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Waste Management And Remedial Measures Environmental Sciences Essay

Students also said the reason for increase in non-biodegradable waste in campus during college fests can be due to the use of decoration materials like thermacole and upon questioning whether they would be able to substitute them with the biodegradable substances, their reply was in positive which implies that there was non-awareness among them about the issue and they can be able to reduce non-biodegradable during fests if motivated to do so.The biodegradable waste like food waste is sent to the biogas plant and the other waste which cannot be treated by the campus is sent with the PMC waste disposal truck which takes a round in Viman Nagar daily.Municipal waste- The municipal waste includes the household waste, construction debris and ...

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Record Management System for Solid Waste Management

And now, the dumpsite was converted into a sanitary landfill where the non-biodegradable wastes are recycled and biodegradable wastes are processed to become an organic fertilizer.This study is limited only for keeping records and for calculating volumes for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.Waste problem being one of the foremost and mounting problems in other countries have been hazardous not only on human’s health but also causes depletion for lands which is why solid waste management was generated.Since human cities began to be more rigorous, solid waste management became a serious matter and for a reason, some industrialized nations today, solid waste management is a multimillion dollar business.Thus, a resolution had been ...

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Ritik Mathur’s Paper on Non Biodegradable Waste Essay

There are now biodegradable forms of Styrofoam and plastic.This is a solution that everyone can take part in!It is estimated that the Pacific Garbage Patch will double in size over the next 10 years if consumers don’t do something to reduce their use of non-biodegradable waste.The most wide-reaching effect of non-biodegradable trash is the Pacific Garbage Patch–an area of the Pacific ocean which is heavily polluted with plastics and other waste.4.Plastic debris in the ocean is responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 marine animals each year.

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Pollution Observation Essay

Direct contamination can also occur from badly designed hazardous waste sites or from industrial sites.that causes flood by simply throwing our waste in such different place that blocks our passage of water irrigation.Solid wastes are generally composed of non-biodegradable and non-compostable biodegradable materials.They are the trash collected by the municipal waste management units for segregation according to the process of disposal.Parts of liquid waste materials are also considered as solid wastes, where the dredging of liquid wastes will leave solid sedimentation, to which proper waste management techniques should also be applied.

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Cassava as an Ideal Bioplastic

Research has been done on biodegradable plastics that break down with exposure to sunlight (e.g., ultra-violet radiation), water or dampness, bacteria, enzymes, wind abrasion and some instances rodent pest or insect attack are also included as forms of biodegradation or environmental degradation.Using biodegradable plastics will minimize the effects that these products have on the earth, and help eliminate their waste much faster.Some researchers have actually genetically engineered bacteria that synthesize a completely biodegradable plastic, but this material, such as Biopol, is expensive at present.For this type of biodegradable plastics, granular starch can be directly blended with polymer, or its granular structure can be destructuri...

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The Problem With Garbage Essay

Unavailability of free land for disposal of waste is another problem.If waste is efficiently managed in public areas like these, the garbage problem that is faced in India’s major cities can be reduced to a greater extent.Installation of biogas plant in such places not only solves the problem of waste disposal but also can result in economic benefits.School is one such public place where lot of biodegradable waste is generated and which can be disposed off effectively by proper enforcement alone.Another solution is to install a biogas plant in the school campus where the waste is collected from local households and hotels in and around the school along with the garbage generated in school and thus the community around a school would be...

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Waste Management Essay

Atienza, V., Review of the Waste Management System in the Philippines: Initiatives to Promote Waste Segregation and Recycling through Good Governance Atienza, V., A Breakthrough in Solid Waste Management through Participation and Community Mobilization: The Experience of Los Baῆos, Laguna, Philippines .They decided to segregate trash by putting labels on the garbage bags as to “biodegradable” and “non-biodegradable”.An annual forum, comprising of the school administrators, deans of different colleges and departments, students faculty member and spearheaded by the Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Department and the Solid Waste Management Task Force, is being held to present reports and proposals regarding solid waste management.Solid W...

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Types of pollution Essay

We must be wise in managing our resources, and take positive action towards preventing any forms of pollution to the environment.•Dumping of household waste, industrial waste, non-biodegradable wastes .Pollution is a growing pain.•Biodegradable wastes could be used as manure while non-biodegradable wastes should be recycled.•Solid Waste Disposal .

