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The Ravens Educational Standard Progressive Matrices

The second study was conducted recently by a group of psychiatrisc and psychologists where Raven’s SPM was chosen as one of the neuropsychological assessment batteries to indicate mental capacities of schizophrenic patients (Chan, Chia, Yang, Woon, & Sitoh, et al, 2009).In spite the above-mentioned statements regarding the suitability and popularity of the Raven’s SPM in Asian countries, a review of the literature reveals a surprising paucity of research conducted on Raven’s SPM in Singapore.The current version of SPM+ was found to have high concurrent validity with other versions of Raven’s SPM.Furthermore, there is also no local data representing the correlation between the WISC IV and Raven’s SPM in a population with lower than av...

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Raven’s Matrices Test

It is deliberate and intended designed for those who find the SPM to be too easy (i.e.for individuals who get correct more than 50 items of the SPM).In terms of reliability for the SPM, numerous studies that used the split-half method, estimated high results of .80 values and higher, also for the test-retest in less than a year.In terms of validity, Spearman considered the SPM to be the best measure of g. When evaluated by factor analytic methods, which initially were used to define g, the SPM comes as close to measuring it as anyone could expect.The SPM consists 60 items into 5 sets (A to E), and each set contains 12 items, with a pattern-problem where one part is missing and six to eight pictures-choices are presented one of which is t...

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Fundamentls of Entrepreneurship Essay

2 Answer: The impacts of internal strengths and weaknesses on the success of the ‘subject’ of analysis.Next is, found the ways to solve jerry company weakness Task 4 2.Internal strength of business SPM JATI enterprise cooking oil, could be seen in terms of SPM JATI enterprise staff, products, customers loyalty, processes, or location.2 Answer Review the performance of SPM JATI Enterprise cooking oil for financial position, it’s often fail because of poor financial management or a lack of planning.Task 2, is indentify about SPM JATI enterprise, strength could be seen in terms of SPM JATI staff extremely polite and helpful and your competitor’s staff has very few customer-friendly attributes, products SPM JATI provides cooking oil, custome...

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Brownloaf Mactaggart Organizational Behavior Study

BM did not adapt to its subculture, but rather it developed a volatile resistance to the core values of Watkins International.In consequence, the current state of the BM division of Watkins International, if left unchanged, will result in a lower profit margin.As a result of the process of culture change being ignored, there was a complete mismatch in core values between Watkins International and the BM division.The main issue, however, was not the significant discrepancy between cultures of the two companies; rather it was the lack of action and precaution taken by management to help BM adapt cultures.However, the fact that no precautions were taken in the merging of BM into the Watkins culture created a very large barrier.

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Efficiency Rise in PCDTBT:PC70BM Organic Solar Cell

For PCDTBT:PC BM organic solar cell , we recorded 0.886 V open-circuit voltage (V ), 11.7 mA/cm short-circuit current density (J ), and 47.3% fill factor (FF and PCE of 4.9%.ITO/PEDOT:PSS/ PCDTBT:PC BM /Al:Li/Al Organic Solar Cell.This improvement may be attributed to the increased selective flow of dissociated charge carriers, not only at the interfaces of the PV layer and the electrodes, but also at the BHJ interfaces between the PCDTBT and PC BM domains.In this paper we investigated J-V characteristic and IPCE spectra of PCDTBT:PC BM organic solar cell with and without PTE.A high PCE (6.0%) was obtained for our PCDTBT:PC BM (1:4 w/w) OSC device using 0.164 wt% of the PTE additive, which yielded improvements in PCE of up to 22...

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Marital status Essay

The overall grade awarded to me was B at the end of examination which was satisfactory giving a marks percentage of 60.The subjects of SPM are to be appeared compulsorily and English paper is examined separately by National Examination Board.And what about your STPM examinations?And when did you sit for your SPM?What were your grades for these?

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Managing Change Essay

You are keenly aware that as part of your management role you will be responsible for managing change and anticipate drawing on your BM 6105 studies to help you achieve success in this area.You need to:• Develop your answer into a paper that both discusses your chosen factors for success and justifies their selection.You cannot use “I”.BM 6105 Assignment .– Part One – The context and meaning of change (chp 1- 2) – Part Two – Changing Organisations (Chp 3 -6) – Part Three – Strategies for Managing Change (Chp 7-9) .

