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Benefits of Sports Essay

Sports can be very dangerous if you are not careful.It helps them to lower the cholesterol level, blood sugar level and blood pressure level.Another thing that can learn from sports is teamwork and how to work well with others.Game sports like Hockey, football, or basketball need a lot of running and throwing.Sport is good to our body and mind, it help us to keep in shape, control the level of blood sugar and blood pressure, and it is very good way to cure depression.

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Steroids in Sports

The sports world is not exactly fair due to many reasons, especially because of legal and illegal steroid use.So there is definitely a problem with this, and it has been a controversial issue for years and probably always will be.Steroids in Sports The phrase, life is not fair, is a very true saying.Some of the short-term affects is that the extra amount of testosterone from steroids can cause acne, fits of rage, baldness at an early age, development of breasts in men, sterility, and can cause puberty to stop(Schrof 1).There are different types of steroids used in sports, and most are very controversial, many different groups use them as well.

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Anabolic Steroid Use in Sports

Blood testing is a more efficient way, it can detect drugs that urine testing cannot.An athlete can also fail by dropping out of sports or by being kicked out either for poor performance or as punishment for illegal use od drugs.Steroids raise blood pressure and blood cholesterol to dangerous levels.Steroids is a common type of drug used by almost every sports person.The sports council of Europe officially moved against drugs when it tabled a resolution calling for the banning of drugs on ethical, moral and medical grounds.

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Personal Life and Sports Essay

In addition, sports balance our body’s blood pressure and circulation.Lastly but not least, one great benefit for being a sports fan is that it is proven that it will help increase the length of your life!Sports are fun where most people find the common ground to become united and enjoy a great game!According to many researchs which have been done by scientists, we can prove the importance of sports for our health because 70% middle aged people who did not do sports in their youth are now struggling with the problems such as high tension, trouble with blood circulation, easily become tired due to the lack of sports.Whether it’s physically, mentally or spiritually, sports have a big impact on anyone’s life, especially, to the average spor...

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Physiological Aids in sport Essay

Blood doping Blood doping is a way an athlete removes blood from their bodies.Many things can go wrong with this method, un-sterile needles can be used, the blood is not stored correctly or another person’s blood can be accidentally used.After the blood is taken the body has to replace the missing blood, the athlete will then replace the blood they have taken from their own body resulting in the body having additional blood.When the red blood cell amount increases the amount of oxygen able to be carried around the body increases meaning the muscles gain more oxygen, this helps the athlete’s performance.Sports such as endurance, fast moving sports and contact sports are the main events in which this type of drug is used.

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Anabolic Steroids: Types, Applications and Implications

erythropoietin, increase the athlete’s blood oxygen-carrying capacity, above its natural capacity, giving the athlete unfair advantage over his/her non-doping colleague in endurance games like marathons, swimming, cycling etc.Some ergogenic drugs used by athletes are categorized into blood boosters, diuretics, lean mass building, masking drugs, painkillers, sedatives and stimulants.The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Sports Medicine condemn the use of anabolic steroids for enhancement of sports performance or body building.Blood doping can be either autologous or homologous transfusions, to help to improve their blood-oxygen carrying capacity.Methods of doping include blood doping and gene doping.

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Sports is a waste of time, Do you agree? Essay

In sports, we have to ensure that we do not use underhanded means to get an edge over other people who train hard.However, in sports, there are cases where athletes sustain minor injuries or in worse cases, serious injuries.Therefore, doing sports will have positive on impacts on us which is why sports is not a waste of time.Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening our heart muscle, lowering our chances of blood pressure, improving our blood flow and our heart’s working capacity.People who are involved with sports are generally less inclined to get diabetes as they have regular physical activities which reduce body fat, thus preventing and controlling type 2 diabetes.

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Essay and Research Paper Essay

Some young children spend a great amount of their time practicing sports.There is a true saying that everyone knows: playing sports is very good for our health.But still, if they spend too much time on playing sports, there will be a disadvantage for young children, since they spend too much time hanging on with the others in a team, will not know how to handle problems alone, resulting in performing badly when working independently.It is proven by scientists that doing exercises or playing sports regularly helps people stay in a good shape, and helps avoid some health problems such as heart attack or blood pressure.First, playing sports is necessary for everyone to reserve good health.

