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A Concept Analysis of Advanced Nursing Practice

This essay will follow one model of concept analysis to map the concept and explore the implications for practice through an exemplar model case.However, it could be argued that practice development is an antecedent to the concept of advanced nursing practice as well, echoing the blurred nature of the concept from a range of perspectives.Therefore, given this concept analysis, it would appear that advanced nursing practice is a needs-driven development of specialist nursing management to provide optimum clinical outcomes for client and service provider.(1999) Professional nurse autonomy: concept analysis and application to nursing education.This case demonstrates many of the features defined by the concept analysis of advanced nursing pr...

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Role Stress amongst Nurses at the Workplace

Antecedents and consequences are incidents that should occur preceding the occurrence of the concept and the outcome of the occurrence of the concept, respectively (Walker & Avant 2011).By applying the framework of concept analysis, this paper examined the vague concept of role stress as it applies to clinical practice.Role stress amongst nurses at the workplace: Concept analysis.The Walker and Avant method of concept analysis is meant for graduate students to formally examine a concept, clarify its meaning and apply it to nursing practice.The article explains that the purpose of the study is to “define a concept of role stress amongst nurses in the workplace, to raise awareness of this important professional Box 1 Steps in Concept A...

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Application of Concept Analysis to Clinical Practice

Death Anxiety: An Analysis of an Evolving Concept.This paper will discuss an article that utilizes the theory of Rodgers and provide an introduction to Rodgers, a concept analysis that describes the steps of the process, the results for each step, application of the concept to a practice situation and include a conclusion.While death anxiety is not a new concept, the analysis indicates that further research should be conducted that focuses on the active treatment and curative management of death anxiety.The evolutionary method for concept analysis, developed by Martha Rodgers in 1989 was chosen.Concept analysis, adopted by Walker and Avant, is utilized to define and clarify the meanings of terms in order to create a common knowledge so t...

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Concept Analysis of Patient Centered Care

This concept also supports Jean Watson’s concept of caring in relation to the solution outcomes and problem solving phenomena.A well- defined meaning of the concept is imperative to the understanding of the nursing practice and may assist in future research endeavors in respect to its proposed principal essentials.Jean Watson’s theory of caring closes correlates with the concept of patient centered care in respect to the practice of nursing.This concept analysis integrates various nursing standards and principals and is enticed by Jean Watson’s Caring theory.Within the development of a concept analysis, notions and thoughts are outlined and examined through the fundamental features of that particular concept.

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Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Roles and Practice

For nursing education, the empirical concept analysis would assist learners to acquire an interactive constructing process followed by consolidation of knowledge, creating new insights for critical thinking.Concept analysis is a part of knowledge development.Concept analysis is applied for the refinement and definition of concepts originating from nursing practice, nursing research and nursing theory (Maputle & Donavon, 2013), which helps to differentiate between similar and dissimilar concepts.A concept analysis was performed as described by Walker and Avant, with an extensive research of specific literature and evidence from various disciplines.The study was to conduct concept analysis of woman-centered childbirth care in order to ...

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The Prevention Concept Analysis

I will start with the most common care framework and outline the concept analysis method of Walker and Avant., & Tasón, 1996)Concept analytical method commonly used in nursing: Introduction of 8-step method of Walker and AvantThere are two elements to analyzing complex concepts (complex concepts are concepts analyzed according to other 'simpler' concepts).This article outlines the general conceptual analysis method and framework used in nursing theory and nursing research.Prevention as a new concept requires a lot of care as individual health is the determinant of the other activities they perform.(I) A classical analysis MUST specify a set of necessary and general conditions in order to enter the extension of the analysis (the extent to...

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The Importance Of Communication Nursing Essay

The consequences of a concept are said to be ‘events which occur as a result of the occurrence of the concept (Rodgers, 1989, P334).Rodgers (1989, P334) agrees and states ‘the antecedents of a concept are the events or phenomena that are generally found to precede an instance of the concept’.Effective communication in nursing would develop a positive concept, however communication carried out ineffectively will quickly turn the concept negative (Mcewan and Willis, 2007, P52).The concept of communication was chosen for this analysis as it is an essential aspect of the nurse’s role and is also a contemporary issue in nursing practice that will always remain current.It is felt that conducting this analysis has enhanced understanding of the ...

