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Great expectations Essay

Mrs. Johnstone is shocked until he mentions that they are “Blood Brother”.It also shows how society is, this links with the themes Willy Russell uses.Willy spent the whole of 1982 turning the small scale production of Blood Brothers into a full scale musical.Mickey tells his Mum that they are Brothers.The role of the Brothers in the musical has a great sense of purpose for example the irony, e. g. they end up meeting and being friends, they call themselves “blood brothers” and they have a close “brotherly” relationship.

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The Blood Brothers Essay

The audience (and the narrators) know the full story, and know that Mickey and Eddie don’t need to be blood brothers because they are already real brothers, and share the same blood.Russell uses a variety of techniques to make Blood Brothers an entertaining piece of drama.Blood Brothers is a musical play, and the songs involved, play an important role throughout.” Blood Brothers is a musical play written in the 1980s during a recession in a United Kingdom.” With reference to the historical and social context of Blood Brothers, analyse the accuracy of this statement.

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The Dramatic effect of role models Essay

The play was preformed for the first time at Fazackerley High School in 1983 in Willy Russell’s hometown of Liverpool.If his brother did not perform these acts as a child when Mickey looked up to him most he may of objected to this.The only time we see the true intensity of Mickey’s admiration for Sammy is when Willy Russell has him recite a poem about the great thing his older brother can do.Willy Russell Purposely leaves out Mr Johnson so that Sammy has to step into the role of the dominant male figure of the play, that then plays a vital role in the outcome of Mickey’s life.I understand that Willy Russell has purposely used many role models throughout the play however on studying the play I have decided on focus on ‘Sammy’ and ‘Linda’...

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Compare how Willy Russell Essay

Here we see another way Willy Russell is comparing both mothers in ‘Blood Brothers’.Willy Russell than moves the story on seven years as we see Mickey and Edward becoming ‘Blood Brothers’.Yet on the other hand, Willy Russell tends to make the audience to believe that Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Johnstone are equally sympathetic.Hence this is another way Willy Russell is portraying the two different mothers in ‘Blood Brothers’ which may have an effect towards the audience.In general, Willy Russell does portray Mrs. Johnstone to be the ‘real’ mother seeing that she understood the tender relationship between Mickey and Edward.

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Describe in detail the techniques Essay

Blood Brothers is about a pair of twins who are born to a mother who can’t afford to keep them.Willy Russell makes good use of the narrator by showing that he is always there.Another way in which Willy Russell uses different techniques to give depth to his play is to use the repetition of guns.Mrs. Johnstone comes in and tells them that they are brothers.In conclusion I think that the way that Willy Russell Stephen Perry 28/04/07.

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Blood Brothers Essay

Mrs Lyons’ son starts to get in trouble staying with Mickey who is Mrs Johnstone’s son Mrs Johnstone creates more tension and conflict for Mrs Lyons when Mrs Lyons moves houses and goes away from Mrs Johnstone willing not to see them again, but Mrs Johnstone moves houses as well after some time then they find out that they’re in the some place living near to each other again and both of the brothers are growing up together.Finally to end this essay I think Willy Russell used both tension and conflict .Willy Russell creates more conflict and tension in the play for Mrs Johnstone because she has already got so many problems and she cant feed her children properly, then she hears that she is having twins, that creates tension and conflict i...

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Compare how Willy Russell Essay

Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two brothers in ‘Blood Brothers’.The title ‘Blood Brothers’ has several denotations with ‘Blood’ meaning possible violence or a blood relation whereas ‘Brothers’ could mean a close/good relationship.Once the brothers meet the comparison between the two experiences another social difference, as in terms of manner the brothers speak within a whole different complex.Willy Russell successful playwright ‘Blood Brothers’ conjures up many debateable topics including the intriguing separation of twin brothers ‘Mickey’ and ‘Eddie.This particular difference occurs due to the far from similar worlds the brothers have been brought up in; this difference would make the audience think the brothers had no relation...

