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How Do Songs Earn Money Essay

cfm/objectid/60901921-856A-426D-95468823EA6E0341>.ASCAP or BMI will monitor even television and radio programs, clubs, restaurants, and stores in order to determine what songs they play in their programs and establishments.This is where the functions of ASCAP and BMI come in.“How Do Songs Earn Money.” Retrieved from Nolo Pod Cast.

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Jazz and Popular Music Essay

The rise of Acuff-Rose Publishing is closely associated with and is considered as one of the drivers for positioning Nashville as one of the country music centers in America; and where country performers and song writers sought to establish themselves in the world of music, “Acuff-Rose readily gave Nashville an outlet for the fledging country songwriters.The new musical enterprise was able to establish close ties with ASCAP and BMI studios, which turned country music into the source of enormous profits (Pecknold, 2007).The popularity of country music and country songwriters depended on the way Acuff-Rose managed to collect and distribute the most promising pieces of country singing.Later during the 1950s, the bluesy and gutsy style of mu...

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Is Music Downloading A Good Idea? Essay

Many artists can take advantages of it and become famous, but did you know they still cannot get reciprocally benefit.As I am a violin player, I would like to share my recording on the Internet, but if music downloading such as out of controls that who wants become next sacrifice?The problem now is that the government has to administer strict law to stop illegal downloading and websites that provide it.If people cannot follow the rules, the free music downloading should be restricted.After that, Wicknick shows has American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI) worked with Congress and the FCC to change lawmaking and to ensure that radio stations acted fairly in tracking airplay.

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Alan Freed and the Payola Scandal Essay

This development signaled a “changing of the guard” and the ASCAP found that the change was ultimately not in their favor (Hood-Ancklewicz 3).The great professor and historian, Lord Acton, is quoted as saying, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.On the other end of the spectrum is the American government who continues to support censorship and participate in the creation of scapegoats when suitable to the larger political agenda.Overall, Alan Freed was a trendsetter who was perhaps “before his time” and thereby was punished accordingly for going against the grain.While the concept of payola presents an ethical flaw in the system it is nonetheless a flaw that is as inherent to the music industry as is manipulation to t...

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Application of Number – Bmi, Aim and Method

• Choose 20 males and females for comparison .Once I have completed this, I can create my final report to show what I have found.To do this I will need to look at the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a group of students.• Work out BMI of past students .From this I will be able to work out the BMI of the students and using the statistics, produce tables and graphs to show my findings.

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Obesity in the United States

The results of the statistical computations show that 22.1% from of Wave III young adults with a mean of 21.4 has a BMI of less than 30.The alternative hypothesis is that the BMI for the White, Black, Asian and Hispanic are all different.First is the comparison between the body mass indexes during the five year period using the software Stata version 8.0.Null hypothesis for the gender is that Male Group BMI is equal to the Female Group.The Alternative Hypothesis is that the Make Group BMI is not equal to the Female Group BMI.

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Body Image and Eating Disorders: Country Comparison

“Ethnic Differences in BMI and Disease Risk.” .In a pilot study conducted with 26 female medical students in Singapore, 58% reported feeling moderately or very fat, despite a mean Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.7.In comparison, Singapore has more censorship in the media.Asians have a smaller body structure and framework thus comparing to American, there’s a difference between the Body Mass Index (BMI).For Asians, a BMI that is 24 or higher is considered overweightand obesity, a BMI of 28 or higher (“Ethnic”).

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How Increased Portion Sizes Effect Obesity Drama Essay

While the serving sizes at fast food restaurants in America seem to be larger in comparison to other countries, this does not mean the restaurants are the only cause for America’s increases in obesity cases.To determine the amount of fat stored in a person’s body, a Body Mass Index (BMI) number is calculated.(CDC, About BMI for Adults, 2009) The BMI calculations are only one small part in determining a person’s health risks in relation to weight issues.One example of the effect “supersizing” has had on the typical caloric intake was the comparison of soft drink sizes served at a McDonald’s in the United States versus those sold at McDonald’s in the United Kingdom.The formula for determining a person’s BMI is the weight (in pounds) divide...

