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Blood Diamonds Essay

(2006) Blood Diamonds.Kanye West’s song ‘Blood diamond’ shows his own self conflict with the diamonds.Blood, conflict, illicit, diamonds – the issue has gone global and the world became aware that the innocent girl’s best friend has been tainted by blood and become the worst nightmare for people, including children in some parts of the globe.’ How when I know what a blood diamond is…” The music video of this song also shows how children are forced to mine the rough diamonds in small dimly lit caves.Blood Diamonds.

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The Issue of Blood Diamonds Essay

In Zimbabwe, the Marange Diamond Mine was notorious for blood diamond trading and diamond smuggling.Key points discusses the aftermath of the blood diamond trade in Cote d’Ivoire and the sanctions that have been put into effect for certain violations pertaining to blood diamonds.The issue of blood diamonds must be taken seriously before more innocent blood is shed and lives are lost, as in the past.The issue of blood diamonds must be taken into serious consideration before more innocent blood is shed and lives are lost.The global community must come up with more jurisdictions, laws, and rules in order to prevent blood diamond trading in order to enforce clean diamond trading.

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Blood Diamond Essay

The 2006 movie (Blood Diamond) was recently seen by me, this is an American political war thriller film produced and directed by Edward Zwick, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou.A diamond is not forever.Diamond prices have been artificially inflated by the diamond cartel.The makers of “Blood Diamond,” an exceptionally thriller starring a most excellent Leonardo DiCaprio, want you to know there may be blood on your hands, specifically your wedding finger.The title refers to blood diamonds, which are diamonds mined in African war zones and sold to finance conflicts, and thereby profit warlords and diamond companies across the world.

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The Impact of Getting Diamonds in Africa Essay

Behind the love story of a diamond engagement ring purchased at a jewelry store in a United States mall, might be a story of child labor, violence, and corruption."How the African Diamond Trade Works."As pinpointed in the map below, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are the main countries where conflict diamonds have originated (Blood 1)."Our Beyond Conflict Free Diamond Guarantee."Of those diamonds, it was estimated that in 1990, 15% of these diamonds were conflict diamonds (Diamond 1).

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An Analysis of the Movie, Blood Diamond Essay

The great impact of the movie has caused diamond companies like De Beers2 to start a pre-emptive PR (public relationship) campaign, even before the movie was released to inform people that their diamonds are conflict-free.Be it diamonds, gold or any valuable resource, conflicts will continue to rear its face on this Earth due to the insatiable greed of humans.We must be contented or we are preparing for an Armageddon.The film, although it has been called mild in comparison to reality, depicts the brutality that inhabitants of diamond villages were subjected to.According to Father Rocco Puopolo of the Africa Faith and Justice Network, he says “It’s not passé,” “the diamond industry can claim what they want and the film will always serve a...

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A Long Way Gone vs Blood Diamond Essay

Blood Diamond shows how the RUF recruited soldiers, especially young boys.A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and the recent 2006 film Blood Diamond both depict how it was living in Sierra Leone, Africa during the Civil War in the ‘90’s.Blood Diamond and A Long Way Gone both effectively showed how the rebels and the government gained support, and spread awareness of the issue of children soldiers in Africa.The next question that both Blood Diamond and A Long Way Gone addresses is the price and impact of war on men, women, children, and society.In Blood Diamond, Dia Vandy is captured by the rebels to fight for them.

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The Blood Diamonds In Sierra Leone Politics Essay

All of the major environmental impacts discussed above are results of too much Blood Diamond mining and very little care, or caution in order to preserve some of Sierra Leone’s land, resources, and wildlife.Secondly, the Blood Diamond industry had major impacts on Sierra Leone’s economy.It will ultimately take decades for this nation to recover from the social impacts caused by the production and protection of the Blood Diamond industry.Secondly, my favourite movie entitled “Blood Diamond” is based off of the 1999 Civil War and illustrates the struggles of the diamond industry within Sierra Leone.The Blood Diamond industry in Sierra Leone destroyed any hope of gaining a proper economic structure.

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De Beers and Corporate Social Responsibility

De Beer has also been criticized for its involvement in blood diamond trade in Sierra Leone.Detractors argued that the huge accumulation of raw diamond was strategically used to assist the company to control the supply and ensure that ht price of diamond was kept high in the world.By then De Beers controlled more than 70% of the world diamond supply and although the company had reiterated that it would not be involved  in blood diamond, its officials were  seen traveling to Sierra Leone on the week the  rebel leaders was captures (Saunders, 2001).The company got exclusive right to mine diamond in South Africa and in 1889, Rhodes negotiated with London Diamond Syndicate to buy fixed quantity of diamond and at a fixed price which was inten...

