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Bottled Water vs Tap Water Essay

Basically, bottled water and tap water come from the same sources: lakes, springs and aquifers.They offer several brands of water including: mineral water, spring water, purified water and also well water.Bottled water is extremely expensive compared to tap water.What type of water will you drink: bottled water or tap water?In today’s society, people are paying so much for bottled water when they could actually get tap water practically free.

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Bottled water purchasing patterns of university students

They said that every story has two sides to it and because in the developed world tap water is filtered there is a long debate over Bottled Water versus Tap Water.It is a common perception that most mineral bottled water appears to be safe and of better quality than water from other sources (Filtered, Boiled and Tap water), but the quality of some brands is spotty, however, and such products may pose a health risk.Universities students who hold positive perceptions see bottled water as a healthy diet and lifestyle choice, for them bottled water is part of life and walking around campus one can clearly see people holding water bottles.Figure 3.8(a) shows that in BAHRIA 61% students thought of availability was the most important factor for...

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Bottled Water or Tap Water? Essay

In an online article entitled, “Tap water vs. Bottled Water and the Environment,” it states, “…nearly 90% of bottles are not recycled.” (Karlstrom and Dell’Amore) The failure to recycle leads to serious issues in our environment.Even though bottled water is being regulated periodically, it isn’t always as safe as the bottled water companies make it seem.Also of concern, the EPA’s allowance of lead for tap water is a lot higher than for bottled water due to the lead pipes that transport the water to homes.As previously stated, 40 percent of normal bottled water is just tap water.When pouring tap water, the water is not as chilled as refrigerated bottled water.

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The Advantages of Bottling Your Own Water

If a person is not comfortable with their tap water, filters and filtration systems can be purchased to improve the composition, color and taste of their tap water which will only add pennies on to the price of a gallon of water.“I will admit that bottled water is both potable – and portable – but the damage that bottled water does to the environment far exceeds the convenience of having it at your fingertips,” (Resetarits, 2012, para 8).Many people say they choose bottled water over tap water because tap water tastes funny.“Bottled water that has been treated by distillation, reverse osmosis or other suitable process and that meets the definition of purified water can be labeled as purified water,” (Bullers, 2002, p4).While the pro’s of...

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The pollution of the planet people Essay

At last, bottled water also prevents sickness compared to tap water and is convenient because it is portable.Bottled water has no better qualities than tap water.First of all, even though humans want to save money, they spend money on bottled water which is interconnected to tap water.“Nearly 40 percent of bottled water is simply filtered water filled in a bottle.” “Humans pay 1900 times more money for bottled water than tap water.” I think that paying money for the same water which is provided is just pointless.Another study at the University of Missouri shows that bottled water increases the growth of breast cells by 78%.” I don’t think humans should pay more money for water that tastes the same as tap water and also hurts the environm...

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Bottled Water Essay

When we need to get water to a shelter or to a third world country the easiest and best way is bottled water.Bottled water is convenient and safe while Tap is better for the environment and healthier.It is tested more and has more regulations than bottled water.Tap water like bottled water is regulated by the FDA.Using a re usable container like glasses pitchers and re-usable water bottles does far less damage to the environment than plastic water bottles.

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Bottled Water Essay

Bottled water is one of the easiest ways for getting “good” water.Why not buy your own plastic water and drink tap water if it is going to be the same kind of product and this way we can recycle by using the same water bottle many times, and drinking the same product that industries like Nestle are providing us in bottled water.What they don’t know is that tap water is the same as drinking bottled water because industries like Nestle gives us tap water in plastic bottles.If industries like Nestle are giving us tap water in their fancy plastic bottles to make us believe that they are giving us pure water, why not drink tap water if it is the same.This is some how good for the planet because we can use one water bottled and drink tap water...

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Bottled Water and Tap Water Essay

An important point about the bottled water is that bacteria grow best in moist and damp environments.The processing plants of bottled water products are inspected by the FDA ( water can acquire from springs, artesian wells or the source of municipal supply.In conclusion, though the market of bottled water of many different companies continues to increase, but according to some research and analytical studies, the quality of bottled water is less healthy as compared to the tap water.Municipal water is governed by the EPA “Environmental Protection Agency” (, requiring towns to clean and sterilize it in accordance to the actual standards, Finally, the industry of tap water normally uses chlorine...

