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Seventh Son of a Seventh Son Essay

Almost all of it The album contains direct or indirect references to questions considering these concepts and poetically refers to the answers.The Clairvoyant was the first song written for the album.At least five of the songs on the album ("Moonchild, Infinite Dreams, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The Prophecy and The Clairvoyant) can be directly linked to a lyrical main story inspired by the concept of folklore.The album debuted at # 1 on the UK charts (the first album reaching # 1 since The Number of the Beast) and 12th in the US.Of all the songs on the album, The Evil that Men Do, The Clairvoyant and Can I Play with Madness have been played in almost every concert since the 7th Tour of a 7th Tour.

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Janelle Monáe Essay

“I'm working on a new, cool, creative project called Eephus,” she also says, “It's a big concept and you're not going to see it coming.At the end of April 2018, Janelle Monáe released her fourth album Dirty Computer.The concept of the Metropolis series draws on a wide range of musical and cinematographic sources, ranging from Alfred Hitchcock to Claude Debussy, including Philip K. Dick, and with particular emphasis on the 1927 silent film by Fritz Lang Metropolis.She starts working with Nile Rodgers for Chic and Duran Duran's new album (Paper Gods) for their 1st album in 5 years and their single Pressure Off.During an interview in November 2009, Monáe reveals the title and concept of her album , The ArchAndroid.

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Christian Death Essay

Although little known in France, the group enjoyed its heyday there thanks to the French label L'Invitation au Suicide, created by Yann Farcy, who chooses to use deluxe editions of the Only Theater of Pain album, and the EP Deathwish published in 1984, all embellished with texts and photos, like what the IAS made for the Virgin Prunes concept album Heresie.Valor, unwilling to stay there, sues and gets Rozz's group to rename itself Christian Death featuring Rozz Williams, while his own group runs under the name Christian DeathTM, a burlesque situation that n is not without reminiscences of the band Yes and the artistic scruples that push each other to use a franchise to validate their artistic approach, Rozz having left his companions in ...

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Days of Future Passed Essay

The Moody Blues are inspired by the Beach Boys for their vocal harmonies (Morning), perform an obligatory passage by psychedelia (The Sun Set), insert one or the other accompaniment close to the boogie-woogie (the end of Tuesday Afternoon ) and above all they remain very conventional in the field of harmony and rhythm ”.He nevertheless believes that making it "the precursor of progressive rock faces several objections": .According to the academic Christophe Pirenne, this is the "first indisputable concept album in rock history", and undoubtedly also the first "systematic" collaboration between a rock group and a symphony orchestra: "C 'is in any case the first time that an orchestra has been given a role which equals that of the usual ro...

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Chinese Democracy Essay

During these tours, several tracks from the future album are played: Better, I.R.S., There Was a Time, Chinese Democracy, The Blues, Madagascar, Rhiad n 'the Bedouins and Silkworms.Sales of the album turned out to be disappointing, despite an excellent first week, as the second week saw a drop of 78%.The Communist government said through a state-controlled newspaper that the rock album "is part of a Western ploy to take over the world by using democracy as a subterfuge."On October 22, the first single from the album, the title track Chinese Democracy, was broadcast on American, Canadian and British radio stations, then in France the next day on Ouï FM.In 2005, the New York Times published a dossier on what it called "the most expensive a...

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OK Computer Essay

Although it is not recognized by the group as a concept album, it mainly deals with the negative aspects of modern society, such as social unrest, consumerism or even political stagnation.By Christmas 1996, the album was reduced to 14 tracks.Nigel will advise the group in their choice of recording equipment, which they will buy themselves: "The only concept we had for this album was to record it far from the city and with our own resources", will explain thus bassist Colin Greenwood at Circus magazine after the album tour.To avoid the tensions that had animated the recordings of The Bends, EMI decided not to impose a deadline limit for this album.The "strings" parts were recorded at Abbey Road Studios in January 1997, in London, and the ...

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Iron Savior Essay

A lot of concept albums in the metal world are based on fantasy, and Iron Savior is one of the first bands to change this trend.The band made their debut in the summer of 1996, with a cover of the song Desert Plains for the tribute album by Judas Priest, titled A Tribute to Judas Priest: Legends of Metal Vol.For the release of their next album, the group signed a contract with the independent label Dockyard 1.In 2016, the band released the album Titancraft, their ninth studio album.In 2015, Iron Savior released the album Megatropolis 2.0. .