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Ethical Movie Review: Blood Diamond Essay

And they do so knowingly, after all the intro of the movie shows a G8 conference where diamond CEO’s are precent and applauded for attending the fight against blood diamonds.When they at the end then still buy blood diamonds, their actions can be nothing else than both immoral and unethical.And when they make that blood covering those diamonds matter, stepping out of line of the egoistic theory is something they do, and as ethical theories are rules and principals that determines right and wrong, these actions can clearly be stated as wrong (Crane and Matten 2010).The director Edward Zwick has in my eyes done a fantastic job, the movie is stuffed with real life issues, and two are presented in this text by child soldiers and blood diamon...

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Blood Diamonds: The Fuel of War Essay

They are sold to fuel war and supply arms (Mclean).These days, more and more blood diamonds appear around the world, but also the police enforce the law more and more every day.Imagine if the pretty ring in the window was a blood diamond!Blood diamonds are referred to as conflict diamonds or rough diamonds meaning uncut.Diamonds are gorgeous, but they may have a horrific past.

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Blood Diamond Essay

Regular checking of the progress of US wagh diamond trade statistics Is an important evaluation tool for the effect of blood diamond and assessment of how the problem is being combated.Liberia has imposed some violence of its own lasting 8 years killing around 200,000and displaying thousands more (Stop Blood Diamond Organization, 2007).African countries can be assisted to develop the Kimbeley process such that its effect is felt by the corrupt officials and rebels overseeing mining of blood diamond.asp VOA News US cogress Tackle Blood Diamond trade retrieved sep 1, 2007 from www.This has already began especially in the entertainment industry with such movies as Dicaprios Blood Dianond and James Bond Die another Day and Kanye West’s song,...

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Blood Diamonds

Several reviewers propose that the dilemma of blood diamond is a conflict between diamond producers.Since these consumers could found out what impact the diamond trade has on violence, they might try to find a way to make sure that when they buy a diamond that does not contribute to the death and destruction.Nonetheless, in addition to this, Debswana Diamond Company Ltd (the Debswana), an equal joint venture between the Government of Botswana and De Beers, is the biggest diamond producer by value (Roberts, 2003).In conclusion it can be said that a diamond that is known as blood diamonds are stones whose profits get consumed in financing wars and that are extracted by the workers do not get treated in accordance with certain ethical condi...

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Blood Diamonds Essay

Actual visit of the government in the diamond industries should be practiced for more assurance of freeing from conflicts and conduct cyclic area confirmation to diamond companies to make sure they have schemes in place to avoid any trade in conflict diamonds.Nowadays, blood diamonds are still a serious dilemma.pdf US Congress Tackles ‘Blood Diamonds’ Trade, Retrieved August 18, 2007, www.Given all the problems concerning the conflict diamonds the United States government should take a look in implementing the diamond law and require all regions to build up a reliable diamond industry.On the way hard works for the United States Congress to control the trading of blood diamonds.

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Blood Diamond Essay

But blood diamonds are actually be implicated with hate, violence and destructions.The control over the diamond mines has become linked to the bloody civil wars filled with abuses, hostility, resentment and violence.It is said that most of the African warlords uses blood diamonds in order to finance wars.In several African nations diamond has become the means to power.During the civil war, part of the trade of the blood diamonds, people of Sierra Leone were maltreated by rebels, some had also lost there hands, arms and other body parts in the hands of the rebels.

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De Beers and Ethics

Customers/clients who buy a diamond from De Beers will know their diamond producer and sooner or later they will relate the imprinted logo with the superb product quality only offered by De Beers.Ever since as early as the 1980’s when the diamond sources were ascertained, the Bushmen are reported to have been fronted with threats from the Botswana government policies.An arm of the De Beers Group, The Diamond Trading Company sells nearly 40% of the world’s unpolished diamond by value.The issue of whose duty is it to ascertain whether or not a diamond regularly examined for Clarity, Colour and Cut ought to be checked up for a further “c” for Conflict came to play subsequent to the release of a motion picture dubbed “Blood Diamonds”.De Beer...