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Bottled Water Essay

Although bottled water can serve as a great convience, the harm it causes to the environment outweights its convience immensly and contrary to popular belief, bottled water is often no healthier than tap water.Despite perceptions that bottled water is healthier than tap water, more times than not, it is not amd bottled water has much more lienant rules when it comes to regulating their water.The FDA’s rules exepmt 60-70 percent of the bottled water that is sold in the United States from the bottled water standards, because FDA said ” Its rules do not apply to water packed and sold within the same state.” The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision...

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Waterbottle Essay

The bottled water culture’s recent explosion in the last decade is due to many corporations’ advertising efforts to promote the need to drink “healthy” bottled water rather than tap water.It is a lot easier to grab a bottle of water than to access water through other sources.Millions of people get parts or all of their daily water values from bottled water.This may be due to the convenience of bottled water, as it is more easily available than tap water.According to some, companies are taking free water and making huge sums of money, this is a response to very low restrictions on water withdrawal.

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The Evil in the Bottled Water

“The United States is the largest consumer market for bottled water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil.” (Wikipedia) Here is some data about bottled water in 2008, “U.S.Another problem for bottled water is about the really value for the bottled water.“In 2007, Chinese citizens use about 30 billions of RMB, which equals about 4.572 billions of US dollars to buy the bottled water.” (Zhi) Not only in China, there are a lot of people in different country spent bunch of money to buy the bottled water every year.It is not that we chose the bottled water, but the producer of bottled water chose us.The consumer rights organizations of united states: Nearly half of bottled water from the tap water .

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Bottled Water vs. Tap Water Essay

Many scientists concerned with the impact on people’s health when drinking bottled water have researched and found pollutants in bottled water due to the leaching from the chemicals used in the manufacturing of plastic bottles.Customers purchase bottled water completely unaware of the facts how plastic can affect their health, because people do not take the time to research how bottled water is produced.Some people may argue that recycling plastic bottles will not resolve the pollution problem around the planet, but it will reduce the damage to the environment considerably by drinking less bottled water and more tap water.The cost of drinking bottled water exceeds tremendously the price of tap water.Companies like Nestle, Coca-Cola, and ...

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What Are The Impacts Of Bottled Water Environmental Sciences Essay

Goethe University at Frankfurt, Germany studies found out that a very big percentage of the bottled water in the plastic bottles was polluted with estrogenic substances.Unfortunately, reusing plastic decreases quality of the water, because of the uncontrollable amount of phthalate that seep their way in the water as the bottle gets older.Almost all bottled water sold in the United States is tap water, which is put in plastic bottles and sold at huge profits.What if we spent that money improving our water systems or even better, developing better water systems in third world countries?In the United States, bottled water costs between $0.25 and $2 per bottle while tap water costs less than $0.01.

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Water Quality And Contamination

I think that the bottled companies have made millions on selling bottled water, which is supposedly is the best water.I think that tap water will have the most contaminants, because it has not been through the same process as the Fiji water.The necessary materials needed for this experiment where; 250ml beakers, 100ml beakers, tap water, Dasani water, and Fiji water.The results proved that the tap water was the better water with the least contaminants.I myself have not bought any more bottled water I know feel a pitcher with tap water.

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Bottled Water Preferences Analysis

Some consumers choose to only drink bottled water; we can identify several reasons for drinking bottled water.The main idea for this research came from the observation, that why a consumer is using only a specific brand of bottled water, regardless of the fact that all the bottled water brands are providing “pure and clean” water.The bottled water market in Pakistan has witnessed annual growth rates of 40 percent, and after the introduction of Nestlé’s ‘Pure Life’, it had the fastest worldwide growth in bottled water in 2000, at 140% (The Bottled Water Industry of Pakistan, 2004).Bottled water should not be considered as a substitute to a sufficient service with drinkable tap water, but it is due to lack of access to water services or to...

