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Multiple Intelligences Essay

Someone could be a brilliant mathematician but inhabit the lowest percentiles of interpersonal intelligence.“The theory distinguishes eight kinds of intelligence: musical, bodily/kinesthetic, spatial, linguistic or verbal, logical/mathematical, naturalist, intrapersonal, and interpersonal.People with Kinesthetic intelligence love movement.Logical-Mathematical A person that has the intelligence to understand logical reasoning and problem solving such as; math, science, patterns, and sequences, has logical-mathematical intelligence.According to this theory, when you find a task or subject easy, you are probably using a more fully developed intelligence.

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An Analysis of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences Essay

I also decided to talk about his theory of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence because I feel this intelligence goes together well with spatial intelligence.This idea shows how linguistic intelligence can be used when dealing with a student who has a greater spatial intelligence.Gardner does not think linguistic intelligence is more important than any of the other intelligences, but I believe that linguistic intelligence sets the basis for the other intelligences.Gardner does not believe that linguistic intelligence is more important then the others, however in our society we put such a great emphasis on linguistic intelligence.Linguistic intelligence seems to have a basis in spatial intelligence also.

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Theoretical Views of Intelligence

.. Gardner, Howard (1983; 1993) Frames of Mind: The theory of multiple intelligence (2nd ed.).Sternberg successful theory of intelligence are defined as in a given sociocultural context, mental abilities are used to reach one’s goals in life through adaptation, selection and shaping of the environment (Sternberg & Kaufman, 1998, p. 494).Within the above theories, logical mathematical intelligence and analytical intelligence will be compared and contrasted.Gardner Multiple Intelligence Theory and Sternberg Successful Intelligence Theory The two theoretical views of intelligence that are going to be focused on in this assignment are the Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory and Robert J. Sternberg’s successful intelligence the...

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Essay on Learning Styles

By doing this I will be reducing the amount of stress I will have from studying by not cramming the night before the test.Generally, by being able to read certain charts, it is much easier and faster to comprehend the information than if I was to read the paragraphs about it.Before I never really understood the different ways I studied, I just knew what seemed to work.Now that I am aware I am a mostly a visual learner, have an integrated brain, and have bodily-kinesthetic and logical-mathematical intelligence, I look forward to implementing the newly learned studying techniques with the old, making my college experience as successful as possible.I am a visual learner, have an integrated brain, meaning I use both hemispheres, and ranked h...

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Case Study Mike and Marty

There are 12 different types of intelligence; they are as follows fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence, practical intelligence, emotional intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily kinesthetic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence.Types of Intelligence .New York: McGraw Hill.He gets into a lot of fights so he is using his body skills to do this and it shows a low level of intelligence because he could be using his body skills to accomplish something more productive.They both have very different personality traits and present different types of intelligence.

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Understanding Your Student’s Learning Style Essay

Gardner defines “intelligence” not as an IQ but, rather, as the skills that enable anyone to gain new knowledge and solve problems.Combinations of the different types of intelligence abound.7.Intrapersonal (Self Smart) – Intrapersonal-intelligent people learn best by working alone and setting individual goals.Intrapersonal learners are not necessarily shy; they are independent and organized.A hiker fascinated by birdsongs might have strong auditory-musical and naturalistic intelligences, supplemented by bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

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Notion Of What Intelligence Is Psychology Essay

Triarchic theory of intelligence (Robert Sternberg, 1985) – Intelligence consists of three major parts.The most suitable test that can adequately justify Gardner’s but also Thurston’s theory, is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) developed by David Wechsler who also believed that intelligence is an aggregate of abilities and should be measured as such.The most widely used modern tests of intelligence are the Stanford-Binet, the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC), the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), and the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children (Kaufman-ABC).One criticism of intelligence tests is that they do not really measure intelligence but only a narrow set of mental capabilities.In the late 1990s G...

