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What is Art? Essay

From the website "Art History: A Preliminary Handbook", by Robert J. Belton, Department of Fine Arts, Okanagan University College, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.[Back] Vargish/Mook (1999): Thomas Vargish and Delo E. Mook, Inside Modernism: Relativity Theory, Cubism, Narrative, New Haven and London : Yale UP, 1999.: Open Court, 2000).In his book, After the End of Art, Danto argues that after Andy Warhol exhibited simulacra of shipping cartons for Brillo boxes in 1964, anything could be art.[Back] Wollheim (1987): Richard Wollheim, Painting as an Art, London : Thames & Hudson, 1987.

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Andy Warhol: Modernism Vs Postmodernism

was made using the printing technique common to most of his work.‘I did all the (Campbell’s soup) cans in a row on a canvas, and then I got a box made to do them on a box, and then it looked funny because it didn’t look real… I did the cans on the box, but it came out looking funny.I had the boxes already made up.He upheld the Modernist ideas of the machine age and the universal, whilst rejecting the idea of equilibrium, purity and essentialism and finally adapting the ideas of the avant-garde and aesthetic.He upheld the Modernist Value of universality, for example in designing his Brillo Box-Soap Pads (Fig.3.)

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Brief comparison of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock

Pollock and Warhol have both been noted as being influential artists of the 20th century, particularly Warhol as the second most influential artist of the twentieth century (behind the Cubist Picasso), and their contrasting bodies of works are the perfect case study on how art can react against art and how art progresses as a result of this counteraction.However it must be noted that they both used art to portray something with a personal connection; as Warhol was a huge fan of celebrities and that was one of his main subjects.The public could also enjoy the rumour behind the works, like Brillo Soap Box (1970).Where Pollock’s work was firmly embedded in the subjective frame and the structural frame, Warhol’s works were usually in the cut...

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Damien Hirst and Pop Art of the 1960’s

Faber & Faber.Damien Hirst’s (born 1965) first breakthrough with his art came in 1988, while he was still a student at Goldsmiths College in London, in a student art exhibition entitled Freeze, in which he exhibited a group of boxes painted with household paint (now destroyed).On The Way To Work .4.Warhol, Andy.1989, Simon and Schuster, New York .

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The boardroom episode of the apprentice Essay

I couldn’t find any proper alcohol, so am sucking on an antibacterial kitchen wipe.Also, he strikes me as a cross between an ageing human and a belligerent Brillo pad.Good effort, if so.This may be some clever use of associative learning by the BBC, subtly supporting its more socialist funding model.37 min: OK, here we go again.

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Andy Warhol Essay

He begins his 3D silkscreen prints by reproducing boxes of Heinz ketchup or Brillo scouring pads.In the last years of his work, Warhol, almost an official painter, applied his style to numerous commissioned portraits, while continuing to experiment with other pictorial techniques in his Shadows series, Oxidation paintings, and his revivals of paintings by Botticelli or Leonardo DeVinci.At the time of the artist's death, thousands of films were found in his home, studio and other workplaces.The choice of subjects is related to this obsession with death, including the famous silkscreened canvases by Marilyn Monroe (painted after her death, in particular the Diptych Marilyn) or by Liz Taylor (painted when the actress was seriously ill) , in...

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Pacific Rim (2013) Summary and Analysis

The roles and functions of each division cooperate effectively towards a common goal in the marketing and production aspects of creative commodities such as While this specific case study, , does not fare particularly well at domestic box offices, it does prove that the object of study, Time Warner, has ability to create successes.The end result of ’s box office run was a success, however upon further analysis of the process as opposed to simply interpreting the results, was actually deemed as a domestic flop in the western hemisphere.An organisational analysis of Time Warner and the roles and functions of each creative subsidiary company within Time Warner would be a suitable research methodology to employ, however organisational an...