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Essay on Self-Efficacy in Nursing

Concept analysis and concept development are the terms used to refer to the process of bringing clarity to the definition of the concepts used in nursing science.Much of the conceptual basis of nursing theory has been derived from already established concepts from other disciplines, and a re-examination of these concepts for relevance and fit to nursing, is important for determining its appropriateness of application (McEwen, 2007).Nursing Forum, 44(2), 93-102.Self-efficacy: a concept analysis.Albert Bandura first described the concept of self-efficacy in 1977 as the belief in one’s capability to execute the actions required to attain a goal.

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Patient Satisfaction With Nursing Care Essay

Rodgers (2000) evolutionary method of concept analysis provides an inductive method of exploring and scrutinizing concepts as they gradually develop, and thus used to guide this concept analysis of patient satisfaction with nursing care.Nursing care plays a vital role in patient satisfaction.Accuracy and reliability are critical when delivering patient care and it should be revealed within nursing practice, communication, and documentation.The purpose of the article selected was to analyze the concept of patient satisfaction with nursing care and to describe the method of analysis, the steps of the process, and results for each step and how to apply the concept to a practice situation.By thorough research in this area, knowledge about pa...

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Concept Analysis Patient Advocacy Nursing Essay

A model case is defined as “an example of the use of the concept that demonstrates all the defining attributes of the concept” (Walker & Avant, 2011, p. 163).The concept of patient advocacy, or specific patient advocacy action, is classified under the core attributes listed above, and the empirical referents of this concept analysis are the same.Empirical referents are classes or categories of actual phenomena demonstrating the occurrence of the concept, and in many cases the defining attributes and empirical referents will be the same (Walker & Avant, 2011).This paper will follow the Walker and Advant (2011) method of concept analysis to identify the concept of patient advocacy from existing literature with the aim to analyze an...

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Compliance A Concept Analysis Nursing Essay

.. Characteristics, which describe the concept, are known as its defining attributes (Walker & Avant, 1988), Evangelista (1999) described the five defining attributes of compliance as the “ability to complete or perform what is due, flexibility, adaptability, malleability, and subordinate behaviors” (p. 7).The concept analysis will provides a clear definition of the concept selected, including concept uses, other close concepts, defining attributes, and its uses to the selected discipline (Walker &Avant, 1995).Consequences refer to result, products or outcomes of compliance, which defined by (Chinn & Kramer 2008) as Events or incidences that occur as a result of the concept.For that, the researcher will show a concept analys...

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Concept Analysis Hope

Concept analysis.Concept analysis highlights the importance of providing meaning and clarity to a concept.One step towards the understanding of hope: a concept analysis.The purpose of concept analysis in nursing is to bring about unified understanding of a term, which ultimately becomes a source of reference for improving nursing care and nursing diagnosis (Benzein & Saveman, 1998).Analysis of the concept of hope in nursing practice is very important because it promotes a broader understanding of hope that can be individualized for a patient experiencing a tough recovery process.

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Concept Analysis: Effective Grieving

The second step of concept analysis is to develop an aim for the analysis (Walker & Avant, 2011).The third step of concept analysis is to define uses of the concept (Walker & Avant, 2011).According to Walker and Avant (2011), empirical referents serve as a way to demonstrate a concept exists, this stage is ninth and last stage of concept analysis.Within this paper, the goal is to understand the concept of effective grieving as it relates to patients and their families facing terminal illnesses and secondarily how the findings may further the nursing profession by better understanding the concept of effective grieving.The eight steps of Walker and Avant’s concept analysis are: (1) selection of a concept, (2) identification on an a...

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Experiences of nurses grief after patient death

The concept analysis method that was used was based on: epistemological, pragmatic, linguistic and logical principles.The concept of grief in patient care settings has always been apparent.The systematic search on these three databases was limited from 2008-2013 in order to present a current description of the concept.Extensive literature search was done to review the concept mentioned.The operationalized view regarding this concept can be understood on the implication of the analysis on nursing practice.

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Concept Analysis

As guided by the concept analysis framework of Avant and Walker (2011), an attempt is made to gain better understanding of the constituent properties of caring.Consequences are events and conditions that occur as a result of the concept having occurred (Villagomeza, 2005).Although antecedents and outcomes are often dealt with in passing in concept analysis, they do shed considerable light on the social contexts in which the concept is generally used.Meraviglia, M., 1999, ‘Critical analysis of spirituality and its empirical indicators: Prayer and meaning in life’, Journal of Holistic Nursing 17, 18–33.The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of Caring in the field of nursing.

