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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Blood pattern analysis utilizes biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics as scientific fields.Research on blood pattern analysis of forensic science solves many practical problems by applying scientific knowledge of other fieldsBlood analysis is very important in a variety of situations.BPA (blood group analysis) can clearly define the location of the victim or attacker by determining the behavior of one or both parties in many cases.Curriculum standards are developed by the International Blood Group Inspection Analysts Association (IABPA) for the following purposes.This technique of using blood as evidence is not new; however, the application of modern science has made blood analysis more reliable (Wikipedia).

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Occupational Therapy After A Stroke Health And Social Care Essay

Ischaemic strokes occur when blood clots block the flow of blood to the brain.stress, which may cause a temporary rise in blood pressure.Depending on these factors stroke treatment include blood thinner medication which can dissolve a blood clot, or brain surgery for rupture blood vessel.Research has suggested this is because people of African origin have an increased sensitivity to the effects of salt, which can cause their blood pressure to rise.In transient ischemic attack the blood supply to the brain is temporarily interrupted due to inadequate cerebral or ocular blood supply which is due to low blood flow, thrombosis or embolism.

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Nursing Research Critique Assignment Essay

Then, how can we determine that crossing your leg would increase blood pressure.The mean and standard deviation for each blood pressure measurement was calculated before and after crossing of the legs was performed by the study subjects.The blood pressure monitor was adequately pretested and calibrated before the study began by a biomedical technician (Foster-Fitzpatrick, Ortiz, Sibilano, Marcantonio, & Braun, 1999).The same blood pressure monitor was operated during the data collection to minimize biases (Foster-Fitzpatrick et al.The researchers performed various blood pressure measurements on a sample of hypertensive males to determine if the crossing of a leg has an effect on blood pressure measurements.

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Blood Pattern Analysis Essay

Blood spots lined on the ceiling of a room in violent murder cases, such as when the killer wielded an axe, results to lined blood spots on its ceiling (Klug, 2000).Blood is a liquid and hence, the laws of physics can be validly used for interpreting blood spatter.Aside from presence of blood, the way it landed on surfaces gave rise to a new forensic field, blood pattern analysis, telling experts pertinent details about the murder (Bevel & Gardner, 1997).The bloodstains obtained are indicative of the type of injuries, the order in which the wounds were received, whose blood is present, type of weapon that caused the injuries, whether the victim was in motion or lying still when the injury was inflicted, whether the victim was moved a...

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Bleeding and Clotting Time in Different Blood Groups

Blood groups were determined by mixing the samples of blood with the antisera A, B and D and looking for clumping of RBC’s under the microscope.ABO blood group determines plasma von Willebrand factor levels; a biologic function after all?Reassessment of ABO blood group, sex and age on laboratory parameters used to diagnose Von Willebrand disorder: Potential influence on the diagnosis Vs the potential association with risk of thrombosis.In our study population also, O group was prevalent in more number (39.5%) of cases than other blood group (B- 28.4, A- 25.5, AB- 6.3%).Blood Relations: Blood Groups and Anthropology.

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Effectiveness of Ivy Gourd Leaves Powder on Blood Glucose

The study findings provides the statistical evidence which clearly indicates that Ivy gourd is one of the best therapy to lower blood glucose level.On the 14 day post test fasting blood glucose value analysis shows that 42(52.5per cent) subjects has a blood glucose level upto 130.On the 28 day post test fasting blood glucose level analysis shows that 67(83.75per cent) has a blood glucose level upto 130 mg/dl.Descriptive and inferential statistics are used in statistical analysis Paired ‘t’ test used to determine the effectiveness of Ivy gourd leaves powder administration in blood glucose level .The study tested and accepted the hypothesis that there is a significant reduction in the blood glucose level.Mean score of 14 day post test f...

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Health Related Physical Fitness Physical Education Essay

o Ankle-wrist weight group compared to dumbbell group at 24th week .o Ankle-wrist weight group compared to dumbbell group at 6th week .Cardiorespiratory fitness of a person reflects the functional capability of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lungs and relevant muscles during various types of exercise demands.The first group undergo light resistance training using dumbbells and the second group undergo light resistance training using ankle-wrist weights for at least 15 minutes, three times per week.o Ankle-wrist weight group compared to dumbbell group .

