monolingual students had better metalingustic awareness of the language skills in reading and working memory than students who happen to be monolingual but with analogous native language skills (p.728-741).In regard to the theory of mind, Goetz (2003) examined the effect of individual linguistic knowledge as a particular language speaker or a bilingual and its influence to the theory of development of mind.Memory, reading and language skills had no differences between bilingual English Arabic and monolingual English speaking children (p.661-678).Besides this point, Abu-Rabia & Siegel (2002) carried out a research which examined reading, memory and the language skills of 56 bilingual Arab-C...

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The Effects Of Bilingualism Education Essay

It is also possible that other indirect audiences of this article would also be bilingual parents, college students who are majoring in psycholinguistic, people who are interested in learning a new language, school’s owners, or even people who are afraid of dementia when they are getting older.For the first example, after introducing us to the history of the studies of bilingualism, the authors write “bilingual children outperformed monolinguals on the majority of tasks, measuring both verbal and non-verbal skills.” This claim is supported by the study of Peal and Lambert (1962) who explained that bilingual children are superior at idea organization and cognitive flexibility, which also supported by another research by Kessler and Quinn ...

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Bilingualism and the effects of third language acquisition

All these suggested that the enhanced cognitive and metalinguistic abilities a bilingual possesses positively affects the acquisition of a L3.We can thus deduce that bilingualism gives the bilingual an advantage in L3 acquisition brought about by the prior language learning experience.Studies of bilingual children have shown bilinguals to have higher scores in tests targeting creative or divergent thinking.TLA is similar to SLA in many ways, but yet it has been reported that language learners benefit from not only meta-linguistic gains but also from meta-procedural gains from prior language learning experiences.The same bilingual would however experience benefits in learning a L3 which uses the same or similar orthography and script as b...

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The Implications of Spanish Essay

The latter was evident in a study done by Viberg where bilingual children and monolingual children were given a story which they then needed to relay, the versions given by bilingual children were more detailed than their monolingual counterparts (Minami).Furthermore, bilingual education preserves the student’s sense of pride, making them able to blend in a dominant English speaking easily able to interact with his or her classmates at the same time protecting their sense of identity since language and culture are important to the identity of an individual (The Benefits of Bilingual Education).They had concluded that because they were learning more than one language, the brains of bilingual children are more structurally enhanced as comp...

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Bilingual Education Essay

For example, laws and regulations that impose a 3-year maximum for students attending bilingual education programs arose as a compromise between the forces for and against bilingual education.Jeff MacSwan, supporter of bilingual education and assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at Arizona State University, is quoted about bilingual education in our global economy when he says, “Multilingualism is an asset, and Arizona must embrace it” (MacSwan, 1998).To overcome resistance to implementing bilingual education, many communities resort to politics or lawsuits to force school districts to provide bilingual education.Looking at the money spent on bilingual education program (when funds are being cut off from other public service...

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Advantages of Being Bilingual Essay

Bilingualism promotes overall cognitive development because a bilingual individual encounters the world from two different language perspectives, which prevents them from having a limited experience.Overall, being bilingual is a huge benefit because it allows people to work globally, increases job opportunities, and it opens the doors to a new culture.Adults can acquire the same skills and strengths through bilingual training, but it happens much more slowly (how much spare time do we have in our busy adult lives?)Museums, fairs and street festivals, and even just visits to neighborhoods will have an inherent interest to bilingual children that monolingual children may not share.In conclusion, Bilingual individuals are the new norm and i...

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“Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom: A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching” Article Essay (Article)

Based on the connation presented above, it can be stated that most programs in modern schools are bilingual at the least literal sense.The issues identified in this article are critical in balancing mainstream language with second language in a bilingual education environment.However, the main challenge remains the unbalanced and informal integration of bilingual pedagogy in formal learning institutions in areas that are occupied by minority communities speaking English as a second language.Minority language speaking groups are also put in a fair position to access education curriculum made available to English speaking peers, through affirmative action steps consisting of a complete bilingual instructional manual and English teaching me...