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Persuasive Health Campaign

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 31 Oct. 2011.“The Role of Social Comparison in the Effect of Magazine Advertisements on Women’s Mood and Body Dissatisfaction”.We would use the people’s BMIs and compare them to celebrities like Heidi Klum(BMI: 18), Jennifer Lopez (BMI: 19.3), Jennifer Love Hewitt (BMI: 21.9), Beyonce Knowles (BMI: 22), Queen Latifah (BMI: 23.7), Tom Cruise (BMI: 26), Ryan Reynolds (BMI: 25).We would make a site linked to social media pages like Facebook that would allow girls and boys to determine their BMI and compare them to a celebrity who might have otherwise been thought of as unrealistically fit/small/etc..“Calculate Your Body Mass Index.” Calculate Your BMI.

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Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle on Obesity

In conclusion, the results of this particular study show that sedentary life can actually contribute to overweight and obesity, since BMI is affected almost proportionally by the hours of inactivity.These factors influencing BMI were not taken under consideration in this study.As mentioned previously the BMI can be also used as a health index since from clinical studies it becomes clear that there is some correlation between the BMI and mortality.Also, the BMI of people being sedentary and utilising technology devices in their everyday life is an overweight range and has increased risks for developing some kind of disease, while the BMI of the people not having a sedentary lifestyle is in the normal range and definitely has fewer chances...

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Physiological Effects Of Obesity – Essay

According to the World Health Organization, if the BMI is in the range of 25-29, a person is overweight and if the BMI is 30 and above, the person is considered to be obese.Although BMI does not actually “measure” percentage of body fat, it is a useful tool to estimate a healthy body weight based on height.f) One of the scientific ways of understanding obesity is by calculating the body mass index (BMI).BMI “number” will inform one if one is underweight, of normal weight, overweight, or obese.Recent studies show that electrical impedance is not superior to BMI as a predictor of overall adiposity (Willett, et al., 2006) and in clinical samples, Ensrud and colleagues (1994) found the relationship between BMI and functioning to be stronger ...

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Math 30 IB Standard Level Body Mass Index Portfolio Assignment

In conclusion, this study has shown that for girls living in urban conditions, BMI can be modeled by the sinusoidal and logistic mathematical functions.Hopefully thanks to the work done in this report, parents will be able to track whether their children are above or below the median BMI for their age, and predict how much their BMI is likely to change in the following year using the functions derived in the report.Using the same assumption that human growth is related to the measurable value of BMI, that value is off because a human stops growing at ≈ 20 years of age and that value is more than a full unit higher than the BMI value at age 20 (21.65) based on the data.The lowest y-value on the scatter plot is the data point at 5 years (1...

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Movie Review: We Were Soldiers Essay

It won the ASCAP award and was nominated for three different awards.If somebody asked my opinion on this picture, I would strongly and possibly forcefully suggest that they would also enjoy such a film.In the movie, "We Were Soldiers," the Vietnam war is beginning.It is probably one of the best made films since "Braveheart"(1995), in many viewer's opinion.It starts off introd... ... middle of paper ... is at the end of Lt. Co. Moore's epic speech, "…I will be the first one to step on the battlefield, and the last to step off…" The reason I enjoyed the phrase so much, is because his primary goal in this message is, that he will not leave anyone behind, dead, or alive.

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Effect of trans fatty acids intake on blood lipid profile

BMI overweight Count 1 0 0 1 .So this study aim to find out the correlation between the consumption of diatery trans fatty acid and fasting lipid profile & body mass index (BMI) in different age groups.Table (4) comparison between different age groups according to BMI .% within BMI 100.0% .0% .0% 100.0% .% within BMI 4.0% 28.0% 68.0% 100.0% .

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The Concerns of Obesity in Children and Young People

In another longitudinal study, which followed a sample of 155 healthy boys and girls from 2 to 20 years of age, standardised BMI score of boys (standard deviation of BMI using age and gender specific BMI percentile curve) was correlated to BMI of the mother and father.BMI, sum of skinfold thickness, and waist circumference, but not BMI z score, have been frequently used in obesity research.For girls, BMI of the father was significantly associated with standardised BMI score of the child, but BMI of the mother was only significantly related to standardised BMI score of the child at age 8 or older (Magarey, Daniels, Boulton, & Cockington 2003).(2007) Adiposity in adolescents: change in actual BMI works better than change in BMI z score...