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State of the World Essay

The concept of Rhythm Nation fell into place quickly as Jackson watched a lot of television.A&M executives suggest that she pursue the Control method and make a new concept album called Scandal which is said to be about the Jackson family.In the album, the song is preceded by the T.V.Following Control's colossal success in 1986, Janet Jackson was motivated to write new songs and is given more space in the production of his new album.Released on February 6, 1991, State of the World is the eighth and final single from Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 album.

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The Final Cut Essay

All songs on the album are sung by Roger Waters, in a very aggressive voice that matches the lyrics content, with the exception of Not Now John, where the vocals are shared between Waters and Gilmour.International news is mentioned throughout the album.In addition to the new sound effects recorded for the album by Nick Mason (sounds of planes or squealing tires), it also includes sound effects already used on previous Pink Floyd albums, notably the wind of Meddle.This concept album is the last of the group in which singer and bassist Roger Waters participates, and the only one on which keyboardist Richard Wright does not appear, returned during the recording of The Wall, the previous one Pink Floyd album.The fourth edition of the Rolling...

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Steps Essay

The band reformed once again in January 2017 to celebrate their 20 year career, and then announced their fifth studio album Tears on the Dancefloor, released in April 2017. .Their penultimate single reached number five on the UK charts while their latest album, a compilation of their biggest hits, Gold (2001), was the band's second number one UK album.The documentary aired in September, following the announcement of a second Best Of, The Ultimate Collection, released in October 2011.The marketing concept around the group was simple; each of their clips had to be choreographed, and the dance steps were included in their singles' artwork.Steps reformed in May 2011 for a four-part documentary series on Sky Living titled Steps: Reunion.

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Iced Earth Essay

Their new album, Dystopia was released on October 17, 2011 in Europe, and October 18, 18 in the United States.After their first album, Iced Earth quickly started recording a second album.Released on May 23, 1996, The Dark Saga is a concept album inspired by Spawn.Most of the album was recorded concurrently with Framing Armageddon, and Jon Schaffer was due to complete the album in late 2007.Re-titled The Crucible of Man: Something Wicked Part 2, Iced Earth's album was released in September 2008.

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Trench Essay

Recorded in secret accompanied by a year-long radio silence, Trench was designed to be a concept album that explores the topics of mental health, suicide and doubt, which are recurring themes in the group's previous works.Both videos contain references to clips from previous songs, including Heavydirtysoul and Stressed Out, the two clips from the band's previous album, with repeated imagery of a burning car for the first and a handshake.The duo then embarked on two international tours to promote the album between 2015 and 2017.17 In an interview with Alternative Press, the group said they would "go dark" in order to focus on a new one before adding that they would focus on lyrical content and bring back the "authenticity, lyrics and fear...

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Chapel Essay

The band also released the single Turn It Up and Down remixed for its radio version with another remix by Todd Terry.In the meantime, the band released their second album, War in Heaven, on April 23, 1996.Then released a new single in 1997, Be My Baby accompanied by six remixes.Cappella was initially more of a concept than a band and was still a name without face at the time of one of his first titles, Bauhaus (Push the Beat), a European and British success.When it was released in early 1994, the album U Got 2 Know reached tenth place in sales.

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The Creation Of Album Covers Film Studies Essay

From the mid-1990s, the compact disc (CD) became the most generally used form of physically distributed music in a much smaller, more convenient size, this time around accompanying two different designs for the packaging, one being the highly common three-piece plastic jewel case, holding the compact disc with the album booklet and back cover, and the other being the commonly known digipak, using a cardboard and plastic combination holding the same content as the jewel case with the exception of the album art and rear cover being printed on the cardboard itself, not being separately held within a jewel case.Both MP3 and WMA music files are able to contain embedded digital album artworks in JPEG format.The album art was embedded within th...

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Gino Soccio Essay

Ray Caviano, at the head of Major Warner / RFC, signs Gino Soccio in 1979 and inaugurates his new label with the album "Outline" which has become a disco classic.In 1978, he worked at the famous Muscle Schoals Sound Studios on a classic rock concept disco album, "Witch Queen" which reached the top charts with "Bang A Gong".Gino Soccio has produced numerous albums for various artists, Karen Silver, Witch Queen, Gotham Flasher, Guy Lafleur (the hockey player), Radiah Frye… He composed the soundtrack of the film Babe by Buddy Hackett and he wrote some songs for Grace Jones.Despite the decline of the disco he still enjoyed success in 1980 with his second album "S-Beat".Face To Face, his third solo album, remains mid-tempo.