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The Benefits and Downsides of Intermingling Languages Essay

(Sridhar & Sridhar 1980) Despite the availabilty of aforementioned precise definitions numerous studies use code/language switching, mixing and intermingling synonymously without notable deficiency in the results, since these definitions tend to not hold a high level of importance when it comes to analysing the reasons, benefits and downsides of mixing languages.The Syntax and Psycholynguistics of Bilingual Code Mixing.Contrary to popular belief, code mixing is not necessarily a sign of improperly acquired languages or inability to switch from bilingual to monolingual mode.Analysing the reasons for language mixing has enabled us to point out its benefits.Bilingual Language Mixing: Why Do Bilinguals Code-Switch?

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Linguistics and Language Essay

Analysing the reasons for language mixing has enabled us to point out its benefits.Contrary to popular belief, code mixing is not necessarily a sign of improperly acquired languages or inability to switch from bilingual to monolingual mode.Bilingual Language Mixing: Why Do Bilinguals Code-Switch?Despite the emergence of the previous pattern, there are instances where a person might benefit more from using an emotionally less-dominating language.While these benefits havebeen pointed out only during the last few decades of language studies, the downsides of code switching have always been an emphasised parallel to bilingualism research.

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Argumentive Essay on Bilingual Education Essay

(“What are the advantages and disadvantages of English-only and bilingual education?”, n.d., para.Technically and simply speaking, bilingual education is any educational system that favors education in more than one language.For instance, some schools have hired teachers from abroad with solid Spanish skills to come into bilingual schools, but the result has been teachers without English skills at an adequate level.” .One of the main reasons for what I believe is the heavy reason for being against bilingual education is, according to a source that I found, “It can be difficult to staff bilingual schools with enough teachers that are native speakers of the second language and the upfront cost can be greater than an English only school b...

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Being Bilingual: Important Skill in a Globalized World Essay

This is a good reason to be bilingual.This causes an important change in the way companies hire their employees; consequently, one of the requirements is being bilingual.If the tourist is bilingual, he will have an easy and pleasant trip and will enjoy and understand that culture.In other words, a bilingual person has a working and healthy brain.It is known that being bilingual increase job opportunities.

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English as a Second Language

Most of the professions pay higher salaries to their bilingual employees.Even though his points may be valid to some degree, the research on benefits of bilingual education proves otherwise.Richard Rodriguez in his essay “Aria: A Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” argues that it is more important for a child to establish public identity in an English speaking community than maintaining the family language and culture.So is it an asset or a burden to be raised bilingual?“Being Bilingual Brings Mental Health Benefits.” Psychiatric News.

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Bilingual Education

Although bilingual education is an effective way of learning, the transition on a child from a bilingual setting to all English environments can be a challenging process for various reasons.The employer is saving money and is now given the opportunity to offer the bilingual employees a bilingual bonus.As the example shows there are many topics that go into play with Bilingual Education and the argument of, ‘will Bilingual Education ever be effective’ will continue as long as our country continues to expand, encourage the changing of demographics and welcome people from different parts of the world.Finally there are several different benefits of having a bilingual background that has helped people of Bilingual backgrounds grow both with e...

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Effects of Bilingualism Essay

Other students could not express themselves in English because they are used in speaking in Filipino which results in being an uncompetitive student when it comes to English (Madriaga, Nazareno, et al, 2001).Being bilingual can have different benefits.Nowadays, majority of the world’s population is bilingual or multilingual than monolingual.Bilingual education aims to use both English and Filipino as medium of instruction for students to achieve quality education with the help of the collaboration of the two languages.Additionally, bilingualism has positive effects at both ends of the age spectrum: Bilingual children as young as seven months can better adjust to environmental changes, while bilingual seniors can experience less cognitive...

