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History Of Bloodstain Patterns Essay

1955 – Dr. Kirk submitted bloodstain evidence and findings in a case; this was significant in recognition of bloodstain evidence by the legal system.Function of bloodstain pattern analysis .The information that can be discovered or obtained when examining bloodstain patterns can help in apprehending a suspect, corroborating a witnesses statement, interrogating suspects, allowing for reconstruction of past events and lastly but probably the most important exonerating an accused.Surprisingly to me the study of bloodstain patterns has been going on since the 1800’s.1856 – Lassaigne wrote a paper that included discussion of marks that appeared to be bloodstains but was from insects.

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International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts Essay

References IABPA (International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts).” Bloodstain pattern analysis is an age-old technique, which with new technologies and advancements aid in the capture and prosecution of criminals.A wipe bloodstain pattern created when an object moves through an existing stain, removing and/or altering its appearance.The foundation course in bloodstain pattern analysis is the Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course.An understanding of bloodstain analysis may allow first responders to a crime scene the know-how in currently collecting and preserving any bloodstain data (Wikipedia).

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Two methods that are used to determine the scale and size of bloodstain

Criminalistics: An introduction to forensic science.Source document .This gives the investigator enough pieces to document.The rulers used shows the borders therefore marking the extent of the bloodstain-patterns.Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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How Bloodstain Pattern Are from

Blood splatter made on an object that block the target surface, the blank space on the surface of object may give a clue as to the size of the missing abject or person, and it helps produce position of a victim or attacker.How can investigator tell the direction of travel of blood from the shape of a bloodstain?The direction of travel of blood striking an object may be discerned by the pointed end of a bloodstain always faces its direction of travel.One method is the grid method which uses photos and drawing grid squares determine the correlation between each bloodstain.How might a void pattern be useful to investigators?

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Blood Pattern Analysis Essay

In 1939, geometric principles had been applied to deduce the angles of impact and convergence of the obtained bloodstain.Before a scientific investigation of a violent crime is concluded, bloodstain pattern analysis is carried out and makes a noteworthy contribution to the investgation process.Bloodstain pattern analysis reconstructs the assassination that occurred, specifically the blood shedding.Through bloodstain pattern analyses, collecting unecessarily excessive blood may be avoided.As early as 1904, Hans Gross of Germany documented and evaluated bloodstain collection.

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Introduction to Forensic Science: Coursework Assignment

Footwear prints are made of a combination of dust, moister, and other practicals.The major peeks and minor peeks were extremely similar showing that the substance may have been linked and from the same source.Looking back at the practicals I can say that the activities have pointed in Arnold Brown direction placing him at the scene of the murder when he denies it.that Bernard had been at the crime scene after the bloodstains were created so its possible his lullaby is correct.However Arnold’s footwear print was found to have been created before the bloodstains were made, placing him at the crime scene before the murder.

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My Philosophy of Physical Education

People should not let stuttering keep them from reaching their full potential, because stuttering can be treated.People whom are trying to overcome stuttering should do so by first knowing what stuttering is.“If a person has persistent stuttering, any stuttering relatives will also tend towards persistence; and if a person experiences early natural recovery from stuttering, any stuttering relatives will tend towards early natural recovery in other words, there is a tendency for either persistent or recovered stuttering to run in families” as shown in Figure 1 below.(“Stuttering Facts and Information” 1) Unlike most speech problems stuttering actually has a treatment.“Stuttering Facts and information.” The Stuttering Foundation.

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Blood spatter Essay

Publisher CRC Press • Blood Spatter (2006) Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Dundee.htm • Base Pair (2004), Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis.Most of the bloodstains forecasters have selected to stop this conservative terms and categorization for a more holistic advancement to bloodstain categorization.doc • Blood and Stain Analysis.Publication: The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (Magazine/Journal) • Book Title Introduction to forensic science & criminalistics (2007) Publishers McGraw-Hill • James, Stuart H. .

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Auditory processing in Speech Production

The same subgroup of poor performing adults who stutter also demonstrated abnormal evoked auditory waveforms.In a follow-up study investigated children who stutter on a battery of audiometric tests including backward masking tasks.Based on the profile of performance on the audiometric battery of tests, reached the conclusion that children who stutter had a different developmental pattern of central auditory processing abilities relative to their fluently speaking age-matched peers but they did not specify the nature of that difference.Behaviourally, adults who stutter performed less accurately and demonstrated longer reaction times in response to the prompt tone in a standard oddball paradigm.More recently, central auditory functioning...

