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How has coltan exploitation affected the people of Eastern Congo?

Jackson (2003) says that, ‘coltan has dangerously fused economic, political and socio-cultural interests’.In the evening, when you finish digging, you have to pay them back with coltan, it was very expensive – if you refuse to pay or if you don’t have coltan, they beat you and threaten to shoot you’ (Harden, 2001).The report shows that coltan has, ‘permitted the Rwandan army to sustain its presence in the DRC.Income from coltan and where it is used is dictated by the goals and strategies of various actors in the coltan cycle.Jackson (2003) highlights that coltan extraction is an, ‘important point at which local, national and regional conflicts in the Great Lakes region (eastern Congo) come together and influence each other’.

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Ethical Consumption of Cell Phones Essay

A team can “mine” one kilo of Coltan per day.In the Coltan is mined by hand in the Congo by groups of men digging basins in streams by scrapping off the surface mud.Coltan is important for manufacturing cell phones because it is in the capacitors that control current flow in the cell phone’s circuit board.When refined, coltan becomes a heat resistant powder, metallic tantalum which has unique properties for storing electrical charge.Coltan financing war A recent report by the UN has claimed that all the parties involved in the local civil war have been involved in the mining and sale of Coltan.

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Do multinationals develop or victimize the developing countries?

Countries rich in minerals such as cobalt, coltan, cassiterite, copper, and gold are often marred by corruption, authoritarian repression, militarization, and civil war.Trafigura, is a London-based company which is one of the world’s largest oil traders .. From the theoretical and empirical we can tentatively conclude that the prime goal of MNCs is not to help developing countries to get out of poverty but to maximize profits on the expense of the lives of the poor people.Countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Cost have fallen victim to rebels who use revenue from minerals such as diamonds, coltan and cassiterite to purchase arms and fuel conflict.More interesting is that metals extracted from coltan, cassiterite a...

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Role Of Mineral Resources In African Conflicts Economics Essay

escalating conflicts in Angola, when the UNSC resolution in 1998 provided .Cobalt Copper, Coltan, Diamonds, Gold .“Blood diamonds” have had serious impacts and been blamed for various conflicts in DRC, Sierra Leone and Angola.Therefore it was concluded that the conflict has become mainly about access, control and trade of five key mineral resources: coltan, diamonds, copper, cobalt and gold.This theoretical framework is however developed through a review of literature presented in chapter 2.

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Exploitation Of Conflict Minerals In The Congo Politics Essay

Thus, it is important to appreciate the gross antiquity the consumer of the final product sanctions and endorses by virtue of the use of certain products that may contain coltan.Is it possible to screen mineral trade and purchase without greatly stalling and bruising the mineral dependent economy of the Congo?Nearly 3 million people have died in Congo…over coltan… in the conflict that is really over natural resources sought by foreign corporations “(p.39).Is it possible to reconfigure socio-economic hierarchy in the Congo that has prevailed with the help of paternal countries for over a hundred years?The most important element however remains the same, this is not merely an international conflict that is the by-product of something inher...

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Global Supply Chain Management And Logistics Of Nokia

They merged to form a new company to compete with the emerging Chinese threat to the telecom equipment market and in so doing they have created an entity with an industry leading supply chain – it’s transformational.Nokia became aware of the potential link between mining of Coltan and financing of the conflict in the Democatic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2001 and took action immediately.With this model they are going to be a leader in the transformation of the industry – this company has taken a giant step forward.They are really using their supply chain to create differentiation in the market place.DRC is one of the places where Tantalum, or rather Coltan, one of the ores that it comes from is naturally found and mined.

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The Blair Witch Project

As well as that I think that the way the actors performed without any script played a huge part in why I think this movie was so great.The ideas of the directors were that they gave 3 college students an assignment to make a film documentary on the Blair witch project.I think this movie was absolutely spectacular because it wasn’t a typical horror film.The build up to the film was immense from the interviews down to the mystifying house.And also if they had used a high quality expensive camera the movie wouldn’t have looked like a documentary.

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How Are We Connected to Africa?

They are forced to mine for coltan, just so we are able to surf the internet, talk on the phone or text, but at their expense.This is because Africa is much bigger than North America, and is the second largest and second most populated continent.Language, for example, there are 800 languages native to the African continent and most Africans can speak 2 or 3 languages!The USA is one country while Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries.There are 1,032,532,974 people living in Africa, compared to the 528,720,588 in North America.

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Analysis of manifest destiny as depicted in Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

Greenwood Press.1993 Heidler Jeanne, T. Manifest Destiny.Witness to the Uttermost Edge of the World’: Judge Holden’s Textual Enterprise in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian."The idea was not only expansionist in the territorial sense but in spreading of a world ba... ... middle of paper ... ...e early American Republic: A Documentary Reader.The Very Life of Darkness’: A Reading of Blood Meridian.

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Documentary Film Analysis of Tough Guise Essay

Step 4 Summarize the documentary .•Which part of the documentary do you like most?•What are the drawbacks of the documentary?•Title of the film or documentary: Be sure to name the film in your first paragraph.•Who/what is the subject of the documentary?