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Girl Essay

On December 17, 2013, the media announced that Pharrell signed a contract with the Columbia Records label to release an album in 2014.The 4th single from the album, It Girl, was released on September 30, 2014. .The album also received a nomination for "Album of the Year" at the of this same ceremony but loses to Beck's "Morning Phase".On AllMusic, Andy Kellman ranks the album 2nd among all of Pharrell Williams' discography, including N.E.R.D.In L'Express, Julien Bordier describes an album "feminist, funky, dancing, groovy, catchy, dancing, unifying, sexy, festive, euphoric, dancing ..." which is a kind of Random Access Memories volume 2, in reference to Daft Punk's album released in 2013.

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Master of Puppets Essay

In a recent interview for Rolling Stone magazine, Kirk Hammet shared his experience saying "at the time we were just there to do another album" and the band "had no idea the recording would have been done.Wagener, who had previous production experience with Mötley Crüe, Dokken and Accept, successfully completed the mixing of the album.Otherwise, it does not contain any words such as: "shit", "fuck", "piss", "pussies", "motherfuckers" "or" cocksucker "nowhere on this album).He further stated that the band was “definitely on top” at the time and that the album was “the sound of a really united band, who really learned to work well together”.In reaction to the pressure exerted by the American committee who created the famous banner "Parenta...

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The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking Essay

He is recorded with distinguished guests such as Eric Clapton, David Sanborn or Michael Kamen.In 1979, Roger Waters offered two album projects to the other members of Pink Floyd: The Wall and The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking reached 13th place in the UK's best-selling album charts, where it remains present for 11 weeks.The cover of the album, designed by Gerald Scarfe, is a source of controversy: it depicts a naked woman from behind (the erotic actress Linzi Drew (in)), doing hitchhiking.There is a "censored" version of this pouch with a black band hiding its buttocks.

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Human. :II: Nature. Essay

The album received positive reviews from music critics.But this time, it feels like for such a big concept, things haven't gone far enough.The first from the album, Noise, along with a music video, was released on February 7, 2020.Metal Hammer also gave the album a positive review: “You know, a band feels pretty confident when they take liberties with the rules of rock'n'roll language.gave the album 3 of 5 and said, “At best, Hvman: II: Natvre has the awesome magic that has made Nightwish one of the greatest bands in Europe.

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A Love Supreme Essay

In 2003 and 2012, the album was ranked 47th of the 500 greatest albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.A Love Supreme is a concept album by John Coltrane recorded in 1964.The album will mark the commercial apogee of John Coltrane, the following judged too avant-garde will be gradually abandoned by the fans.Book entirely devoted to the album (in English), with a preface by Elvin Jones.In 1965 the album was nominated for two Grammys and Coltrane selected by Down Beat readers as the tenor saxophonist of the year.

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Failure Essay

The same year, the group released an unreleased track Come Crashing foreshadowing the recording of a new album.During the conception of the last album (Fantastic Planet), the group will be very influenced by the animated film La Planète Sauvage.During negotiations with a new label, the band members focus on their side projects: Andrews and Edwards record a cover album under the name Replicants; Andrews produces albums for Blinker the Star and Molly McGuire (the rock band from Kansas City); Scott works in session.In 1992 released the first album, Comfort, produced by Steve Albini.The group confirms their reunion by going on tour alongside Tool, Puscifer and A Perfect Circle.

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Brutal Truth Essay

On January 10, 2014, Lilker announces his retirement from full-time touring musician for October 18, 2014, when he turns 50.On September 27, 2011, Brutal Truth released the album End Time on the Relapse label.As a result, Brutal Truth separated on the same day.In October 2012, Dan O'Hare took over the role of guitarist.The group also publishes their album in full streaming on their website.

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Face Value Essay

Paradoxically, this painful period will have been a very productive time for Phil; it is there that he will compose all the songs of his first solo album Face Value.Thanks to the single In the air Tonight, the album got off to a flying start, finding itself in 1st position in the United Kingdom and in the top 10 in many countries including Germany.The album was released in February 1981.Eric Clapton is also one of the guest musicians on two songs on the album.Some demos recorded at his home for the preparation of Face Value were also used in the conception of the Duke album.