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Forensic Science: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

It flows through the entire vascular system and carries nutrients, oxygen, and waste products.Blood analysis is very important in a variety of situations.BPA (blood group analysis) can clearly define the location of the victim or attacker by determining the behavior of one or both parties in many cases.Blood pattern analysis utilizes biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics as scientific fields.For example, in forensic medicine, analysis is very important if blood type can be obtained.This technique of using blood as evidence is not new; however, the application of modern science has made blood analysis more reliable (Wikipedia).

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Forensic Toxicology Essay

What is the expected peak in his blood alcohol concentration?Preemployment drugs test usually use the person in question’s urine, results are interpreted by comparing the level measured to an acceptable baseline.Urine – Preemployment drug testing and is preferred over blood as its eacsy to collect large amounts.Draw a table showing the following characteristics of each drug: structure of a representative molecule, drug group, symptoms of overdose and drug source.His blood alcohol concentration would raise by less than 0.06% as he is larger than an average male.

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Comparison of Lip Prints, Palatal Rugae With Blood Groups

Majority of the subjects in Karnataka population belonged to blood group A, whereas the frequency of blood group O was higher in Kerala population.In Blood group A, curved palatal rugae were predominant whereas in blood group B, AB and O wavy patterns were predominant.Whereas frequency of blood group O (50%) was higher in Kerala population followed by blood group B (34%), A (10%) and AB (6%).Coming to the palatal rugae distribution, curved rugae were predominant in Blood group A, whereas in blood group B, AB and O, wavy patterns were predominant.In the present study the predominant blood group among all the subjects was blood group O.

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Canadian Blood Services Case Study

In fact, according to a recent poll, 52 per cent of Canadians say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment.For that possibly involving the analysis of individual donors within a single donor clinic or group of clinics could help identify more detailed factors that relate to blood donation.There are certain factors which refrain blood donors to donate blood include unemployment and immigration status.But it is not in the case of blood donation as just as recipients do not pay for the blood products they receive, donors are not paid for the blood or plasma they give.More than half of Canadians will require blood for themselves or a family member, less than 4 percent of the populatio...

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Effect of RAS Polymorphism on Essential Blood Pressure

The decrease in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure after 24 weeks of treatment of the patients carrying II, GG, and TT genotypes was greater than the groups carrying DD, AA, MM and MM genotypes.This study found significant differences for the levels of total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure, in which were all higher in the non-controlled HT group.The systolic blood pressure levels for the non-controlled HT group (159.03 ± 19.46 mmHg) were slightly higher than the limit set by WHO for HT (140 mmHg) [] [ah6] , while the diastolic blood pressure levels (89.17 ± 10.11 mmHg) were near the limit established for the general population (90 mmHg).Furthermore, we have determ...

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Blood Bank Management System

In “Blood Bank Management System”, I tried to hard to include all the components which actually need in a “Blood Bank Management System”.To develop a “Blood Bank Automation System” I have to know about different steps of Blood bank management system and its rules and regulation.Whenever a patient or a collector are request for Blood, the employee searches in the system for the available group of blood that mach with the requirement of the patient or collector.Blood bank is a palace where investigation take place about the reasons of the collected blood and deliver it to the patient or patients relative when they need according to the doctors supervision Now a days among the service rendered unit business of blood bank center is one of th...

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Paternity test Essay

This is extracted from a sample taken from the individual (blood, saliva, etc.).Blood groups also provide information on parentage.A mother of group "A" cannot have children of group "AB" with a father who is also of group "A" or who is of group "O".In the current state of article L 111-6 of the code of entry and stay of foreigners and the right of asylum, they give the possibility to a foreign person to prove his parentage maternity by a DNA test in order to obtain authorization to stay in France in the event of non-existence of a civil status document or the non-recognition of the validity of such an act by the diplomatic or consular authorities.This court is seized by consular or diplomatic agents after information and consent of the ...

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Comparison of Washing Powders: Blood on Clothes

The primary risks come from the blood, however human blood could not be used for this experiment as it was against the human tissue Act 2004.The material was cut into small squares, and using a 1ml pipette blood was placed on the materials, these where left for varying times, 10 minutes, so that the blood was still fresh and wet, one day so that the blood had time to soak into the material and some materials left to dry for a week When the blood was placed on the garments the researcher assumed that the blood would instantly soak in to all of the materials, however the researcher found that the blood placed on the manmade fibres, e.g.Even though for this experiment DNA was not extracted from the materials which had a positive testing for...

