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Desulfurization Simulated Gasoil

Reaction conditions: 5 mL model oil (S content=500 ppm); t=1 h; T =40 °C; H O = 64 µL, catalyst = 3.5 mg, [Bmim]PF =1 mL ... Synthesis of ionic liquid and model oil: Ionic liquid [Bmim]PF was synthesized as mentioned in the literature [10].[9] Y. Liu, S. Liu, S. Liu, D. Liang, S. Li, Q. Tang, X. Wang, J. Miao, Z. Shi, Z. Zheng, Facile Synthesis of a Nanocrystalline Metal–Organic Framework Impregnated with a Phosphovanadomolybdate and Its Remarkable Catalytic Performance in Ultradeep Oxidative Desulfurization, ChemCatChem 5 (2013) 3086-3091. ... Synthesis of H PW VO (PW V), H PW V O (PW V ) and K PW V O (PW V ): .Reaction conditions: 5 mL model oil (S content = 500 ppm); (STA) PW V = 3.5 mg; time=3 h; H O = 64 µ...

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Developing Natural Gas Sweetening Processes

By studying the spatial structure, interaction energy, local electrostatic potential and excess chemical potential, this work will contribute to the IL society with the first molecular dynamics simulation of CH dissolves in ILs and CO /CH gas mixture dissolves in ILs.In summary, the solubilities and selectivities of CO and CH pure gas and gas mixtures in four ILs will be calculated.For each IL, the equilibration trajectory of pure IL in NPT ensemble is needed.Although only four ILs, [hmim][Tf N], [bmim][Tf N], [bmim][PF ] and [bmim][CH SO ], are under this proposed research, we can expect to find out the anion effect to CO /CH selectivity.Thus the CO /CH selectivities in different ILs could be compared using all the aforeme...

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Synthesis of New Coordination Polymers or MOFs

The coordination polymer [Cu(I)(bpp)]BF [bpp = 1,3-bis(4-pyridyl)propane] [56] was prepared by solvothermal reaction using the ionic liquid [bmim][BF4] (bmim = 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium).The synthesis parameters such as solvent, electrolyte, voltage-current density, and temperature on the synthesis yield and textural properties of the MOFs obtained, was investigated and the produced MOF structures were characterized by X-ray diffraction, gas adsorption, atomic force microscopy, diffuse reflectance infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy.Synthetic methods such as solvothermal synthesis (conventional approach), microwave synthesis [45], sonication synthesis [46], mechanochemical synthesis [47], and soli...

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Kiliani-fischer Synthesis of Monosaccharides

The tautomer of the resulting intermediate has a nucleophilic carbon, C , which is attacked by a lone pair present on the OH group on the other end of the aldonic acid chain.The electrons from the O-H bond of the attacking OH group is withdrawn by the O , and the resulting proton is attacked by a lone pair on the OH group attached to C The lone pair from the O of the other OH group attached to C forms a second bond between C and O, and a H O molecule leaves as a leaving group.If the starting assumption made by Fischer was true, then this implied that the –OH group at C in L-arabinose (and thus C in D-glucose and D-mannose) must be on the left side or the product would be optically inactive (Wagner, 2004).In order to apply the Kili...

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Essay on Organic Compounds ( Organic Chemistry )

The chemical reaction is Dehydration synthesis.From the parents .• then the combination (complimentary sequence) is AGCUAGGUC because for RNA the rule is A with U and C with G. There is no T in in the complimentary sequence.For example 2 monosaccharides (glucose and fructose) form 1 disaccharide (sucrose) by dehydration synthesis.“OH” is removed from glucose and “H” is removed from fructose (OH + H = water) and that forms sucrose.

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Chemical Synthesis of a Gene: Phosphodiester Approach

The free -NH2 groups in the bases remains protected by benzoylation or acylation depending upon the bases and the -OH group is protected by dimethoxytrityl group (DMT).For synthesis of a gene, the oligonucleotides (about 30-60 nt long) are synthesized chemically so that each oligonucleotide has a 6-9 nt overlap with its neighboring oligonucleotide.Besides, other methods in use for gene synthesis are successive extension PCR, simplified gene synthesis (PCR based), synthons and ligation by selection, to name a few.(i) Synthesis of individual fragments of the DNA of interest: ten to twelve 60mer oligonucleotides with 20 bp overlap are mixed and a PCR reaction is carried out with high-fidelity DNA polymerase Pfu to produce DNA fragments that...

