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Informative Speech: The American Red Cross Club at State University

Talk Cards: During my presentation, I will use the persuasive talk card because I am trying to convince the audience to donate blood and join the club.Topic: The American Red Cross Club at State University is group that organizes blood drives, and thinks of creative ways to motivate people do donate blood.Just one tablespoon of blood can save a newborn child’s life.In... ... middle of paper ... ...ary of Main Points: Donating blood may not be the most fun thing to do.Psychographics: Just about anybody could be interested in in donating blood or joining the club.

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Persuasive Speech On Donate Blood Essay examples

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to donate blood.F. The American Red Cross states that 36,000 units of blood are needed everyday.C. Think if your friend just started chemotherapy and will need blood to remove the toxins that are being injected to fight their cancer.E. That’s where everyone comes in, by donating blood you help to save the lives of your loved ones and many others.Persuasive Speech .

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Wealth over Health Essay

Here, the blood could have filled the container to create an image of shortage of blood in our mind which is a form of persuasion to help you save someone who is loosing blood.Here I believe the image achieves it’s purpose because it stirs up a feeling to help donate blood because it makes you empathize with individuals who are in the same situation and the inscription on the image makes anyone think beyond what the image portrays so here we see that though we are being emotionally convinced we are being provoked to think about wealth and health and not just donating blood.In the image above we see ourselves as life savers due to the power the image creates in our mind and we now forget the pain of the needle being passed through our ski...

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Compare Two Advertising Leaflets for Christian Aid and the RSPCA

Kids Beating Cancer which was founded in 1992 is a charity looking to increase quality of life for critically and chronically ill children with cancer, leukemia, and other life-threatening diseases and to see that the children whose survival depends on finding a compatible marrow or blood stem cell donor, have the maximum opportunity for a cure.The RSPCA advert uses many persuasive techniques to the adverts.In this essay I will be analyzing what the purpose of the two advertisements and the effectiveness of each leaflet on how they persuade the reader to act differently by donating money to the charity, furthermore I will analyse the presentation, layout and effect of both the RSPCA and Christian Aid leaflets.This is very important as yo...

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Social Madia Initiative May Help Increase Organ Donation Essay

Still, a single presentation is clearly insufficient to produce significant change in all variables – attitudes, knowledge, and intentions.We compare attitudes, knowledge, and intentions of community sample and health professionals presented with leaflets vs those not presented with leaflets, and assess the persuasive power of the two types of promotional material developed.Hypothesis The community sample presented with the leaflet in Study 2 may show significantly more positive attitudes towards organ donation when compared with the group not presented with a leaflet in Study 1.In such situations, a person’s behavior can be influenced by promotion through persuasive messages.Obviously, a single presentation of the persuasive material ma...

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Appeals In Charity Advertisements Psychology Essay

However, it has been shown that people often perform charitable behaviors to benefit themselves; thus, self-benefit appeals may be as persuasive as other-benefit appeals in increasing donation intentions (Ferguson, Farrell, & Lawrence, 2008; Holmes, Miller, & Lerner, 2002).Among these levels, we used nationality and universi .In turn, people may become more self-focused when they consider donating to those groups that are perceived to be excluded from the circle of their social identity.Similarly, a blood donation campaign benefited by focusing on egoistic versus altruistic messages (Ferguson, Farrell, & Lawrence, 2008).Intuitively, we may think that other-benefit appeals would be more effective than self-benefit appeals beca...

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Charity Advertising

As print-based advertisements are, moving image advertisements are also emotive, persuasive and controversial.However, it could also be argued that they are similar in that they both use controversial and sometimes emotive images.They use technical codes such as tracking where they follow the young girl, could be symbolic for a journey in her life, and we see her crying which is emotive and therefore might persuade the audience to donate money to save young people like the young girl shown from a life on the streets.Likewise, the moving image advertisements also use language devices to persuade the audience to donate money.They are different in that charity advertising persuades, or tries to persuade the target audience to give them mone...

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Persuasive Outline and Speech Presentation Essay

Directions: The following pages are a worksheet to help you prepare for a persuasive speech utilizing Monroe’s Motivated Sequence.Sample Persuasive Speeches with Instructor Feedback .Persuasive Speech Grading Rubric .Please consult the document entitled “Persuasive Speech Sample Outline” for an example of how to create the outline for this assignment.Please consult the document entitled, “Persuasive Speeches and Sample Feedback” for an example of how a visual aid can be used within a speech.

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“In Rwanda the nightmares have come to life Essay

The article uses many imperatives.On the whole, the leaflet leaves the reader feeling guilty and makes them want to help.They use a lot of persuasive writing, statistics, emotional blackmail, rhetorical questions, repetition, and describe the events in such extensive detail.Don’t even breathe.It informs the reader of what’s going on, for how long its been going on, and who is responsible.

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Analysis on Blood Bank Success

Also having some talk in some RC would be good, to talk to the resident living in different area, especially to those residents who have thoughts that blood donation is not important, as there is always enough blood supplies in the blood bank, also there is no need to donate blood, when there is no need for it.The SRC will mainly focus on the following three main functions in the National Blood Programme; Recruit and retain blood donors, Promote and Educate to increase the general public’s awareness on the importance of blood donation and Organisation of blood drives within the community.  While the Centre for Transfusion Medicine (CTM), a professional centre of HSA will do the testing of the physical collection of blood, and distributi...