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“Blood Diamond” Movie Analysis Critical Essay

Furthermore, one of the scenes best scenes wherein in the character “Vandy” makes an appearance on a conference involving blood diamonds shows how cooperation between states is achieved through institutions.De Beers) to control the diamond trade to such an extent that it has resulted in the development of conflicts in various places around the world (McClearn, 59).“Picturing Blood Diamonds.” Critical Arts: A South-North Journal Of Cultural & Media Studies 25.3 (2011): 441-466.“Blood diamonds are Forever.” Canadian Business 83.13/14 (2010): 59.The organization that the film targets is called “De Beers” which controls a majority of the diamond trade in the world and artificially increases prices by controlling the supply and limiting the o...

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About diamond

It was in the same year that De Beers bettered their diamond production record producing in total 34.3 million carats (De Beers Group, 2008).De Beers’ efforts were being rewarded in January 2001 when Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary General praised the company saying that they “set an example with its response to criticism of the diamond trade in Africa and its efforts to ensure that traders and consumers of diamonds will no longer unwittingly help to finance warlords” (Irwin, 2001).The Family of Companies is integrated across the breadth of the global diamond value chain.It requires a governmental certification of any shipments of rough diamonds proving that diamonds are free from blood – so to say not sold to prolong a conflict.De Beers’ r...

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Effectiveness Of The Kimberley Diamond Process Politics Essay

The “blood diamond” trade is a global issue that has taken global dimensions and implication.Hence, countries signed-up to the Kimberley Process designed to stop blood diamond entering the diamond vendor stores across the globe.The meeting itself was a consequent of human rights campaigns on blood diamond and the fear of likely consumer backlash on the diamond consumption which will have negative implication for diamond-producing nations and the industry as a whole.In the light of blood diamond even been used to propagate war against western countries, there is urgent need to work towards strengthening the mechanisms of monitoring in the diamond producing conflict ridden states in Africa.In conclusion, blood diamond has contributed to th...

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Blood Diamond Essay

It is with productions like Blood Diamond that the truth about Africa is slowly revealed.Blood Diamond, dating a hundred years after Heart of Darkness, presents a different view.Through contrasting between a world greatly influenced by colonization and a world that is not yet penetrable to its grasp, Blood Diamond clearly conveys the idea that it is the white people who are jeopardizing Africa’s graceful soul with their intrusion, and it is the colonizers of Africa who are ultimately responsible for any violence seen there today.In Blood Diamond, Zwick effectively combines style and content to show that Africa is not a continent of darkness and savagery; rather, the moral dilapidation seen there today is the result of colonization.Apart ...

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Critical Film Review on Blood Diamond Essay

The title ‘Blood Diamond’ refers to diamonds which are harvested, smuggled and traded to fund the purchase of weapons used in Civil War.Blood diamonds are stones that are increased the death toll and the violence in the region.The movie shows Maddy Bowen publishing in her magazine the complete story of her journey which later led to a conference on blood diamonds that actually took place in 2000 in Kimberly, South Africa.The movie brought an explosive impact on the diamond industry.I feel that the movie very accurately tells about the diamond conflict.

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Diamonds In Africa Blessing Or Curse Economics Essay

Diamond in mineralogy means an allotrope of carbon, where the atoms of carbon are being arranged in a variation of the face-centered cubic crystal structure which is known a diamond lattice.Today, artisanal diamond mining from alluvial secondary-deposits accounts for 90% of West Africa’s diamond exports, and is still one of the largest sources of employment in Sierra Leone, second only to subsistence farming.In Belgium, experienced people in diamond exchange examine the diamonds composition in order to ascertain the origin while in the Eastern part of the Republic of Congo, the peacekeepers serving under the United Nations are delegated to ensure and diamond and gold are not smuggled.Botswana as a country participates in the Kimberley Pr...

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From the Mines to the Wedding Finger: The Journey of a Blood Diamond Essay

DIAMONDFACTS.ORG.The primary deposits often consist of diamond-bearing “pipes” of volcanic rock called kimberlite.(Bertoni) The environmental, social, and economic impact of harvesting, transporting, and processing diamonds is crucial because contrary to popular belief, much blood has been spilled over first-world “bling” these extremes meet, carbon atoms are forced together creating diamond crystals.

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De Beers Case Study

Synthetic diamond could be considered as a substitute of natural diamond.-“Blood diamond” has negative impacts on consumer demand.De Beers have two main objectives to achieve: to unlock full economic value to its leadership position across diamond pipeline and to make diamond reality to everyone by increasing partnership, by employee skilled and committed people and by relying on emotional value of their diamond products (Hannah Lee).Lev Leviec Group has an exclusive right to all Angola’s diamond production and is a major worldwide manufacturer of polish diamond and jewelry.In addition, Synthetic diamond has low 4C’s quality and therefore synthetic diamond cannot be used to make jewelry.