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Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in Academics

Naturalistic Intelligence: Students can be taken out to places with scenic beauty and can be asked to classify different objects and comment on them.Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence: People with this intelligence have musical bent of mind.Intrapersonal Intelligence: People with this intelligence have good self awareness.Logical/Mathematical Intelligence: People with this intelligence have the ability to think in a logical manner.Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence: People with this kind of intelligence have a flair for languages; they nurture interest towards learning different languages and are able to do it quite faster than many others.

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Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence Essay

Skills associated with this intelligence are; accessing one’s internal emotions, understanding feelings and using them to guide behavior, and understanding self in relation to others.To maximize the musical intelligence you need to use these techniques; create rhythms out of words, beat out rhythms with hand or stick while reciting concepts, write songs/raps that help you learn concepts, and chant or sing study material along with a favorite tune as you listen.With the intrapersonal intelligence you have the ability to understand one’s own behavior and feelings; self-awareness, independence, time spent alone.The best techniques to maximize this intelligence are; studying in a group, discuss material over the phone or send instant message...

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Essay on The Seven Learning Styles

November 21, 2003. .Some of the characteristics that this intelligence includes is being able to perform physical exercises and have control over voluntary movements.. Children who rely on this intelligence to learn have a good sense of the connection between the mind and the body, such as balance, and most achieve high quality body functioning, or athleticism.The style of learning that stresses the aspect of reflection and relies more on the self is intra-personal intelligence.Funderstanding.November 20, 2003. .

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Measuring Intelligence Compare and Contrast Essay

Since traditional intelligence tests focus mostly on mathematical, linguistic and spatial tests, they cannot be relied on to make sweeping statements about a person’s intelligence.Goddard later accepted that feeblemindedness was not a permanent trait when he observed changes in people’s intelligence after education.If Burt and Goddard incorporated all the complexities in intelligence testing, which modern psychologists know, then their work would have been indisputable.Modern psychologists now know that intelligence is dynamic and can be improved.Sigelman and Rider (285) explain that intelligence in children can either decrease or increase depending on the environment, so one may question Burt’s work on this basis.

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The Measurement of Intelligence through IQ Tests Essay

However, he cautions teachers using the multiple intelligence approach in the classroom: “Do not label kids as ‘spatial, but not linguistic’ or, for that... ... middle of paper ... ... when they arrive the store is out of bread.Gardner believes that all people excel in at least one category of intelligence.Can intelligence be measured?He is currently considering adding a ninth category of intelligence: existential (Carvin).Gardner claims that intelligence can not be defined with one definition because intelligence is not one thing.

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Effect of Rural Urban Cultural Differences

Hussain (visual spatial intelligence), Ayn Rand (linguistic intelligence) and Saleim Ali (Naturalistic intelligence).So this is the time when society should recognize their strong multiple intelligence and factors which influence their multiple intelligence, to learn new things in his or her own way and pursue interest and choose future profession which required that particular intelligence considering the importance of multiple intelligence, an idea was conceptualized to find out multiple intelligence among school going children of 12-14 years old in rural and urban area of Haryana with the objective of comparing the multiple intelligence among children in rural and urban areas... – Naturalistic intelligence is the intelligence of natu...

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Essay on Defining Intelligence

Intelligence is defined by the American Heritage Dictionary as being the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.Howard Gardner proposed that there are eight types of intelligence.Boston: McGraw HillAll in all, this sums up my opinion of intelligence.They each offered compelling theories that originated from the viewpoint that a child’s intelligence can be thought of as a number of specific abilities (Santrock, 2009, pg.

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A Measure of Intelligence Essay examples

"Multiple Intelligences Disorder" The New Republic.26 Oct. 1998, , 20.Print.Kincheloe, Joe L. Multiple Intelligences Reconsidered.If everyone has different interests and capabilities, how can we judge their intelligence by something as narrow as an IQ test?Go ahead, give yourself a broader definition of intelligence.

