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Professional Goals Essay

I realized there was not enough time to excel in both fields, and I had to give up my job.Thus, financial help that could provide for additional books and transportation would do a world of difference in my studies.If granted a full scholarship, I promise and intend to finish the course in the shortest time possible through deep dedication in my studies.I am very interested in getting a scholarship from the BMCC Foundation, Inc. so that I could specialize in multimedia arts and design.Unfortunately, I had to work as a part-time cashier in a restaurant, and I was not able to finish my studies.

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Degree Rationale Essay

Before beginning to develop my program I checked two college catalogs where Human Services is taught, one was New York City Tech where in order to achieve an Associate of Arts degree in Human Service the required courses include child psychology and counseling methods, and the BMCC there is introduction to human services and introduction to sociology.On a daily basic, I deal with a wide variety of clients who have been homeless from a few days to many years.So far, I have been able to develop my communication skills as well as expand in human relations.I am employed with a non-profit organization which provides services such as counseling, housing and various programs for people with disabilities and substance abuse problems.Therefore, p...

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Nursing Shortage

Before the admission can occur, a decision has to be made to determine the availability of necessary equipment, appropriateness of the admission as well as the adequacy and skills of nursing staff.The decline in nursing instructors is due to the educational requirements of the instructor such as the baccalaureate (BSN) and masters (MSN) in nursing.In the healthcare field, the marginal analysis can be the cost of the nursing staff as compared to the revenue generated from the inpatient admission.Journal of Professional Nursing, 30 (1) 5–9.With the increase in the instructors to teach nursing more nurses can return to obtain a higher level of education and an increase in graduate nurses may emerge helping decrease the nursing shortage?

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Consortia and Revenue Streams Essay

A newer project with some consortia has been sharing faculty, in particular creating shared tenure-track positions.For students, a consortium agreement is generally a positive development since it enables them to share facilities with nearby institutions and take courses in their studies without complicated and uncertain transfer credit procedures.Institutions planning a partnership with each other and/or a community are given advice and a mentor to help them establish their program and meet their needs.CUNY alone has several consortia between its campuses but not necessarily encompassing all campuses.Examples are “Prelude to Success,” a collaboration between Hunter College and BMCC; the Consortium for International Studies (CCIS) used b...

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Comparing and Contrasting Between Certified Nurse-Midwife and Certified Midwife Essay

However, if the applicant is an RN but doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, some programs provide a bridge program to a bachelor’s degree prior to the midwifery portion of the program.If the applicant has a bachelor’s degree, but not an RN license, some programs will require attainment of an RN license prior to entry into the midwife program; others will allow the student to attain an RN license prior to graduate study.The requirement for admission to the Midwifery Education Program for CNM is quite different to CM.Other programs require a bachelor’s degree before entry into the midwifery program.According to Hartley Heather, a Certified Nurse Midwife is an individual trained and licensed in both nursing and midwifery, whereas a Certified M...

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Competency Differences between Associate degree Nurse and Baccalaureate Essay

Both degrees allow the nurse to enter in to the field of nursing as a Registered Nurse .The American Association of colleges of Nursing believes that education significantly impacts the knowledge base and competencies of nurse (AACN2010).BSN nursing knowledge is based on theory and research which allows opportunities to teach, assume a leadership role in the health care environment.American Association of colleges of health of nursing (2010).BSN educational program last for four years.Nursing website: factsheets/ impactednp.htm .

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Competency Differences between Associate degree Nurse and Baccalaureate degree nurse. Essay

The impact of education on nursing practice.The American Association of colleges of Nursing believes that education significantly impacts the knowledge base and competencies of nurse (AACN2010).Applying theory of nursing knowledge from evidence bases research in a holistic view of the individual, and their community.Running head: Competency Difference between Associate and Baccalaureate degree nurse 4 References American Association of colleges of health of nursing (2010).BSN nursing knowledge is based on theory and research which allows opportunities to teach, assume a leadership role in the health care environment.