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Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Adjusted Prognosis Analysis (APA)

Stanic K reported that the overall survival in EGFR positive patients with BM at diagnosis was longer than in EGFR negative patients (12.6 vs. 6.8 months, p=0.005) .Until now, whether the number of BM as prognosis factors were still controversial.3 .. We have conducted the first study of building a survival model specially for newly diagnosed BM from NSCLC and establishing the Adjusted Prognosis Analysis (APA).Our study showed that the APA model 1 was feasible for those NSCLC BM patients with unknown EGFR genotype whereas considering molecular biology and EGFR genotype, the APA model 2 seemed more appropriate for BM patients from NSCLC with known EGFR status.Our study revealed that never-smoking status significantly prolonged the surv...

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Past Year Question Essay

(5 marks) What type of pollution control method can be implied from paragraphs 2 and 3 in the article?Define market failure and externalities.Palm oil refineries generate social cost to society in the form of smoke and particles.(5 marks) Explain how free-ridership leads to market failure of a public good such as clean air.Explicit and implicit environmental costs (5 marks) Coase theorem (5 marks) Environmental Kuznets curve (5 marks) Polluter-Pay-Principle (5 marks) Acid deposition (5 marks) .

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BM-21 Grad Essay

Based on a Ural-375D chassis, it includes 40 rocket launch tubes.Depending on the ammunition and versions, the range of these rockets with a caliber of 122 mm is from 5 to 45 km.Several ships also carry baskets of BM-21 rockets.Widely exported throughout the world, this weapon system has participated in many conflicts.Several other countries have copied it or have developed similar systems.

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Assessment And Examination System Education Essay

If the function defined on [-2,2] is even, then its minimum value is 。 .Based on the SPM results, a student may choose to enter Form Six or matriculation; polytechnic or teacher training colleges, private colleges or universities, or to further his/her study in an overseas institution.At primary level, there is the Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR); at lower secondary level, the Lower Secondary Assessment (PMR); at upper secondary, the Malaysian Certificate of Education Examination (SPM) and at Form Six, the Malaysian Higher Education Certificate Examination (STPM).The parity and the minima of functions.In brief, this paper aims to discuss and compare the various levels of public examination system and the school assessment conduct...

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Analysis of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria in Soil

During 90 day, maximum dehydrogenase activity recorded in CM – 8 (Pressmud + ) (3.09 mg formazon formed h g ) followed by CM – 7 (2.95 mg formazon formed h g ), CM – 6 (2.39 mg formazon formed h g ), CM – 5 (2.30 mg formazon formed h g ), CM – 4 (1.71 mg formazon formed h g ), CM – 3 (1.70 mg formazon formed h g ) and CM – 2 (1.68 mg formazon formed h g ).Among the nine treatments tested, the No of thousand grain weight was maximum in treatment T (75% NPK + CM + BS + BM + EA) (21.56).During 90 day, reduction in hemicellulose content recorded in CM – 8 (Pressmud + ) (7.76%) followed by CM – 6 (7.85%), CM – 5 (7.90%), CM – 7 (7.92%), CM – 3 (7.95%), CM – 2 (9.22%) and CM – 4 (9.37%).During 90 day, reduction of lignin c...

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Creative And Critical Thinking Among Students

All Malaysians should support the integration of critical and creative thinking in its educational curriculum.Although cognitive development is only one part of a child’s overall development, it is essential that teachers respond to the community demand for and the child’s right to cognitive competence.It should not only merely be stated in printed documents.Teacher training providers need to become aware of the benefits of certain instructional approaches on pupil performance and incorporate training in such approaches in their courses.Thus, in conclusion, Malaysia needs to ensure that its future generation does not only perform well academically but should possess the ability to think critically and creatively.

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Corrosion Properties of Al-B4C Composites

Besides a plain matrix sample, others were synthesized through mechanical alloying of the powder mixtures with 2, 4, and 6 wt.% of B4C.[SM25] fasele beyne table va 2 .According to table 2, adding 2wt.% B4C to the base material lowered the corrosion rate slightly, because the ceramic particles may to some extent hindered electrochemical dissolution physically.The exposed area of samples was polished to 1200 emery paper.[SM55] does not .