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The Official Language Movement Essay

Bilingual Research Journal.Quality Bilingual Education: Defining Success – This report by Maria Estela Brisk basically examines the recent studies that have been done with regard to Bilingual Education over the years.Brisk, Maria Estela (1999) Quality Bilingual Education: Defining Success.Chicano Empowerment and Bilingual Education: Movimiento Politics in Crystal City, Texas – This article by Angela Valenzuela highlights the field work conducted in Crystal City on the topic of Bilingual Education.The website basically presents the argument that while many Americans may resist the idea of having bilingual modes of instruction in classrooms; they are also unaware of the fact that the Bilingual Education program does not mean that both lang...

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The biggest challenge facing bilingual In secondary students

Therefore it is necessary to discuss bilingual education to detect the whole aspects that affects bilingual students’ learning process.Many researches pointed to a various difficulties and challenges that affects secondary bilingual students and cause an identity struggle, such as , bilingual students’ underachievement due to their weak performance in English education, also many researches pointed to literacy issues that can leave a continuance effect on the way student develop their self-esteem , as well as cultural resistance towards accepting foreign languages in some societies .While one of the most important challenges that were discussed is the learning policies that doesn’t support language learning , which is considered to be a ...

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Development in Language Learning Essay

But some theorists claim that language learning for bilingual children is in fact quite the same for monolingual children (Paneque, 2006, p. 171).Before these activities are outlined it is essential that we summarize the benefits of pre-reading skills in bilingual households.She adds that while some children may start the process of becoming bilingual at birth other start in their preschool years but that “Either way, both methods of becoming bilingual can be effective” (p. 172).There is no doubt that the success with which bilingual children develop both languages depends largely on two factors: school support and home support.Acquisition of Literacy in Bilingual Children: A Framework for Research Language Learning, 52 (1), 159–199.

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Psychological Factors of Bilingualism

It is highly recommended that the educational authorities realize the benefits of bilingual teaching and develop resources for Emiratis for adopting both English and Arabic language that matches the global aspects of learning.Bilingual factors also influence the .It was observed during the study that the children, who had a bilingual approach, had a in comparison to children who had a single language approach.It has also been established by Ellen and Hatuka in their study that the individuals who have a bilingual approach have a and can think and work on more than one direction than the people who speak and understand only one language.In an environment where individuals have to adjust to more than one cultures and deal in more than o...

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The Peculiarities of the Bilingual Education Analytical Essay

That is why many accents are made on the importance of the bilingual school programs which could contribute to the increase of the developed bi/multilingual society which has a lot of benefits in the progress of the economic, cultural, and social spheres.The Bilingual Schools Project was started by the government of Victoria, Australia in 1997, and it focuses on the development of the role of the first or native language in communities and on establishing the bilingual schools in the state as the reaction of the social needs.Bilingual Research Journal, 29(1), 145–164.Bilingual youth: Spanish in English-speaking societies.That is why the problem of establishing bilingual schools with references to the Italian/English bilingual education r...

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The Official Language Movement Case Essay

The Bilingual Education Act was re-authorized in 1988.Bilingual Education: From Compensatory To Quality Schooling .From the beginning, however, it never specified ‘bilingual’ education but there has been continuous conflict over the relative emphasis on native language education.Litigation brought to the courts on behalf of various groups of minority students led in some cases to court-mandated bilingual education programs.To the extent that bilingual education is seen to legitimate an alternative point of view to the mainstream by sanctioning the use of another language and by implication the cultural values it symbolizes, it is seen as a threat to the dominant group in society.

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The Benefits Of Bilingualism Toward Career Advancement English Language Essay

Similarly, in “rewarding workplace bilingualism”, Amado M. Padilla explores the economic gain of being bilingual.As you can see that both articles emphasize that bilingual can help the company to better understand the need of diverse customers, it opens the connections between the firm and the customer.The overall result is that bilingual gets paid more than their peers.Being bilingual can also help you reach further for customers in a diverse society, as you understand more of their cultures.As a bilingual employee, you have the benefit of being able to negotiate a higher salary because the business with bilingual staff can also attract more diverse customers.

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Bilingualism Should Not Be Continued Essay

"The Costs of Bilingual Education."Needs an Official Language” (pp.The Social Contract Press, n.d.New York: Longman, 1998.E. – “Why the U.S.