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Dance essay

As you can see, there are many reasons why dance is a sport, as well as it is an art.Dance, just like any other sport, is competitive and the goal is to win and preform the best they can.Dancers must be exceedingly athletic, have the stamina to practice for hours, and be able train and preform in very competitive environments, just like many well-known sports.Dancers not only need muscle strength and physical endurance, like most sports, they also need flexibility, coordination, agility, and balance.The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.

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Benefits of Sports Essay

Team sports help develop the quality of listening to each other.It keeps your body in shape and saves you from problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases and weak bones.It is proven that children who play team sports are healthier and happier.As developments are undertaken in cities hosting sports events, sports can lead to urbanization of rural areas.Team sports make you a good leader.

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Horse breed Essay

Since the end of the 20th century, the concept of brand and "stud-book" has tended to replace that of breed in sport horses, emphasizing more the selection made by humans on the domestic horse.Since the 2000s and particularly in the field of sport riding, the notion of race has tended to fade away from that of brand and stud-book.The definition they give of it, based on criteria set by man such as morphology, dress and utilitarian ability, remains valid today.The main cause of the disappearance of a breed is the interruption of breeding due to lack of demand.This is the case with many breeds of draft horses following the arrival of the tractor.

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We Gave Sport to The World – Social Aspects

There are many sports that used to be played which are not around today due to their violence, these were known as the ‘blood sports’ which were very much a part of British life up until the end of the 19th century.Blood sports also tended to gather large, very loud crowds which meant that some people would complain about the news and inconvenience.Blood sports were also banned due to the increasing number of employers that were discriminating against employees due to their love for violent pursuits which may cause them injury.As a result of all these factors many legislations were brought in to ban any blood sports, including: .Racket sports have changed dramatically over the years and have included many different sports such as, Real T...

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Bio-mechanical Differences Between Male and Female Runners

Now attention will turn briefly to a review of selected research into the two primary application areas addressed by applied sports biomechanics: running performance and injuries.Holschen (2004) writes that “[T]he female athlete remains less well understood and less well studied compared with male athletes, especially in the areas of performance factors, repetitive stress, and acute injuries.” She continues: “Logical reasons for this include: (a) a limited two-generation span of the high-profile elite female; (b) fewer females involved in coaching, research, and sports medicine; and (c) limited areas of female youth sports historically (gymnastics, swimming, dance).” The reality of Holschen’s findings proved to be true in the current res...

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Physiological factors which can affect sport and exercise

If the face is submersed in cold water it triggers a vasoconstriction process were the blood flow from the periphery goes to the central nervous system and vital organs.This extra pressure acts to increase the rate of blood returning to the heart, which will result in an increased stroke volume.Thus, the man’s heart can pump more blood with each beat.Therefore most of the blood flow is going to the vital organs and reducing the metabolic rate.The effects that hot climates have on the body are peripheral dilation of blood vessels which is affected by the autonomic nervous system upon detection by the thermal centre in the hypothalamus of an increase in core temperature.

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Family Definition with Classification Essay

My friends growing up and my grown friends and coworkers still continue to shape my ever evolving attitudes toward my definition of family.It also states that a family consists of blood or marriage, which is a more agreed upon definition.We continue to grow and accept diversity in our definition of family (Feldman).The United States legal definition of “family” is one or more persons occupying a single dwelling unit, provided that unless all members are related by blood or marriage, no such family shall contain over five persons, but further provided that domestic servants employed on the premised may be housed on the premises without being counted as family or families.The Oxford English Dictionary’s etymology of the word family comes f...