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Hip Joint Rotation Range of Motion (ROM) in Adults: Analysis

Other verified findings are being male, an increase in BMI and/or an increase in age give predominant ER.Almeida GPL, De Souza VL, Sano SS, Saccol MF, Cohen M, 2012 Comparison of hip rotation range of motion in judo athletes with and without history of low back pain :231-235 .The paper infers that ER predominance might apply to patients with THA that are older with a high BMI, but states that further tests should be done.Van Dillen LR, Bloom NJ, Gombatto SP, Susco TM, 2008 Hip rotation range of motion in people with and without low back pain who participate in rotation-related sports 9:72–81 .Assessing BMI is not a clear indicator as movement can be obstructed by the amount of adipose tissue (Park et al.

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Effectiveness of Ivy Gourd Leaves Powder on Blood Glucose

The chi-square was used to associate the level of post test blood glucose level with age, occupation, income, dietary pattern, family history of diabetes mellitus, life style practice, and BMI.The comparison of 14 day post prandial and 28 day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 11.961 is significant at <0.001 .The comparison of pretest post prandial and 14 day post test post prandial blood glucose level, the computed value of ‘t’ is 21.912 is significant at <0.001. .The present study findings have several implications in Nursing practice, Nursing Education, Nursing Research and Nursing Administration.The comparison of pretest fasting and 14 day post test fasting blood glucose level, the com...

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Comparison Between Sugar And Beverage Intake And Children Aged 5-10 Of United Kingdom And Republic Of Kazakhstan

In that case 24-hour recall will be conducted with help of child minder.Findings from short period studies also support link between high sugar intake and overweight and obesity, however these trials are few (Malik et al., 2006).In World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) definition BMI greater or equal to 25 is classified as overweight, greater or equal 30 – obese (WHO, 2006).Comparing percentag... ... middle of paper ... large cross sectional studies with long period to follow up investigated positive association between greater intake of sugary products and drinks and weight gain (Malik et al., 2006).Body mass index (BMI) is the weight-for-height index used to identify overweight and obese people.

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The Impact of Obesity on the American Economy

Obesity in the Workplace: Development of a conceptual framework.Using a dynamic multi-stage model of the relationship between BMI and risk for five diseases strongly linked to weight status, (Thompson et al) generated associated medical care costs for each stage of the model.Prhizi, S, Pasupathy, K, Steege, Linsey M. (2012).Because different methodologies and data sources were used, comparison between the different studies is somewhat difficult.They found overweight (BMI 27.5) to increase expected lifetime medical care costs for the five diseases studied by almost 20% compared to the healthy-weight group (BMI 22.5).

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Obesity in Black American Women

The Anglo Londoners chose a BMI size of 20, the ethnic Zulus chose BMI 26 and the migrant Zulus chose a BMI of 24. .BMI is simply a comparison of weight to height.His book takes the reader through small steps of diet and lifestyle changes that together create a whole new diet makeover making healthful eating simple and thus ‘automatic’.BMI is a useful tool for most of the population, but does not work well for heavily muscled people, such as body builders.Each participant in were shown gray scale images of women of known BMI.

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Obesity in America

New York Post .On the other hand, an obese individual will have a BMI more than 30.In reference to the BMI, a normal individual will have a BMI ranging from 18.5 to 24.9.The difference between the two can be generated based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a comparison of individual body weight to height status.In reference to the BMI it is having a BMI more than 30.5 which in most cases imply that the individual is having a body weight at least 30 percent of their ideal weight for a given height.

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Broken Family Essay

Father’s Body Mass Index (BMI) predicts son’s and daughter’s BMI independent of offspring’s alcohol intake, smoking, physical fitness, and father’s education Furthermore, BMI in sons and daughters consistently higher when fathers were overweight or obese Physical fitness of daughters negatively related to their father’s obesity Obesity of fathers associated with a four-fold increase in the risk of obesity of sons and daughters at age 18 Source: Burke V, Beilin LJ, Dunbar D. “Family lifestyle and parental body mass index as predictors of body mass index in Australian children: a longitudinal study.” Department of Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital, University of Western Australia, and the Western Australian Heart Research Institute; Perth, Au...

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Varicocele Management During Herniorrhaphy

Furthermore, all 4 of these patients had indirect inguinal hernia, lower BMI and grade 3 varicocele.There are 3 possible reasons for this phenomenon: the higher number of dissection maneuvers performed over the spermatic cord during surgery, the higher grade of varicocele and the lower BMI (which increases the chance of the nutcracker phenomenon, increases hydro- static pressure in the scrotum, and decreases fat tissue in the spermatic cord).15,16 However, the actual etiology needs further evaluation.All 3 patients with hydrocele after surgery had indirect inguinal hernia, grade 3 varicocele and lower BMI (mean, 21.8 22.9).At the same time, lower BMI could have resulted in poor relief of the nutcracker phenomenon, which led to progressi...