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Blood Brothers

Another thing done well by Russell is in the scene of the two schools when he practically places them beside each other and how both Mickey and Edward get suspended at the same time in trying to emphasis how although the have different lifestyles they are still alike.Having considered all of the above it is therefore not surprising that in Blood Brothers Willy Russell treats the themes of unemployment and the class system.” Teacher (in Mickeys school) “Your both suspended” Overall I think that Russell added certain aspects of comedy into the play but only to grab the attention off the audience and keep them interested.The first main episode were Russell portrays hardship is the scene when Micky and Edward meet for the first time.The Bloo...

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Comparison with Blood Brothers and Educating Rita

Seeing Blood Brothers was the most useful material I looked at because it helped me understand the play better, and it showed me how Willy Russell wanted his play to be performed e. g. Mickey being comical whilst with Eddie.The coursework was focused on Educating Rita and Blood Brothers which were both written by Willy Russell and both set in the 80’s; we studied both of these in class and our coursework was to perform a section of Blood Brothers.In the whole performance of Blood Brothers, the main characters were Mickey, Eddie, Linda and Mrs Johnstone.In contrast, Blood Brothers divide in class is very obvious, yet in Educating Rita the divide is less obvious and it subtle.One of the main similarities of class in Educating Rita and Bloo...

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Blood Brothers Essay

For instance, Mickey in “Blood Brothers” has family problems because he has many older siblings which means he gets a lot of hand-me-down clothes and gets bullied by his older brother Sammy who breaks his toys.Later in the story when they find out they were born on the same day “That means we can be blood brothers” the audience can see what is happening, they are going to eventually find out that they are real brothers, and there will be a big disaster because of this.In Blood Brothers Russell uses a narrator drifting in and out of the play at certain times, saying daunting things about the scene that has just happened, or is going to happen.Whereas the conversations between adult and youth in the other stories are mainly comical, like i...

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The audience to empathise Essay

Willy Russell was born and brought up in, Whiston just outside Liverpool.You can empathise with the way Rita wants to move her life on a find some thing better Willy Russell show us this in a very simple but effectiv way that puts across many feelings of power and life.Rita is probably a hairdresser because Willy Russell was one; this probably matches his struggling in his education… Rita and Franks relastionship is built on frank teaching rita.Blood brother is a very good example of the contrast of two very deferent lives.Carol is a thirteen year old girl who is described as arriving to school in her uniform which Willy Russell describes as doubling up as Sunday best.

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English Literature Essay

This play earned Russel a great deal of recognition and won the Society of West End Theatres Award for best comedy.In the opening scenes of this play, Russel has addressed the issue of class and shown that anyone is capable of achieving their goals and breaking the class boundaries.Willam Russel is a British playwright who is eminent for the production of many plays; his best known works are Educating Rita, Blood Brothers and Shirley Valentine.Whereas in the play Blood Brothers, Russell portrays love as something that is of great value and that should be cherished.For example, the musical Blood Brothers is about the lives of fraternal twins who were separated at birth.

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Thatcher’s Britain Essay

The text that we have been studying in Drama is Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’.We hot seated Willy Russell and found out a lot about him.When they become ‘Blood Brothers’ you really feel the connection between the two and how strongly they are now feeling or their ‘brother’.I now feel that I fully understand the form and structure of ‘Blood Brothers’.After exploring the text in more depth than just reading it, I feel like I now know a lot more about it and really can understand the thought process that Willy Russell went through when he was writing it.

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Educating Rita Essay

He also worries that people may have tampered with it, “if Sammy gives you a sweet he’s usually weed on it first”.The “brotherly bond” between them seems to have disappeared.Willy Russell was born just outside Liverpool, but at the age of 5, moved to Knowsley.Eddie returns at Christmas from university while Mickey is struggling to provide a living for his family.Also the themes of love and friendship were in the play, this was between Eddy and Mickey who where blood brothers and Linda was in love with Mickey.

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Blood Brothers Essay

Blood Brothers’ is the story of two twins from a poor family in Liverpool.Throughout the play both women attempt to keep the twin apart, but somehow they always end up back together and ironically they make a pact to become ‘Blood Brothers’.The fact the audience know that Mickey and Edward are brothers is ironic because they don’t know themselves.The playwright’s use of dramatic irony builds up drama and tension as the audience know that Mickey and Edward are really brothers and not just ‘Blood Brothers’.Blood Brothers, wasn’t it?