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The Use of Biodegradable Plastics Essay

In the 1930s, Henry Ford even produced biodegradable plastic car parts using soybeans![Polylactic Acid] It is used to produce biodegradable plastics which in turn can be made into food packaging, compost bags etc.The usage of biodegradable plastic can solve this problem, because these plastics can biodegrade in about 2-3 months when composted properly.Biodegradable plastics were actually invented in 1869 by the American inventor John Wesley Hyatt (to coat billiard balls) before today’s synthetic plastics were made.People using PLA should make sure that its waste is either burnt safely or sent to a large composting site, otherwise it will cause even more problems for the environment.

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Production of Biodegradable Plastics from Squash Starch

However, it is these very attributes of strength and indestructibility that cause problems when these materials enter the waste stream.There ‘are various methods in making biodegradable plastics.This has resulted in mounting worldwide concerns over the environmental consequences of such materials when they enter the waste stream after their intended uses, Of particular concern are polymers used in single use, disposable plastic applications.Secondly, since cellulose films are biodegradable; they are readily attacked by bacteria.Biodegradable plastics – are plastics that can be biologically broken down, in a reasonable amount of time, into their base compounds.

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Concept And Description Of Vermiculture And Vermicomposting Environmental Sciences Essay

Biodegradable waste separation Unit: .Further, the flocculation unit water, used in the biodegradable material separation, is also mixed with the pond water to increase the mineral content of the water source.Many developing countries are struggling with inefficient solid municipal waste management systems due to lack of good knowledge about processing the solid waste.The biodegradable waste collected here will be added along with the agricultural waste collected from agricultural lands in the manure pits for preparing the manure.The Municipal solid waste is collected and subjected to separation methods such as flocculation and gravity separation.

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Comparative Study of Common Vegetable Starches Essay

Cassava starch is the most effective component for biodegradable plastic.Generally, this study is conducted to replace the conventional non-biodegradable plastics to a more friendly biodegradable plastics using different vegetable starches.These components are components of biodegradable plastic.Cassava is a promising raw material for the development of biodegradable plastics.The problem is to compare which among the different vegetables; squash, sweet potato and cassava, which are rich in starch will be an effective component for biodegradable plastic.

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Principles of Nature

Issue/Problem: Burning of waste instead of decomposing it naturally.Effect: When we burn waste materials, most of the organic compounds are lost.We should also start to plant trees and stop using plastic bags.Most of the calamity that we experienced is because of human activities such as illegal logging, kaingin, improper waste management and pollution brought about commercial industries.Proper waste disposal and waste segregation are but simple and basic measures where we and the authorities can jointly play a significant role in taking care of the environment.

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Research Plan Essay

Thus, a convenient way of minimizing waste management problem in the country, more so, the high demand for plastics would give the world the hazard of garbage problem, therefore, utilizing starch from jackfruit seeds as component in the production of biodegradable plastics would be the relative answer.The cut samples of the produced biodegradable plastic will be subjected to the following tests: .A study determined the effectiveness of cassava starch as component of biodegradable plastic.After cutting talahib pulps into very small pieces, they were combined with different chemicals such as polyvinyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide in aqueous solution, glue, and glycerol to produce biodegradable plastics with different amounts of talahib pul...

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Cassava Derived Starch As Component For Biodegradable Plastic Essay

2 Review of Related Literature Research has been done on biodegradable plastics that break down with exposure to sunlight (e. g. .Biodegradable – Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.Biodegradable plastics could be an effective solution to all of the pollution problems.This therefore warranted scientific inquiries towards improving the properties of these promising starch-based biocomposites through starch modification, use of compatibilizers and reinforcements (both organic and inorganic), processing conditions, all in the hope of realizing renewable biodegradable substitutes for the conventional plastics.The longstanding quest of developing starch-based biodegradable plastics has witnessed the use of diff...

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Man’s Impact on the Environment Essay

Some leak, causing contamination of soil for hundreds of years before it is safe to grow crops on them again.Examples of these include: Mercury and Led.Some end up in landfills and other less safe storage facilities.Harmful substances accumulate on the land and in turn become detrimental to the health of organisms not only on land, but animals in the air and in water.•Non – biodegradable waste .