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The Movie ' My Cousin Vinny ' Essay

Stuttering is a fluency disorder in which the rhythm and flow of speech is disrupted and differs significantly from what is socially accepted as ‘normal’.Stuttering has proven to be one of the most common communication disorders portrayed in media and literature; however, the reason behind including a stutter (ranging from barely there to extremely excessive) in a character’s script tends to vary.Background Information The 1992 comedy crime film, My Cousin Vinny, written by Dale Launer and directed by Jonathon Lynn portrays the communication disorder known as stuttering.Conclusion Stuttering is a very common communication disorder, but with the advances in the medical field professionals are learning more and more each day.One minor ‘fla...

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Stuttering: A Speech Disorder

“People Who Stutter Face Discrimination.” Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders.Ed.Stuttering is just one of several speech disorders; some disorders are detected at birth but some disorders can acquire as a result of possibly a stroke, an illness, or even a head injury.“Many People Who Stutter Have Successful Careers.” Perspectives on Diseases and Disorders: Speech Disorders.When dealing with stuttering it takes identifying the disorder and making sure the patient is being affected by stuttering, also figuring out what will help the individual cope with the side effects of stuttering, and explaining the importance of overcoming this disorder in a stutterer’s daily life.According to Monique Laberge in her article, “Speech Disorder: An O...

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Degradation of Blood Sourced Dna on Knives

Patel, G., and Hopwood, A... Stutter products ..Vol.40(2), pp.53-63.(2013) An evaluation of luminol formulations and their effect on DNA profiling.Vol.54(3), pp.167-173.

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Philippine Daily Inquirer Essay

According to the church?s historical marker, Katipuneros led by Gen. Anacleto Enriquez and Spanish troops under Lt. Col. Lopez Arteaga fought fiercely at the site.It was the site of one of the bloodiest battles between the Katipuneros and the Spanish troops.When the smoke cleared, an estimated 800 men were dead, among them the 20-year-old Enriquez, who was a good friend of another Bulakeño, the boy general, Gregorio del Pilar.There is a not so well-known historical fact about the San Juan de Dios Church.Espejo raised funds from residents who made good here and abroad and established a museum.

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Stuttering in Movie The King's Speech Essays

The King’s Speech helped raise awareness and as David Seidler, Academy Award winner for Best Original Screenplay, stated at the Awards Ceremony, “I accept this Award on behalf of all the stutterers throughout the world.“While communication disorders and speech delays may be predicted from a baby’s babble or developmental trajectory, we really have not been able to find indicators of stuttering before the first day it emerges.Stuttering affects the fluency of speech, this disorder is normally detected when every... .It is said that stuttering could be developed by early traumatic experiences or genetically; however, the precise cause is unknown.However, stuttering on daily life could be affected by how the person and others react to the d...

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How my Stuttering Problem got Solved

” “But I don’t want to stutter.I started reading books on stuttering and came to know that some of the famous peoples who stuttered in the past were Moses and Winston Churchill.Unlike before, when I would become an emotional wreck when teased about my stuttering, the snickering and mimicking did not sting so badly now.And once again, the kids would snicker and mimic my stuttering.Today’s examples of people who stutter include Ozzie Smith and James Earl Jones.

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Safeguarding children Essay

Any individual against whom an allegation has been made has the right to be notified about the cause for concern.It is important that the timing of this does not prejudice the investigation.Recorded information should be stored in a secure place with limited access to Designated Persons, in line with data protection laws (e.g.It is extremely important that allegations or concerns are not discussed, as any breach of confidentiality could be damaging to the child or young person, their family, those who are the subject of allegations and any child protection investigations that may follow.Informing the parents of a child or young person of concerns you may have should be done in consultation with Social Services.

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Technology Usage in the field of Speech Language Pathology

First of all, the pocket fluency device is aimed to take the client out of those silent areas where he oftentimes finds himself due to the notion of stuttering.With speech therapy, the device can nearly eliminate stuttering and train the user to no long need the device.Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) to great extent improves the ability of the speaker with stuttering approximately to 77% while using the device and to 55% with systematic therapy.“Pocket Speech Lab”.“Comparison of the Speech Easy and Casa Futura/Jabra Fluency Devices, and pre-trial therapy suggestions in quiet and noisy conditions upon stuttering”.

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Creative Response to Macbeth

Please forgive me just once more, as I leave this earth and free myself from Scotland.As of now, I am as good as dead.And soon, the whole of Scotland would know how I, Lady Macbeth, talked my husband, the Thane of Cawdor in killing the King.Oh the joys of escaping this world, into a place free from worries and pain.All I see is the permanent bloodstain on my hands.