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Howard Gardners Theory Of Multiple Intelligences Education Essay

It is a theory that “highlights that intelligence is not fixed, but rather a dynamic capacity amenable to change via good teaching, high motivation, and adequate resources” (Christodoulou, 2009, para.Gardner has proposed a ninth type of intelligence called existential intelligence (Christodoulu, 2009).Joanna Christodoulou takes the opposing view in the article “Applying multiple intelligence”.Some relied more on verbal intelligence abilities, while others required more visual intelligence.However, Gardner explains that he is not sure if this phenomenon should be declared an intelligence, “My hesitation in declaring a full blown existential intelligence stems from my uncertainty about whether certain regions of the brain are dedicated to ...

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Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence asserts that intelligence is a product of both nature and nurture.In Gardner’s seven areas of intelligence, linguists is the ability to analyze incoming information and utilizing or creating written and oral language, logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to solve abstract problems and calculate effectively, and spatial intelligence is the ability to change images with the mind, musical intelligence is the ability to create and appreciate sound patterns, and naturalist intelligence is the ability to identify the natural elements of the world, including plants, animals, and weather.Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to correctly place one’s body in order to solve problems, i...

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Benefits of Multiple Intelligences

It was in the early twentieth century that Charles Spearman, a British psychologist proposed the theory of “general intelligence” (or “the g factor”) which brought light into modern theories of intelligence.Gardner believed that the general intelligence was unable to fully explain cognitive ability and performance outcomes, and that intelligence is too complicated to be restricted in one concept.Historically, the first people who studied intelligence were neither psychologists nor educators but philosophers such as Plato who linked people’s intelligence to blocks of wax, differing in size and purity (Cianciolo & Sternberg, 2004).Among the two main theories of intelligence: general and multiple intelligence; MI theories have been gene...

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Forest Essay

Although Forest many be little slow, he shows his intelligence in many ways.Forest also demonstrates interpersonal intelligence as he is able to interact with others easily throughout the movie.Forest also shows practical Intelligence In this movie in many ways.All these are examples of practical intelligence showing how successful Forest Gump is throughout his life even though he mentally compromised.Aspects of Gardner’s forms of intelligence that Forest displays are bodily kinesthetic skills; Forest is able to perform skills using his whole body such as dancing, being on the ollege football team, excelling at ping pong and long distance running.

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The Theory of Multiple Intelligences: Its Strength and Weaknesses Essay

“Intelligence is a psychobiological potential to process information so as to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in at least one cultural context.” With that he proposes eight different kinds of intelligence.But still open to new possibilities and plausible intelligence, Gardner continued to explore different human capabilities that may be a candidate for intelligence.This article discusses in detail Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory and including its appeal as well as issues and problems of the theory.Multiple Intelligence Overview.Human Intelligence.

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Human development and individual differences

Gardner’s theory can provide a teacher the direction to improve a student’s learning styles in any given intelligence but before that I think teachers start to know students strengths and weaknesses in classrooms.However, teachers begin to plan lessons in terms of meeting the needs of different of the intelligence that is mean, draw new lesson plan by using MI strategies.Multiple intelligence theory (MI) illustrates a practical method to how we identify intelligence and encourage us to use our students’ strengths to learning (Hoerr, 2000).We can also evaluate student through smart checklists or multiple intelligence survey.The best way to develop curriculum by using the theory of multiple intelligences is by thinking about how can conver...

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Howard Gardner’s Theory

In his work, Gardner proposed that the traditional definition of knowledge did not encompass all human abilities.Apart from defining the concept of intelligence, Gardner also aimed at addressing the issue of whether methods used to measure intelligence were indeed scientific.Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences in 1983 with an aim of broadly defining the concept of intelligence.The last intelligence was the naturalistic intelligence which encompasses individual ability to deal with nature.In his earlier work, Gardner defined intelligence as the capacity to solve a given problem or design and fashion products that have value in different cultural settings (Smith, 2008).