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America's Nursing Shortage Analysis Essay

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.A critical examination of the U.S. nursing shortage: contributing factors, public policy implications.ABNF Journal, 23(2), 23.Consequently, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2014) report on 2012-2013 Enrollment and Graduations in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs in Nursing, American nursing schools denied admission to 79,659 qualified applicants from baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs in 2012.The Nurse Faculty Shortage.

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Evolution of Nursing Curriculum Essay

* Today, the State Board for Nursing has 23 members, consisting of 17 RNs, two LPNs, and four public members.* Dr. Washburn and Burlingham – advocated raising the whole standard of nursing profession in the requirements of admission and stressed the cultural values.* 1925 – A committee sponsored by American Nurses’ Association undertook a five-year study of nursing and nurse training.* 1909 – Plan for a university school of nursing was presented.They were required to prove two years of study in medical nursing, surgical nursing (including gynecology), obstetrical nursing, pediatrics, nutrition and cookery, drugs and solution, dietetics, instruction in contagious nursing, ethics, emergencies, mental nursing, personal hygiene, and provide ...

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Electronic Medical Records

One issue is that the emergency department admission form consists of a detailed list of items that help the nurses and physicians take care of patients.The mandatory components for the new emergency department admission form would be the patients name, date of birth, allergies, first set of vitals, and the fall assessment.There are many challenges of converting the emergency department admission record form over to an EMR system.The new program would not allow the end user to complete the form and hit submit without completing these questions.When the go live date has been met, the end user would only need to click on the emergency department admission form button and complete the form.

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Nurse Shortage Approaches Essay

The nursing shortage is not a quick fix, but acknowledgment of the problem is a beginning to a solution.Evidence based nursing, Vol.Nursing leadership, management and leadership style.Contrast and Compare Nursing Managers .Hospitals are also partnering with nursing schools in an effort to grow population of new nurses and possibly secure contracts with students who attend clinical at their facilities.

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School Profile : University Of Pittsburgh Essay

These degrees are popular through the School of Nursing (NURS), Swanson School of Engineering (ENGR), School of Education (EDUC), School of Social Work (SOC WK), School of Information Sciences (SIS) and the College of Business Administration (CBA).The degree curriculum will include core, electives, specialty and role development courses.Some students choose to add a minor in nursing research, education, informatics, genetics or administration.The School of Medicine’s two most popular degrees are the Master of Science in Nursing and the Doctor of Science in Nursing.The number of credits required to graduate from the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree depends on the concentration.

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Sustaining Employee Performance Essay

The median range of compensation for an employee with about five (5) years’ experience for an admission receptionist position is $22,800.Saddle River, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.Two positions that may be compared would be a triage nurse and an admission receptionist.Top 5 Reasons to offer Employee Benefits.There are 2% increases on the base annual salary for an annual merit increase on top of the individual bonus program.

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Telehealth in Nursing Practice

The philosophy behind the program is that it is cheaper for heath organizations to concentrate their resources on patients at high risk for hospitalization.In addition, telehealth can, as demonstrated by the Croydon program, deliver preventive treatment for patients with a high risk of hospitalization, while models, like the nurse-managed remote telemetry model in Pennsylvania, can resolve facility capacity problems.Virtual wards, real nursing.Telehealth nursing can, as with the Canadian pallitative care program, offer a convenient and affordable alternative for delivering nursing intervention and support for the hospice patient and their loved ones.Thus, telehealth nursing may promise a safe, convient and costeffective alternative to co...

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The Competencies Between BSN and ADN Nurses Essay

Multiple nursing councils have issued a statement asking all registers nurse’s to advance their education in the interest of quality and safety across healthcare settings to meet the nations needs to deliver safe, effective patient care (Education Advancement of Registered Nurses. )Nurses with a baccalaureate degree or higher are more marketable than the associate degree nurse, as shown by the fact that BSN nurses have stronger communication and problem solving skills and are more proficient in the ability to make nursing diagnoses and evaluate nursing interventions (Giger and Davidhizar, 1990 fact sheet ).The associate degree is a two to three year entry level tertiary education nursing degree.Without a higher level of education the cas...