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Solid Waste Management in Mumbai Essay

Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rule, 2000: Processing of Municipal Solid Wastes Municipal authorities shall adopt suitable technology or combination of such technologies to make use of wastes so as to minimize burden on land fill.It consists of organic and inorganic constituents which may or may not be biodegradable.The biodegradable wastes shall be processed by compositing vermicomposting, anaerobic digestion or any other appropriate biological processing for stabilization of (pg 2) wastes.Due to rapid growth of urban population, as well as constraint in resources, the management of solid waste poses a difficult and complex problem for the society and its improper management gravely affects the public health and degra...

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The State Of Waste Disposal In Colombo Environmental Sciences Essay

Biodegradable waste Most of the waste generated in this country is biodegradable; in other words, it is capable of natural decomposition.Solid waste (Non hazard, House hold waste) .All collected waste by CMC are transported to city waste dumping points at Bloomendal and Sedawatte areas marked as dumping sites for the city’s waste and garbage.Waste management is a major aspect of this function and government apply and implement their waste management projects through the CMC.Paper waste Paper can be directly recycled or treated with other biodegradable wastes.

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Lipase Producing Rhodococcus Strains Analysis

Waste cooking oil prior to disposal also can be potentially transformed into many value-added products through structure modification by the same catalyst as well.Figure 1.2 precisely describes natural actions encountered due to disposal of waste cooking oil into water and land.In regards to detrimental impacts imposed by waste cooking oil, it’s absolutely prudent to commence treatment on lipid contaminated sites and further discover feasible ways to manage the fatty waste materials.Favourably, waste cooking oil that has been disposed to the water streams can be potentially treated with biocatalytic action of lipase producing microorganisms.Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to apply bioremediation concept to comprehensively treat the ...

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Municipal Solid wastes at National level Essay

If this 40-45% of recyclable and biodegradable wastes is removed, the life expectancy of the landfill would substantially increase and this is possible only with source segregation.But with increasing consumerism, the amount of wastes produced has also been increasing and if this trend continues then the generation of waste would soon outnumber the rapid increasing population.In many parts of Chennai, a small portion of the waste generated everyday lie around the garbage bins without being collected (Figure 28) and the collected portion is taken for disposal.Few others also dump the organic wastes in small pits where organic waste get decomposed, converted to compost and used as fertilizers (Rathi, 2006).The daily waste disposed from zon...

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Household Waste Essay

But for this we need to separate the biodegradable wastes from non biodegradable wastes.Vermicomposting is a process in which biodegradable waste is dumped into the soil Vermicompost .Our own little compost pit .But ways of extracting energy from household waste, mainly biological, have surfaced.As soon as we got to know that we will have to do a little experiment in order to complete our EVS project we started our own compost pit.

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Methane Production from Municipal Solid Waste Essay

Biodegradation of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin Cellulose and hemicellulose are the principal biodegradable constituents of refuse accounting for 91% of the total methane potential.leather 0-2 0.5 Characteristics of municipal solid waste The physical composition of residential municipal solid waste (MSW) in the United States is given in Table 5-1.48 contribution of the listed categories has evolved over time, with decrease in food wastes because of increased use of kitchen food waste Table 5-2.1993) concentration of lignin in VS/TS Lignin/VS VSbiodegradable* newsprint makes it much less % % % biodegradable than more highly Type of waste mixed food 7-15 0.4 82 processed office paper (Table 5-4).Archaeological investigations of land...

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Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable Essay

For example Coleman Toilet Paper is helpful as clogging resistant and Bathroom tissues of Rochester Midland uses no dye or perfume though all of them are effective biodegradable.(Fletcher, 76-77) But after evaluating all these products it can be safely stated that the Bathroom Tissues of Thetford, particularly AquaSoft, is the most biodegradable.However, it is important to compare KCC products with other products available too and find out the most biodegradable bathroom tissue that is also fast as KCC fails in this aspect.It should be mentioned in this context that the products of this company would thus be completely biodegradable although it may take a longer period.It must be mentioned in this context that apart from being biodegrada...