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Multistep Synthesis of Tetraphenylcyclopentadienone Essay

The MP of benzoin was 127O-130O C and the IR spectra displayed a carbonyl peak at 3415 cm-1 ,,which represents and OH functional group.The benzoin obtained (0.370 g) had a percent yield of 28.91% and melting point of 127O-130O C. The IR spectrum displayed a strong carbonyl peak at 2912 cm-1, a small OH peak at3415.24 cm-1 and an alkene group at 1472 cm-1 which represented the conjugated phenyl rings.In addition there was no OH peak on the IR spectrum.In the last step of the synthesis a double aldol condensation was used to form tetraphenylcyclopentadienone.In this step, the OH group present in benzoin is deprotonated and the nitric acid is attached.

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Synthesis of Aspirin

Esterification is the acid catalyzed reaction of a carboxyl (-COOH) group and an -OH group of an alcohol or phenol to form a carboxylate ester.This is the synthesis step you will perform in this assignment.The final step in the commercial synthesis of aspirin involves the reverse of this reaction.( Determine the limiting reagent in the synthesis reaction (show calculations).The present experiment will be the synthesis of a familiar organic compound called aspirin.

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A Description of DNA Replication

All cellular life forms and many DNA viruses, phages and plasmids use a primase to synthesize a short RNA primer with a free 3′ OH group which is subsequently elongated by a DNA polymerase.The 5′ end of the nicked strand is transferred to a tyrosine residue on the nuclease and the free 3′ OH group is then used by the DNA polymerase for new strand synthesis.As the cell grows and divides, it progresses through stages in the cell cycle; DNA replication occurs during the S phase (synthesis phase).As DNA synthesis continues, the original DNA strands continue to unwind on each side of the bubble, forming a replication fork with two prongs.In the adenoviruses and the φ29 family of bacteriophages, the 3′ OH group is provided by the side chain of...

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Burgess and Martin Dehydrating Reagents

The enantioselective synthesis of (-)-jiadifenin was carried forward with the assistance of Martin sulfurane.Wensley reported that treatment of a secondary alcohol with Martin sulfurane can lead to the production of a ketone by oxidation, in addition to the predicted olefin containing compound during the synthesis of their natural product containing a spiroketal enol ether.The loner –OH was protected via a silyl ether to allow the deprotection of the pivaloyl ester and formation of the –OH group.The synthesis of (+)-lycoricidine involved the use of the Burgess reagent in order to selectively deprotect the hydroxyl group and to promote elimination.Burgess reagent is either involved in the final step in order to form the olefin or partic...

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Perkin Reaction Essay

The peak at 2518 presents the carboxylic acid –OH peak.To confirm the successful synthesis of the product IR, NMR and GCMS were used.This could confirm that the impurities were in fact present in synthesis, which confirms why the melting point is not closer to the theoretical value and why certain peaks on the IR spectra are not as what they should be.The value at 3412 presents the carboxylic acid –OH peak.However there was an issue with the peak for the OH of the carboxylic acid and the –CH peak of the double bond not being as broad and strong compared to the literature.

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Carboxylic acid Essay

After reaction, hydrolysis is carried out in an acidic medium to obtain the carboxylic acid.It is composed: .In organic chemistry, a carboxyl group is a functional group composed of a carbon atom, linked by a double bond to an oxygen atom and linked by a single bond to a hydroxyl group: -OH .The term carboxylic acid refers to a molecule comprising a carboxyl group (–C (O) OH).First step: addition of the Grignard reagent to the CO2 .

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Oh! Susanna Essay

No song had exceeded five thousand sales in the United States, Oh!This is one of the few Foster songs to use the word" nigger "(along with Old Uncle Ned and Oh!Suzanna makes the synthesis of several musical The Byrds in 1965. .It was there that he wrote Oh!

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Solvothermal Preparation of CaTiO3 Prism and CaTi2O4(OH)2

On view of the potential application, the structure of CaTi O (OH) is what we want.With the increase of NaOH concentration to 5 M, i. e. in the high OH ion concentration, because of solvothermal synthesis of CaTiO crystal defects and grain size effect, CaTiO particles are formed.Compared with free –OH ( 3600 cm ),the absorption peak shifts to low wavelength, which is due to the coordinated water molecules via hydrogen bonding interaction to the CO of the interlamination .However, a large amount of Ti(OH) was formed when NaOH concentration was increased to 1M, O-H group of TiO octahedron free end decreases, the probability of Ca into the lattice of the increase, the formation of tetragonal CaTiO particles.Due to forming a l...

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Preparation of Bis Acetylacetonao Copper

Acetylacetonate bonds through both lone paor of oxygen.NH3, HCO3-, OH- etc.neutral ligands like H2O: (water, aqua in complex name) or :NH3 (ammonia, ammine in complex name) and negatively charged ligands like :OH- (hydroxide, hydroxo in complex name), Cl- (chloride ion, chloro in complex name) and :CN- (cyanide ion, cyano in complex name).A general method of synthesis is to react the metal ion with acetylacetone in the presence of a base (B): .Small amount of ammonia is added to Cu(H2O)6]2+( aq) to form Cu(H2O)4 (OH) 2] ( aq) ions..