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Appeal Letter

3.I realize that CFS IIUM has the standardized requirement to choose their student to be selected in art programmes, as this is a significant course that suit for an excellent student who achieves good quality SPM result additionally with strong co-curriculum grade.For your information, I applied for five different art programs under CFS IIUM and unfortunately, all of my application was unaccepted.2.I am writing this letter of appeal to have my admission application reconsidered so I can hopefully be a new student at this university for this new intake.Regarding to the matter stated above, I, Nor Haswani binti Ishak , I/C Number: , was an SPM leaver and had applied to enter into Center for Foundation Studies (CFS) IIUM through UPU applic...

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Childrens functional health pattern Essay

Pattern of Activity and Exercise: .Can cut and paste and hold a pencil with control.Diurnal enuresis or involuntary urination during the day.Play is the primary activity.Organized team sports.

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Tropical Circulation And Response Essay

[2]              Thomas Reichler.University of Utah.[6] Ibid 437 .Africa Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.[7] Ibid 450 .

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Development Of Strategic Project Management Management Essay

SPM and PPM provide great advantage to the organisation which help to identify those projects which add value.Importance of the human factor in SPM as they help to achieve common strategic goal of organization such as project completion on time, within cost and to the quality laid down in the initial specification ..I did not use primary source because my chosen topic [ SPM] cover the many huge compines who operate in different sectors so this was difficult to get primary information of eatch company... Callahan & Brooks (2004) .Level 2 – Common Processes .

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Air Pollution Essay

Air pollutants consist of gaseous pollutants, odours, and SPM, (suspended particulate matter) such as dust, fumes, mist, and smoke.The SPM levels increased manifold and resulted in over 4000 deaths.The main chemical component of SPM that is of major concern is lead, others being nickel, arsenic, and those present in diesel exhaust.The importance of SPM as a major pollutant needs special emphasis as a) it affects more people globally than any other pollutant on a continuing basis; b) there is more monitoring data available on this than any other pollutant; and c) more epidemiological evidence has been collected on the exposure to this than to any other pollutant.According to the data, over 2 million people die every year from indoor and o...

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Biosynthesis, Metabolism, and Utilization

The distribution of isoforms of glutathione S-transferase varies in the lungs.The water solubility nature make it to be found in the cell cytosol and within aqueous phases of living system, although is constantly encountered in animals, plants and microorganisms (Kosower NS et al 1978 , Meister A et al 1976, Kidd PM et al 1991 and Lomaestro BM et al, 1995).In the immune system, glutathione manifest full potential by adjusting antigen being presented to lymphocytes which might influence formation of cytokine, resulting in formation of cellular or humoral responses, magnitude of responses are increased by promoting lymphocytes production, thereby causing promotion of killing activity of cytotoxic T cells and NK cells and regulating apoptos...

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Synthesis of nickel complexes

µeff= Magnetic moment (units Bohr Magneton (BM)) .X’M = 294.079811×10-6 -(- 459) x10-6 = 753.079811×10-6 .XM = 294.0798111 x10-6 .µeff =1.33 BM .Complex B showed a magnetic moment decrease of -055 to -073 on the first measurement so I re ran the measurement.

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Effect of Bone Marrow Composition Changes With Age

It is currently unknown what happens to the fineSA in regards to bone marrow (BM) changes.It was found that the daughters had less BMF and BM whole body and regions where BMF was assessed than their mothers and fathers.The research plan was conducted to evaluate the purpose and methodologies that will be employed for the project to be successful.It was however concluded that BMF content calculated with CS-MRI was not reliable for predicting bone mineral density in female patients aged between 50 and 65 years and so further research was recommended [2].This is an open period where any problems encountered will be dealt with.

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Simply Supported And Cantilever Beams

BM 2m from A = (-4 x 2 x 1) + (26 x 1) = 18 kNm .BMC = (6 x 2) + (-2 x 2 x 1) = 8 kNm .SFC + = 12 – (2 x 2) = 8 kN .BME = -2 x 2 x 1 = -4 kNm .BM 9m from A = (-4 x 4 x 8) + (26 x 9) + (-8 x 6) + (-12 x 2) + .