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Gis Based Blood Banks With Sms Technology Information Technology Essay

They can also know the blood group levels in each blood bank.Generally blood is collected by organizing blood donation campaigns and at blood donation centers where the details are collected from the donors.The blood donor can search nearest blood bank on the internet with city, code or town name.In this project, a software system model is built which provides an interface between the blood donor and the Blood bank staff to facilitate Blood donation system.Whenever the blood samples of particular blood group level falls by a certain level in a particular blood bank, request messages for donation are automatically sent to the donors by both E-Mails and group SMS.

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Why Adults and Children should not be Idolizing Athletes Essay

After Timothy had passed away, the doctor performed an autopsy and they had concluded that during an earlier surgery Timothy had in the year, the blood that was transferred into him was contaminated and that was how Timothy received the .In other words, a typical stereotype may be that, because a person is fat, many people may believe it is solely based on the reasoning that the person can not stop eating.In today's society, more than any other time in history, we tend to group or view individuals as a member of a collective group based simply on stereotypical analysis.A stereotype is a fixed idea that many people have about a thing or group that may often be untrue or only partly tr...

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Informative Speech: The American Red Cross Club at State University

That is why I believe you should all become blood donors.The point is, blood is a necessity and some are unfortunate and need more blood that bodies are able to produce.I will be throwing in a lot of facts during my speech, which should help persuade them into donating blood.In... ... middle of paper ... ...ary of Main Points: Donating blood may not be the most fun thing to do.Topic: The American Red Cross Club at State University is group that organizes blood drives, and thinks of creative ways to motivate people do donate blood.

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Multilevel Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Treatment

Postoperative JOA scores was better in the anterior group compared with posterior group.The main outcomes in this Meta analysis were preoperative JOA score, postoperative JOA score, operation time, blood loss, complication rate and neurological recovery rates.Articles were reviewed according to the following criteria: (1) The researches were designed as randomized controlled trials, case-control studies or cohort studies; (2) Patients with multilevel cervical spondylotic myelopathy (MCSM) due to spinal stenosis or ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL); (3) The anterior approaches group was treated by anterior cervical canal decompression; (4) The posterior approaches group was treated by posterior cervical canal decompre...

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Blod Bank Essay

It will also maintain the record of the rejected blood and the rejection for the blood rejection.The solution will provide a well-organized and coordinated system for blood bank where the blood and donor records are managed more efficiently with better security and added automation functions in alerting the administrator when the blood quantity is below par level and about the expired samples.| Issue| * It will take input as product name, quantity, blood group and validate it with blood stock repository.Blood Stock database: This database is used to maintain blood stock information.In addition, the administrator can also trace back the donor responsible in case of reactive sample in blood transfusion and blood screening result.

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Nursing Management Of A Patient With Diabetic Ketoacidosis Nursing Essay

High blood glucose levels – This is related to the insulin deficiency, infection process and the effect of the stress hormones, which elevates the glucose level in the blood (Brooker, 2003).The nurse should ensure that all the parameters of the patient including respiration, blood pressure, heart beat, Input/ Output, body weight, fluid intake, temperature, skin changes, urine parameters, blood parameters and arterial blood gas analysis are adequately monitored round the clock.Client achieves normal blood glucose level within 24 hours.The patient may require certain other tests in addition including amylase blood test, CSF fluid analysis, potassium and sodium urine test, blood levels of sodium, potassium and magnesium, urine pH, arterial ...

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Calculating Blood Components of Cholesterol Research Design

Malahov et al recommended to recognize hematological & biochemical blood parameters that can be precisely estimated by means of BI technique.The average concentration is denoted as ‘1’, half the average is denoted as ‘0.5’ and approximately ‘0.75’ to ‘1.25’ is the actual range of blood components... E. Aristovich et al recommended a non-invasive impedance technique estimation of blood cholesterol by 3D finite field modelling.The cell was used to measure RF response of various blood constituents.The data obtained from the graph is then used in a calibration set to determine the unknown constituents presents in the blood.

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Neurobiology of Ecstasy (MDMA) Abuse | Article Analysis

.. Research conducted with a medical team to respond to the effects of irregular heartbeats or an increase of blood pressure.The findings showed MDMA use in females was greater than males in the symptoms of stimulation and anxiety, heart rate, diastolic blood pressure and they showed a decrease of self-rated elation and positive mood after MDMA than males.A questionnaire, visual analog scale measures mood and profile of the moods, and cardiovascular measure of the heart rate and blood pressure (Bedi & de Wit, 2011).The test subjects (both users and non-users) had to conduct various mental evaluations, blood work, urinalysis, and questionnaires to make sure the subjects was physically and mentally capable to handle the research.Durin...

