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On Being Sane In Insane Places

Table 2: Judgement of all admissions patients as to the likelihood that they are pseudo patients .. Rosenhan claims that the study demonstrates that psychiatrists cannot reliably tell the difference between people who are sane and those who are insane.The study was a type of field experiment and was thus fairly ecologically valid whilst still managing to control many variables such as the pseudo patients’ behaviour.The manipulation (Independent variable) was the made up symptoms of pseudo patients, the dependent variable was the psychiatrists’ diagnostic admission of the pseudo patient and diagnostic labelling.The study demonstrates both the limitations of classification and importantly the appalling conditions in many psychiatric hospi...

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Essay about Food Products in the US

Each distinction of food product fulfills different wants and needs in society, and the differences in substance classification and regulation, serve to help society at large.Classifications of food products in the United States fall into three broad categories: conventional foods, pharmaceuticals, and dietary supplements.Whereas, European regions have hybrid combinations, ( like pseudo-drugs and supplemental foods) there are only 3 distincti... ... middle of paper ... ... help acquire customers effectively, and coupled with extensive patent laws, as well as ridiculous profit margins during production, make pharmaceutical firms few and lucrative.The advertising requirements for these food products are stricter, and not as tempting to cus...

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Psychological Issues Essay

However, a strength of both studies reliability, is that it was conducted in various hospitals, the same symptom was reported in all of them and the same diagnosis was given (in .They both deceived the hospital and no member of staff gave consent on being a part of the study and/or being observed.The same does not happen with Slater’s experiment which could have been deceived considering that Slater had previously been diagnosed with depression, which could have leaded her into acting in a way that would affect the diagnosis.The fact that the psychiatric system can be tricked does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t work effectively on genuine patients.And the fact that none of the participants on Rosenham’s study had a history of men...

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Bach flower essences Essay

According to Edzard Ernst, professor of complementary medicine at the University of Exeter, "the hypothesis that Bach flowers have a superior effect to a placebo is not supported by rigorous clinical studies carried out ”,.A 2005 study considered ineffective treatment with Bach flowers for hyperactivity in children.This would be reinforced by introspection of the emotional state of the patient and by the fact of being listened to by the practitioner, the act of selecting and taking the remedy acting, in this hypothesis, like a “relaxing ritual”.Nevertheless, none of her flowers have been substantiated by scientific experimentation on a significant sample of people, and it is all based on her "intuition"; without scientific argument.The u...

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Amendments of Public Entertainments and Meetings Act (PMA)

The notion of “self-classification” suggests that local art practitioners are granted with an autonomous, free-willed, and imperative role of contribution in the development and undertaking of the classification guidelines.I look forward to hearing from you, .In a similar vein, MDA’s espoused notion of “empowering” art practitioners by according them the prerogative in deciding the classification of their art works remains highly contentious as in practice, artists are subjugated to the strict adherence of MDA’s policing mechanisms by proxy and consequently, are renounced of any leeway to exercise their personal liberties.Yet, such has been reflected otherwise in practice as the “classification” of art works remain subjugated to the pres...

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Nitrogen Fixation in Pasture Systems

A successful example of the BNF contribution in pastures is given by a particular agrosilvopastoral system in the Mediterranean area of Southern Iberian Peninsula.Despite many decades of progress and the acquisition of a large amount of information, the physiological and molecular bases for the tolerance of legume rhizobia symbiotic systems to environmental stress remains largely unknown.Finally, a better understanding of the diversity and dynamics of soil populations of rhizobia and how they affect the establishment of inoculant strains in nodules of the host plant is also required for the development of highly competitive commercial strains.Practical approaches to enhanced nitrogen fixation and improved tolerance to edaphic constraints...

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ladder of natural Essay

Andrea Cesalpino proposes in his work De plantis libri XVI (1583) a new classification inspired by Theophrastus, where plants are grouped into different classes.The fall of Lucifer, reported in the Christian religion, particularly terrible, because this angel, entirely made of spirit, challenged God, the ultimate perfection.This scala naturæ is still evoked today in the French expression “plus bas que terre” (corresponding to the insult “lower than dirt” in English).In this dichotomy, the struggle between the flesh and the spirit becomes a moral struggle.He has mortal flesh, like the lower levels, but also a spirit.

