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Water Scarcity in Kenya Essay

The rate of exposure is extremely high because the water is not only contaminated at the water basins and pumps where water is collected but the containers are almost always second-hand objects, often previously used for certain oils and fertilizers or wastes.There are a plethora of causes in which leads to Kenya’s water being so scarce.An even closer look at water scarcity nationwide involving how different countries could possibly reveal the extent in which water scarcity is.Background of the Research: A. Africa is fundamentally a semi-arid and water scarce country in which only receives nine percent of its water being converted to runoff.Purpose of Research: The purpose of this research is to briefly investigate Kenya’s water scarcity...

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Water Scarcity & The Importance Of Water Essay

Large parts of Africa suffer from economic water scarcity; developing water infrastructure in those areas could therefore help to reduce poverty.While the concept of water stress is relatively new, it is the difficulty of obtaining sources of fresh water for use during a period of time and may result in further depletion and deterioration of available water resources.2006 Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region.Economic water scarcity is caused by a lack of investment in infrastructure or technology to draw water from rivers, aquifers or other water sources, or insufficient human capacity to satisfy the demand for water.[5] Water scarcity can be a result of two...

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Issues Contributing to Water Scarcity

Promoting water as a commodity has led to an increased control of water by multinational corporations (MNC).Tread softly (2013) explains that the over extraction of freshwater and other human intrusion with the water cycle is the immediate cause of water scarcity.Water scarcity is the defined as the lack of access to adequate quantities of water for human and environmental uses However, the Water Project (2014) states that water scarcity can be explained in two ways, it is either the dearth of ample water (quantity) or it is the inability to be able to access safe water (quality).Clean water is the water that is safe enough to be consumed by humans with low risk of immediate or long term harm (Wikipedia 2014).Another cause of water scarc...

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Water Scarcity Essay

2007), this report mentioned the improvement of coping with water scarcity, the workers as a guide to give suitable suggestions to local authority and encourage farmers to use the farming technology (Falkenmark, M et al.Another difficulty to reduce water scarcity is technique problem.Although there are some methods may reduce water scarcity, some places may have difficulties to run those methods.The main reason is that when workers misuse some chemical reagents to the water, it can cause the water pollution and water eutrophication.Another method to reduce water scarcity is the national government makes a national policy to limit the use of water.

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Key Causes of Water Scarcity and Researched Solutions Essay

Thus with population increasing by a vast number every year, the demand for fresh water will additionally increase, therefore adding to the water scarcity in Australia.5.0Recommendations In order to improve water use in Australia, the factors that need to be considered are; water reuse by using reclaimed water to flush toilets, wash clothes and water gardens, educating farmers on water use, by informing them on irrigation techniques and watershed methods.3.0Solutions to Water Scarcity 3.1Watershed Improvement in water management is one way to reduce water demand.4.0Conclusion The aim of this report was to outline the causes for the increased demand for water and to provide researched solutions.The substitution of this water can improve t...

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Global Issues in the Modern Day

Water scarcity can cause poverty for the clean water decreases and the price or the value has also increased which can lead people to poverty (National Geographic)... Water scarcity also called water crisis is the lack of sufficient water available to meet the wants of water usage within the country.Physical and economical water scarcities are done and when this continues there would be insufficient fresh water for people.Water scarcity can be a result of two mechanisms, physical and economic water scarcity.When fresh water is not available to the people, they get disease from drinking contaminated water and in fact, 3.1 million people die each year from water related disease.

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The Crossroads of Justice and Realpolitik: Coping with Water Scarcity

The relationship between humans and water has evolved over time, but it has never deviated from two primary forms: humans have either brought themselves to water or brought water to themselves.On a planet that is 75% water, the term “water scarcity” seems a ridiculous misnomer.Today, however, water scarcity menaces global prosperity to such an extent that old paradigms of water usage are obsolete.Since water is the foundation of all life, the implications of water scarcity are clear.At the domestic level, water scarcity is a battle between states; rivers and other water reservoirs pass between different states and the competing claims for jurisdiction will not be easily resolved at the federal level.

