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Ohio State Organisation Expository Essay

The Ohio state organisation has put efficient cash management and investment strategies in place geared at ensuring that it achieves its set goals and targets.Ohio budget management team conducts the budget of the Ohio state organisation.Therefore, Ohio state organisation is one of the institutions that have managed to achieve their goals through effective budgeting and financial management.Ohio Department of Administration Services.The overall financial condition of the Ohio state organisation is positive.

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Water Inc. Marketing Plan

Marketing Objectives ƒ The Company will create brand awareness beginning with The Ohio State University.A socially responsible production facility will be operated and maintained in Columbus, Ohio.Market Segmentation & Target Markets ƒ LIFT Water will initially concentrate its marketing efforts to target the college student living near large campuses; specifically, The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.As consumer awareness and demand increases, we will expand to other large and medium-sized campuses in Ohio campuses.The Company will premiere its LIFT water at locations in and around The Ohio State University¡¦s main campus in Columbus, Ohio.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant In Ohio

The strategic positioning of Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant in Columbus, Ohio can be described as “to provide high quality food items that are developed with organic and fresh ingredients in an environmental-friendly way so that the company fulfills its corporate social responsibility effectively while ensuring alignment with its ‘Food with integrity’ slogan”.Almost all the large fast food chains have their headquarters in Ohio; for instance, Wendy’s Corporate headquarter is in Dublin, Ohio and White Castle in Columbus, Ohio (“Fast Food Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio”, 2012).To increase market share in Columbus, Ohio by 10% by October 2013. .Each of the important elements of marketing program that will be targeted towards the new targe...

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Career Demand, Salary, and Education Research Paper

* The Ohio State University$20,000Columbus, OH .Coursework- The Ohio State University .* Independent Study in Civil and Environmental Engineering .The advantages of The Ohio State University are that it’s closer and since I’m an Ohio resident, I wouldn’t have to pay out-of-state tuition.To be accepted into The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, I would need strong high school preparation in math and physics, in addition to written and verbal communication.

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Mapp v. Ohio Case Brief

However, in deciding as they did, the Court did not need to reach the issue of the constitutionality of the Ohio statute in question.The new and pivotal issue brought to the Court by this appeal is whether Section 2905.34 of the Ohio Revised Code making criminal the mere knowing possession or control of obscene material, (FN3) and under which appellant has been convicted, is consistent with the rights of free thought and expression assured against state action by the Fourteen Amendment.If the evidence was not legally admitted, there is no need to address the issue of the Ohio statute.The Supreme Court held “(T)he judgment of the Supreme Court of Ohio is reversed and the cause remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with this op...

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Statement of Purpose for PhD in Pharmacology Essay

In my undergraduate program, I studied different areas of pharmacy such as pharmacology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and organic and inorganic chemistry.Upon completion of my PhD at Ohio State University I will work for a research institution that is a part of the university, hospital or both and pursue my career towards research and teaching.Having that in mind, as an undergraduate student, I heavily emphasized on building a strong fundamental background in biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, medicinal chemistry, and physiology all of which are essential to specialize in pharmacology at the graduate level.In addition, I strongly feel the College of Arts and Sciences and the Medical School at the Ohio S...

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Communication and Leadership in Health Care Essay examples

Healthcare technolgy management competency and its impacts on IT-healthcare partnerships development.The Literature Review, Analysis, and Solutions sections are based on research and without personal reflection.Win, K. T., Susile, W., & Mu, Y.Journal of Medical Systems , 30 (4), pp.The Ohio State University Medical Center comprises of five hospitals: University Hospital, The James, Ross Heart Hospital, University Hospital East, and Harding Hospital and hundred of specialty clinics located around Columbus, Ohio.

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Partisan election Essay

Poltical Behavior, 9(1), 62-74. .The analysis of the research had only contributed by attesting to the logic made by previous research, agreeing or disagreeing to some of the conclusions past research had made and was not able to discern the concrete findings to which we can understand better what the relationship of information on the parties to the candidates, and also in the outcome of the elections.Information and Party Voting in “Semipartisan” Judicial Elections.The telephone interviews of 500 adults in Ohio were done through questions that relate voter’s information of the parties and their choices of the candidates.The paper evaluated the problem by analyzing the issues that surrounds the partisan election during the 1984 Ohio S...