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Things Fall Apart

By writing in the documentary style, Capote is able to be specific about the thoughts, feelings, and actions of all of the characters separately, making each character?Added up, Perry and Dick gained ?between forty and fifty dollars??some change and a dollar or two?As well as being written in a journalistic style, In Cold Blood is written in a documentary style, which switches ?His focus in In Cold Blood is on the facts of the events which occur before, during, and after the murder of Mr. Clutter; Kenyon, his fifteen year old son; Nancy, his 16 year old daughter; and, Bonnie, his wife.

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Essay about Symptoms Of Anorexia Nervosa, The Most Visible Eating Disorder

Most studies prior to these studies focused on the population factors and the negative psychological and medical consequences of the disease....patients viewed as the benefits of their diseases.In the PBS Nova documentary entitled, “Dying to be Thin”, the audience is introduced .leads to numerous health concerns including malnutrition, low blood pressure, Osteoporosis, .... middle of paper ... .

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On “The Incident at Oglala: the Leonard Peltier Story” Essay

According to the documentary, Peltier fled to Canada fearing that he would not get a fair trial anywhere in the United States.The Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story is a political documentary which questions the claims of justice and equality in the United States.The Trials The events of that day became the focus of the Michael Apted’s documentary, Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story.It is a Civil Rights documentary that recounts one event in the lives of Native Americans.sqrlitid=eguyvxdeae-dwr5whj8t6g Resolution on the case of Leonard Peltier.

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Essay about The law and practise of International Trade

One of the most prevalent payment tools found in international trade is the Letter of Credit (L/C), also known as Documentary Credit (DC).Although L/Cs are an essential vehicle for companies to enlarge and grow internationally, international traders often experience difficulties to achieve the high documentary compliance required by many banks.If the buyer is insolvent the bank comprehends that, since its applicant has been bankrupt, it will never regain its losses even though it is required to honour the fraudulent documents because of the autonomy principle.Firstly, on how do the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) 600 deal with the significance in letters of credit issued for international sale contracts with a ...

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Nursing Research Critique Assignment Essay

Then, how can we determine that crossing your leg would increase blood pressure.The instrument used specifically was a blood pressure monitor.The same blood pressure monitor was operated during the data collection to minimize biases (Foster-Fitzpatrick et al.The intervention executed was having patients cross their legs and measuring their blood pressure.The blood pressure cuff size, dimensions, and inflation pressure were described.

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Biyaheng Edsa Essay

And relay to this documentary from one of the topic on social dimension which is the Chapter III, Intercultural communication, because the documentary “Biyaheng EDSA” shows the significance of our culture especially in communication because as Howie Severino discussed on how People Power I succeed, I’d notice that even in past, communication is the way or instrument of 2 million Filipinos to won the revolution without (being) blood flowed and weapons that might hurt other because they communicate clearly and they show their wants for the freedom of Philippines even though we have a different beliefs and cultural background still the aim is there we will be successfully won.In 2006, Howie Severino and his I-Witness team walked along the l...

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Essay about This Film is Not Yet Rated is a Documentary Directed by Kirby Dick

Little is known about the production process of This Film Is Not Yet Rated, other than it was presumably filmed sometime in late 2005.They discovered that most of the MPAA review board members had children over the age of eighteen at the time of filming, and some of them had no children at all, contrasting with the MPAA’s original intentions of guiding parents on what they should let their children watch.This Film is Not Yet Rated is a documentary directed by Kirby Dick, and produced by Eddie Schmidt about the Motion Picture Association of America (or the MPAA) and their often-unjust rules in rating movies.Instead, the documentary tells the untold stories of the filmmakers affected by the NC-17 rating and this is where the documentary ge...

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Essay on The Announcement: Magic Johnson and HIV

Journal of AIDS and HIV Research 5.2 (2013).The documentary attempts to pull apart some of the fear and reality that Americans have about this disease of the immune system (2012).It's a blood transmission disease; and condom use because unless you know 100% and see the test results of both yourself and your partner, you are still taking a risk with your life if you h... ... middle of paper ... ...k Behaviors in Women."Today in 2014, people are still advised to talk openly with potential sexual partners and even get tested before having sex because AIDS is still very much alive and well in the world and in America.Homophobia was rampant, because those dying in the early years were almost all gay men, which is NOT so true nowadays; and lif...

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Looking for Answers in Looking for Richard Essay

The first review, by Mary Brennan and posted on the Film.Com web site, is generally positive, despite the aforementioned quotation that the documentary is "decidedly narcissistic."It is a documentary about the complexities of Shakespeare, the performing of the play Richard III, and the ignorance of the average American regarding Shakespeare.Renshaw, Scott."Great Shakes."Zimmer, A. Syracuse Times Online.

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Literary Merit in Bram Stoker’s Dracula Essay

Jurisprudence .“Dracula, by Bram Stoker.” Manchester Guardian 15 June 1897. .Miller vs. California, 37 L. Ed.2nd 419, 431 (1973).A review from The Athenaeum, an influential periodical in Victorian England described the novel as “sensational.” The review further states: .