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Reflection Paper On My Own Communication

I have met several SLPs who stutter and those who have foreign accents.My native languages are Tatar and Russian, and I speak fluently both of these languages.To begin with, I came to the United States of America from Russia about eleven years ago.In order to work with the clients who stutter and have successful results of the speech-language treatments, it is very important for SLPs to be aware of their own present communication challenges that can be related to multilingualism, code-switching, or the events that lead to fluency breakdown.One of the main causes of this dysflu... .

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Speech Pathology

When I went I then realized what people go through when they stutter.He is so self conscious about his stuttering and gets frustrated and upset.When I was younger I didn’t really understand what “stuttering” was.One day she asked me to join her in her stuttering support group in Kean University.Luckily the three of us don’t stutter.

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Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

(Bevel & Gardner, 2001)For example, in forensic medicine, analysis is very important if blood type can be obtained.The class function identifies or separates other classes from other classes.Many courts across the country strictly adhere to the value of BPA and scientific credibility.Splash patterns are usually more emphasized than other bloodstains, but they basically include class functions.

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Forenisic Review Questions Essay

I think the most important piece of evidence is blood.Out of the types of evidence discussed in this module, which one do you think is the most important piece of evidence?The bite mark evidence was so important because it was the only substantial piece of evidence that could prove Bundy committed the crimes.Why do you think forensic scientists study bloodstain patterns?Why was the bite mark evidence so important in the Bundy case?

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Sedaris and Hoagland

The two authors were belittled and embarrassed for incompetence, both publicly and internally.With persistence and a positive attitude, they use corresponding strategies to to deal more effectively with their speech impediments and handicaps.They learn the benefits of patience and the importance of self worth, the belief in yourself means much more than other peoples opinions, and that hard work is rewarded in the end.Furthermore, some of his scariest moments as a stutterer were as a father when his daughter was learning to speak and thought that she was supposed to stutter, and also when he had to have to give a speech at a wedding.Nonetheless, Hoagland refused to let his stuttering control his life.

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College Application Essay

I can say that I’m not afraid to speak in front of a group of people or I could show it, I could go out and speak to a crowd of one-hundred-twenty people as I did recently at the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Program I attended the summer of my senior year.I managed to introduce myself without stuttering, but when my confidence began to rise, so did the students’ chuckles.I not only gained self confidence through this obstacle on my path to success, but also the realization that I can never let something as small as a speech impairment define me.It has given me the confidence to accomplish other incredible things throughout my life and the courage to persevere through any hardships that I may encounter.It took a few more tears, a lot o...

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An angry and rebellious teenager’s room

It is the only source of light.The loud alarm furiously rings into the night, waiting to be turned off.A clock’s face.On the floor lies a thick black leather jacket that has been sliced down the back with deep gashes.The blinds clatter more loudly; the wrecked fan spins more quickly and creaks more loudly, the tempo races in the music.

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One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, The source of mental illness

These characters lack self-respect and dignity from their past, and they think that they can not change anything about it.Their mental illness is caused from their behavior and actions towards their bad experiences.He speaks again, and people listen.Chief chose to be deaf because no one listened to him in the past, Billy Bibbit never forgets his past experiences with his stutter, and Harding will never forgive her wife, even though he is the reason she is flirtatious.To the conclusion, Chief is the only one from these three men that actually faces fear.

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Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill Exploratory Essay

The Churchill Center and Museum.Churchill’s speech impediment was stuttering.James, R. R. (n.d).An actor read Churchill’s wartime speeches over the wireless.Winston Churchill (Leading Lives).

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Recognising and Responding to Concerns about Child Development Essay

A child or young person with a stutter can often be subjected to bullying, affecting their emotional wellbeing.However, some cases can be of a serious nature, and unless all concerns are responded to effectively, ignored minor problems can develop into something much more serious if not dealt with at an early stage.Another example that should be responded to if concerns arise is a communication disorder, such as a speech impediment: for example a stutter.those stated above, or in some cases a sign of bullying or abuse in the school or home environment).For this reason, it is of high importance to recognise and respond to concerns about children and young people’s development quickly and efficiently.

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Self Assessment Essay

believe that more practice will be able to correct my tendency to stutter.There is much to improve and I .Ample practices will definitely aid me in managing my nervousness.Nervousness .I feel that I was too reliant on my script, which caused me even more nervousness once I happen to let slip on my memory.

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Effect of Environment in There Are No Children Here Essay

The violence has affected Lafeyette and Pharaoh as much as anyone in the projects.The children become desensitized by the constant violence that they are forced to witness every day.Any time that Pharaoh can get a chance, he goes to secret places in order to be alone with his thoughts.Children are forced to walk home from school through the urban war zone of these housing projects.The more violence, death, and hardship that Pharaoh is forced to witness, the more deeply he is affected.

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