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Adoption of new technology systems Essay

Cognitive Informatics and Nursing: Considerations for Increasing Electronic Health Records Adoption Rates.New York: Free Press ;.Rogers, E. M. (1983).These run from the registration of the patients, admission procedures as in the case of patients’ illnesses, writing down of the nursing procedures.In most cases, these will be evident from the institutions that have successfully installed and used the systems in place, and the progresses that they have made in relation to the admission of an adequate healthcare.

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Executive Summary: Streamline the Nursing Admission Process Essay

The targeted population for this project is the direct care nursing staff.Not to mention the nursing knowledge and skills.One way is to do a pre and post survey of the nursing staff regarding the admission process.Complexity science and the dynamics of climate and communication: reducing nursing home turnover.This nursing staff is currently responsible for the admission process.

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Competitive of college Submissions Essay

All colleges strive for the best for students but due to the competitive admission requirements students are not allowed to peruse what they want.Copyright 2013. .For instance, Harvard is a very prestigious University and the admissions has decreased in the year of 2012 7.1 percent admission.According to the Sally P. Springer in the article Competitive Colleges, in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the number of students graduating from high school has increased, and because of this most colleges compete in admission by choosing students of diverse and higher GPA standards and test scores.With that said, since there is an increase in student graduating from high school, colleges increase in cost of admission, higher GPA/test scores, an...

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The Nursing Home Administrator Essay

The role of a nursing home administrator encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities.There are moral, educational, and work experience requirements to meet prior to meeting with Board of Examiners of nursing home administrators.The moral character and suitability for licensure is a reflection of the ability for the individual needed to fulfill the responsibilities of nursing home administrator, competency, and ethical values.To meet requirements coursework, a 300 level class or higher, predominantly rich with inpatient, health care, and nursing home as Master’s degree in Health Care Administrator, Health Facility Administrator requiring certain number of hours of field experience or work experience as full-time Administrator of Reco...

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Competency Differences in Nursing Education levels

Although both ADN and BSN level of nurse differ in various perceptive, they all embrace the four major components of the metaparadigm of nursing.The financial cost and long duration of the program proved to be a big huddle for many women could not get into the program.Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to professional Nursing practice (5th ed).Because of the duration of the ADN program, nursing students mostly have time to concentrate on skills, bedside care, patient monitoring and medication administration.Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) .

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Epilepsy A Common Neurological Disease Nursing Essay

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne offers a program called ‘the children’s epilepsy program’ the aim of the program is to raise awareness, support, provide up to date knowledge and information to parents, care givers, teachers and family (RCH, Children’s epilepsy program, 2010),.Hockenberry, M.J, Wilson, D, 2011, Wong’s Nursing Care Of Infants And Children, Elsevier Mosby, St Louis, Missouri, USA .This leading to safe nursing care and a good outcome for Thomas and his family.Nurse becoming too familiar and not keeping that professional boundary with the family, this can severely impact the care given, and cause a breach in code of ethics and conduct set by the Australian Nursing and midwifery Council.Goodacre, S, Slattery, C, Upt...

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BSN nursing VS RN nursing Essay

“Although many RN programs begin with a professional nursing course in which values are addressed, such entry courses in ADN programs tend to focus more on nursing skills that must be learned than on values and beliefs of the profession.” (Kubsch, Hansen, & Huyser-Eatwell, 2008, p. 383) Bachelor programs focus more on the values and beliefs, in turn making it a more rounded education.It is perceived that “associate degree in nursing (ADN) programs, as a rule, emphasize psychomotor learning and technical skills necessary to carry out basic nursing tasks and medically related functions, and provide experiences in basic bedside nursing.” (Kubsch, Hansen, & Huyser-Eatwell, 2008, p. 375) The associate degree nursing program was create...

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Incorporating Theory Essay

The author strongly supported Newman’s theory of nursing to support to reduce falls in elderly group by taking fall prevention measures.According to Newman, the interventions (primary, secondary, and tertiary)are the purposeful nursing actions ,that help patients to maintain their stability and protects health.The implementation of fall prevention program, identify the high risk group, health education ,medication review, uses of multidisciplinary team like physical and occupational therapy to strengthen the muscles by exercises and activities are the secondary prevention measures to maintain their stability and prevent from falls.Nursing theories always guide to do assessment, intervention, and evaluation care.John,L.Creasia.,Elizabeth....