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Ancient grains Essay

Their outlets consist mainly of organic food, vegan and dietetic food, in particular that of people sensitive to gluten.The classification of grains as cereals and pseudo-cereals obviously has no taxonomic value and the designation "Ancient grains" in North America may have been motivated by commercial considerations.Old grains are the subject of renewed interest in conservation agriculture and in particular in organic agriculture.A recent study shows that in tests under ordinary conditions of spelled, engrain and starch crops can obtain gluten levels comparable or superior to that of common wheat and that in conventional agriculture the efficiency of the inputs nitrogen to obtain high levels protein and gluten is superior for older grai...

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Support use of medication Essay

• Research information about the medicines  using the BNF and any other sources.Outcome 8 Be able to record and report on use of medication The learner can: .The classification of medicines are all related to the medicines act 1968, while working with medication it is good to have an understanding and working knowledge of the common types of medication.2. outline the legal classification system for medication .The prescriber should have access to the most up to date version of the British National Formulary (BNF) which is the prescriber’s ‘bible’ (there is a version for prescribing for children and an on line version).

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The Development of the Science of ‘Race’ Essay

People where trying to explain human differences and development, which gave way for a verity of racial classifications and racial stereotypes (Gouldburg, 1990), Gouldburg (1990: 266) states ‘this transformed into a pseudo- biological property of communal life’, as race became linked with traits and reflections of identity (Miles, 1982; Gouldburg, 1990; Back and Solomos, 2009).Sport also plays a role in normalising ‘scientific racism’ and racial stereotypes as explanations for physical perf... .This was found to be the case for P6, when asked ‘would you ever consider participating in a sport where an opposite race dominates?’ the response was that they would not ‘fit in’ and, the colour of peoples skin would be the first thing that was n...

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Racialisme Essay

At the end of 2018, an academic, the sociologist Stéphane Dorin, who denounces "the hold of" racialist "theories on his research unit" and "the strategy of entryism of decolonialist militants in higher education" accuses his laboratory at the University of Limoges of having it ousted for having denounced Houria Bouteldja's invitation to a seminar a few months earlier.The laboratory publishes a press release which denies this causality and explains that Stéphane Dorin himself requested the departure of his laboratory in April 2018 for scientific reasons, which is why the general assembly of the laboratory ruled positively on his request."He adds, in a column by Marianne: .Conversely, historian Ludivine Bantigny disputes this use of the te...

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Medical Assisgnment for Diploma Essay

You have to think how a risk assessment finds the best way to manage something so that the individual is as independent as possible.Or it can reveal the individuals ability to remember what to take and when to take it.Explain how risk assessment can be used to promote an individuals independence in managing medication.The prescriber should have access to the most up to date version of the British National Formulary (BNF).An individual’s right to have their dignity & privacy respected, following organisations ‘ Policies & Procedures, National Standards, Codes of Conduct, Essential Standards of Quality & Safety, this also relates to consent (Mental Capacity Act 2005) & the right to confidentiality (Data Protection Act.)

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Support use of the medication. Essay

The prescriber should have access to the most up to date version of the British National Formulary (BNF).The classification of medicines are all related to the medicines act 1968, while working with medication it is good to have an understanding and working knowledge of the common types of medication by training that should be provided by you company that you work for.An individual’s right to have their dignity & privacy respected, following organisations ‘ Policies & Procedures, National Standards, Codes of Conduct, Essential Standards of Quality & Safety, this also relates to consent (Mental Capacity Act 2005) & the right to confidentiality (Data Protection Act.)Or it can reveal the individuals ability to remember what ...

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Miss Havisham…A Victim or a Villain? Essay

Miss Havisham’s suitor, Compeyson, was, by social classification, beneath her.Miss Havisham was a victim only because she allowed herself to be.Miss Havisham’s villainy is forgivable; her self-imposed insanity allows us to do that.Incapable of doing it herself from her weakened and aging position, she uses Estella as her weapon of revenge.Miss Havisham is a marvelous diversion for the reader: not quite believable, but oh, so interesting.