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Water Scarcity by 2050 Essay

According to that study, the use of biofuels could worsen water scarcity and food production because the cultivation of crops for bio-fuels would compete with the water resources.In places like the Middle East and Africa, particularly Eritea where there has been an experienced drought and food crisis since 2005 (news24, 2005), there is a higher demand for water to sustain the people there because their areas are mostly desert and land, there are only few water sources to provide for their needs as compared with countries that are surrounded by bodies of water, many of which are found in Southeast Asia.Aside from food and water scarcity, the world is also likely to face a depletion of the ecosystem, drought and many other diseases caused ...

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The Reasons For Shortage Of Clean Water Environmental Sciences Essay

Many countries in the world have wondered about the causes of clean water shortage, and many researchers are studying it.When water price is increased, citizens will reduce their usage of water themselves.At the World Water Day event, Margaret (2012) the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General said that: “Globally scarcity of water had already affected 4 out of every 10 people”.Meanwhile with a development economy, there will be rise in demand for water by industries, which may lead to the scarcity of fresh water for consumers, farmers and also workers.In fact, it’s clear that the water shortage will cause other social problems such as food scarcity, uprising, diseases… “More than 3.4 million people die each year from water, s...

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Water Scarcity Could Result in War Essay

In October 2007, Alabama filed a complaint against the Engineer Corp for reducing the water released from Lake Allatoona which will have serious implications on the state’s water supply as well as the navigability of the Alabama River.Various studies and models suggest that climate change will have a significant impact on the availability of freshwater resources, on water quality, and on the demand for water.With a limited supply of potable water and a demand that is expected to increase by 40 percent in the next two decades, the world is facing a water crisis (Kirby).Israel mainly controls the Jordan River which causes Jordan and Palestine to suffer from a limited water supply (Reid).Sonny Perdue wanted to cut the release of water from ...

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Water stress Essay

Only 0.014% of all water on Earth is both fresh and easily accessible (potable water), 97% of the remaining water is saline and just under 3% is difficult to access.Water stress, which can also be water scarcity, is a situation where the demand for water exceeds the available water resources.The UN estimates that by 2025, 25 African countries are expected to suffer from water scarcity or water stress.The most cost-effective way to decouple water use from economic growth (according to the panel) would be for governments to create comprehensive water management plans that take into account the entire water cycle: from its source to its distribution, economic use, treatment and recycling, reuse and return to the environment.Globally and on ...

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Bring Safe Drinking Water to the World Essay

Scarcity of safe water forces people to respond by storing water in their households.United Nations should look for ways to deal with water scarcity and amicable ways of resolving political instabilities resulting from water stress.It is said that a threshold of less than 1,000 cubic meters of water represent water scarcity and below 500 cubic meters of water represent a state of absolute scarcity.Scarcity of water makes many children in this region drop out of school to help in household chores which are made more intense by lack of water.EMD Millipore Donates $30,000 to Charity: Water in Recognition of World Water Week.

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Strategies to Improve Water Scarcity

In this case, the Malaysian government increases the budget to help to resolve the water shortage problem in Selangor; Malaysian government has also delay a project to save the water supply and Malaysian government has also cut down the water supply of the neighborhoods every couple of days.In addition, water crisis can cause the water pollution to decrease rapidly because people will start to appreciate water and they do not want to suffer from water shortage again.The price of water supply in Malaysia is very low and because of this, most of the people do not know how much water they are using until they receive their monthly bill and the water bill is just a small part of the bill.“Contaminated water causes 80% of the health problems ...

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Population dynamics and environmental

This essay will discuss the environmental issues caused by water scarcity and measurement that should be taken to reduce or avoid loss of water, causes of these issues and its implications.Lack of water or quality water causes huge sanitation issues clinics, local restaurants, public places of convenience and other places are forced to use very little water for cleaning.People use appliance which wastes a huge amount of water, for instance, they fill their bathtub with a lot of water for bathing, leave taps running water, washing cars with a hosepipe, irrigating the garden, filling swimming pools with water and draining it regularly.According to Rijsberman (2004:1), water scarcity is “when an individual does not have access to safe and a...

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Environmental Depletion Essay

Man needs to protect and preserve the blessings of nature in order to live longer and enjoy life better.The fear of man to experience all of these adverse effects is the reason why there has been an increased awareness of the environment, which I believe is just right.Lack of water will also deprive man to cultivate the soil and plant fruits, vegetables and rich thus there will be food shortage.The climate changes, global warming, extinction of plants, animals and fishes, melting of glaciers and scarcity of natural resources such as water, trees and animals have caused man difficulties.In some parts of the world, such as Africa, water scarcity is very prevalent (Arriens, 2007).

