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Louis Sullivan and the Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building

Quoted (by Louis Sullivan) from: Siry, J, 1988, Carson, Pirie, Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store, Chicago: London: University of Chicago Press, pg.Siry, J, 1988, Carson, Pirie, Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store, Chicago: London: University of Chicago Press, pg.O’Gorman, James F, 1991, Three American Architects: Richardson, Sullivan and Wright, Chicago: London: University of Chicago Press ISBN: 0-22662-071-9 15.Outside of Europe, America also embraced the ever growing Art Nouveau style, mainly in its larger cities like New York, and more importantly, Chicago.It was the culmination of Sullivan’s work; his tribute to the Art Nouveau movement, and one of his final contributions to the rapid developme...

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The Importance of Clarity in Writing Essay

Strunk, William, and E.B.Clarity is what makes text readable, even enjoyable and allows a text to succeed.Williams, Joseph.You may follow all of the other rules set forth by Strunk and White, but it needs to be readable.The Elements of Style.

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Baby, Please Don't Go Essay

Big Joe Williams recorded a second version of the song, simply titled Please Don't Go, on December 12, 1941 in Chicago for Bluebird, with a more modern arrangement and lyrics, which is, according to Gérard Herzhaft , the most exciting, and which Williams performs using his signature nine-string guitar.As Page biographer George Case notes, "There is controversy over whether Page's high-pitched blues line defines the song, whether he only played a tune already conceived by Harrison, or whether Page simply overtook Harrisson ”.: we find a similar title on the song of the group The Olympics, Well (Baby, Please Don't Go) in 1957, popularized by John Lennon (with Frank Zappa on guitar) since the release of this live cover on the double album S...

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Contemporary Uses: The Pennsylvania State Capitol Essay

Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee.This is when Harrisburg was named the new capital city of Pennsylvania (“CPC Home Page”).It is a place where the residents of the Pennsylvania can visit and learn about the significance and history of our state.Due to limited funds, Cobb was unable to finish his intended design.... middle of paper ... .

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Polynomial Essay

Length: 1–2 pages for the project task; 3–5 pages for the executive summary Self-Assessment Checklist for Project Part 4 Task 1 .I have examined best practices to mitigate security risks to a Linux server using a suitable software management plan.I have explained the use of bastion hosts to secure architecture design.Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style .I have described backup, recovery, and incident response in a Linux architecture.

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Defining Writing Style

Have I found my perfect style yet?It is, of course, possible, but so often good style and good grammar go hand in hand.No, I am still at the beginning of my search, but I feel that with the advice and strategies I have found from reading both The Elements of Style and Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, I have a better idea of where I am going.White, The Elements of Style.Chicago: The U of Chicago Press.

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Defining Writing Style

Another example of how the authors’ perspectives on style differ is apparent in the first chapter of each book.White wrote The Elements of Style which was followed by another book, Style: Toward Clarity and Grace, by Joseph Williams.Williams, Joseph M. Style: Toward Clarity and Grace.The Elements of Style.Many students and writers who have difficulty with word choice may prefer Strunk and White’s style guide for its structure and format.

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Graded Assignments Essay

Project Part 1 should be submitted in the following format and style: Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style Length: 1–2 pages Self-Assessment Checklist I have included several applicable layers for the plan.Required Resources None Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style Length: 1–2 pages Due By: Unit 6 Self-Assessment Checklist .Required Resources Textbook: Fundamentals of Information Systems Security Submission Requirements Format: Microsoft Word Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space Citation Style: Chicago Manual of Style Length: 1–2 pages Due By: Unit 10 Self-Assessment Checklist I have identifie...

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Raghubir Singh Essay

In February 1999, what is considered a retrospective of his mid-career work opened at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi after being shown at Bon Marché in Paris and at the Institut d Chicago art.In 1998, the Art Institute of Chicago organized a retrospective exhibition of his work which was still on display at the time of his death.Raghubir Singh (October 22, 1942 - April 18, 1999) is an Indian photographer, best known for his landscapes and the documentary style of his photographs of the people of India.Singh uses his doors and windshield to frame and divide his photographs.Raghubir Singh is gradually introduced into the circle of artists in the city who will deeply influence his work, especially the realism of director Sa...

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Compare and Contrast a News Story From Two Different Sources

Both the Sun Times and the Chicago Defender showcased numerous facts to the reader about the events that took place.The Chicago Defender had an article entitled “Father in custody in daughter’s slaying”, discussing the recent unfolding events regarding the murder of a nine year old Mya Lyons in 2008.Sun Time Media Group owns over 20 newspapers in the Chicago area and even some in Indiana.The Chicago Defender is a Chicago newspaper that is a century old.The Sun Times had an article entitled “Dad arrested in girl’s 2008 slaying”, similar to the other article it discussed Mr. Lyons being put into custody by the Chicago police department as well as the murder two years prior.

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Emotions in Music Essay

Smith, Jane Stuart, and Betty Carlson.Chicago, IL: Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, 1972.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1997.The Gift of Music: Great Composers and Their Influence.Weller, Allen S..