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The Program on Smoking Cessation for Employees Analytical Essay

In contrast to these approaches, the Ohio program on smoking cessation did not involve financial incentives for employees; rather it aimed to check for employees’ awareness of the necessity to quit smoking that is not linked to financial rewards.The analysis of the program on smoking cessation held at Ohio hospital has outlined to major advantages – development of incentives for employees to promote healthy lifestyles and improve their performance, as well as reduction of insurance costs that the hospital should cover for sustaining employees’ health.With regard to the above-presented background, the program involved only 70 participants and it was based on a local hospital in Ohio.A Program Evaluation Report should be based on the analy...

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Strategic Plan Part I – Organizational Structure

Value chain is the analysis of a business as a chain of activities that transform inputs into outputs that creates value for customers.(2014) Written Plan for Professional Services.There are six outreach specialists that market in their respective areas, including Southern Ohio, Northern Ohio, Southwest Ohio, Central, Ohio, Michigan, and Eastern Pennsylvania.Cambridge Behavioral Hospital’s Strategic and Operation Plan for 2014 includes a SWOT analysis along with a set of Strategic and Operational goals.The market segmentation can best be understood through an analysis of the clinical services being offered by Cambridge Behavioral Hospital.

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Siva v. 1138 LLC

Retrieved from .Yes I agree with the court’s decision, because Ruthiran Siva should have protected herself better.The court of appeal affirmed the decision of the trial court that dismissed Siva’s complaint against Hess.” (Cheeseman, 2013, p. 314) .Upon on drawing a legal contract that binds an agreement between two individuals or more, both parties must sign it to seal the deal.Siva v. 1138 L.L.C., 2007-Ohio-4667 .

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Mastering Teacher Leadership Business Research Essay

The State of Ohio intends to require all licenced teachers to have, or complete, a master’s degree before obtaining their second licensure to teach.As noted earlier, the new State of Ohio legislation presents an opportunity for WU to implement a new graduate study program, and increase their enrollments.Researchers will also need to account for non-response errors and missing data within the coding and analysis stages 5.Prepare a preliminary analysis plan for this study.For this case study, the data was presented as an Excel file, so the exploratory data analysis would include a complete descriptive statistical calculations and frequencies for applicable questions.

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Kent State University shooting Essay

The Ohio National Guard fired 67 times in 13 seconds at peacefully demonstrating students; four of them were killed, and nine wounded (including one paralyzed for life).Mayor LeRoy Satrom calls on the governor to have a detachment of the Ohio National Guard in his town of Kent.In 2010, an analysis of an audio recording of the drama by a group of experts concluded the National Guard was reportedly ordered to open fire.The Kent State University shooting took place on May 4, 1970, on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio .This recording being of poor quality and the officer's words very theatrical, the credibility of the analysis remains low.

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Answer: Ohio Art Company’s Decision Essay

However, Ohio Art Company secured a contract on the grounds that employment practices were acceptable, and human rights were enforced.Question 2: Whether it is ethical for Ohio Art to continue employing Kinki .As the Ricardian model of trade predicts, the division of labour will benefit all sides in the long term [2] The other question is whether the company should provide their employees with a training so that they can find new jobs, or whether training programmes should be financed by the state as in a Dutch-Danish flexicurity model.Assuming that the dismal working conditions of Kin Ki employees is true, it seems unethical for Ohio Art Company to continue manufacturing with Kin Ki.Note: Very thoughtful analysis that considers the di...

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Residents of Distressed Appalachian Counties are at a Substantial Risk For Diabetes

Rural and Remote Health.Active Smoking and the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Willi C, Bodenmann P, Ghali W, Faris P, Cornuz J.Risky behaviors among Ohio Appalachian adults.2006;136(5):1395-400 .

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Isotoner Case Brief Essay

Therefore sex discrimination due to the aftereffects of pregnancy affects many individuals in Ohio and throughout the United States, and therefore a ruling of whether purported discrimination due to lactation is included within the range of Ohio’s employment-discrimination statute, R.C.Inc. 49 F.Supp.2d 305l, among others.4112.01(B) is vital in reducing sex discrimination in the workplace.Their assertion that “lactation is a physical condition associated with pregnancy and childbirth, hence the FEPA, as amended by the Ohio PDA, prohibits discrimination against females because they are lactating” is fully discussed.However, several of the judges felt “lactation is a physical condition associated with pregnancy and childbirth, hence the FE...