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International Water Conflict Essay

Water scarcity is particularly severe in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, owing to population growth, urbanization and industrialization.However, wars over river water are likely only under a narrow set of circumstances, as there are also more examples of water cooperation than water conflict among countries.First, in an interstate conflict, the deliberate targeting of water storage facilities may be directly responsible for inducing water scarcity or reducing the water quality of the opponent.Disagreement over the sharing of river water from the Indus river system has been one of the major causes of violent secessionist movement in the Punjab province of India in the 1980s and 1990s.Thus, water scarcity becomes part of a military strat...

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Scarcity of Water in Saudi Arabia, Africa and Australia Cause and Effect Essay

Business Council f Australia, 2011, Water under pressure, Business Council of Australia Press, Sydney Chartres, C., 2006, “Can Australia overcome its water scarcity problems?” Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture, Vol.Many people who live in the dry regions that I have mentioned above are not aware of the presence of abundant water resources (like underground water) in the areas that they reside.Other useful approaches that can be employed to tackle the problem of water shortage include employing water recycling techniques and desalination of sea water (Shaw 2008).Besides, the cleaning of polluted water resources like rivers, and the preservation of water catchments areas would also help in availing more water resources to ...

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Water Scarcity in India Essay

The industry has become cautious of the wasteful use of water and realized the recycling process as an integrated concept while planning water use..United Nations statement on water crisis^ UN World Summit on Sustainable Development addresses the water crisis^ “No global water crisis – but many developing countries will face water scarcity”, 12 March 2003^ Freshwater: lifeblood of the planet^ Björn Lomborg (2001), The Skeptical Environmentalist (Cambridge University Press), ISBN 0521010683, p. 22^ World Energy Outlook 2005: Middle East and North Africa Insights, International Energy Agency, Paris (2005)^ WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (2008), Progress in Drinking-water and Sanitation: specia...

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Essay on Overpopulation Pressures Our Natural Resources and Environment

This will result in inequity between people through the scarcity of resources that lead to hunger and poverty.Other implication is the increase in Co2 emissions by 2.5% per year which driven by annual per capita GDP and annual population growth (Mitchell 2012).The scarcity in resources is not limited to energy shortage but could represent in water scarcity in congested cities.The technology used at the beginning of this century caused higher Co2 emissions in developed and developing countries which raise the consumption rate (Mitchell 2012).The degradation in human life causes diseases transferring from animals and cause lethal epidemics (Ehrlich and Ehrlich 2012).

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Water Scarcity Problem in UAE

Al Mubarak: The Issue of Water Scarcity and Water Security is Only Getting More Urgent.Steps have also been taken by the national water resource management to improve and develop the implementation of the water management policies.In order to meet this high demand, water desalination plants and waste water treatment projects were set up in many parts of the country.The Arab Water Academy (AWA) had been a key initiator in Abu Dhabi which was established with the target of addressing the problem of water scarcity in the UAE and neighboring countries of the region.The government of UAE could also try to pump the wasted water into underground after making it clean and raising it to underground water level.

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Save Water Save Life

In our slumber we have assumed water will always be there for us – Clean water to drink, waterways for recreation, healthy rivers and oceans to supply us with healthy fish, water to wash our cars, water to green our lawns and landscapes, water to bath and shower in, water to brush our teeth with, water for our swimming pools.I believe that the technological advancement in making clean water available will have to be blended with Management of equitable distribution of water, given the fact that it is increasingly becoming so scarce a resource that people in some parts of India do not get water even for drinking for upto 9-10 days and women in rural areas have to walk kilometers in search of water on foot.Less than 1% of the earth’s water...

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Water Is Essential To Maintain Healthy Lifestyle Environmental Sciences Essay

The impact of global warming is disrupting the flow of water and causing storms and droughts that will make it tough to gain access to fresh water for countries.By 2050, per capita water supply is predicted to fall, leaving anywhere from 2 billion to 7 billion people with water scarcity (CBC News) .Due to the inadequate supply of potable water, the people without will have to go to places that have water that is fit for consumption and this in turn could cause difficulties with other areas and thus lead to clashes and disputes with each other for the water.This rise of temperature will decrease the levels of water in rivers and lakes through evaporation and thus make more and more difficult to access fresh water as time passes.The absenc...