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There Are No Children Here Essays: Style

Adding to this strength is the fact that he spent years in one particular Chicago project, earning the trust of his informants.These three elements blend to form a unique style that is particularly well-suited for There Are No Children Here.He has a keen eye for the daily particulars of this dangerous neighborhood.For example, after the two children dive under cover during a drive-by shooting, both are visibly affected.The younger brother, Pharaoh, laments, "I worry about dying, dying at a young age."

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A and B Level Objectives

This term paper will be graded “Accepted” or “Not Accepted.” If you submit your term paper before the deadline date in the syllabus (may 7, 2013) and is graded “Not Accepted,” you may rewrite it and resubmit it prior to the deadline date.The form can be found in any of the above manuals.If you have any questions concerning the term paper at any point in the process, be sure to contact the Professor.This will undoubtedly take you a page or two in order to do a good job.Modern Language Association Style Sheet, The University of Chicago Manual of Style, and Kate Turabian A Manual for Writers, located in the ACC libraries, are but only three of the manuals available.

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City Beautiful vs. Pattern

“Places must be easy to get to and well integrated both physically and visually with their surroundings so people can move around without effort.” (Urban Design Compendium, p.1) In Burnham style, he makes the connection by facilitating the process of appreciation which is denoted by the beauty and aesthetic components of his work.By showcasing different alternatives in his designs, his style can be dynamic in addressing varied needs of American urban society.Christopher Alexander’s style revolves and emphasizes the importance of pattern creation in an architectural work.“The central ideological conflict surrounding the City Beautiful pitted invention and innovation against continuity and tradition.” (Hines, 2004, p.1) It is in this logic...

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Me, what I like is the monsters Essay

This second book then received an initial print run of 30,000 copies and a release date is scheduled for October 2017.Her parents were both artists, and she would often visit their university, the Art Institute of Chicago, which is also heavily featured in the graphic novel.Sam Mendes is in negotiations to eventually lead the adaptation.Karen Reyes, a ten-year-old girl with a passion for monsters who lived in Chicago in the late 1960s, investigates the murky death of her beautiful and mysterious Holocaust survivor neighbor, Anka Silverberg, which leads her to discover many buried stories.The French version comes out in 2018 at Monsieur Toussaint Louverture.

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History And Developments Of Jazz Music Essay

In the 1920s due to the harsh economic climate, these musicians moved to Chicago as this was becoming a centre for music.In 1893 he went to Chicago for the World’s Fair, which played a major part in making ragtime music a national craze.T-Bone Walker was admired by Muddy Waters and his style influenced the Chicago electric blues sound.Although the jazz style of music became really popular globally from around the 1930s/1940s, it seems that, in the 21st century, “Trad.It became very popular to dance to and the new “Teenagers” in the 1950s wore a distinctive style of dress when “jiving” in pairs.

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Young Lonigan by James T. Farrell

On page 62 Studs listens to the wind without fear as it rushes through the tree outside his window.The similarity in their perception is made obvious by the word “puffed,” which is also employed by Studs on page 39.Without the specific content and feel of the darkness the reader would not be drawn so deeply into the core of what it is to be Studs.Chicago exists as different set of sensations for Studs, who communes with his environment in a language foreign to the masses.The heat and hardness of day are replaced by the creeping and overwhelming softness of the Chicago night; it pushes the toughness out of his body, eliminates the immediacy of things and dulls the viciousness of life as an Irish boy without a future.

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The Father of Chicago Blues Essay

Although Delta blues artists had been a favorite amongst the African American community for decades before the emergence of Muddy Waters, it was a new type of blues sound that soon became the iconic music of Chicago: A very different urban blues tradition of the postwar era, Chicago electric blues, derived more directly from the rural Mississippi Delta… The musical taste of black Chicagoans, many of them recent migrants from the Deep South, tended toward rougher, grittier styles, closely linked to African American folk traditions but also reflective of their new, urban orientation… Muddy Waters exemplifies these developments.It was this emotionally distressing style of guitar-playing that won him the name “The Father of Chicago Blues”, s...

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Collaborative Ethnography Essay

In an article written by Luke Eric Lassiter (2008), he aimed to move away from th... ... middle of paper ... ...C, (2009) Careers in 21st Century Applied Anthropology: Perspectives from Academics and Practitioners, John Wiley & Sons.Due to the nature of collaborative ethnography having more than one person co-write is a benefit in its self.Lassiter, L.E, (2004) ‘Collaborative Ethnography’, AnthroNotes, Museum of Natural History Publication for Educators, Volume 25, No 1.Lassiter, L.E, (2005) The Chicago Guide to Collaborative Ethnography, Chicago, University of Chicago Press.Stringer, E.T, (1997) Community-based ethnography: breaking traditional boundaries of research, teaching and learning, New Jersey, Routledge.