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Mentoring: Nursing and Concept Analysis Essay

Method:-Walker and Avant’s concept analysis approach was used.Now a day in nursing, this concept has an important place, in clinical area as well as education area.And also concept analysis gives more clear meaning and correct direction to the fractioned .So, this study aimed at presenting a concept analysis of mentoring using Walker and Avant’s framework (1995)cited Mckenna 2005).McKenna& Sutcliffe (1997) comments that if the concept is not clear it serves no purpose, and any work based on the particular concept become unclear and vague.

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The Concept Analysis of Pain Essay

Concept analysis is one way to clarify the definition of pain.Determining is the final step in concept analysis.The final step of Walker and Avant’s method of concept analysis is empirical references.In summary, the concept of pain was selected for concept analysis because pain has been recognized as a serious problem by both patient and health care providers.Mahon (1994) and Montes-Sandoval (1999) used Walker and Avant’s method of concept analysis and defined critical attributes for pain.

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Knowledge Confidence Pl Development And Application Essay

Finally, I will use my current base of ‘knowing’ to construct a knowledge development plan that will guide my application of knowledge within my nursing practice.Going forward, I acknowledge that my learning will never cease, and that I must improve my ‘knowing’ through opening myself and seek out opportunities to advance myself as the ‘knower’ and ‘non-knower’.Nursing is a profession full of possibilities, most notably the expansion of one’s self as a ‘knower’.The purpose of this paper is to analyze myself as a knower and how this perspective interplays within my nursing practice.My understanding surrounding the fluidity of the ‘knower’ as a concept has improved; an area in which my development as a nurse will never cease.

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Patient Advocacy: Concept Analysis Essay

Concept Development in Nursing (2nd .Beth Rogers (2000) believes that concept analysis is the foundation for expanding nursing knowledge and developing nursing theory.The aim of this analysis is to explore operational definitions of the theoretical concept of advocacy in the perioperative setting.The Wilson method of concept analysis.Concept Development in Nursing (2nd ed ), chapter 5.

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Experience of Hope Among Caregivers: Concept Analysis Essay

Analysis of concept of hope among caregivers using Walker and Avant approach will expend the understanding of the concept.In general, analysis of specific concept “aims to pull apart an interesting phenomenon with a view to understanding more about what it is and how it works in practice” (Tutton, Seer, & Langstaff, 2009, p. 120).The objective of concept analysis is to comprehend what is the concept about and differentiate it from other concepts.The understanding of this concept analysis was based on literature, attributes, and empirical evidence.This paper sought to deliver concept analysis of hope.

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Comfort Theory Essay

I found her theory to be usefully in describing the concept of comfort care and decided to further analyze her theory and portray its use in the nursing practice.An analysis of the concept of comfort.In the same year, Midwest Nursing Research Society rewarded Katharine Kolcaba with the Advancement of Science Award for her work End of Life and Palliative Care Nursing.Finally, before an analysis of the theory of comfort can be completed, it is necessary to understand the major assumptions made by Kolcaba when developing her theory.Kolcaba defined the physical context as “pertaining to bodily sensations.” The phsycopspiritual context was defined as “pertaining to the internal awareness of self, including esteem, concept, sexuality and meani...

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Hope in Nursing Practice

The term hope stands to be an indefinable, blurred, ambiguous and over used concept in nursing practice.According to Johnson (2006) the concept of hope as perceived by patients with terminal illness, to develop hope as evidence based nursing concept, to contribute new knowledge and insight about hope to the relatively new field of palliative care, endeavouring to maximize the qualitative of life of terminally ill patients in the future... To sum up, it is identified from the above analysis with different perspectives that the concept of hope has significant role in human life and health care practices.Hope is identified as a dispositional concept, which stays stable across different situations and overtime.Further, Jackson et al (2000) ...

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Fundamental Patterns Of Knowing Nursing Essay

Since nursing mainly involves developing relationships through interactions and transactions between the nurse and patients, it is evident that the quality of nurse-patient interaction has a bearing on the patient coping or overcoming the illness referred to as the ‘therapeutic use of self’ by the nurse.In an epistemological study of nursing knowledge, Carper identifies four fundamental patterns of knowing from the analysis of the conceptual and the syntactical of nursing knowledge (Jacobs, 1998).In this paper, I intend to explain and explore personal knowing as an example of nursing knowledge and its contribution to nursing practice, especially with older adults.Personal knowledge is the most controversial pattern of knowing in nursing ...