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Bilingual Education Essay

Summary: This book looks at literacy, including bilingual literacy, using a sociocultural approach.Bilingual Education 3 The bilingual education debate, as mentioned in the introductory paragraph, has garnished more dialogue lately because of another hot button issue; immigration.The book addresses bilingual education in the home and highlights the benefits of this strategy.Other areas the book concentrates on include the cognitive development of the bilingual mind, and the cognitive consequences of the bilingual behavior.Bilingual Education 7 Despite the flaws in using Rodriguez and Duncan as microcosms in the bilingual education debate, some nevertheless insist in a total immersion approach in our schools.

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Bilingual education: The Benefits of Technology Essay

The topic of discussion will introduce how technology can benefit Bilingual education in classrooms across the United States.Weisman, Jonathan.Alone, Bilingual education is a controversial issue.The cultural and racially diverse classroom is a natural resource, yet few teachers realize the educational benefits that can be attained through understanding how diversity enhances the learning experience, especially when teachers are striv... .School tax break voted: Senate also defeats national tests, back state block grants.

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Why Is Important to Be Bilingual Essay

* Bilingual people can communicate with a wider range of people within families and communities, across generations, and in other social contexts.* Being able to read and write in more than one language opens up new literatures, traditions, and ideas to bilingual students.* Being bilingual, and being exposed to two languages and cultures, often fosters greater tolerance for other cultural groups.It’s important to be bilingual because it knowing two different languages or more you can communicate with other people from different places you go who speak different languages.* Knowing two languages provides bilingual people with additional skills in the employment market – skills that are increasingly important in our globalised world.

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Language attitudes comprise Essay

The emotional and social difficulties of certain bilingual persons are not due to bilingualism as a cognitive phenomenon but by the social context (Appel & Muysken, 2006).In the ‘mixed language’ type of acquisition, the parents are both bilingual, the community may also be bilingual, and parents may code-switch and mix two different languages (Romaine, 1995).A bilingual child has a deficit in his or her language growth and a delay in his or her mother tongue development.Research study has also claimed that a bilingual child demonstrated more deviant forms in his or her speech, like unusual word order and morphological errors (Appel & Muysken, 2006).The superiority of bilingual children to monolingual children in terms of various ...

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The Establishment of an Immersion Program at a Prep Elementary School in Saudi Arabia Coursework

Bilingual education: An introductory reader.Moreover, at the initial stages of the introduction of a new program of bilingual education, teachers will have to pay special attention to the levels of the students’ second language comprehension which has to be sufficient so that not to deter the children’s academic progress.Regarding the positive political implications of creating the bilingual environment in an elementary Saudi Arabian school, it can be stated that with the current situation in the international area, the introduction of the early immersion programs and enhancing the levels of the students’ proficiency in the English language as a language of global communications is significant for establishing positive relations with oth...

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Select At Least Four Bilingual Programs Essay

Select at least four bilingual programs and describe the type of student that would benefit most from each type of bilingual program.Surja, R. C. (2011), How to Teach and reach English language Learners: Practical strategies to ensure success, San Francisco, CA, Jossey-Bass .Linguanti, R. (2009), Fostering academic success for English Language Learners, what do we know?Integrated transitional bilingual education these programs are designed for schools that have a population of ELL that speak the identical native language.Retrieved from .

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Policy Suggestions for Reopening Dual Language Essay

After clarifying that bilingual education creates no harm to children, many researchers pointed out that bilingual education can enhance the development of children’s cognitive and social skills (Chan, 2003; Garcia, 2007; Norbert, 2005; Steward, 2004; Thomas, 2003).Latino parents `choice` for bilingual education in an urban California school: language politics in the aftermath of proposition 227. .The Benefits of Bilingual Education .The dual lingual education literature reviewed is presented here in the following sections: bilingual education has no harm, the benefits of bilingual education, the best bilingual education-dual language program, and the current situation of dual language programs.Bilingual development and the educatio...

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