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Multicultural Competence

This template is formatted according to APA Style guidelines, with one inch top, bottom, left, and right margins; Times New Roman font in 12 point; double-spaced; aligned flush left; and paragraphs indented 5-7 spaces.The page number appears one inch from the right edge on the first line of each page, excluding the Figures page.When a direct quotation is used, always include the author, year, and page number as part of the citation.1Complete APA style formatting information may be found in the Publication Manual.Do not start a new page for each heading.

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The Four Residential Towers in Chicago Essay

Between the Great Fire and World War I, Chicago emerges as the future metropolis and became a great industrial power.Built Environment of the Chicago Region [Electronic Version].This West Loop residential complex is only two minutes from the  Metra, Amtrak and three blocks from Greek Town and Chicago River (ARC, 2005).The place is called the Presidential Towers and it is located in downtown Chicago at 555 Madison Street.Chicago continued to grow after the second world war and with the expansion of automobile and air travel, the expressway system was developed until the creation of the Chicago Transit Authority in 1947 (Society, 2005).

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The Theme of Dehumanization in Breakfast of Champions Essay

In his book Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. uses bold motifs, complex characterization, a plot of mundanity and shallowness, elementary diction, and satirical style to emphasize his main theme of dehumanization.He does this using bold motifs, complex characterization, a plot of mundanity and shallowness, elementary diction, and satirical style.Breakfast of Champions.He shocks and confuses us with his style of writing, leaving us floundering with questions.New York, New York: Dell Publishing.

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Universal Exhibition of 1893 Essay

Pieces of this Ferris wheel were used to build a bridge over the Kankakee River, 72 km south of Chicago.At the end of the World's Fair, the Ferris wheel was moved near an upscale neighborhood in North Chicago.An outdoor closing party attracting nearly 716,881 people was held on October 9, 1893, a day referred to as "Chicago Day."The fair lasts until October 30, 1893 In addition to celebrating the 400th anniversary of the discovery of the New World, the fair serves to show the world that Chicago resurrected from the ashes of the Great Chicago Fire, which destroyed 10 km2, or almost all of downtown the city in 1871.The Exhibition covers an area of ​​2.4 km2, including nearly 200 new buildings in classical architecture style, as well as par...

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Chicago Essay

Various genres of music are part of the city's cultural heritage: Chicago blues, Chicago soul, Chicago jazz, Chicago house, Chicago punk hardcore and Chicago rock.The Chicago Rush, Arena Football League, the Chicago Bandits of the NPF and the Chicago Wolves, of the AHL, also play in Chicago.Today, the dominant rap style in Chicago is Drill music, a style born in 2011 on the South Side with the rise in popularity of rappers who are members of Chicago gangs such as Chief Keef, Lil Jay, FBG Duck, Fredo Santana and even more.The Chicago Department of Buildings is a city agency responsible for enforcing the Chicago Building Code, governing the construction and rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings, and the Chicago Parks District ( Chica...

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Common Practices in Religion

1Complete APA style formatting information may be found in the Publication Manual.Caption of figure .Type the table text here in italics; start a new page for each table [Insert table here] .Year of Publication: In parenthesis following authors, with a period following the closing parenthesis.Figure Captions .

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Bob Fosse Essay

The huge highlight of Fosses style was isolated movements, he took such simple moves, such as moving an eyebrow or just one finger, but these simple movements made a huge impact on the accessed on 20/05/09) after watching these two videos it seems Fosse’s style is still influencing artists and dancers to this day.This is when he was exposed to a Cabaret performance style, among nightclubs.Fosse had called up Fred Ebb and had said ‘’I know you must of thought while we were working on ‘Chicago’ that I was picking on you.spx accessed on 18/05/09) That quote may suggest that Fosse’s style may have had some influence from the Burlesque style that he grew up within.

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Midterm Learning Reflection Essay

Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.So, if, for example, you cite song lyrics, one of our texts, a poem, or even a work of art, then you need a Works Cited page.The writing style of the learning reflection is primarily expressive, but will also contain narrative elements.“Hypertext Links: Whither Thou Goest, and Why.” First Monday.Frank Lentricchia and Thomas McLaughlin.

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Access Control

I have followed the submission requirements.I have described the customer’s acceptance andattitude towards the new system.I have described the cost-benefit issues and considerations that affect decisions regarding solutions.Self-Assessment Checklist .Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space .

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Style of Writing

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1990. .Before I read these two books, I thought I knew what writing with style was.We offer detailed ways to put into specific practice the clichés of style ‘Be clear’ ‘Omit needless words’… We suggest you read this book a short section at a time, and then look at your won writing the writing of others” (Williams xiii).Williams, Joseph M. Style Toward Clarity and Grace.White’s The Elements of Style and Joseph M. Williams’ Style Toward Clarity and Grace, clarity and concision are to be the most important.

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Surgical quality improvement Essay

applicable resources.Latour, K. M., Maki, S. E., & Oachs, P. A.The paper should be 1 to 2 pages in length, not including cover page.Pages should be set with 1-inch margins.Health information management: Concepts, principles, and practice (4th ed.).

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