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The Noun In English And Romanian

Concrete Abstract Concrete Abstract .“noun: a word (other than a pronoun) used to identify any of a class of people, places, or things (common noun), or to name a particular one of these (proper noun).According to Thomson and Martinet (24) “there are four kinds of noun in English”: Common (book, computer, notebook), proper (Mary, Constantine, Stuart), abstract (beauty, sensibility) and collective (crowd, people, children).A noun is called abstract when it refers to ideas or concepts, (beauty, philology).Abstract nouns do not have any connection to the human senses; any noun that has no reference towards the five human senses is considered an abstract noun.

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The Discourse And Discourse Analysis

The notion of discourse raises the concept of reality, knowledge and power (Foucalt 1977 in Wodak and Meyer 2009) and the concept of world representation and social interaction (Fairclough 1989 and 2003).However, Van Leeuwen employs this concept in a more general sense.Impersonalizing social actors takes the audience’s focus or attention away from the social actors themselves, emphasizing on the abstract concept, quality or object that is assigned to them (Van Leeuwen , 2008).Moreover, signs can also represent imaginary, fantasy or abstract things (Hall, 1997 p.17), such as the concept of fear.Meanwhile, Collectivization can be realized by a mass noun or a noun denoting a group of people (Van Leeuwen , 2008).

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Last name Essay

In some cases, a collective noun used with a complement of noun, can serve as an indefinite determinant, more precisely, as a nominal quantifier: a flock of sheep.However, even if the acronym or acronym represents a noun phrase, nothing prevents it from being used as another category, as an adjective or adverb…: for example, “people very BCBG” to mean “ people very good chic good kind ”where“ BCBG ”is a noun phrase with an epithet adjective value.An abstract name designates any real or figurative substance that does not fall under our senses and that only our cerebral faculties can apprehend: habitat, flowering, friendship, courage, wisdom, musicality, admiration… .Thus, to form a noun, according to the semantic and non-grammatical defin...

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Meaning from a Stylistic Point of View Essay

We perceive meaning as a representation of a definite concept by means of a word.Adverbs are considered to be more abstract than adjectives.The main problem of meaning which deals with is the interrelation between meaning and concept, meaning and sign, meaning and referent.” Adjectives are more abstract in meaning than nouns.And here comes the issue well-known contradiction between the scientific (abstract) perception of a phenomenon and the secondary artistic perception of the same phenomenon.

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Distinguish Between Sense Reference Denotation Philosophy Essay

The more central the prototypes are, the more features it has belonging to a concept.The key idea is that the characteristics belonging to a concept are individually necessary and mutually sufficient to identify that concept.Another criticism is that a speaker often uses words where the precise definition of the concept is not known to him.These terms are interdependent since knowing the denotation of the concept [HOUSE] entails having also some basic knowledge of the sense that the concept has.Smith & Medin (1981) suggest that the Classical View sees concepts as comprising a set of definitions, and as such, entities will be classified as an example of a concept if and only they hold the defining characteristics of the concept.

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Definitions And Forms Of Language English Language Essay

This short hand form translate as noun phrase being rewrite as an article and a noun with an option of including an adjective in the specific space between them.Therefore form is a concept that looks at language as ‘from above’ since syntax and items directly realize meaning in language (Fawcett, 2000).Sentences on the other hand comprises of ‘abstract grammatical elements obtained from utterances’ (Saeed, 2003, p.13)... One of the most influential scholars of linguistic is Saussure’s, he propounded the central concept of linguistic signs (Fawcett, 2000).The second rule has been written as; ‘ a noun phrase rewrites as either an article, an optional adjective, and a noun or a pronoun or a proper noun’ (Yule, 2006, p. 92).

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The term HYPONYMY Essay

Abstract nouns, such as “chaos,” and adjectives, such as “interesting,” are among the words that have only vague general terms, like “state,” as possible hypernyms.The term hyponymy is relatively new, being recorded only since the mid-1900s (Oxford English Dictionary).The term colour is a noun, which is not of the same part of speech as the member terms.A different path leading to the same abstract hypernym would be “sapphire,” “corundum,” “mineral,” “substance,” “essence.” Another major reason for studying hyponymy is its usefulness in building a vocabulary.A typical definition of a specific word (hyponym) consists of a general classification word (hypernym) along with modifying details that distinguish the specific word from similar wo...