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Study on Mendelian Genetics and Genetic Traits

The offspring could have a variation of blood type O or blood type A.The possibility of getting blood type O is 50% and the possibility of getting blood type A is also 50%.This is because in my family, among the siblings, we have a variation between blood group A and blood group B.Genotype IO IO results in type O blood while type AB blood results from genotype IA IB (Windelspecht, 2007).Nevertheless, in my family, my sister has blood group A whereas my brother and I have blood group O.

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Analysis Diabetes Mellitus on Complications with Data Mining

Keep up blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol in good level.High Blood Pressure .Fig 3 Top 5-Prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance (20-79 age group), 2010 and 2030 .Some of the attributes of datasets are BMI, require weight, BMI index, working industry, eating habit, blood group, life style, and require calorie based on sex, family history,PCOS,HBA Smoker, drinker, type of DM,dignosed age, symptoms, no of years, Gestational diabetes history, baby weight, order of baby, control DM,Fast food,BP,food intervals, intake limits.Diabetes complication fatality rates also raised and prevent these government or social organizations, health care’s must provide education or training focuses on self-care behaviors, such as healthy eating...

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Blood group Essay

Thus the red blood cells of blood group A have antigens A, those of group B have antigens B, those of group O no antigens, while those of group AB contain antigens of type A and type B. .In a life-threatening emergency, these people can be transfused once with conventional blood if they do not have the antibody corresponding to their rare blood group, but cannot be transfused once they are immune, except by rare blood identical to theirs.The Rhesus system allows you to classify blood groups according to the presence or absence of D antigen on the surface of red blood cells (rhesus is the name of a species of macaque, Macaca rhesus, which highlight this blood group system).These patients must therefore as far as possible participate in a ...

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Blood Spatter in Crime Scene Investigation Essay

When the blood flowed freely on the floor of the scene, the area where there is no blood indicates that there had been an object in that place during the time of attack.Other than these strategies, there still remaining other ways in blood analysis.Human Blood Normally, the human blood comprises seven to eight percent of the body weight.Blood Spatters and the Crime Scene The positions of the blood stains or the patterns of the blood can greatly help in the solving of crimes.Through the analysis of these different velocities of blood spatter, forensic investigators easily learn what the weapon of attack was used (Waldrip, 2008).

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Blood spatter Essay

Blood loss itself is due to breaches of blood vessels, and this may be due to natural disease processes or trauma.The three essential grouping of stain groups which were used based on the idea that the dimension of the blood stain being inversely comparative to the power useful to the still blood.The predictable process of categorizing blood stains was based on the connection between the speed of the force pressuring the blood drop or source that administer the individuality and dimension and distance of the resulting bloodstains.Listed are the few and the classification of which Velocity Blood stain it belongs to: Shootings (Medium and mostly high level Blood Spatter Velocity) Apart from the normal documentation of the scene, it is nece...

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Compliance of Nurses with personal protective equipment

Doebbeling et al (2003) did clarify the occupational blood exposure occurred frequently among the healthcare workers , also as stated in his study one-fourth to one-third of the respondents had injured by percutaneous blood exposure in the previous three months.Also Robson (2002) classified the quantitative research to several types under the headings experimental design, quasi-experimental design and non-experimental design; however these designs sometimes are similar in several respects such as patterns of group behaviour, properties and tendencies.But in the non experimental designs the data are get from existing groups, for example (relational design) to consider at the relationship between a number of variables such as the scores on...

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The History And Development Of Forensic Science

After this the test which indicated the presence of blood on the cloths of a suspect and various items became broadly used in forensic science.During the course of the 1900s the development of blood groups, criminal identification system and also Gunshot residue tests such as the diphenylamine were developing at an astonishing rate.Consequently this laid out the principles for the very first lie detection test; modern day lie detection is known as a polygraph and based on the changes in pulse rate/heart, galvanic skin response GSR (sweating), blood pressure and vast or sudden changes in the sympathetic nervous system.Considered as the father of modern toxicology due to his significant contributions he also aided the development of presum...

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