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Loose Change Essay

A first version of the documentary was released in April 2005, the second in 2006 and the so-called Final Cut version was released on DVD and streaming on November 11, 2007.Articles and files online .This precise re-reading of Loose Change Second Edition, which follows the film's timeline point by point, is also done by Jim Hoffman in his detailed review of Loose Change 2d Edition.The latter also produced a review of Loose Change, titled Loose Change Second Edition Viewer Guide (in French, Guide du spectateur for the second edition of Loose Change ').The Loose Change Creators Speak document contains a comprehensive list of quotes from Dylan Avery, with comments from reviewer Mark Roberts.

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Grey Gardens Documentary Essay

Documentary films nowadays are run by a host/reporter guiding us to the story, narrating to us every detail of it.It was a learning experience.The message the filmmaker wanted to convey was not clear at the start of the documentary.Unlike many other documentary films wherein only the selected chapters are highlighted on the story, this was something different.Overall, the film was a socially nurturing experience.

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Huck Finn Paper

Stephen Somers.The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.Performers Elijah Wood, Courtney      B. Vance, Robbie Coltane, John Robarbs.Pap just thought he was just doing what was best for Huck.New York: Barton Books, 1981

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Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet Essay

The soul of the music originated from the compassionate nature of the old vagrant who sang the religious tune during the recording of Power’s documentary that was about the life of street-people around Elephant and Castle and Waterloo in .Known as a minimalist and experimental composer, Richard Gavin Bryars unleashed an emotionally intimate constructed piece out from a lone old vagrant singing, Jesus’ blood never failed me yet, this one thing I know, for he loves me so… Originally recorded from footage of a documentary by his friend Alan Power in 1971 (Grimshaw), this aged voice served as the focal point and backdrop for Bryars’ poignant yet challenging work unfolding and reiterating i...

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Global Swindle Essay

I will start my argument through making a point of comparison between the two documentary films and on the latter part of the paper, I will give my own opinion as to why Durkin’s documentary film is more credible for to believe.Martin Durkin started the documentary by directly pointing out that carbon dioxide or man made global warming is not true and that the whole theory doesn’t make sense (Durkin 2007).Durkin though in his documentary film strongly stresses that the solar activity or the sun is the indicator of the whether.The group of scientists in Martin’s documentary film collectively believe that the “theory of climate change due to carbon dioxide turn to be ideology that distorts the whole area of science”.I was in hysteria after...

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Types of Documentary

Everyone has their opinion and before making the documentary, especially about controversial issues; we are already on one side of the argument.Both use non- professional actors; both blend documentary filming techniques with fiction; both pictures crusade to raise awareness of the plight of illegal immigrants.It is very hard to make a documentary that isn’t biased to one opinion and is fair towards both sides of an argument.The documentary starts with couple U.S. citizents that are not insured and how they have to deal with the injuries themselves.Film critic Stephen Schaefer of the Boston Globe described Sicko as “a very strong and very honest documentary about a health system that’s totally corrupt and that is without any care for its...

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Rambo 2: The Mission Essay

In addition, this second film, as well as the following, is more in line with the Anti-Communism of the 1980s.In the character's final tirade in Rambo, he explained that during the Vietnam War the rear had disowned the combatants.Rambo 2: The Mission (Rambo: First Blood Part II) is an American action film directed by George Pan Cosmatos, released in 1985.and unjustified.Vietnam, the country referred to in the film, was then a popular communist democracy, and in 1985, this state celebrated the 10th anniversary of the departure of the Americans, a consequence of the Vietnam war.

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Film Review Of ' The Film Sharkwater ' Essay

The film Sharkwater is a documentary directed and produced by Rob Stewart.The scenes during the film where him and Watson were in jail, or how he was hospitalized brought an inspiring aspect showing how hard they are the rate we would like to continue at, there is no hope for man kind in the future, which is alarming.This film showed the characteristics of reflexive documentary, this is because of the attention drawn into the sharks, their behaviors, and how we are affecting them.Referring to the previous review of the documentary the statement a critic added that I did not necessarily agree with is “Stewart just needs to recognize his information and to step back and shift the focus from himself to his fascinating subject.”...

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Blood is a partially alkaline liquid composed of water, cells, enzymes, proteins, and inorganic substances.BPA (blood group analysis) can clearly define the location of the victim or attacker by determining the behavior of one or both parties in many cases.This technique of using blood as evidence is not new; however, the application of modern science has made blood analysis more reliable (Wikipedia).The crime scene can be traced back to the past few centuries using the documentary description of the blood shape, but in 1955 the Samuel Shepherd incident stimulated the progress in this field.The basic course of blood type analysis is the blood type basic analysis course.Research on blood pattern analysis of forensic science solves many pr...

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Making-of Essay

The professional awards are: .Scheduled for in Cannes in March 2007, the second edition of this festival never took place.The making-of is sometimes considered a sub-genre of documentary film.A making-of (meaning production) is an Anglicism designating a documentary film relating the shooting or production of a film or an audiovisual work (TV movie, television series ...), or even a other artistic production (comic strip for example).Organized by the association MakingOf41, it lasted for seven editions between 2003 and 2010 in Romorantin-Lanthenay.

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