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Population Dynamics of Soybeans

The classification rules have exhibited more accuracy and can be used to study the collected evidence for prediction.Classification of PI according to the proposed ETL ..The pseudo code for the max-diff discretization method is given below .Srivastava, M.P.CN2 classification rules have shown 93.73% accuracy in heart disease prediction, a comparative study done by Ramaraj and Thanamani.

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Wikipedia: Bibliographic conventions Essay

See also the {{Doi}}, {{BNF}}, {{OCLC}}, {{LCCN}}, {{ERIC}} and {{ASIN}} models.Formatting of comments made on a bibliographic item.The use of abbreviations is traditionally common in bibliographies.Formatting of links to the reference area to designate a work or an edition (respectively).This section lists only the main revisions (alterations or additions to the wikinorm).

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Support the use of medication in health & social care

Now, I can’t say this doesn’t go on anymore as I am sure it probably does but, a good provider will call a meeting and discuss any difficulties when administering medication with professionals (pharmacist, GP etc) and of course any advocate, family or carers.1.2 Outline the legal classification system for Medication .Classification of medication .This was considered unethical, unfair deceitful and often dangerous and is now forbidden.One ethical issue which raised its head a few years ago and has resulted in changes to the way medication is administered was the covert crushing of medications and adding them to jam or other foods to disguise them when an individual declined to take them.

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Pros And Cons Criminal Profiling In Criminal Cases Criminology Essay

It is always important to recognize that the results of the profiling process are only as proficient as the original investigative efforts and processes which provide or fail to provide the physical evidence from which criminal behavior is reconstructed.The Bottom-up’ theory seems to profile a criminal in the opposite way.Criminal profilers operating in the sensitive area of criminal investigations receive greater public attention and therefore, will have to display caution in the conclusions they draw in a case.The Top-down’ approach looks at the evidence and data of previous crimes and how they have been solved.It takes the evidence with the data and builds it up until a reasonable conclusion is reached.

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Peritoneal pseudomyxoma Essay

The etiology of the disease being unknown, treatment is mainly symptomatic and relies on evacuation of the fluid.The current standard treatment consists of combining cytoreduction surgery and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (CHIP).The course of the disease is most often the recurrence after evacuation.Indeed, its evolution is lethal in the more or less long term, in the absence of optimal treatment combining cytoreduction surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy.The exact classification of pseudomyxoma for a given patient is complex.

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Chronicle of Frédégaire Essay

For the Chronicle itself (story up to 641), all the other manuscripts derive from the MS Paris.We have thirty-four medieval manuscripts of this Chronicle, which Krusch and Wallace-Hadrill group into five families (and in all these manuscripts the text is anonymous).While the narrative centers on the Frankish kingdoms, it also provides valuable information on the history of Italy and Hispania (the Visigothic Kingdom), and there are even notable paragraphs on the Byzantine Empire under the reigns of Heraclius and (to a lesser extent) of Constant II.), and Christ holding a cross and a book in a mandorla (f.75v.).The Chronicle of Frédégaire is very precious, because it is one of the rare historiographical documents dating from the Merovingia...

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Backus-NA u let form E Essay

The Backus-Naur form (often abbreviated as BNF, from English Backus-Naur Form) is a notation used to describe the syntactic rules (en) of programming languages.However, in order to facilitate the drafting and reading of this type of document, many authors create BNFs, not intended to be used in such a framework, by making a few small twists, which very often are very easy to understand: .Meta-symbols are simply the symbols of BNF.In BNF, we distinguish between meta-symbols, terminals and non-terminals.BNF is sometimes used by syntax checking software.

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Decision Tree for Prognostic Classification

Thirdly, when there are many interaction terms and the model becomes complicated, the result becomes difficult to interpret for the purpose of prognostic classification.Although proportional hazard model and its extensions are powerful in studying the association between covariates and survival times, usually they are problematic in prognostic classification.where r(h) measures the impurity of node h in a classification tree (can be any one in (5))... To be consistent with conventional notations, let’s define the impurity of a node h as I(h) ((3) for a regression tree, and any one in (5) for a classification tree).Classification tree: , .