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Stakeholder Analysis Model of Change Essay

New York, NY: Mcgraw-Hill Irwin.The typical management tasks include balancing the other boxes.As with all things, there are pros and cons of the stakeholder analysis.As a supplement to the analysis, the change manager may use the power-interest matrix to plot the level of stakeholder interest against stakeholder power.Depending on the timeline of the company to implement and train stakeholders on the change in processes and systems, the stakeholder analysis model of change may not be the best option.

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Birch Paper Company – Case Study

Expense / 1000 Boxes ($288) .The Division than marks up its products to $480 / 1000 boxes to either sell externally or transfer internally to the Northern Division.In analyzing the internal transfer prices if they were calculated based on variable costs, the Thompson Division’s bid would have resulted in a very competitive bid of $288 / 1000 boxes.The impact on BPC would have been an expense of $391 / 1000 boxes.On evaluating the Northern Division’s bid options, Mr. Kenton has an internal bid from the Thompson Division of $480 / 1000 boxes and two external bids: West Paper Company at $430 / 1000 boxes and Eire Papers Limited at $432 / 1000 boxes, with contract contingencies that would see Eire Papers Limited purchase both the outside lin...

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Life is like a box of chocolates Essay

A scientific dissection of a box of chocolates would show a box (usually rectangular or heart shaped) filled with anywhere from one to dozens of small, individually wrapped chocolates.According to the World Book Encyclopedia, a box is ‘a container, usually with four stiff sides, a bottom, and a lid to pack or put things in,’ and chocolate is ‘a substance made by roasting and grinding cacao seeds.’ A box of chocolates would logically be a container which holds cacao products.The first group of people generally finish the simile ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ with the conclusion ‘you never know what you’re gonna get.’ This group views all the meanings of life and of the box of chocolates and found the best compilation to be that both i...

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The Workmanship Of Risk

Other Websites about \\\”What is Art?\\\” .What Art Is Abstract and chapter summaries of What Art Is: The Esthetic Theory of Ayn Rand by Louis Torres and Michelle Marder Kamhi (Chicago etc.: Open Court, 2000).But at the Royal Academy, objects made by African hands are separated from their cultural context and can be judged simply as art.” Baskets, pottery and maybe even tools can be experienced as works of art in the same way as Brillo boxes, Campbell soup cans (Warhol) and bicycle handlebars tied to a saddle (Picasso) or a picture postcard of the Mona Lisa with a moustache drawn on it and the lettering (Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics) L.H.O.O.Q.SITO \\\”Operative Term Is Stimulate\\\” ask the visitors to their site to define art:...

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Self-Reflective Essay

This Cornell box would represent who I am as a person, who I see myself as, and who I am in the world” (Ngo Autobio 1)."The Man Who Isn’t There | The Upshot Yahoo!“Cornell-styled Box Project Proposal #1 ” 09 March 2011 Ngo, Jullie U.I would attempt to rhetorically analyze myself using the box in the manner quoted above and although I made a good start, the rest of the writing failed to address a major part of the course goal.“Autobiographical Cornell Box Paper” 09 March 2011 Ngo, Jullie U.

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Relevant Revenues and Costs

When 400 boxes were pre-purchased, the expenditure became an unavoidable fixed cost because the group had expended $1,200, and that cost would not change regardless of how many boxes went unsold.Because the relevant cost of the last 100 boxes is $1/box, the group increases its net income by $50 when it lowered the price of the remaining boxes to $1.50.Because the group did not want to leave with unsold boxes, it drops the price to $1.50/box for the remaining 100 boxes.The increase in profit is simply the difference between the relevant revenues ($5/box times 100 additional boxes) and the relevant costs ($4/box times 100 additional boxes).The group prepaid for 400 boxes and cannot return any unsold boxes for a full or partial refund.

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Analysis of the UK Confectionery Industry: Thorntons

Hence the market segment that the company primarily operates is under the sub sector of the Boxed chocolates in the Chocolates industry of the UK.A further segmentation of the Boxed Chocolates market in the UK based on the price and quality is presented below .This report is focused on the analysis of the marketing strategies for Thorntons Plc and provides valuable suggestions for future expansion and strategies to gain competitive advantage in the UK chocolate market.The objectives of the chapter are reviewed against the research and analysis conducted in the previous chapters and then a conclusion is derived based on the results of the analysis.2.1: Market Segmentation .