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Reaction paper from a newspaper article

In the future, I hope to make decisions based on my own circumstances, and then express my choices in ways that others can understand as well.This analysis gets it source material from a project initiated by a British newspaper, Guardian Weekly.Most individualists appear to insult others, while most collectivists do not appear to evaluate things enough.United States writes, “Just, for a second, imagine if the Washington Post sent folks from Ohio to do the same in Oxfordshire.” Oddly enough, both the individualists in the previous paragraph and the collectivist here, revealed similar conclusions.You vote for your leaders and we’ll vote for ours.” This individualist cogently outlined how the British readers could effect change through curr...

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Request for funding of a community development project Essay

The park also includes different varieties of wood which are donated annually to “Small Homes & Shelter” a foundation serving the North West Ohio by providing shelters for homeless during the winter months.Renovations will include the re-alignment of the main entry drive and expansion of parking facilities, re-alignment of trail segments, and installation of new play equipment, picnic shelter, vegetative screening, invisible dog fencing and support facilities such as night patrol for enhanced security measures.The blue print for this project is currently being looked upon by Dr Jim Weiss who serves as a faculty in the civil engineering department of University of Toledo and had served in various firms prior to his appointment as a fa...

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Essay on Analysis Of Betty Neuman 's Systems Model Theory

Her educational background includes a diploma as a Registered Nurse from People’s Hospital School of Nursing in Ohio (1947), Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Major in Mental Health/Public Health, Minor in Psychology, from University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) (1957), and Master of Science in Mental Health from UCLA (1966).A personal appraisal of Neuman’s theory, its barriers and strategies to overcome hindrances based on the theory is also addressed within this paper.In addition to addressing the gaps, advanced nursing practice through NSM will foster greater understanding by the community and provide new treatment techniques that focus on the preventative levels.Furthermore, it is predicted that by 2050, an increase in wide dichoto...

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Essay on Interview with a Social Worker

Native to Ohio, he graduated High School in 1979, he continued his education at Ohio State University from 1982-1986, completing his Masters in Social Work.Santayana, G. (1944).Common and Unique Ethical Dilemmas Encountered by Military Social Workers.Ethics - Utilitarian Ethics: A Framework for Making Decisions.This can make a true analysis of NASW ethics in his situation difficult.

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Court of Appeals of Ohio,First District, Hamilton County Essay

Heiner v. Moretuzzo (1995), 73 Ohio St.3d 80, 652 N.E.2d 664, citing Schultz v. Barberton Glass Co. (1983), 4 Ohio St.3d 131, 4 OBR 376, 447 N.E.2d 109.Co. (1987), 36 Ohio App.3d 62, 520 N.E.2d 1375 (no claim for failure to warn where truck’s propensity to spark was fairly obvious).Koepke v. Crosman Arms Co. (1989), 65 Ohio App.3d 1, 582 N.E.2d 1000 (no warning required regarding the dangers of firing a loaded BB gun toward a person);  Gawloski v. Miller Brewing Co. (1994), 96 Ohio App.3d 160, 644 N.E.2d 731 (dangers of prolonged and excessive use of alcohol is a danger within the body of common knowledge);  Hanlon v. Lane (1994), 98 Ohio App.3d 148, 648 N.E.2d 26 (no warning required of the danger of carbon monoxide where its lethality ...

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GM Case Analysis

In this case, you need to clearly and thoroughly describe the analysis in the case summary.From September 25, 1990, a manager at the press factory of General Motors (GM) in Parma, Ohio signed an additional three-year field agreement with Local 1005 of United Auto Workers Union (UAW) did.From the different viewpoints of the case, it helps shape case analysis and logical thinking.An example of objective summary can also be seen.It helps them to better understand the application methods and how to apply them.