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Article Essay

By agreement, the article may have the secondary function of indicating the grammatical categories of the noun when the noun does not.Syntactically, it is part of the class of determinants in the broad sense (that is, terms subordinate to the name), a subclass of abstract determinants.In French and English, for example, the article, the possessive determinant and the demonstrative determinant are mutually exclusive, but in Romanian, when the noun is used with the postposed possessive determinant, it must have at the same time time the definite article: fiul meu "my son".Traditionally, in French grammars, the partitive article is considered separately, although it is, "for value, only an indefinite article used before a noun to indicate t...

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Semantics and Theories of Semantics Essay

So ‘human + female + adult’ would not be the concept referred to by the word ‘man’, since it is a different concept.They are the minimal qualities that the concept must possess in order to be a distinguishable concept, e. g. if any of these changes, the concept too changes.The Swiss linguist de Saussure postulated the link, a psychological associative bond, between the sound image and the concept.However, in the case of: ‘The parents of the bride and the groom were waiting’ there is grammatical ambiguity as the sentence structure can be interpreted in two ways: (a) the two separate noun phrases being ‘the parents of the bride’, and ‘the groom’; or (b) the single noun phrase ‘the parents’ within which there is the prepositional phrase ‘of...

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How is the ideal male represented through physical description in modern Mills and Boon literature

Perhaps most noteworthy is the way in which the authors employ very similar pragmatic techniques in order to illustrate the power that these men exude over the heroines, sidelining the role of the women as primary narrators in the novel.The three heroes of these stories are undeniably similar; all fulfil the traditional portrayal of a tall, dark and handsome charmer, both masculine and sensitive.A modifying adjective, “prominent”, emphasises male virility, as does the common noun “Adam’s apple”, a traditional symbol of masculinity.It also conforms to the genre’s hackneyed concept of “falling for a man”.This prioritisation of men allows them to become the focus of the novel, as the women are simply windows for the readers to peer through,...

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Higher Quality Input Phrase To Driven Reverse Dictionary

Unlike a traditional forward dictionary, which maps from words to their definitions, a reverse dictionary takes a user input phrase describing the desired concept, it reduce the well-known conceptual similarity problem.Intuitively, the reverse map set of a term t consists of all the (word) phrases in whose definition t appears.These groupings are called synsets and consist of a definition and relations to other synsets.Consider, for example, the following concept phrase: “talks a lot, but without much substance.” Based on such a phrase, a reverse dictionary should return words such as “gabby,” “chatty,” and “garrulous.” .To build such a ranking, we need to be able to assign a similarity measure for each (S,U) pair, where U is the user in...

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Linguistic Automatic Generation Natural Language

a NN1 tag would denote a singular noun, while VBB would signify the base form of a verb.CIRCE uses, CICO a domain-based, fuzzy matching, parser which parses the requirements document and converts it into an abstract parse tree.When a specific concrete view on the requirements is desired, a projector is called to build an abstract view of the data from the tuple space.This work also suggests that candidate attributes can be found in the noun modifier in compound nouns, e.g.light can be used as noun, verb, adjective and adverb; and while can be used as preposition, conjunction, verb and noun).

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The Classic Universalist Argument: Russell versus Quine Essay

” No one really mistakes the concept of x from the particular instantiation of x. Russell’s idea that the perception of x as x does not prove the super-sensible existence of x as an attribute (Quine, 2001, 43-44).What they have in common, redness, is a concept.Putting it differently, Occam’s razor would say if the communication of meaning is one’s aim, and the same meaning can be expressed without the complex philosophical baggage of realism, then realism has no reason to exist.But Quine opines that this is the mistake: the concept of “naming” is something static, something that is a part of the cosmos.But what does this mean?

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Semasiology: Linguistics and Grammatical Meaning Essay

If we describe the word as a noun we mean to say that it is bound to possess a set of forms expressing the grammatical meaning of number (cf.We see, e.g., that the words large, big, tremendous, though equally neutral as to their stylistic reference are not identical as far as their emotive charge is concerned.Words of neutral style, however, may also differ in the degree of emotive charge.It is difficult to formulate a distinct definition for each of these terms because their use largely overlaps in the literature despite individual preferences.The concept of plurality, e.g., may be expressed by the lexical meaning of the world plurality; it may also be expressed in the forms of various words irrespective of their lexical meaning, e.g.