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Stewart Box Company – Case Study Essay

Since Stewart Box is a medium-sized company, making such organizational restructuring will only lead to inefficiencies since additional personnel may need to be hired.Outlined in the case are the planning and control systems that Stewart Box has in place.Stewart Box is a profitable medium-sized manufacturing company that has several areas for improvement in its accounting, planning, budgeting and pricing methods.Stewart Box is a packaging company that manufactures paperboard and cartons.The group provided recommendations on how to improve the control systems and planning processes of Stewart Box.

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Postpartum depression Essay

After which, the data will be collected, tallied, and subjected to statistical analysis for further interpretation of data.Upon approval, the data will be collected through distribution of questionnaires to the respondents.The gathered data will be tabulated for the analysis which will bring out into focus the essential feature of the study.Top of Form .Standard preliminary steps will be taken such as consent letter will be .

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Generate Ideas Of The New Products Marketing Essay

The process starts from idea generation, idea screening, business analysis, product development, test marketing and ends at 4Ps.Analysis Result .Slight pink was chosen as the background color of the box, and strawberry was added into the design... After going through many screening and well planned by Mr Bean, the new product, boxed ice cream, came to the market.Analysis Mr Bean’s existing pricing strategy and the value of boxed ice cream to get the positioning.

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Film and Box Office

By extension, the term is frequently used, especially in the context of the film industry, as a synonym for the amount of business a particular production, such as a film or theatre show, receives.The term can also mean factors which may influence this amount, as in the phrases “good box office” and “bad box office” .However, analysis of the financial success of films is very influential for the production and funding of future works.The projection and analysis of these earnings is very important for the creative industries and often a source of interest for fans.|1 |Avatar |$500 million |$2700millin | |2 |Titanic |$200 million |$1845 million | |3 |Pirates of the Caribbean |$225 million |$1060 million | |4 |Spider-man |$200 million |$784...

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Overview Of Software Testing Techniques Information Technology Essay

Static Analysis focuses on the range of methods that are used to determine or estimate software quality without reference to actual executions.As we can see, testing involves the configuration of proper inputs, execution of the software over the input, and the analysis of the output.Functional Testing: the software program or system under test is viewed as a “black box”.(2)White box: Knowing the internal workings of a product, tests can be performed to see if they are correct .. Black box testing relates to the tests that are performed at the software interface... White box testing of software involves a closer examination of procedural detail.

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Modelling Tool for Photonic Crystal Device Issues

To view the spectrum, observation area analysis can be accessed from tools menu.Flow chart of PBG structure analysis .Simulation parameters dialog box .file and data is used for post-processing analysis.4.13 shows the observation area analysis dialog box.

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Factors Affecting Web Applications Maintenance

White box testing is a test case design approach that employs the control architecture of the procedural design to produce test cases.Guidelines for BVA are close to those for equivalence partitioning [PRE01]: .. White box testing (Figure 1.5) is testing against the implementation as it is based on analysis of internal logic (design, code etc.)Black box testing tries to find errors in the following categories: .. By applying black box approaches we produce a set of test cases that fulfill requirements: ..Data flow testing strategies are helpful for choosing test paths of a program including nested if and loop statements .. Grey box testing [BIN99] designs test cases using both responsibility-based (black box) and implementation-based ...

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White-Box Testing

A comparison between white-box testing and black box testing can be found in Table 5. .2.2 Equivalence Partitioning/Boundary Value Analysis .Equivalence partitioning (EP) and boundary value analysis (BVA) provide a strategy for writing white-box test cases.Therefore, unit testing is a more economical defect removal technique when compared with black box testing.These test cases can be black box test cases, whereby the tester understands that a test case requires multiple program units to interact.