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Agenda Setting In The Presidential Election

In Ohio, early polls showed McCain was favored.The nation wanted change and Barack Obama granted that promise.Palin had a significant impact for “”White women, a key demographic group in any national election, appear to be in play, with some movement towards Sen. McCain in Pennsylvania and Ohio,” (Quinnipiac University.Straight news reporters clutter the front pages with opinionated ‘analysis’ pieces.However, through this smoky screen the media did fulfill the necessary means in implementing highest most important factor to every state which was the economy.

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Nadel et al. v. Burger King Corp. & Emil, Inc

(2 points) COURT OF APPEALS OF OHIO, FIRST APPELLATE DISTRICT, HAMILTON COUNTY 2.G. the principle of law the case was used (cited) for in the case (5 points) The principle of law this case was use for is the Ohio Product Liability Act.H. Following the directions in the library, download a Word document copy of the case, and include your name in the “note” section of the download.Attach a copy of the document with your assignment this week.10. claim against all defendants for deceptive acts and unconscionable practices in violation of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act (“CSPA”) .

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Toxic Waste Essay

The Ohio EPA audits sites that have been taken through the Ohio Voluntary Action Program so that they can catch people like Dennis Smalley.This program also uses certified and trained professionals in conjunction with the Ohio EPA to help speed these cleanup processes up.The Ohio Voluntary Action Program made it possible for these businesses to want to clean up their sites without being punished or having major fines for owning a brownfield.This program led to lots of businesses and property coming forth with their brownfields to have them cleaned up because if they didn’t and the Ohio EPA came first they would receive major fines and then still have to pay for the cleanup expenses.The Ohio Voluntary Action Program can be an effective wa...

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Introducing Evidence Essay

The Crawford court explained the test in Roberts is “too broad in that it applies the same mode of analysis whether or not the hearsay consists of ex parte testimony, which often results in close constitutional scrutiny in cases that are far removed from the core concerns of the clause.In addressing nontestimonial statements, the Court concluded that “Where non testimonial statements are at issue, it is inconsistent with the Framers design to afford the States flexibility in their development of hearsay law- as does Roberts, and as would an approach that exempted such statements from Confrontation Clause scrutiny altogether.” Thus, where non testimonial statements are concerned, the reliability analysis in Ohio v. Roberts still applies.T...

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Texas v. Ohio

While Ohio’s workers are forced to join unions, Texas on the other hand has a “right to work” laws that made twice the job growth as that of Ohio although union organizing was made more difficult.The author also contradicted the view of Ohio’s governor Ted Strickland that the problem of the state is because of President Bush and stating that the wounds of Ohio were self-inflicted, having the third highest corporate tax (10.5%) and sixth highest personal income tax (8.87%).Basing from these arguments, the author concluded that investors will definitely look after Texas rather than Ohio thus; it is our challenged to become less like Ohio and at the same time, become more like Texas.It was said that Ohio was having top times in manufacturin...

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Risk Analysis Status Report

Project Risk Management Guidelines.Carol M. Lehman, Debbie D. DuFrene (2011-2012), BCOM, 3rd Edition.Mohammed A., Burj Khalifa’s Grand Vision.Bill Vesely, Fault Tree Analysis (FTA): Concepts and Applications.John Wiley & Sons LTD. West Sussex, England.

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Abortion Argument: Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

For example, the ‘Heartbeat Bill’ from Ohio stating that woman cannot have an abortion after a detectable heartbeat is felt (3 weeks) would do just that.These arguments are backed up as well as refuted (showing all aspects of the argument).Some of these bills include the Kansas “Fetal Pain Bill” placing limits on abortions after 22 weeks based on research that the fetus can feel pain at this point and the Ohio “Heartbeat Bill” which would prohibit abortion at the first detectable fetal heartbeat, as early as three weeks into a pregnancy.It has both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life arguments for and against abortion.This website shares an article about the Ohio ‘Heartbeat Bill.’ The article states the grounds of the bill and the stances of Pro-Lif...

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Medicaid Expansion

Ohio is facing an important decision to participate in the Medicare eligibility expansion of the ACA.This is a smart investment in Ohio’s workforce and economy and should be considered in next budget proposal.If policy maker decide to expand Medicaid, The number of uninsured in Ohio would be dramatically reduced.Additionally, some adults with incomes between 100% and 138% FPL may remain uninsured because they cannot afford coverage even with insurance exchanges and subsidiaries (Health Policy Institute of Ohio, 2013).The Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

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