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Therapeutic relationships

Johns C Graham J (1996) Using a Reflective Model of Nursing and Guided Reflection.Despite the ward worked under CPA and used a more medical approach to nursing, the nursing team shared the same professional capabilities and worked towards holistic goals and recovery.Perhaps CPA would benefit from sharing some principles of a nursing model (like the Tidal Model), by using it as a tool more than as a paperwork and from a better staff training and promoting adherence to nursing models (Barker 2001).Nursing Standard 11 (2) 34-38. .Nursing Standard 16 (8) 33-35.

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The Bio Psychosocial Model In Healthcare

The threshold of admission in acute inpatient wards has considerably increased and the role of critical care nurses has also become more complex... Psychosocial interventions integrate collaborative participation of service users and carers at every stage including planning of services, training programs, formulation and implementation of strategies and diffusion of the recovery approach therefore, the impacts of these interventions can be evaluated by collating feedback from both critical care nurses and service users.Moreover, a tripartite structure for communication in between ward managers, program leaders and the trainees would help in successful implementation of the psychosocial interventions... To estimate the effectiveness of ...

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The theory of bio-psychosocial model

(*****) To establish the efficacy and implementation of the PSI, it is imperative to disseminate the basics and core PSI knowledge and values to the healthcare staff across the clinical environment.Nursing in general supports a holistic approach towards the service users and the role of nurses become even more significant in an acute in-patient wards where the patient’s are extremely vulnerable.However, to create a balance between critical care and general care services, it is advisable to specify the registered nursing hours so that the quality of critical care may not be compromised (Needleman et al, 2002).family work, medication management or clinical areas including acute inpatient, forensic etc.Moreover, a tripartite structure for c...

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Regulatory Agencies Paper

This program is assigned to have control of the state Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program and the Nurse Aide Registry.Another regulatory agency is Ombudsman program that was authorized under the Older Americans Act and administered by the Federal Administration on Aging, the LTC ombudsman program began in 1972 as a trial program and now every state has upheld its cause.Take for example, the government enforcement of quality standards in nursing home malpractice lawsuits.Although the Ombudsman program has no authority to set or enforce specific standards of care, the program has been found to be a positive, if under-resourced, influence on quality of care.The program is mainly comprised of volunteer staff and the initial...

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Nursing Essays – Knowledge and Skills for Nursing

A nursing process is important to evaluate, assess, cure and eliminated illnesses of person.To help the patient, nursing process and nursing model should be working hand in hand to help the patient survive.It is said to be done this way in order “to assist learners to develop a way of thinking about nursing in general terms.” It is mentioned above that main concept of the Roper, Logan and Tierney model is based mainly on twelve activities of living which is the main elements of nursing and is referred to as “basic human needs”.(1989) Conceptual Models of Nursing: Analysis and Application (2nd.Ed.)Nursing model should be holistic if this is the case.

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Analyse Contribution Of Engagement In Biopsychosocial Assessment Client Nursing Essay

Since nursing studies and practice are moved towards research based knowledge it seems that the human connection and relationship building have lost their place in the nursing profession.Hewitt J (2009) Redressing the balance in mental health nursing education: Arguments for a values-based approach International Journal of Mental Health Nursing 18 368-379. .Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008) The Code.Although, it could be argued that the reason, why CPA is lacking nursing background, is that it was not designed as a mental health nursing framework but for the use of mental health services.Despite the ward worked under CPA and used a more medical approach to nursing, the nursing team shared the same professional capabilities and w...

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The Value of Providing Smoking Cessation Clinics for Employees on Company Time

The cardiovascular nurse navigator is the core of the program.The stakeholders within the program work in sync to provide a handoff at every step of the process maximizing the objectives to meet their goals (outcomes).Data collection is assigned to the staff, according to their role in the program.The chosen program for this part of the assignment is the “Chronic Disease Management Program” (CDM).“Formative evaluation findings are usually reported to the program director and program staff and are typically released throughout the course of the evaluation” (Boulmetis & Dutwin, 2005, p. 48).

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