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Blood Sports (Debate)

Blood sports isn’t about violent aggression, it is about controlled aggression – this is very different to violent behaviors.Research on pain and injury among athletes helps us understand that blood sports have real consequences.(Banning blood sports would force people to channel their aggression into more harmful, violent activities) .Ultimately, governments should do what they can to make blood sports as safe as possible, without losing the essence of the sport or banning it entirely.However, blood sports are real, and it causes real pain, injury, disability, and even death (Dater, 2005; Farber, 2004; Leahy, 2008; Rice, 2005; Smith, 2005b; Young, 2004a).

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Blood Sports (Debate) Essay

Ultimately, governments should do what they can to make blood sports as safe as possible, without losing the essence of the sport or banning it entirely.” Research on pain and injury among athletes helps us understand that blood sports have real consequences.(Pain and Injury as the Price of blood sports) Many people think about sports in a paradoxical way: They accept violence in sports, but the injuries caused by that violence make them uneasy.However, blood sports are real, and it causes real pain, injury, disability, and even death (Dater, 2005; Farber, 2004; Leahy, 2008; Rice, 2005; Smith, 2005b; Young, 2004a).Ron Rice, an NFL player whose career ended when he tackled an opponent, discusses the real consequences of blood sports.

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The Risks Involved In Blood Doping Essay

Blood doping is a process whereby an athlete or competitor uses additional red blood cells to improve their performance.During that convention, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was born(WADA, n. d) Over the years, blood doping has been a banned practice in the Olympic Games as well as in other international sporting events.Blood Doping Methods There are two ways of injecting blood into the body of an athlete.This has paved the way for the birth of an illegal method called blood doping or blood packing.Homologous doping, on the other hand, is the transmission of blood from a donor which matches the blood type of the athelete(Pollick, n. d).

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Doping in Sports

Erythropoietin can cause heart attacks or blood clotting if used excessively, and may also damage the immune system (the white blood cells).An athlete could inject extra red cells, either from a donor or previously harvested from the athlete’s own blood, or take a drug to boost their production.It is the process of artificially increasing the concentration of red blood cells in the blood.The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is the independent anti-doping agency for Olympic sports in the United States begins operations Oct. 1, 2000, with full authority for testing, education, research and adjudication for U.S. Olympic, Pan Am and Paralympic athletes  2002 – Dr. Don Catlin, a pioneer of drug testing in sports, identifies norboletho...

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The finding of such compounds in the blood would be indicative of steroid use.Personally I find steroids to be the coward way out.They also heighten aggression, improve performance in sports and on the job, increase muscle definition and leanness, and they maintain your appearance while aging.Then in the 1950's many Russian and European athletes began to find that steroids were very beneficial to their goals and soon after began dominating the sport of power lifting, crushing previous world records.Modern methodology now allows us to determine that small amounts remain in the body for a long time.

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Sports Have No Room for Performance Enhancers Essay

"Sports, Gene Doping, and WADA."Blood doping is when you take red blood cells out of the body weeks before event.The use of performance enhancers in any professional sport is unfair to the hard-working athletes who do not participate in the drugs, the fans who look up to them, and to the sport itself, the people who infringe on the rules of using the illegal substances, such as steroids, gene therapy, human growth hormones, and blood doping should be excommunicated from the game they play if they take the drugs knowingly.Anabolic Steroids and Sports: Winning at Any Cost."Anabolic Steroids and Sports: Winning at Any Cost."

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Biomechanical Differences: Male and Female Marathon Runner

Rossi emphasizes the human engineering” challengethat was required to design a system that would counteract the effectsof gravity in moving blood vertically in this manner.For instance, he calls attention tothe blood pumping requirement of the upright human form: Daily in eachindividual, approximately 74,000 quarts of blood must travel through100,000 miles of blood vessels from the brain to the feet and legs in acircular pattern.The Australian Sports Commission (n. d.) furnishes additionaldescriptive information on the application of biomechanics to sports,using a term the Commission calls applied sports biomechanics whichincorporates techniques from physics, human anatomy, mathematics,computing and engineering to analyse technique to pr...