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Implementation of Risc Processor in Fpga Using Verilog Essay

The format of an instruction of RISC_SPM can be long or short depending upon the operation.| Instruction | Instruction Word | Action | | | Opcode | Source | Destination | | | NOP | 0000 | ??Instruction set of RISC_SPM machine .Battery powered and typically less than 2 Watts of power consumption for a whole SBC using an ARM processor, compared to around 15+ Watts for a x86-based SBC.RISC SPM: Instruction Set .

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Brand Loyalty from a Multi-Faceted Perspective Essay

10.5539/ijms.v3n2pl23 .Kwok, S., Uncles, M. D., Wang, C. (2010).Fostering International Brand Loyalty through Committed and Attached Relationships, 20(5), 521-534. doi:10.1016/j.ibusrev.2010.10.001 .International Business Review.Loyalty on Cosmetics Buying Behavior of UAE Female Consumers, 3(2), 123-133. doi: .

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Essay on Characteristics, Sources and Function of the Mesenchymal Stem Cell

This denoted that MSC senescence is associated with shortening of telomere length.However, most somatic cells lack of telomerase activity or have a low level of this enzyme.Several studies showed there is no or low telomerase activity in MSC using highly sensitive assay (Banfi et al.... middle of paper ... .In addition, the origin of MSC also play role in determining their senescence rate.

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Standard Costing Essay

0 per unit Using Alternative Formula: SMQV = (RBQ – BQ) BM For, X = (9750 – 10000) 18 = 4500 A Y = (13650 – 14000) 16 = 5600 A Z = (15600 – 16000) 12 = 4800 A Total SMQV = 14900 A Sales Margin Quantity Variance is also known as Sales Margin Sub Usages Variance.Formula: – —– 4 Proof: – We know that, TSMV = TAP – TBP SMPV = (AM – BM) AQ SMVV = (AQ – BQ) BM Therefore SMPV + SMVV = (AM – BM) AQ + (AQ – BQ) BM = AM x AQ – BM x AQ + BM x AQ – BM x BQ = TAM – TBM = TAP – TBP = TSMV (H. P. ) Example – 17: J. C. Ltd. is manufacturing and selling three standard product.Fixed Overhead Cost Variance (FOCV): – FOCV = TSFO for AO – TAFO = 9000 – 9500 = 500 A 2.Sales Margin Sheet Computation of Variances: – a) Total Sales Margin Variance (TSMV) = TAP –...

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Air Pollution

SO2 in the air leads to diseases of the lung and other lung disorders such as wheezing and shortness of breath.It can oxidize and form sulphuric acid mist.The main chemical component of SPM that is of major concern is lead, others being nickel, arsenic, and those present in diesel exhaust.These particles when breathed in, lodge in our lung tissues and cause lung damage and respiratory problems.Some industrial processes, such as production of paper and smelting of metals, produce sulphur dioxide.

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Learning Experience

In this training, I can say that I became a better person.Aside from the above mentioned learning, on-the-job training at BM also helped me improved my skills.These are: manage time, use fax machine that I didn’t know how to use before, ask help when you don’t know how and what to do because I believe in the saying that “He who is afraid to ask is ashamed of learning”, responsible, more polite to others in the way of greeting them, patient and exert full effort in the task given to me, have confidence and strength to overcome fears.Sometimes the more we commit mistakes the more we learned the lesson because as what they said we’ll learn a lot from our own mistakes.During the days of my training I familiarized the transactions in BM.

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Complex Definition Chemistry

The ligand field parameters (Dq, B, b) have also been calculated (Table 3) for the complexes 2 and three by using Konig’s method.The value of b lies in the range of 0.32-0.66, which indicates that the complexes 2 and 3 have significant covalent character.Molecular orbital coefficients 2 (in-plane -bonding ), 2 (in-plane π-bonding) and γ2 (out-plane π-bonding) were calculated using the Eq.The position of these bands is consistent with octahedral geometry around the Co (II) ion in complex 2 showed three absorption bands in the region 17,605; 25,794 and 38,461 cm-1 which have been assigned to 4A2g(F)→ 4T1g(P)(υ1); 4A2g(F)→ 4T1g(F)(υ2) and 4A2g(F)→ 4T2g(P)(υ3) respectively.This is also supported by the magnetic moment of compound 1 (1.81 B...

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