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Bottled Water vs. the World

When the representatives and CEO’s of the big bottled water companies are interviewed they are asked questions about whether or not their product is safe and what their company does with the waste they produce.Apparently, bottled water companies are not obligated to release these results to the public.In the documentary, tests were performed on several different brands of bottled water.According to the film, the waste leftover from the bottled water is polluting oceans, highways, fields and any other area one could think of.Bottled water is something that everyone has purchased in their lifetime.

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Marketing of bottled water

We will critically look at the proposal made by Mr Bert Markham to start selling bottled water from Sedgefield which is situated on the Garden Route, Western Cape.In conclusion there is a place in the market for Mr Markhams product and his bottled water should be flying off the shelves for years to come.The 20 liter bottle that he proposed to sell to surrounding areas which don’t have the best quality water should be done with caution as these areas would be buying the water in bulk.Obviously tap water didn’t have a marketing campaign behind it to make a counterargument and thus the bottled water companies enjoyed a competition free environment.Mr Sedgefield has proposed that due to the water shortage in the area, a desalination plant sh...

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Debate Essay for Bottled Water

Second, bottled water can be recalled when water quality issue happens.(US FDA, 2011, May 4) On the contrary, if quality issue of tap water happens, it is quite hard to identify and prevent people to drink the water with problem.The people live in impacted area may be required to drink bottled water temporarily.Bottled Water Recall – Recalled Lots Include Water Distributed During Recovery Effort in Clinton.First, bottled water is better than tap water in avoiding bacterial issue.

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Outline of the Final Lab Report Essay

A study to assess water source sanitation, water quality and water related practices at household level in rural Madhya Pradesh.As stated in Potera, C. (2002), “Over half of Americans drink bottled water spending 240-10,000 times more per gallon for bottled water than they do for tap water, a trend largely fueled by the belief that bottled water is safer and healthier than tap water.In experiment #3 the key point for me was that tap water isn’t as bad and unsafe as it is perceived to be, the bottled water franchise is definitely deceiving.However, I’m going to have to deny hypothesis #3, I was wrong when I thought that bottled water was more likely to be less contaminated then tap water.I used Dasani and Fiji brands as my bottled water a...

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Water and Quality Contamination Essay

In some states, however, bottled water requirements are stricter than those for tap water are (people.chem.duke).I definitely believe that bottled water is a better drinking water and you cant be to safe to consume tap water.The major differences are that tap water definitely with holds much more contaminants than bottled or filtered water.It is important to know that the water you are drinking in safe and it is healthy it doesn’t matter if the water is from the bottle or the tap.Experiment #3: In the third experiment, tap water and bottled water were tested and compared to determine if there are health benefits in drinking bottled water.

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Analysing Aquafina Bottled Water

Whereas tap water is merely filtered and treated to remove bacteria and contaminants, Aquafina takes an extra step by purifying the water using the Hydro-7 purification system which removes substances according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards.Hence, the product we chose to study is Aquafina bottled water.Although the Aquafina water bottle is only meant for one use, many choose to refill their bottle with ordinary tap water... A burst of high energy light imparts energy into the water stream to eliminate naturally occurring organic substances in the water.Aquafina bottled water is bottled around the country in 33 different locations from municipal tap water.

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Target Market Identification Report and Collage

.. Bottled water is a very competitive market involving numerous companies: in the United States there are about 700 brands of bottled water produced by 430 bottling facilities (Olson, 1999).While most all trends positively affect the Evian bottled water industry, an increase in consumer knowledge about bottled water origins and tap water safety may emerge to momentarily halt or at least deter rapid industry growth.The Australian Quality Standards defines bottled drinking water as, “Bottled drinking waters are waters other than natural mineral waters which are filled into hermetically sealed containers of various compositions forms and capacities that is safe and suitable for direct consumption bottled drinking water is considered food....

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Water Quality and Contamination Essay

Treated Water – Water is slightly cloudy with a hint of yellow.You cannot see through the water due to the amount of soil particles in the water.Answer = I do not believe that these bottled waters are worth the price in comparison to the local tap water in Washington.Hypothesis = The tap water will contain the most contaminants, while the Fiji ® bottled water will contain the least contaminants.The treated water is more clear and free of soil than the contaminated water, and has no odor while the contaminated water smells of dirt.