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Theory Of Caring In Nursing Essay

(1993) Analysis and Evaluation of Nursing Theories.(1995) The concept of caring: a review of the literature.(1996) Conceptual Models of Nursing: Analysis and Application 3rd edn.(1985) Nursing: Human Science and Human Care -A Theory of Nursing.(1994) Nursing Theory: Analysis, Application, Evaluation 4th edn.

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Analysis Of Cultural Competency

However, the proposal to create and institute a new field of transcultural nursing that incorporated the concept of cultural competence began with Madeleine Leininger in the late 1950s and her Culture Care Diversity and Universality theory (also called Culture Care Theory).According to Walker and Avant (2005), “concept analysis examines the make-up and role of a concept.” Furthermore, concept analysis seeks to analyze and explain a particular concept (Walker & Avant, 2005, p.64).Culturally congruent, responsible, and sensitive care and the concept of cultural competence can no longer be omitted in human health services and new health care reforms as healthcare services are more popularly being rendered to immigrants, refugees, and ot...

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Qualitative Article Critique on Palliative Care

QRS NUD*IST N4 was used in the coding process (Gahan & Hannibal, 1997).Personal details of sample participants included age, gender, religious belief, work experience, nursing qualification and job function to create a heterogeneous sample.Verpoort, C., Gastmans, C., & Dierckz de Casterle, B.Palliative care nurses’ views on .The data collection and analysis were done concurrently and use of the grounded theory approach was utilized Straus and Corbin (1990).Open-ended coding phases, with significant passages were noted and concepts allocated to words, sentences, or paragraphs.

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Essay on Nursing Practice Theory Driven Role Analysis

This concept is important to nursing theory because those four parts are the key areas of focus when it comes to patient care.Nursing’s Metaparadigm The metaparadigm of nursing is comprised of four parts: person, health, environment, and nursing.The advanced nursing practice theory-driven role analysis describes the traditions of nursing, principles, and processes that guide the practice.The worldview in nursing provided the cultural lenses that shape how we as nurses see the world.The nursing metaparadigm in the new worldview as unitary caring paradigm, relationship of the concept teach, and framework from Leininger with cultural care diversity and universality, and Swanson with her theory of caring with five processes of caring: knowin...

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Historical Perspective Essay

Florence Nightingale is the mother of contemporary nursing after coming back from the frontlines of Crimean War in 1856, and she renovated the fatality rate by attending the environment ( George, 2011, chapter 3).During the Crimean War Florence Nightingale offered to help with the nursing task, where she attended and took care of an ailing and injured soldiers.The concept of environmental control serves as a foundation for many research analysis.Nursing theories related to Nightingale’s Environmental Model will continue to guide research and nursing profession.Nightingale model progress to paradigm in nursing practice and contributes on nursing care and planned rendered to patients.

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Human Being in Nursing Theory Compare and Contrast Essay

At this point, the concept of human being could be regarded as the behavioral model that seeks to make constant adaptations to maintain, regain, or achieve balance to the state that implies the adjustment process.The field is a holistic concept that underlines the dynamic nature of the energy field.Additionally, it should be stressed that the theory focuses solely on individual level and, therefore, its basic concept does not cover families, relatives, groups and communities (Theoretical Foundation of Nursing, 2011).Assigning the above-introduced concept to the therapeutic practices, it is purposeful to consider the value of the theory to improving communication.The main concept defines how a person’s behavior is represented in terms of ...

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The Importance of Theory

Nursing theory defines the nature, structure, concepts and relationships between nursing concepts (Fawcett 1995, Meleis 2005).Testing and verifying nursing theory by confirmatory factor analysis.(1995) Analysis and Evaluation of Nursing Theories.In the 70s, the National League of Nursing required that nursing curricula be based on theoretical and conceptual framework.According to Benner, the theory of nursing encompasses both the medical and nursing scientific knowledge that has been imparted to the trainee, mostly in nursing school, and the rules of thumb that are largely acquired during on-the-job training and experience (Benner, Tanner & Chesla, 2009).

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