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Nouns: Functions, Meaning of and How to Use

Sometimes the students forget what is proper noun or common noun so I try to let them practice the words as many ways as I can.Mass Noun or uncountable noun is a noun which we cannot count and it does not have plural form.Noun phrase can be like noun as subject, object of verb, subject or object complement, or object of preposition.For example: “The children go to school.” Some of the students understand that “children” is singular noun so they write a wrong sentence as “The children goes to school.” but some of them know that it is plural noun so they write a sentence correctly... Noun phrase is a group of words in a sentence which together behave as a noun in a sentence, for example: the night train, the man in black.

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Mini Investigation on ‘The Cheerleader’ and ‘Dracula’

The proper noun that appeared the most was “Count Dracula” as he is the main character in this text.As it is in the form of a diary entry I would have expected more abstract nouns as this is a form of expressing ones feelings and emotions, but I think due to the content it is a mere observation based entry of a more serious nature rather than a deep, meaningful, emotional one.These abstract nouns are such as “war”, “disease”, “distress” and “fear”.The title of this book was also a proper noun “Dracula” which puts emphasis on the main character of the text but more importantly it is attached to connotations of something scary and mysterious and will attract its intended audience that are into this kind of horror.There are quite a few abst...

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Technical Writing Essay

affect: verb meaning to influence adverse: adjective meaning unfavourable principle: noun meaning a standard or rule of conduct stationery: noun meaning writing materials illicit: adjective meaning illegal flaunt: verb meaning to show off allusion: noun meaning a passing reference as in “were you making an allusion to my wife?” complement: noun meaning something that completes, or verb meaning to make complete council: noun meaning an assembly ensure: verb meaning to make certain mitigate: verb meaning to moderate practice: noun as in “put my ideas into practice” advice: noun meaning recommendation .effect: noun meaning result or verb meaning to bring about averse: adjective meaning opposed to or disinclined principal: adjective or nou...

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The Different Techniques A Translator Use English Language Essay

• Define the content (terms, information regarding the terms) .On the other hand the definition and categorization of modulation by Lopez Guix (1997), is the same definition of Newmark originated from Vinay and Darbelnet.On the other hand, aspects about the format need to be analyzed, here, is important to consider aspects like: the use of caps, parenthesis, and alphabetic order.The last step based on Gapper (2008) recommendation is the verification stage, so before delivering the final version it is needed a meticulous review of the work performed, in the first reading the content should be review to ensure the information is truthful and accurate, and then it guarantees that was offered in a clear and consistent way, the second readi...

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Analysis of the Opening Chapter of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Essay

The Bennets have five unmarried daughters, and Mrs Bennet, is one who agrees with the opening sentence: ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.’ The statement is one of great significance to the novel, because of its masterful irony, its humorous tone, and its foreshadowing of the entire novel.To Mrs Bennet, the arrival of Mr Bingley in the neighbourhood is seen as a great opportunity for one of her daughters to obtain a wealthy spouse.Austen uses little concrete nouns, instead, she prefers to concentrate on abstract nouns, for example, ‘pride’ and ‘judgement’.When the reader meets Mr Darcy, a wealthy and ‘fine, tall person’, with ‘handsome features’ ... ... m...

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‘The Eolian Harp’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Essay

It is clear from this analysis of the text that Coleridge uses the elements of poetry to create required effects.All of these senses are expressed between lines 8 -15 and provides the reader with a rich description of the landscape adding to the character of nature, expressed in the abstract nouns above.The change of tone signifies his seriousness in the second verse paragraph as he is now talking directly to God the creator of all of his happiness.Bibliography .As Coleridge feels this embrace he realises who he needs to thank for this.

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Object-Oriented Analysis & Design UML Class Models Essay

• An abstract class with no attributes and all abstract operations is effectively an interface – But Java provides a direct implementation .Noun Extraction .– Remember, no implementation in interface definition .• Example: {abstract} classes instead of italics .• UML allows special graphical symbol (e.g.

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Lexicology: Linguistics and Words Essay

When examining a word one can see that its meaning though closely connected with the underlying concept is not identical with it.To begin with, concept is a category of human cognition.Thus, though the synonyms big, large, tremendous denote the same concept of size, the emotive charge of the word tremendous is much heavier than that of the other word.To denote is to serve as a linguistic expression for a concept or as a name for an individual object.the meaning of the main material part of the word which reflects the concept the given word expresses and the basic properties of the thing (phenomenon, quality, state, etc. )

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Definition of Worship

My personal definition of Worship stems from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17: “Be joyful always, pray at all times, be thankful in all circumstances.My worship of God must be reflected in practical ways also.Many factors come into the definition of the word “worship” – setting, circumstances, the history of the word and even the way it is said, whether the word is meant in a literal or a figurative way, etc.In this way the word is used as a noun – it is used to describe something and is a name.In the course of my thesis I have shown that the word “worship” has different meaning to different people according to their individual beliefs and attitudes to life.

