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Difference Between Confession and Admission in Indian Law

Judicial Magistrate takes the confession but he has no power to take admission as he has no jurisdiction over the civil suit.But in case of .Regarding admission that contains multiple sentences, Justice Thomas, of SC stated the law in the case of Lokeman Shah vs State of WB, AIR 2001 as follows – The test of discerning whether a statement recorded by a judicial magistrate under Section 164 of CrPC, is confessional or not is not to determine it by dissecting the statement into different sentences and then to pick out some as not inculpative.The statement must be read as a whole and then only the court should decide whether it contains admissions of his inculpatory involvement in the offence.Admission is a genus whereas confession is a sp...

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Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process Essay

Journal Of Nursing Care Quality, 24(2), 148-152. .Anderson, R. (2004).The increase in number of admissions, in turn, puts a high demand on nurses in keeping up with the pace resulting in nurse frustration and dissatisfaction.The number of daily patient turnover, admissions, and discharges are continues to be a challenge for nurses working in the hospital setting (Spader, 2008).Completing the admission process in a timely, efficient, and comprehensive manner has been a challenge for nurses due to the increase number of admissions, and also the fact that the nurses still have to provide ongoing care to the other patients.

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Web-based College Admission Test Essay

Information System.These are the features of the web-based college admission test based on the requirements specified by the client.The following terminologies were defined and used operationally all throughout the study.Refers to the requirements gathered from the Pangasinan State University Lingayen Campus that can be used as the basis for the features of the web-based college admission test.These are the qualities of the Web-based College Admission Test that must be satisfied to ensure the security of the data.

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Essay on TThe Case for Free Admission by Casey N. Cep

New York City Amends Fee Policy for a Visit to the Met.Cep, C. (2014, February 7).The Case For Free Admission....on, N. (2013).The New York Times.

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Competitive of college Submissions Essay

Also if a student wants to go to school in a nice area or a better setting the admissions are going to be higher.To get into high school, there were qualifications for chosen certain high school depending on district, but not as competitive as the admissions to college.Moreover, some may argue that the reason why college admissions are so competitive is because colleges strive and are eager for students with higher learning.Admissions and Financial Aid.According to Sally P. Springer, college’s admissions are so competitive due to the fact of how many students apply to college each year.

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SC college Info

Very Important Admission Factors: essay, secondary school records, standardized test scores, .SAT Reasoning Math: 610-720 .Admissions Policies and Factors: .talent/ability.Admission Requirements: essay(s), SAT Reasoning w/writing component or ACT Test w/writing .

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Raced-Based Admissions in Higher Education

Examining the arguments of several well-respected scholars, it appears clear that support for race-based admissions is logically grounded and should not be ignored.Bowen, W. and Bok, D. (1994) The Shape of the River: Long Term Consequences of Considering Race in College and University Admissions.For example, in 1996, the University of Texas at Austin stopped using race-based admissions.In analyzing the arguments against race-based admissions, we find that there are assumptions made about equality and often stereotypic thinking that define the opponent’s arguments.From the 1978 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke case to today’s Hopwood case, the challenge of race-based admissions has been played out in the court system and c...

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Affirmative Action: Preferential Treatment Essay

As the term “affirmative action” encompasses the ideal that institutions promote diversity and growth by including historically excluded groups in their admissions, legacy admissions and athletic admissions are considered “affirmative”.Recently, as more athletes got into schools through advantages in the admissions process, their collegiate GPAs began to suffer, with a majority of athletes placing in the bottom quarter of their classes.The study concluded that legacies who were given a greater admissions bonus earned lower grades once admitted, a fact which surprised many, including some admissions officials.“‘Affirmative Action for the Rich’ –” College Admissions Advice – The Choice Blog – other preferential...

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College Admissions Process Is A Prime Example Of Sovereign Power Is The Power Of An Individual

Cohen is a lawyer who was also co-author of the book “Getting In: The Zinch Guide to College Admissions & Financial Aid in the Digital Age.” Cohen has been around the college world and even written books about the admissions process.In todays world you almost have to go to college or some type of schooling to get a well paying job.As they do in admissions, one person going over whether or not a student gets in to a school, and FAFSA decides how much Financial aid they get.Getting admitted to college can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.The college admissions process needs to change.

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How College Admissions Criteria Is Being Affected by Social Media Essay

To gauge their perception of right and wrong?In fact the only criteria that Bowdoin says they will look for on their website are: academic (grade) success, level of course challenge, counselor and teacher recommendations, writing sample, overall academic potential, school and community involvement, and character and personality (Admissions: selection p... ... middle of paper ... ...has come into play, and some schools have decided that they are dutifully qualified to judge the morals of students across the country based on their own personal perception of an applicant’s social networking sites.Admissions criteria is being blurred and colleges have now assumed the right to judge applicants not only on their grades but on their morals as...