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Emirates Airline – EmQuest Case Study

Strategic pricing depends on seasons while tactical pricing concentrates on restricted and short-range sales.With respect to corporate deals, special fares according to their particular pseudo number are filled for travel agencies.While the aim of stations is to trade more, the aim of pricing is to augment yield.The aim of stations is to trade more, while the aim of pricing is to increase yield.Pricing denotes a landmark corner for Emirates airline in addition to a high influence department.

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Race And Class Structure Of South Africa Sociology Essay

In Burundi, it is the discrimination or classification between the Hutus and the Tutsis; in America, the classification of black Americans and the white Americans and some other classification included in America due to multiculturalism.In many other countries of the world such as Iran in 1979, Russia in 1917 and France in 1789-1799, ruler ships by potentates and maximum rulers were done away with due to their well documented lack of care for the needs of the proletariats and the masses in their charge.In these countries, the initial deep chasm between the rulers and the proletariats were very well abridged due to introduction of class and ethnic declassification.No nation may be able to move forwards if these ideals are violated.There w...

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Library Classification Essay

Similarly faceted classification schemes are more difficult to use for shelf arrangement, unless the user has knowledge of the citation order.This is known as a “mark and park” classification method, more formally called reader interest classification.Similar to classification systems used in biology, bibliographic classification systems group entities together that are similar, typically arranged in a hierarchical tree structure.In the 20th century, libraries opened their stacks to the public and started to shelve the library material itself according to some library classification to simplify subject browsing.Most classification systems like the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) and Library of Congress classification also add a cutter...

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Same Essay

He asserts that this term is an "unnecessary synonym" of the word "concept", and argues that concepts are not restricted to an individual or a generation.Semioticians may view a meme as a degenerate sign that only includes its ability to be copied.Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr disagrees with Dawkins' view of genetics as well as his use of the term "meme."Their vision sees the concept of "meme" as the concept of "sign" made primitive.The meme is thus described in memetics as a sign that lacks the triadic nature.

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Psychology Essays – Abnormal Psychology

Therefore, although the medical model has been criticised for its lack of reliability – it does acknowledge social and cultural and medical movements which make it more robust.For example, Sarbin and Mancuso (1980) highlight the fact that for a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, the characteristic of hallucinations must be repeated on several occasions, whereas Rosenhan’s pseudo patient made only one report of this behaviour.Referring back to Rosenhan’s study – the diagnosis tool that was applied to research was the DSM-II.The two classification systems that are used in Europe and the USA to diagnosis abnormal behaviour are the International Classification of Diseases 10 and the Diagnosis Manual of Mental Disorders IV.The DSM is currently in it...

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The History Of The Digital Watermarking Techniques

The concept of digital watermarking and the requirements of digital watermarking were discussed and digital watermarking algorithms were reviewed.Many spatial techniques are based on adding fixed amplitude pseudo noise (PN) sequences to an image.Finally, the future perspective of digital watermarking was highlighted.It provided some initial background and history of digital watermarking.This study gave an extensive and deep literature review of the field of digital watermarking.

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Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

Evaluation of the inmate’s performance and progress since the last classification review is required.Classification requirements all inmates will be notified 48 hours in advance for their classification hearing they must sign a paper saying they received this notification, if they refuse to sign and appeal it the paper will be noted in later on hearings.Implementation of the classification decision is made by the Unit or Institution Classification Committee, as appropriate, with respect to custody grade, work, and housing, restoration of good time, positive time, transfer, and program activities.Inmates may appeal to the next higher authority but they must be submitted within 15 days of final classification notice.The fourth example UCC ...

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Nursing Processes for Emesis Management

.. Cyclizine is indicated for the control of postoperative and drug-induced vomiting and in motion sickness (BNF, 2012; emc, n.d.).The oral (and buccal) route is the only method of administration recommended for children, and it is not recommended in children younger than 12 years (BNF, 2012).New York: Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., 1975., p. 607).The datasheet indicates it should be used with caution in hepatic disease, whilst in renal impairment there is a need for dose reduction (BNF, 2012).Benson A J, Medication for Motion S .

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