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Single or multiple intelligences

His aim was to define the concept of intelligence more accurately and to investigate whether the current methods of measuring intelligence, were in fact, scientific.If in fact, general intelligence were to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, it will irrefutably change the way we view intelligence.Spearman’s general intelligence theory, although controversial, has been around for over 100 years and is still not disproven.It neither refutes a single intelligence nor claims it to be the only intelligence.Other’s theories of multiple intelligence claim the existence of social or emotional intelligence.

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When it comes to memorizing facts I use pictures connected to numbers, such as 1=bun and if the first fact to be remembered happens to be a tree shedding leaves, I would probably draw a picture of a bun-growing-tree dropping hot-cross-buns on plates or something completely ridiculous and will never need to think too hard to recall any information connected to it!I do not think I prefer logical/mathematical learning, but definitely need order in my mind-maps, as they always end up as straight or angular lines joining colorful blocks of information and never look like the trees they probably ought to.I hate writing and love moving, therefore I need to get up and stretch or walk around a little, every so often while studying.As long as I in...

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Transformative Learning Theory and Multiple Intelligences Essay

This writer no longer feels insecure to other people with a higher intelligence then mine.According to Howard Gardner musical intelligence runs in an almost structural parallel to linguistic intelligence.Interpersonal Intelligence: the ability to understand other people.Intrapersonal Intelligence: having an understanding of yourself; knowing who you are, what you can do, what you want to do, how you react to things, which things to avoid, and which things to gravitate toward.Naturalist Intelligence: the ability to discriminate among living things (plants, animals) and sensitivity to other features of the natural world (clouds, rock configurations).

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Howard Gardner -Theory Essay

According to Howard Gardner, human beings have nine different kinds of intelligence that reflect different ways of interacting with the world.For Gardner, a person must satisfy a range of these criteria in order to quality as a person possessing intelligence.Multiple Intelligences is a theory about the brain that says human beings are born with a single intelligence, that cannot be changed, and is measurable by a psychologist.Most intelligence tests only one or two intelligences, usually language and logic.The theory basically implies that other than linguistic and mathematical competence, there are other or multiple aspects of the learning that should be considered as intelligence also.

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Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences Essay

A person that excelled in this intelligence would be employed as an engineer, mathematician or scientist.In the following paragraphs I have included some detail about each intelligence and the type of job a person that excelled in each of them might have.He believes that everyone has eight different intelligences that, those being linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence, with the last one being added later in 1999.A job a person that excelled in linguistic intelligence would be a lawyer, a musician writing lyrics or a speech writer.In musical intelligence the p...

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Gardners Multiple Intelligences Musical Intelligence Education Essay

.. As one of various factors that influence educational and instructional process, intelligence has its own affect in designing a new approach which helps educators and instructors to deal with the diversity and individual uniqueness of the learners in one learning environment by using different learning styles.McFarlane states “The very definitions of intelligence provided by both these theorists reflect the same detachment from traditionalist theories of intelligence that is espoused by Gardner.Moreover, developed social interaction and interpersonal skills and increased their importance of defining intelligence as a wider range of human capabilities which helps to express an understanding of individual inimitability as the moderating...

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Theories of Psychology Essay

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability of understanding people.The first two are considered fundamental and most revered in the public school system, they are Linguistic intelligence and Logical-Mathematic intelligence.United States, CopleyLinguistic intelligence includes the capability to use, speak and learn languages and words.Visual-Spatial intelligence recognizes patterns of space.

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Howard Gardner’s Theory Of Multiple Intelligences

Traditionally, schools have highlighted the development of logical and linguistic intelligence but many students do not learn well in that environment.Even college aptitude tests are “thinly disguised intelligence tests.” (Myer 432) For example a child that takes longer to learn multiplication does not mean the child is dumb but that the child is more intelligent in other areas.Some say he uses the word intelligence in place of ability.The ninth intelligence is not fully confirmed yet but it is existential which is about contemplating phenomena or questions beyond sensory data.(Chapman) Linguistic intelligence deals with words, spoken or written.

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