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Deed of Undertaking Essay

iii) School leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate.7) In case if the Divisional Board grants me Eligibility Certificate with instructions to furnish certain documents within stipulated period, I here by undertake to fulfil the requirement within the stipulated time limit.XI th Examination of the Jr. College (Home Exam) ii) Passing certificate of the last public Examination .That I have read the contents of the undertaking and has properly understood the same and in witness whereof had signed on this Deed of Undertaking on this day of 2014 at place .That in the event, if it is subsequently found out by the Jr. College/Board that the particulars furnished in the admission form or the documents furnished while seeking admission are fa...

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Drug offenders sdmitted to prison Essay

The percentage of Illinois’ population that used drugs was quite low, yet the statehad the second highest rate of drug offender admissions.In contrast, California had both the highest rate of drug use and the highest rate of drug offender admissions.Similarly, Louisiana had a relatively low rate of drug use yet it had one of the highest rates of drug admissions.57 In nine states marijuana offenses accounted for more than ten percent of drug admissions: Alabama (16.The ten states that have the highest rates of drug offender admissions relative to population are: California, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

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Affirmative Action: Prejudice in the College Admissions Process Essay

This type of policy can be repealed completely, replaced with a college admissions process that favors first generation college applicants, or replaced with a policy based on an applicant’s socioeconomic status.While affirmative action provides equality in the workplace, it has no place in the college admissions process and should, therefore, be abolished and replaced.It might sound like an excellent policy; however, the use of this policy in the college admissions process is prejudice.Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled against the use of race in the college admissions process in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas.A policy based on socioeconomic status does that.

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Spearman Coefficient Review Essay

The first was to determine, the nature of the relationship that existed between patient satisfaction and inpatient admissions in acute care hospitals.Karen W, Frances Lee & John G. (2013).Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management.To answer these questions, the study focused on two variables, which were patient satisfaction and admissions.The Spearman coefficient correlation was used to analyze relationships between the independent variable, which was patient satisfaction, which was determined using patients’ satisfaction mean score, and the dependent variable which was admissions, admissions were measured using income (Lee & John 2013).

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Analysis of Model of Service Delivery in Paediatric Care

The data indicates that following the implementation of the pilot, A&E attendances had reduced by 5% per month, NEL admissions had reduced by 15.8%, readmissions had reduced by 17.3% and the overall LOS was increased by 2.3%.The remit of the pilot service specification aims were to determine the effectiveness of CCNOT in the following outcomes 1) reducing length of hospital stay 2) reducing Accident and Emergency admissions 2) reducing non-elective admissions 3) reducing readmissions and 4) improving patient satisfaction.Concerns have also been raised that children’s emergency admissions in England may indicate that parents often bypass primary care when seeking care for their acutely ill child, perhaps due to lack of availability of...

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Database Design Essay

Current Patient Query – This links information from Admission table and Patient table.This query is used in the Loan form.This is the form that is used for the use of inputting details of admissions into the hospital.So some of the fields were removed.This query is used in the Equipment Status report and the Loaning form.

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Affirmative Action - The Battles Against Race-based Educational Plans Essay

The state is now pushing public schools that serve black students to provide better course offerings.white neighborhoods and that are taken into account when the elite colleges make admissions decisions.admissions policies are themselves finding that the only way to enlarge the minority presence in college without such policies is to improve dramatically the public schools that most black and Latino students attend.To kill the policies before those guarantees are in place is to court civic disaster.Mr. Bush's order was meant to render moot a ballot initiative on affirmative action that Republicans feared would heighten black turnout in this year's presidential election.

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The Future of London’s Museums

Freudenheim, in particular, highlights a certain naivety in government’s attitude towards the workings of national museums; citing in particular the government’s inveterate insistence upon the increasing of admissions figures no matter what the effects of this upon either museum costs or the aesthetic museum-experience of visitors.(2000) and Sharp’s ‘Controversy and Challenge: British Funding Increases Nationally, But Not to National Museums’ all echo the apprehensiveness and fear felt by many museum directors and staff towards the financial liabilities that would arise in the wake of free admissions (2006).Nonetheless, this stream of incessantly impressive and rising admissions figures masked a major concern unsettling many of the manag...

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Museums: The Market For Education

Since Labour has been in government they decided to end charges for England’s national museums as part of a government plan to widen access to the nation’s culture.Overall, this report indicates that the governments can decide whether or not they wish to give free admission to museums and should know the benefits and consequences of making this decision.There are also limitations to government intervention based on the political system of the country.These aspects will need to be covered when bearing in mind museum admissions.Therefore, I would recommend charging for temporary exhibitions, such as artistic or historic shows; in this way the museums will still be able to produce some sort of capital.

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Essay on Disneyland : The Happiest Place On Earth

I will recommend to lower the prices back down.Disneyland’s main reason to raise their admissions because of the attendance and the limited space.Some stated that they will still renew but will not... ... middle of paper ... ... be disappointed because they will not be able to go anytime they want with the annual pass.Disney fans who dislike the idea of the raise of admissions argues that it is too expensive for them to afford it.I believe that the increase in admission will not lower the capacity and will not help spread the attendance throughout the year.