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Essay about Water Shortages in China: Problems and Solutions

It will also identify causes and effects of this environmental problem on society and other spheres of life.Water Pollution and Water Shortage Problems in China.Addressing China’s Water Scarcity: A Synthesis of Recommendations for Selected Water Resource Management Issues.Wide and inefficient use of water resources can lead to irreversible consequences, such as water shortage.Many people know that water is essential for human-being and it is not only valuable for health and life, but water is also important for industry and agriculture.

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The Effects Of Water Scarcity On Africa Essay

Numerous studies have found that as contamination builds, property values go down.Water scarcity has often forced those living in water deprived regions to turn to unsafe water resources that contribute to typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhoea; this water shortage causes numerous individuals to store water inside the house.It is estimated by the year 2030 millions of individuals will be living in high water stress zone that will be unstable for settling.Esteeming Human Life and Health .Water storage in the house or rather in conditions its likely to be contaminated can expand to water silliness, and malaria sickness spread by mosquitoes.

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Population Regulation for Environmental Conservation Essay

As much as this scarcity affects people, it also affects the other components of the environment such as plants and animals.In extreme cases, scarcity of resources causes the extinction of plant and animal species that cannot compete with others.The environment is suffering a lot because of this — massive air, land, and water pollution, destruction of natural habitats, and extinction of plant and animal species.The main causes for this may be the lack of proper education and awareness regarding birth control methods and family planning among developing countries and the lack of policies that encourages the population regulation.Researches predict that in a decade, water shortage will continue to spread eastward and northward (Resources a...

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Conservation Of Natural Resources

This may lead to scarcity of these resources in the near future.Refuse-[from book] .Recycle- Recycling conserves resources by keeping them in circulation, reducing the depletion of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and mineral ores.Reduce- By initially using less, we help to conserve valuable resources such as water and energy.This can ultimately lead to the scarcity of these resources in the near future.

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Water, Food And Agriculture

But this does not mean that it does not face any problems regarding food supply and water scarcity.Water scarcity is also being faced and will continue to be faced in Chennai if no measures are taken.Due to water scarcity, farmers tend to pull out more water from the ground thereby depleting the ground water resources and destroying the water table.There is an unquestionable need for us to save water and stop lavishly frivolling away with food.According to a report published by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 11 June 2011, the world will face a water scarcity for agriculture as a result of climate change.

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Water Essay

While water is not the cause of weather, you can clearly see the importance of water in the equation.We came from water; one could bottle salt water, sterilize it for microorganisms, and put it directly into someone’s veins as an emergency blood expander.The Importance of Water There’s no doubt that water is important.They are forced to drink water from rivers, streams, watering holes, and other water sources, that are more than likely diseased or polluted.Simply put, water scarcity is either the lack of enough water (quantity) or lack of access to safe water (quality).

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Water crisis in India Essay

SENGUPTA SOMINI , 2006, In Teeming India, Water Crisis Means Dry Pipes and Foul .But most of the times especially in summer when the scarcity of drinking water becomes severe, these public water supply schemes may not function effectively.People often make use of the drinking water sources to bath their domestic animals like cow, buffalo, goat etc and hence the valuable drinking water sources will be contaminated.Extremely poor management, unclear laws, government corruption, and industrial and human waste have caused this water supply crunch and rendered what water is available practically useless due to the huge quantity of pollution” (Brooks) .Brooks Nina, 2007, Imminent Water Crisis in India, Retrieved on .

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Water Scarcity: Privatization is Not the Solution Essay

This has been attempted to be solved by privatising water services, since it is believed that water available for free has generated an overexploitation of this resource.That is why the purpose of this paper, before all else, will be to analyse the diverse complications that water supplies encounter and lastly to see how water privatisation is an unsuccessful reaction to these obstacles.(2008) Water privatisation.Water is vital for humanity as it sustains human life and is a fundamental aspect in most of the products which are consumed by an average living person.Among these difficulties, which are stimulating the crisis, there are three predominant factors: a negligent use of water, a dramatic increment in the population, and a worldwid...

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