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Biodegradable Polymers: Processes of Degradation

PLA is therefore blended with other biodegradable polymers (to keep it 100% biodegradable) to improve the properties that are most desirable.The synthetic biodegradable polymers may be classified into three groups, but the literature will only review polyesters .. Biodegradable polyesters can be synthesised in a number of ways .. Of the above three processes polycondensation, also known as step-growth polymerisation, and ring opening polymerisation are more widely.Sources of proteins used to produce biodegradable polymers include feather-meal, waste animal proteins [60.feathermeal], soy bean [ 58.nanda], egg white [ 39... PLA is a synthetic biodegradable polymer, that is brittle and has poor impact strength, leading to failure of the ...

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Oil Degrading Bacteria | Evaluation

, (22), 7962-7974. .Barbeau, K., Zhang, G., Live, D. H., & Butler, A., (3), 378-37 .Petrobactin, a photoreactive siderophore produced by the oil-degrading marine bacterium Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus.Field observations on the variability of crude oil impact on indigenous hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from sub-Antarctic intertidal sediments.

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Solid Waste Disposal

An average Nigerian generates about 0.49 kg of solid waste per day with households and commercial centres contributing almost 90% of total urban waste burden (Uguwh, 2009) .Municipal waste in most cities contain human excreta, animal excreta, hazardous chemical pollutants and sharps which can facilitate the spread of diseases and injury particularly among children playing near waste dumpsites and employees in waste management sector (Da Zhu et al, 2008).Problems of waste disposal started from the time people began to assemble in clans, villages, and communities and the build up of waste became a consequence of life (Tchobanoglous et al, 1993) The rapid developments of cities across the globe have led to an increase in the amount of waste...

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The Environmental Effects Of Human Waste Disposal Environmental Sciences Essay

Waste management options-Consumers need to know that the disposal available at HHW collections represents least desirable alternative for waste management, while prevention represents the most favorable option.Based on characteristics, solid wastes can be classified as biodegradable and non-biodegradable.Solid waste facility personnel at drop-off landfills, transfer stations, and recycling centers can discuss HHW and provide written information when residents drop off waste or recyclable.The biodegradable waste consists of all carbonaceous wastes that can be biodegraded into useful or less polluting products by the action of microorganisms and such animals like Annelids and Insects.Solid waste in rural areas generally includes-house swee...

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Land Pollution Essay

The advantage of using organic products is that they are biodegradable and friendly to the environment.Waste like plastic, metals, glass and paper must be recycled and reused.Harmful chemicals can also be replaced with less toxic, biodegradable materials.Waste materials that are disposed of should have minimal toxic materials.Once the waste is treated, it can be disposed of using responsible methods.

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Australia Waste Management Quantitative Research Essay

Indeed, this method is suitable for efficient disposal of biodegradable wastes.Parsons, S & Kriwoken, L 2010, ‘Maximising recycling participation to reduce waste to landfill: a study of small to medium-sised enterprises in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia’, Waste Management and Research, vol.Figure 1: Waste Management Hierarchy (Boyd 1994) Energy recovery is found at the second level from the bottom of the waste management pyramid.Zaman, A & Lehmann, S 2011, ‘Urban growth and waste management optimisation towards ‘zero waste city’’, City, Culture and Society, vol.Pickin, J, Yuen, S & Hennings, H 2002, ‘Waste management options to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from paper in Australia’, Atmospheric Environment, vol.

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Benefiting From Agricultural Waste Environmental Sciences Essay

Biodegradable bag such biodegradable T-shirt bag, biodegradable shopping bag, biodegradable die-cut bag, biodegradable promotional bag, and biodegradable collect bag.Material is 100% BIOGRADE B-F; is a Compostable and Biodegradable plastic based on a blend of thermoplastic starch (TPS), aliphatic polyesters (AP) and natural plasticizers.Keeping up-to-date on technologies designed to improve waste management such as composters for disposing of livestock mortalities and integrating them in your waste management strategy is also good practice... Biodegradable bag is made of corn starch which is environmentally friendly or as a renewable resources.Being able to store waste in an acceptable form until it is needed is a critical component of ...

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