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Standardized Testing and Social Interaction Essay

“Admissions.” University, 25 Jan 2013.Too much emphasis is put on standardized testing for college admissions.Web 6 Feb. 2014 .“Arguments for and against standardized testing in college admission.” Campus

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Affirmative Action Speech

There should be no program used for admissions that involves any preferences whether it deals with legacy, race, or location.Many students here, in this classroom, will or has seen the affects through their college admissions.As Martin Luther King once said, " I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a world where they are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."This is justifying racism through its programs own actions.We can only dream of reaching that world by eliminating Affirmative Action.

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Admission Cardiotocography Essay

Evidence available tomorrow .Current midwifery practice .Impey L; Reynolds M; MacQuillan K; Gates S; Murphy J; Sheil O (2003) Admission cardiotocography: a randomised controlled trial.“Admission cardiotocography is widely used to identify pregnancies that might benefit from continuous electronic fetal monitoring in labour.”(Impey et al, 2003) .Impey et al (2003) reported that 20 min of cardiotocography does not have any beneficial impact on neonatal outcomes.

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Types of Essay Writing Essay

The way of writing your definition essays you have to give your readers with a new way of looking at things your way.The word “critical” is telling about the attitude when you have read editorial or part of the book.The introduction should include with thesis statement and following paragraphs must be talking about the core your essay topic or subject.Such things as bird, water are very exact and well concentrate.The critical essays start with a psychoanalysis or explanation of the article or part of a book.

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College Admissions Boards Should Focus on Academic Credentials and Not on Minority Status

School admissions should be decided upon one’s ability and talent, if not, in the end it will hurt our country if workers are constituted more on diversity than on capability.Instead of stirring up consequential ineqaulity admission officers should choose proficiency over diversity.In Dennis Draughon’s cartoon “Supreme Irony,” he illustrates the irony of the taking into account race to promote diversity.In regards to affirmative actions, whether it is for race or gender, instituting a more diverse setting only draws stereotype and discrimination against the majority.Although there are nine Supreme Court judges, only one of them is black and the others white.

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Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance Essay

The admissions policy is very different to the Grammar, all admissions for the infant school are organised by Poole Borough.Although these schools are very .Similarly to the Grammar school though the admissions consider the following criteria when the school is over-subscribed.So therefore, in conclusion, despite the differences these schools are effectively run in the same manner, with the same goals and objectives.Canford Heath Infant School is mainly funded the local authority but also has a parent support group who work with the school to provide extra funds for school trips, discos, book bags and library books.

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The State University Experience Essay

To have an effective process the errors must resolve quickly to prevent repetition so that the customer will prevent from dissatisfying about the service that the employee gives.Also, the admissions office has an application form that contains confusing information for the student which cannot easily understand.Abi: How should the Admissions office of the State University improve their service process in accepting enrollees and to remove the waste of time that the customer experiencing while in the process of filling the application forms?Ems: How should the State University admissions office improve their service process in accepting enrollees and prevent errors in the system of applications?As a University they must have a good and org...

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Schools as Organisations

Maintained boarding schools .The governing body employs the school’s staff and Sets the admissions criteria.The governing body decide on the admissions criteria and create its own admission policy.Unlike independent boarding schools that charge tuition fees maintained boarding schools only charge for boarding.They provide high quality boarding at the lowest possible cost.

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Affirmative Action Is Not For Merit Based Admissions Essay

... middle of paper ... .In the article of the origins of selective admissions, Karabel argued that black students did not have the opportunity to develop the knowledge that will help them to pass the exams.For example, in the supreme court case of Abigail Fisher when the author explained that the university was accepting any teen who graduated within the upper 10 percent of his or her high school class, they did not ask about race, background, or class.Such circumstances included socioeconomic status of the students or the students’ school, the condition of the students’ home [whether they had a single parent or house where English wasn’t spoken], and their race.Affirmative action is often seen as being in opposition to merit-based admi...

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List of the biggest box office hits in France Essay

Likewise, Walt Disney films have seen many Christmas revivals every ten years between 1960 and 1989, multiplying by three, or even by four, the admissions of their first exploitation.1, having broken the record of French box office admissions since 1966. .At the end of its 4th week of operation, it exceeded Nothing to Declare (8,135,542 admissions) and thus became the biggest success of 2011.Among the French actors with the most films in this top 100, we find Louis de Funès (15), (11), Gérard Depardieu (10), Michel Galabru (9), Christian Clavier (7), Bernard Farcy (6), Thierry Lhermitte, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Yves Montand, Fernandel and Marion Cotillard (5), Édouard Montoute, Kad Merad, Dany Boon (4), Daniel Auteuil, Jamel Debbouze, Gérard...

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