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Marketing Research Reveals Consumer Behavior

The black box model shows the interaction of stimuli, consumer characteristics, decision process and consumer responses.* Data analysis services are offered by firms, also known as tab houses, that specialize in computer analysis of quantitative data such as those obtained in large surveys.Initially most data analysis firms supplied only tabulations and cross tabulations.* Branded marketing research products and services are specialized data collection and analysis procedures developed to address specific types of marketing research problems.[4] The black box model is related to the black box theory of behaviourism, where the focus is not set on the processes inside a consumer, but the relation between the stimuli and the response of the...

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Analysis Of Setting In “The Lottery” Essay

Not only does the black box symbolize tradition it symbolizes fear.One would think that if they were so afraid of this box why not make another one or even do away with the ritual completely.The box is described as being shabby, splintered, faded and even stained (Paschal 125).“The box embodies all of the evil acts executed in the past and the ones to come” (website 2).As noted above in the analysis of setting in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” we found that setting can be an important factor in any story because it sets an atmosphere that the reader can use to explain certain events within a story.

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Descriptive Statistics using Excel

Notice that it’s possible to sort by multiple variables.the “Labels in the First Row” box is checked.To obtain summary statistics for the men only, repeat the process described at the top; but when locating the data for analysis, select ONLY rows 1 through 8, as shown below.Click on the “Data Analysis” button.The “Input Range” window, at the top of the dialog box, now contains the range of data cells.

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Book Analysis of the Punch

An example of suspense is that when the community tries to flood the Ponyboy - there is uncertainty and I am worried about what will happen next.Begin with the role background, how to join the NBA, and the description of the event that caused the event.For analysis of this book, we use two analyzes, text analysis and graph theory analysis.There are 11k or more different words!This part of the analysis of this book explains S.E's book "The Outsiders".Indeed, some of his strikes are also the foundation for managing books.His impeccable delivery method, the presence of dynamic screens, and powerful scripting are all the reasons he cites the public.

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Detecting Complex Image Data Using Data Mining Techniques

By these condition order box filter operator DLxx, we can see that the1D Gaussian filter gσ(y) is approximated by 1D box filter with parameter γ = L−1 2.Integral image and box filters .Using four octaves and two levels for analysis, eight different scales are therefore analyzed (see Table 2 in Section 3.2).Indeed, while we have kDxxGσk2 2 kDxyGσk2 2 = 3 at any scale σ, this is not exactly true with box filters, where: kDL xxk2 2 kDL xyk2 2 = 3(2L−1) 2L ≈ 3 when L1.We can see here that the box space is a rough approximation of the Gaussian scale space, that exhibits some artifacts due to the anisotropy and the high frequencies of the box kernels.

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Reynols Tobacco Company

A vital note is that innovative packaging can bring large benefits to consumers and profits to producers and well designed packages can create convenience and promotional value.The consumers had seen the slide-box as having cosmetic advantages, such as being attractive, modern, being its own case, and having an edge over the conventional crush-proof box.Also, the new package was perceived to be more gimmicky that the conventional box.Concluding, in conformity with the higher up analysis we accept the slide box as the package of the new Marlboro cigarettes and we reject it for their existing products.By the first research they test the outcome of the new brand in a conventional crush-proof box, against the slide-box, indicated that the sl...

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The ACL Benford command Essay

These fields are contained in the database: First Digit, First Two Digits, First Three Digits, and Second Digit Last Two Digits, Second Order and Summation Suspicious data, upper and lower boundaries, mean absolute deviation and parameters.7) Create a result output .Payroll fraud is usually paying a fictitious or ghost employee in a salary system automatically.Seven steps to perform a Benford’s Law Analysis: .1) On the Analysis tab, in the Explore group, click Benford’s Law.

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Promoter Essay

The two canonical sequences which are summarized below are more or less conserved, which is a way of modulating the intensity of transcription.There are several main elements on the promoter of eukaryotic mRNAs (core elements): .It is much more complex in eukaryotes.Canonical bacterial promoters are made up of two "boxes" of conserved sequences: the -35 box and the Pribnow box or -10 box , located respectively approximately 35 and 10 nucleotides upstream of the first transcribed nucleotide of the RNA.Strong promoters are very close to the ideal sequence, weak promoters are further away.

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