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Economics and Environmental Hazards Essay

A New York Times reporter calculated that eight glasses of New York City tap water were about 49 cents a year, but 8 glasses of bottled water would be 2,900 times more expensive- as much as $1,400 per year.Because water is something that every household needs, it is reasonable to conclude that by switching to bottled water, families could cut their water expenses in half (Helm, 2008) and America as a whole could save.Thus, in order to protect the environment and save our own money, we must make good choices and switch from excessively using bottled water to using tap water.The participants, users of the university’s sports center, stated that the health benefits of bottled water were negligible, and it was taste and convenience that trul...

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Environmental Impact on Bottled Water – A Marketing Problem for Aquafina

David Suzuki, an environmental activist, argued that “buying bottled water is wrong” and it would be “nuts to be shipping water all way across the planet” and because Canadians are so “bloody wealthy” that they are willing to buy water that comes from France (Suzuki, 2007).Environmental insanity’ to drink bottled water when it tastes as good from the tap.More results that can be drawn are, there is a swift rise on the consumption of water, despite all the negative aspirations about bottled water consumers are still willing to contribute to the cause.First of all, it is shown that the production of bottled water results in an overindulgent use of energy and water.Another notable resource being used in the creation of bottled water is wate...

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Analysis of Water Quality | Experiment

In these experiments there were different types of water used, tap water and two different brands of bottled water.In summary of water quality and contamination, it is critical to make consumers aware of the quality of tap water and bottled water and its contaminants.The data suggested that bottled water was none the less better for drinking than tap water.In the final experiment drinking water quality, the hypothesis for tap water, Dasani water, and Fiji water was rejected.When the bleach was added to the filtered water, the color of the contaminated water was darker than the filtered water and the odor in the soil was more robust than the contaminated water.

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Water Quality and Contamination Essay

The last experiment were performed using Dasani, and Fiji bottled water and Tap water to determine the quality of drinking water.The results of experiment 3 the drinking water quality were tested with three different types of water using tap water, Dasani, and Fiji bottled water.In experiment 3, I predicted that the tap water would have the least amount of contaminants and the Fiji bottled water would have the most contaminants.In experiment 3 drinking water quality, I will test the quality of two different types of bottled water and tap water using materials such as: Dansani bottled water, Fiji bottled water, ammonia test strips, chloride test strips, 4 in 1 test strips, phosphate test strips, iron test strips, (3) 250ml.I also predicte...

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Water Quality and Contamination

There was a total of three samples used tap, and two types of bottle water Dasani and Fiji.The tap water was also proven to be the dirtiest when tested and the Dasani was found to be the cleanest.Drinking water quality was experiment three which was used to see if bottle water was is healthier than tap water.In the experiment the contaminated water was filtered using cheese cloth, alum, sand, activated charcoal, and gravel.The first was regular tap water with no color or smell.

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Bottled Water Essay

One is that the water must flow freely from its source, meaning it may not be pumped or forced from the ground, and the water must be bottled directly at its source.Many people prefer bottled water because they question the cleanliness of tap water.The activated carbon also initiates a chemical reaction that converts free chlorine, which water utilities put in water to kill germs, into chloride and hydrogen ions, which are safe and taste all right.In this process, the water is vaporized into steam, the steam is condensed back into liquid water, and the water is collected in a separate container, leaving behind the impurities.Bottled water, whether mineral or distilled, offers safe drinking water for all of us.

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Is Bottled Water Worth It? Essay

Bottled water is a constantly growing business.He gives an example of the silliness of water bottles with the company Pellegrino and how they wash their bottles with Pellegrino water.Basically people are just buying they’re water back for 1,900 the price of the tap water they could be getting at their homes for much cheaper.Charles Fisherman provides an interesting view to the subject stating that bottled water is silly, yet it shouldn’t be banned.The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization that strives to protect the public health and the environment using public information (Langwith 1), had one of the United States leading water quality laboratories test 10 commonly bought bottled water brands in 9 states and in th...

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