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Findings on recent blood doping tests Essay

What is Blood Doping?All of us have a role in making sure that blood doping would no longer claim the lives of athletes whose only desire for competing in the Olympics and other international meets is to bring honor to their countries and have a shot at claiming glory.Blood doping does not only concern the athletes and sports officials but also the entire public.Conclusion Blood doping is an illegal practice that will not only put a stain on the spirit of competition and fair play in international sports competitions but also endanger the health and lives of athletes.Suggestions for Controlling Blood Doping After having analyzed the unfavorable effects of blood doping, it is but proper that measures should be established in order to grad...

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Anabolic Steriods Essay

Anabolic Steroids in Sport and Exercise.Some of the personnel that are prime targets for using Steroids are Athletes, Men and women in almost all sports including Professional Athletes, College Athletes, High school Athletes in the Olympic Sports and of course .Which will also include the Definition in scientific terms Origins and when steroids were discovered, .Scientific Definition: .It was in the next few decades that Steroids began to play a prominent role in Sports and Athletics.

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Blood Doping in Sports to Improve Performance Essays

Blood doping is a procedure that begins with between 1 to 4 units of a person’s blood being withdrawn, usually several weeks before a key competition.It enhances your performance by increasing red blood cell mass and thereby delivering more oxygen to the muscles....cement is called Holistic Blood Doping "(Effects of Blood Doping and Gamow’s High Altitude Bed."Blood doping is illegal but is also undetectable.Blood doping has become an integral part of sports and fair play.

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Blood Doping: Is it Rational and Ethical? Essay

That’s why blood doping needs to be regulated and removed completely from professional sports and recreational use.Now going back to that big race, but this time without any blood doping involved; you run the best race of your life and beat that rival you’ve been neck and neck with all year long.Especially for major events that are world renowned and watched like the Olympics, World Cup, Tour de France, and the Super bowl, all athletes in these events should be blood tested for steroids and EPO use.Kathleen Sharp, in her article “A Drug to Quicken the Blood,” shares the negatives to EPO explaining, “Too many red blood cells can turn your blood to sludge and make the heart work overtime.My solution to the problem of blood doping is to hav...

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Ergogenic Aids in Sports Essay

The VO2 is the maximum amount of oxygen the blood can hold (blood,2).This theoretically increases the VO2 max by in the amount of RBC and hemoglobin in the blood.The increase in VO 2 max seems to be the only advantage of blood doping.This is done by taking out the blood and freezing it for 5-6 weeks (this is so the body can rebuild its supply of RBC (red blood cells) and hemoglobin).Transfusions are used to help people who have anemia, defect in blood cells.

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An overview of blood doping Essay

Blood doping is resorted to by athletes because they believe that getting additional red blood cells will provide more oxygen as well as other vital components to their muscle system which can pave the way for improved endurance and better stamina.The Meaning and Rationale For Blood Doping Doping is usually conducted prior to the start of competition.The blood of the athlete will be collected and then processed so it will accumulate concentrated blood cells.The History of Blood Doping Ancient Greece was the sight of the first doping attempts by sportsmen.Autologous doping involves the transfer of the sportman’s own blood which has been frozen until required.

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Functions Of The Skeleton

They would not be suited in sports such as sprinting or swimming.All bones contain bone marrow which is where blood is produced they produce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets each of them are key to making the body work.Platelets – the blood clotting agent .Red blood cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues.The main bones that create the most red blood cells are the sternum and the pelvis.

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The Warm-up, the Main Activity and Then After, the Cool Down

* Progressive or endurance type sports, such as cross country running – do not benefit from intense direct warming up, this is because they may carry out a light aerobic session – resulting in lesser energy and this may decrease their performance.* Swimming – Did 25 lengths at Bicester Sports Centre in a 25 metre swimming pool pulse – 33 beats per 15 seconds – 132 b/pm.* Swimming – Did 24 lengths at Bicester Sports Centre in a 25 metre swimming pool pulse – 32 beats per 15 seconds – 128 b/pm – finding it hard to work any harder, thought I should be fitter by next time I try.* Skipping – Done at home in back garden with sports skipping rope.* Intense indirect warm-ups interfere in performance through tiredness and can be harmful to skille...

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