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DNA And RNA Structure and Functions

All these are essential in the normal functioning of the cell especially in protein synthesis.The ribosome attaches to mRNA and gives stabilizing structure which holds materials in position during protein synthesis.Roles played by mRNA: Principally mRNA carries genetic information from DNA into the ribosome, which is required for protein synthesis during translation.The DNA has thymine shielded by methyl group which gives extra stability whereas RNA has uracil without any protecting group.In the absence of cap the mRNA binds poorly to the ribosome eventually less protein synthesis in the cell.

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Vitamin D as Hormone Essay

Clinical laboratory professionals have a responsibility to improve the precision and accuracy of current 25OHD assays in clinical use.The synthesis of 1, 25(OH)2 D is tightly regulated and stimulated primarily by serum parathyroid hormone .The reduction of the risk of hip fracture in the elderly is one such area.The realisation that vitamin D can act in a paracrine and autocrine manner in addition to its well-described endocrine action opens up considerable opportunities for the development of new understanding of the requirement for an adequate vitamin D status for optimal health.This work will require the collaboration between the profession and instrument and reagent manufacturers.

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Properties of Zeolites as Cataystics

Over the years, the synthesis process of zeolites have encompassed the principles of green chemistry as described in the report which has included waste prevention, energy efficiency, fewer environmental impacts, safer solvents, renewable materials, process intensification, catalysis and reduction in capital cost.Catalytic or adsorbent properties that cannot be achieved by direct synthesis utilise post-synthesis (secondary) treatments to increase catalytic activity, shape selectivity or porosity and thermal/hydrothermal stability.High Temperature Reaction Mixture: At this temperature, zeolites are formed from amorphous material which involves, reorganisation of the low temperature synthesis mixture, nucleation and precipitation (crystall...

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RNA Processing and Synthesis

Genetic techniques have being used to create a transcription unit containing only a single 350-bp gene, in order to simplify the study of the synthesis of t RNA tyr1.However , the precursors of some of the t RNA molecules lack a terminal CCA.With the help of these molecules the CCA is added by the enzyme t RNA nucleotidyl transferase.There also a frequent occurrence of different t RNA molecules in a single transcript.Example, one t RNA (thr) and one t RNA (ser) are present in a single unit in E.coli.

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Synthesis of Acetylsalicylic Acid Essay

The reaction behind the synthesis is nucleophilic acyl substitution.Theoretically, salicylic acid would give a positive result because of the presence of hydroxyl group (-OH).The oxygen atoms of the acid group –COOH, and of the -OH group on the salicylic acid together can form a complex with Fe(H2O)6 +3.The synthesis of aspirin involved the acid-catalyzed nuclephilic acyl substitution.The synthesis of organic compounds is indeed very helpful in chemistry and through this process, one can have a glimpse on how chemical processes works in real life.

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Immobilization of Amylase on Magnetic Nanoparticles Essay

One drawback of existing immobilization technologies is that the activity of enzyme decreases significantly upon immobilization due possibly to changes in enzyme secondary structure, or limited access of substrate to the active site of the surface bound enzyme (Lei et al, 2009).Although there have been many significant developments in the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles, maintaining the stability of these particles for a long time without agglomeration or precipitation is an important issue.Other method used for synthesis like: Thermolysis of metal-containing compounds, synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles at a gas-liquid interface, synthesis in reverse micelles and sol-gel method (Gubin et al, 2005).Thus, despite numerous reported ap...

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Structure of Water and Its Dynamic Hydrogen Bond Network

in the range of 5500 to 7800 cm They observed the band at 7000 cm-1 gradually shifts to higher wavenumber is due to free OH vibrations and at 673 K and 400 bar pressure the absorption band retain the rotational features i.e.This technique becomes powerful tool for the elucidation of spectral changes induced by temperature, time and concentration.By applying their method, Hollenberg et al.From Raman scattering it is observed that for liquid H O and D O a broad weak hydrogen bending band at 60 cm and it is observed to be decreases as temperature rise, the band near 170 cm is produced by the stretching motion of O-H band in water molecule.It shows peculiar properties such as negative volume of melting, density maximum at 277 K, high me...

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Shotgun Proteomics Analysis of Foc TR4

Thus, we believe that developing a new generation of fungicides or by dsRNAs with absorption of a selective action on ergosterol synthesis will become a new perspective for efficiently controlling Fusarium wilt of banana.Additionally, by blast analysis of existing genomic data, no orthologous genes/proteins in banana were found for all up-regulated proteins including ERG6, ERG11/CYP51, ERG13 and ERG25 of ergosterol synthesis pathway.It should be noted that despite the fact that ERG4, ERG26 and HMG1 in the ergosterol synthesis pathway were found to be down-regulated by RT-PCR, and showed a negative relationship to their protein abundance, these could still be useful targets for HIGS-based new banana recombinants against TR4.The ergostero...