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The Role of Mental Variation in Cognitive Science

Medin and Shoben approached the problem of centrality in conceptual combinations in the following way: they generated concept properties that would always or nearly always be true of two different concepts but perhaps more important in one concept than another.According to the modification model, for the conjoined category red apple, the acceptable values are restricted to red and the dimension of color is given more weight or importance than it has in the simple concept of apple.Take, for example, Ryle's discussion of intelligence in The Concept of Mind.In cognitive psychology, conceptual combinations are the best demonstration of the basic need for concept flexibility: .As I attempted to show in this paper, inquiries into concept combi...

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What Is Peace? Essay

Our constant need to classify and define still raises the incessant question: what is peace?Dinka Corkalo, an associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, writes on peace education, its history, and its relevance to related fields of education such as psychology, sociology, and philosophy.According to Corkalo, there exist two categories of peace: negative and positive.The fact that it was even created proves a tendency of the human mind to solidify things, their category, their characteristics, and their definition.Negative peace exists in the absence of full-fledged violence, large-scale conflict, and war, while “[p]ositive peace involves the development of a society in which, except for the absence of direc...

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The Differentiate Between Sense And Reference English Language Essay

However, taking into account the issues discussed throughout the essay, it can established a clear, concise definitions of both terms and their exceptions and ways of representing them.Linguists who support this theory, define reference as specific meaning in a given context and denotation as that concept in the real world.Therefore, the concept ‘dog’ allows us to identify a dog among all world objects.Some linguists claim that sense is a concept external to the human mind and they define it in terms of possible worlds, that is, they identify the meaning of a sentence with the set of possible worlds in which that sentence would be true.For example, ‘the fresh cut grass smell’ corresponds to a semantic concept but there is not an English ...

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Equivalence in Translation Essay

It is by convention that the category of plural in Indonesian is lexically formed by repetition of the | |noun buku-buku (book-book) or by adding a noun quantifier such as beberapa (some) or tiga (three).a difficult text) or before and after a | |noun (i. e. a difficult text available in the library).The position of an adjective in English, for example, may occur before a noun (i.e.If confined to a written language, translation is a | |cover term with three distinguishable meanings: 1) translating, the process (to translate; the activity rather than the tangible object), 2)| |a translation: the product of the process of translating (e. g. the translated text), and 3) translation: the abstract concept which | |encompasses both the process...

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The Process of Making a Simple Metallic Water Bucket Essay

Soccer is run by the FIFA (federation international de football association), while hockey is run by the FIH (federation of international hockey).Definition of abstract nouns Nouns to be defined: – Loyalty, Bravery, Shyness, Faith.The concept of loyalty is a crucial element of moral ethics that govern the lives of human beings, all the other virtues that makes up a morally upright human being has got their origin to loyalty.Assignment #4 Summarizing .net/, accessed on January 26, 2009 .

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Once More, America, Before I Go Essay

(Whitman, 1872)” Here, Whitman is broaching on the continuation of time from the past to the future, and the fact that the experiment in democracy will see its final form in the future.The poem ends with an assertion of his belief.He will only blaze the trails, but the final form will be for the future.It indicates a plan he will only start, but not accomplish, unlike those tasks he mentioned initially: “(The paths to the House I seek to make, / But leave to those to come, the House itself. )” He believes that the present is already good, as emphasized by the words life, nature, and present having their first letters capitalized.

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Catcher in the Rye – Study notes as a related text for Belonging Essay

The verb, ‘talking’ and noun, ‘Allie’ conveys Holden’s search for belonging as he is aiming to communicate with his deceased brother Allie, whom he shared a connection with.Holden’s inability to belong to himself is also highlighted through the adjective, ‘too’ and abstract noun, ‘depressed’.77 The noun, ‘being’ and adjective, ‘alone’ demonstrate Holden’s wish to fulfill his sense of belonging.This is achieved through the pronoun, “I”, adjective, ‘corny’ and abstract noun, ‘sober’.16 The verb, ‘wish’, used with the noun, ‘friend’, suggests Holden’s yearning to establish a connection with someone.

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