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Blood Brothers: Act One on Social Class Essay

In act one Willy Russell suggests a level of discomfort between classes as the policeman uses dialogue such as “Um…Err”.The scene where she sings about how “He wouldn’t get into fights, he’d leave matches alone” is one of the first signs of how Russell presents the effects of social classing.Overall Russell successfully presents the effects of social conflict through the effective use of a narrator and his use of foreboding not to mention his use of dramatic irony.Russell has a true concept of what it was like in the 1980’s working class, he expresses the heart wrenching difficulties for those of different classes and how power can be used as a weapon.Look again at the extract on page 24 starting with “Do you want to come and play?” and ...

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Violence as a Central theme in Blood Brothers

When Mickey first storms in he demands that Edward should ‘stay where you are,’ this aggressive, chaotic behaviour he creates is a stark contrast to the calm, formal atmosphere that Edward was shown to have control over just moments ago and also shows similarities to the ways in which Sammy has been portrayed throughout the play.(20) Contextually, the play ‘Blood Brothers’ was written by Willy Russell and is set in the 1980s in Thatcher’s Britain and is a social commentary of the ways in which different social classes were treated in the early 1980s, where money was short and families were considerably larger than you would expect to see today.Mickey wants to ‘be like our Sammy.’ Conclusively, the theme of violence is contemporaneous thr...

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Blood Brothers Essay

“An’ a spider’s been killed.” A main part in the play is when Mrs Lyons uses Mrs Johnston’s superstitions to stop her from telling Eddie and Mickey that they actually brothers “They say that if either twin learns that he once was a pair, they shall both immediately die.” As Mrs Johnstone is very superstitious she believed every word Mrs Lyons says to her.I think Blood Brothers the musical is a fantastic play, I especially love the way that each song has a meaning and the emotions of the characters in the lyrics.“I Thought we were blood brothers” this shows that they were once very close and being blood brothers meant that they always stuck together.Then the police come in demanding that Mickey puts down the gun down then when he starts t...

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Willy Russell portray serious issues Essay

Subsequently it shows that the Willy Russell thinks that it is class that caused the murder.However when Mickey grew up he didn’t have a good education and wasn’t taught properly by his mother what was to do and not to do in life.These are different aspects of that issue, which were cleverly shown in an entertaining way by Willy Russell.But Edward was not allowed much because of his parents.However he try’s to portray the issues in an entertaining way to engage the audience; it makes us feel and think about different aspects of the issues.

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Eddie Lyons Essay

The musical play Blood Brothers, written by Willy Russell, is the story of twins separated at birth.she was prepared to move homes to split Eddie from Mickey.Willy Russell wrote “Blood Brothers” in the 1960’s.She is not a person who cries for help and gets depressed and upset if something goes wrong.She gets depressed very easily e. g. when Eddie isn’t in the garden because he went away to play with Mickey, so Mrs. Lyons forces her husband to leave work during the day to find Eddie.

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Willy Russell Essay

Blood Brothers is a play by Willy Russel set in the 1980’s which brings forward several issues about them time period, for example the split between social class and the high unemployment rate.Throughout the story Russel is telling us about class and society, about how different the two ends of the spectrum are that if your poor your treated like your poor and if your rich your treated like a higher class human being.The narrator in Blood Brothers is shown to be a bitter and depressed working class man who seems to be attracted to these two twins, he reveals from the start that should they ever find out they are twins they will both die, which in the end does happen, he also plays minor parts throughout the play.Russell also makes it cle...

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Blood Brothers

The audience reactions at that stage are if the boy’s are going to find out about being brothers and they might be shocked because they know they are brothers from the prologue.‘Blood Brothers’ is about two twin brothers who are separated at birth because of their mother not being able to keep both of them.When Mickey says to Mrs Johnstone Mam Mam this is my brother Mrs Johnstone reacts stunned because she think that Mickey knows about them being brothers and think that they will die.The audience know from the prologue that they are brothers and have been separated at birth and the die when they are told they are brothers.In my opinion Russell was successful in showing the different class the way he presents the brother in the there firs...