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One-pot Synthesis of Porous Coordination Polymers

Kitagawa and coworkers have used the combination of the coordination-modulation method and microwave synthesis to control the size and morphology of HKUST-1 in which dodecanoic acid was employed as the coordiantion modulator.Oh reported that pyridine was added in the solvothermal synthesis of In-MIL-53 to manipulate the morphology of the microsized crystals.To date, many research efforts have been focused on the design, synthesis and applications of bulk MOFs materials; however, nanosized MOFs (NMOFs) materials have become increasingly interesting in the last decade because their microstructure, morphology and size also determine the properties and applications of NMOFs materials.Therefore, the design and synthesis of crystals with sp...

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Introduction to Organic Chemistry Essay

Also, the misreading of some measurements may have also affected the results of this experiment.The –OH functional group is known as the auxochrome, which modifies the ability of the chromophore to absorb the light.Furthermore, this experiment also aimed to understand the mechanism behind the synthesis of Sudan-1.The general reaction pattern for Sudan synthesis first undergoes diazotization reaction and then coupling reaction with highly activated aromatic compounds.The synthesis of Sudan-1 has a two-step reaction – diazotization and coupling reactions.

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Synthesis of CNTs From Hydrocarbons Resources by CCVD

Catalysts play an essential role for synthesis of CNTs in the CCVD and hence enhance the suitable characteristics of desired catalyst will be improved the attained CNTs quality and process yield as well.Despite considering the Fe, Co, and Ni metals nanoparticles the effective catalyst for CNTs synthesis, other metals such as Cu, Au, Ag, Pd, and pt as well were discovered to be catalysts for CNTs growth from a variety of hydrocarbons.Generally, there are two processing system patterns for CCVD to synthesis CNTs are horizontal and vertical system.On the other hand, synthesis of high purity SWCNTs at low temperature was reported when Fe-Co supported on zeolite utilized as a catalyst in alcoholic CVD and since then, ethanol consider as the m...

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Phosphonium Vermiculites Dispertion: Polymethylmethacrylate

Until now, three main methods have been considered for the synthesis of polymer/clay composites: melt blending, solvent exfoliation and in situ polymerization [6].B., “Morphology, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Phosphonium Vermiculite Filled Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Composites”, 126/2 (2012), 601-607. .In addition , the obtained PBTP nanocomposites showed better mechanical properties than those prepared without ultraphonic, suggesting the great potential of ultraphonic in situ polymerization in the synthesis of polymer/clay nanocomposites.Thus, it is necessary to modify the surfaces of pristine clays and introduce other synthesis methods, whi ch can overcome the shortcoming s [8].In the FTIR spectrum of VMT (Figure 1a), the...

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Vitamin D Impact on the Liver and Kidney

In addition, Wu and colleagues demonstrated a possible alternative mechanism of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D synthesis linked to the fact that both 24-hydroxylase and 1-α-hydroxylase enzymes share equivalent metabolic capability and they proposed the possibility of protein- protein interaction between intracellular vitamin D binding protein and 1-α-hydroxylase (Wu et al., 2002).Figure 2 shows the details of vitamin synthesis including the enzymes and cofactors required for each step.This results in mechanical instability of the DNA structure and enhances the net binding capacity of the coactivators with their corresponding receptors at nucleosomal histone level and leads to the upregulation of these transcriptional coactivators which in trun...

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The Structure Of DNA

The mRNA carries coding information from the DNA to the site of protein synthesis (the ribosome), tRNA helps in the recognition of the codons & provides corresponding amino acid.rRNA has the catalytic role in the formation of peptide bonds during protein synthesis.Various forms of RNA .Functions of RNA .Whereas, in RNA 2′-OH group undergoes alkaline hydrolysis of phosphodiester bond at neutral pH catalyzed by OH anion.

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Synthesis of an Alkyl Halide

The equation for the synthesis is given below: .With the contact between the proton (H+) derived from the acid and the tertiart alcohol within an elevated temperature it produces a reaction wherein the OH group in the alcohol is acknowledged as the leaving group.In order to ensure more accurate results in succeeding trials with its synthesis, some ideas must be taken into account.The synthesis of tert-butyl chloride involves the reaction of a tert-butyl carbocation intermediate.Returning to the synthesis of tert-butyl chloride, the free hydride (H-) which remains within the aqueous solution may also react with the carbocation intermediate before it reacts with the chloride anion in the solution.

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