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Physical Activity and Older Adults Essay

The BMI categories assessed were underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese.The researchers hypothesized that intervention group participants would be able to maintain their kilocalorie(kcal) expenditure from baseline to 6 months as compared with the kcal expenditure of the usual care comparison group.Findings showed a negative relationship between physical activity and excess weight, no relationship between social activity and BMI, and  a positive relationship between excess weight and sedentary activities.This provides a strong case for the benefits of physical activity in older adults and indicates that the positive effects are not only limited to a physical dimension but that increasing physical activity can also enhance the qu...

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Virgin Atlantic Airways Business Analysis Project

4.2 bmi Group .Following the acquisition of BMED in 2007, bmi gained access to 17 midhaul routes to the Middle East, Asia and Africa.bmi began life in 1938 as Air Schools Ltd, specialising in RAF pilot training.The turn of the century saw a rapid expansion of routes offered by bmi including routes to Washington DC and Chicago, longhaul services to Mumbai, India and Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and midhaul routes to Moscow Domodedovo.In July 2009 Lufthansa took control of bmi with Stefan Lauer replacing Sir Michael Bishop as chairman.

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Acute Myocardial Infarction and Periodontal Disease

Hence steps were applied to create three new variables such as ranked data, group mean ranks and deviation from mean ranks... *p<0.05; BMI are represented as Mean ± SD .Hence, homogeneity of variance was not met.Nevertheless, hypertension (Exp (B) = 4.117, p (.026) <0.05), dietary habits (Exp (B) =2.507, p (.048) <0.05) and BMI (Exp (B) = 2.046, p (.034) <0.05) were also found to be significantly increasing the chances of hazardous outcome (AMI).The Levene’s test uses the level of significance set a priori for the t test analysis (e.g., α = .05) to test the assumption of homogeneity of variance.

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The Prevalence Of Britain And Wales Essay

It is said that obesity is extremely closely related to the socio-economic status, with obesity prevalence increasing with increased level of deprivation (National Obesity Observatory, 2011).In 2012, England had 61.9% of adults classed as obese, Scotland had 27.1% and Wales had 23%, these statistics are drastically different, England has a lot more obese people in comparison to Scotland and Wales (Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2014).Internationally England is the 6th most obese country with a prevalence of 24.8% in 2011 in comparison to the United States being the most obese country with a prevalence of 35.9% in 2010 and Japan is the least obese country with a prevalence of 3.5% in 2010 (Public Health England, 2016c).The loc...

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Beyonce Essay

Beyonce’ says she feels free, because she can go into the studio and talk about whatever she wants.Many great artist are also featured on Dangerously In Love.Beyonce’s father and manager, Mathew Knowles share the experiances and successes of the already multi-platinum album, Dangerously In Love.In many ways, she admits that it was harder to be on her own since she depended on the group so much.Destiny’s Child took home two Grammy Awards for best R&B song and best R&B pergformannnce by a Duo or Group for the hot “Say My Name.

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Overweight And Obesity Of Saudi Arabian Adolescents Physical Education Essay

BMI: calculation formula “Body weight in Kg/Height in meter*2 (James, 2004).– overweight >85th – <95th BMI percentile .-BMI: weight in kilogram divided by height in meters square.-BMI= Weight (in kg)/Height (in m2).Based on the WHO growth chart table (Onis et al,2004); Underweight < 5th percentile of BMI for age, Normal weight 5th to < 85th percentile of BMI for age, Overweight 85th to < 95th percentile of BMI for age, Obese = 95th percentile of age.

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Math Statistics Project

A: Nearly one-quarter of U.S. adults are obese (BMI greater than or equal to30).5 All adults (20+ years old): 39.8 million (22.3 percent) Women (20+ years old): 23 million (25 percent) Men (20+ years old): 16.8 million (19.5 percent) On my table with my secondary data alongside my primary data I had to minus obese percentage from overweight percentage as overweight percentage includes obese people.But this reason is disproved because the frequency of weights in females isn't concentrated on less weight but more evenly distributed than men.overweight = BMI greater than or equal to25 to <30 ; obesity = BMI greaterthan or equal to30 the BMI is the body mass index.Prehaps the best reason of all could be that a lot of the overweight women ...

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