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Death Wish Essay

Édouard Sonderborg of Ouest-France finds that the actor is “monolithic” and that “the flow of blood and violence leaves a very bitter taste in the mouth”.In August 2016, Vincent D'Onofrio landed the role of Paul Kersey's brother, while Dean Norris also joined the cast.The actor was on a shortlist that included Russell Crowe, Matt Damon, Will Smith and Brad Pitt.Paul grabs it and a few hours later uses it to prevent a car theft by killing the two thieves in cold blood.Mathieu Platret of Journal du geek writes, “Despite an agreed and somewhat wobbly narrative, Death Wish is a very good action film featuring Bruce Willis back in business.

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A live theatrical production Essay

The themes that are explored and raised in ‘Blood Brothers’ are superstition for example ‘shoes on the table’, Class- middle class and working class, law with the policeman scene, family, education and society.On the 12th November at the Phoenix theatre I went to watch ‘Blood Brothers’.The playwright is Willy Russell.In blood Brothers there were major and minor characters.His speech was clear throughout the production and he successfully played an innocent character.

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Blood Brothers Essay

Mrs Johnstone makes a big deal about superstitions in the play, and they set up the ending.This is in effect the whole play and shows how children are aware of it at a very young age, but it only really affects them as they get older.However as the audience see a small clip at the beginning that shows the end, it doesn’t comes as a surprise.Also, the fact that he has been brought up with so many brothers and sisters who swear makes it second or even first nature for him to swear.Dear Headteacher and Governors, I am writing in response to the governor’s decision to stop the production of Blood Brothers by Willy Russell.

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The final scene of Willy Russell’s Essay

Directing a production of the final scene of Willy Russell’s ‘BLOOD BROTHERS’ In this piece of coursework, I am going to describe how I would direct the final scene in the play ‘BLOOD BROTHER’S’ written by Willy Russell’s.At the time when the play was being written, there was a lot of class divinisation going around in Liverpool, which could have been, the cause for Russell to also add it in to his play.I have spilt the last scene of the play ‘Blood Brother” so I can direct and explain how I want things to be spoken etc.I have talked about what sort of lighting I want and at what times.This is so the audience can see the damage caused by his mother, him and his brother lying on the floor in darkness, side by side, with only a gun separat...

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Into the World Essay

His family decided to move into a different town, Coghill implies a change in community dynamics through the use of colloquial language.Tom Brennan adopts a new way of looking at life through the use of first person narrative and visual imagery “everything I thought I knew about who I was and who the Brennan’s were changed forever” implies Tom’s innocence to alter his feeling of grief towards his recklessness brother Daniel because of the trouble Daniel make in the town.In the prescribed text ‘Educating Rita’ by Willy Russell is about a 26 years old woman, hairdresser Rita who starts seeks motivation in education to motivate her and move into a higher educated class leaving her working class behind.The prescribed text, Educating Rita by ...

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Twentieth century Drama Essay

Although, I do think that Mickey would be a lot more streetwise than Eddie and therefore knows what life is like on the rough side of things.I think that because Mickey had such a poor lifestyle compared to Eddie and not as many opportunities he is not as well experienced.This is another form of class division, showing that wealthy people generally speak more proper and poorer people speak with a more common language.Not even knowing that they are truly blood brothers.I think that the scenes I have written are symbolic in showing the differences in classes and how different one life can be from leaving one family and moving into another, but the way each of the siblings stand up for each other as if it’s life or death.

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Portrayal of Two Mothers in Blood Brothers

The play tells of twin brothers, separated at birth, with one kept in a low-class family and the other is adopted into a wealthy family.Compare how Willy Russell portrays the two mothers in “Blood Brothers”.I thought we were… blood brothers.Blood brothers are also one of the themes mentioned.Superstition plays a big part in Blood Brothers.

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Blood Brothers

Immediately the police shoot Mickey dead so that both brothers are dead.The end when the Mickey shoots Eddie is well done as the audience are not expecting it and they all get a shock.The play is about two brothers who were separated at birth when one is given away due to financial reasons.The techniques I might use are the use of clothing and prop’s to become a different character such as Mr Lion’s was also the milk man.It was written by Willie Russell and I saw it at the phoenix theatre in London on the 7th march 2008.

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