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The Affects Greed Can Have Within a Community Essay

As well with that, greed has blinded America from realizing the actual necessities of their lives.After all, the United States, five percent of the world’s population, buys sixty-five percent of the world’s diamond supply and ten to fifteen percent of it are blood diamonds.In “Conflict Diamonds: Did Someone Die for That Diamond” it says, “It is estimated that Americans buy over 65% of the world’s diamond supply.Specific countries such as Angola, the Democratic of Congo and Sierra Leone have gone through great sufferings due to the calamitous actions the industry of blood diamonds bring.In “Conflict Diamonds: Did Someone Die for That Diamond” it says, “ Children were instructed to kill and torture civilians and take whatever valuables the...

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Essay on Diamonds of Africa

Last year, officials stated that diamond exports from the Congo grew $2 billion, nearly one fifth of the country’s gross domestic product.With the history of this industry traveling back for years, we can depend that it will enlighten us not just on the value or carat of a stone, but also the price of a life that gets you the stone.Blood diamonds are immensely valuable and profitable, but the process of extracting these expensive gems are dangerous and costly.The effect that “conflict” diamonds have on society in Sierra Leone has suffered horrible social and economic costs as a result from its civil war and fight over diamond control in the region.With this export growing larger, the diamond industry will also mature greatly here as well...

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The Heart Of Darkness And Blood Diamond Essay

But darkness was here yesterday.” (Joseph Conrad, 6) This quotation demonstrates that although Marlow has hope which is represented by the light, Marlow comes to reality that the darkness is upon oneself as the journey of overcoming has just begun.Through the interpretation of the primary sources such as Heart of Darkness, one understands the events Marlow had overcome and adapt to in order to get through the journey Marlow was on, along with the journey in Blood Diamond where surviving was the most important thing and reuniting with one 's loved ones.Through the examination of the events which had taken place throughout Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Blood Diamond by Edward Zwick, it was evident that personalities of the individ...

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The Social, Economical, and Environmental Impacts of Diamond Mining in Africa Essay

The inequality in the diamond industry is evident when we compare the revenues between the diamond mining activities in Africa, $8.In this paper we will go through a research journey to find out more about the positive and negative impacts of diamond mining in Africa and the diamond industry.To promote the trading of diamonds from legitimate sources and to ensure that consumers can be confident in their diamond jewelry purchases, governments, NGOs and the international diamond industry have worked together to implement a certificate of origin system, known as the Kimberley Process.5 Billions of dollars every year, and the global diamond sales that generate $72 Billion dollars just in diamond jewelry sale.For others the diamond has been a...

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Essay on The Blood Diamonds in Africa

Before I stated that Africa relies on gold and diamonds, but a serious matter needs to be brought up for the people who are not dying for these diamonds we buy.Are we also aware that we funded genocide every time we bought Diamonds?We call this the “Blood diamond” Issue because in countries like Angola, Sierra Lenone and ,Liberia a civil war was acted out and was being funded by diamonds people in outside countries were buying, being sold for 3.72 billon dollars at a time for a substantial amount of the clear colored rocks.People were urged to stop gluttonously spending money on diamonds and various protesters held signs saying things like “Boycott all diamonds”, “Diamonds are forever; on your conscious” and “ Think about the life that e...

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Four alternative views of ethical behaviour

Some ethical views support each other but this is not the case for the Utilitarian and justice because people would do anything to get to happiness even if it means they have to break the rules.Blood diamonds were extracted and traded by rebel armies.Blood diamonds are bad corporate social responsibility.A lot of people suffered from the violence that occurred over blood diamond, people were getting their hand cut off so they couldn’t vote and remove the rebel armies from power.This is because it attracts stakeholders, new customers and it would enter new markets.

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Attacked and being pushed through a shop window Essay

I also think that Edwin Morgan used the word, ‘Diamond’ To show the connection of love between the young couple as diamonds remind you of engagement and weddings.Edwin uses the word – ‘Spurts’ To describe the noise and the image of the blood gushes from the body.Unfortunately this poem has changed my views on Glasgow.This poem has made me realised how dangerous the city can be.On the whole I did enjoy reading the poem and it was really interesting finding out about all the different method Edwin used in his poem and to see all the thought and effort he put into it.

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