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Future Nostalgia Essay

In July 2019, Dua Lipa announced to the BBC that her next album would be released "very soon" without giving a specific date.The album is initially scheduled for release on April 3, 2020.The singer explains in early 2020 the artistic direction she wanted to follow for this album: “I wanted Future Nostalgia to resonate live so that it could be played every night by my band on the tour, but mixed with a modern electronic production.The album is released in different formats.In September 2019, Dua Lipa gives an interview to Vogue magazine in which she talks about her second studio album: “My new album is still pop and fun, but it's more conceptual.

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Rhapsody of Fire Essay

Entirely dedicated to sharing his musical experience with his audience, while propagating the concept of the struggle of Good against Evil, Rhapsody retains the integrity and musical outlook that were at the origin of his training.After their tour, they started recording their next album.The texts of the first five albums tell a single story, an approach that goes even further than that of the concept album.This is the group's first album with the participation of Giacomo Voli and Manu Lotter.This does not prevent the group from releasing in January 2016 their new album Into the Legend, still on AFM Records.

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Arcade Fire Essay

From 2019, the group begins working on their sixth album.This second album, whose title is inspired by the novel of the same name by John Kennedy Toole (as reported in the cover), is recorded in their personal studio, purchased with money from the first album.On his first album, Has a Good Home (en), he also dedicated This is the Dream of Win and Regine to the two main members of Arcade Fire.The Neon Bible album is also illustrated in its original and very interactive concept: Arcade Fire had opened a phone number 1-866-NEON-BIBLE, where there was an answering machine available.Funeral, their debut album, is ranked by worldwide critic aggregator Acclaimed Music as best album of the decade 2000-2010 and their third opus The Suburbs won th...

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The Fame Monster Essay

Jon Dolan of Rolling Stone finds for his part that "Half the record kind of imitation of Madonna, but that's part of the concept - the celebrity freak doesn't need to worry about other people's gazes. "The album was nominated in its entirety for Album of the Year and won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.Initially, the album was to be a re-release of The Fame split into two discs, but on November 12, 2009, Gaga said in an interview with MTV that the album was an individual artistic piece.On March 21, 2010, the album once again sits on the UK charts, thus the new album of Glee, which according to the analysts was to reach the number one rank.At the launch party for headphones developed by Gaga in collaboration with Dr. Dre, the ar...

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Heather Small Essay

M People reformed and played together again during the Arena Tour in 2005. .Small plays, moreover, in September 2007 in Warsaw, still with M People.The song Proud is the song chosen for the last scene of the first and last episode of the American version of the Queer as Folk series.M People also performed at the Samso Festival in Denmark in July 2007. .In 2005, a new M People album came out, M People featuring Heather Small, The Ultimate Collection in which we find both singles from the group and from her alone.

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Queens of the Stone Age Essay

In 2005, Homme, with Alain Johannes and the remaining members of the group Van Leeuwen and Castillo, recorded the group's fourth album entitled Lullabies to Paralyze, the title being taken from the last song on the album Songs for the Deaf.Era Vulgaris sells 223,000 copies in the US and 600,000 internationally, however the album just like its predecessor never managed to reach the record sales record for the album.The group's seventh album and released on August 25, 2017, Villains is a direct continuation of ... Like Clockwork.After the success of Songs for the Deaf, the expectation was very high for this album, and the reviews are generally positive, considering the album as the darkest of the group's discography.Songs for the is a conc...

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A Momentary Lapse of Reason Essay

The album received mixed reviews and Waters mocked it in the press, but thanks to a successful world tour, sales easily exceeded those of the band's previous album, The Final Cut.Storm Thorgerson returns to work on the album cover, ten years after Animals, her last cover for a Pink Floyd studio album.For Q Magazine, the album is above all the work of Gilmour alone: ​​“A Momentary Lapse of Reason is just as much Gilmour's album as the last four released under the name Floyd were dominated by Waters ”.There was then no definitive commitment for a new album by Pink Floyd, and Gilmour continues to state publicly that what he records can result in his third solo album.This opinion is shared by William Ruhlman, who describes the album, in his ...

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