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Cause and Effect of Advertising on Blood Donation Essay

The reasons for blood donation advertisement focus on raising awareness to different individuals to volunteer their time and blood to help fill local blood banks to capacity.These individuals are donating their blood in order to help individuals in crisis.By donating blood, an individual may not be just giving life to someone else, but life to themselves or even to the economy.One of the greatest effects of blood donation advertising and increased donation is the screening of blood for diseases.This blood is direly needed to keep blood banks full in order to service individuals who need blood transfusions around the world.

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Donate Blood

Donating blood is a life saving measure especially when you have a rare blood type.Fifty per cent of the population is fit for donating blood, but only four out of 1,000 are coming forward to donate blood Every two seconds, someone needs blood, and just one pint can save up to three lives.Fifty per cent of the population is fit for donating blood, but only four out of 1,000 are coming forward to donate blood On an average, 3 to 3.5 lakh bags of blood are needed in our country every year.Restrictions for Donating Blood as Stated by the American Red Cross It is said that 70% of Americans are eligible to give blood even though the criteria to donate seems quite strict.The pride and feeling of donating blood and giving someone a life back is...

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Blood Donation Essay

So that now you know how easy it is to donate blood, it’s time to take action.The answer is rather quite simple; safe blood saves lives and improves health.Red blood cells are used predominantly in treatments for blood diseases along with cancer.I’m not talking about being a paramedic or fireman; I am talking about the simple act of donating blood.Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, wear something comfortable, bring a list of medication that you are taking (as it is important for the doctors to know about any prescription and/or over the counter medications that may be in your system) and lastly, make sure you maintain a healthy level of iron in your diet before donating your blood.

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Media Studies Practical Production Essay

The fact that I have used both male and female models, the product immediately appeals to a wider target audience.The statement ; ” A picture can paint a thousand words” is very true to the media.However, magazines are somewhat different and the images must be of extreme importance.The advert for the Albert Dock uses very persuasive and emotive language, such as “exciting”, “staggering”, “proud” and “irresistible”.For example in the “cool” clothing advert and the “Live” haircolour advert, I have used persuasive language to encourage the audience to buy the particular product.

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Blood Donation

Every day, thousands of Americans in need of lifesaving blood, including trauma victims and surgery patients, rely on the efforts of volunteer blood donors.We need a steady flow of blood donors to keep the blood supply stable.Both the Red Cross and America’s Blood Centers, which together represent virtually all of the United states blood banks, reported severe shortages at a season when blood supplies are usually adequate.Fluids lost from donating blood are usually replenished within 24 hours, but it can take several weeks to replace lost red blood cells.Since a person’s blood volume will be reduced by nearly 10 percent from donating blood, it is also recommended that volunteers avoid strenuous physical activities immediately following.<...

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Blood Donation Essay

Encouraging more Americans to become regular blood donor will ensure that most area hospitals will have a safe and plentiful supply of blood that is available wherever and whenever it’s needed.The donor should be donating it with confidence that it will be used in saving lives of his fellow beings.Blood donation is dependent on the goodwill of people, to voluntarily donate blood, without financial reward.Annually, donating blood saves many lives, both young and old.American Association of Blood Banks.

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Saving a Life: Blood Donation

A. Attention-Getter- Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines blood as, “the fluid that circulates in the heart, arteries, capillaries, and veins of a vertebrate animal carrying nourishment and oxygen to and bringing away waste products from all parts of the body.” Blood is the essence of life itself created in our own bodies in the bone marrow.Red Blood cells are stored in refrigerators at 6 degrees Celsius for up to 42 days 2.C. Dr. Jerry Squires of the Medical University of South Carolina described the process of donating blood.Three kinds of blood cells are produced inside the marrow: red blood cells, disease fighting white blood cells and blood clotting platelets.Without realizing it, we are all making blood right now.

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Canadian Blood Services Case Study

More than half of Canadians will require blood for themselves or a family member, less than 4 percent of the population regularly gives blood.Canadian Blood Services operates Canada’s blood supply in a manner that gains the trust, commitment and confidence of all Canadians by providing a safe, secure, cost-effective, affordable and accessible supply of quality blood, blood products and their alternatives.To answer the question why do donors give the blood is mainly due to demand for blood in hospitals.In fact, according to a recent poll, 52 per cent of Canadians say they, or a family member, have needed blood or blood products for surgery or for medical treatment.CBS’s objectives and operating principles included of a safe, sufficient, v...

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The Need to Donate Blood (persuasive paper)

In the US the blood supply is consistently low and the need of blood increases every year, much sooner than the people are donating.The four blood types are “A” If the red blood cell had only “A” molecules on it, that blood was called type A, “B” If the red blood cell had only “B” molecules on it, that blood was called type B, If the red blood cell had a mixture of both molecules, that blood was called type AB, and If the red blood cell had neither molecule, that blood was called type O.Patients who are scheduled to have major surgery make autologous blood donations (donations of their own blood) so that they have a perfect match.By donating blood to insure there is enough in supply, the life we save may be our own.In conclusion, we all ...

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Gay Men Should Be Allowed To Donate Blood

Way back when HIV and AIDS was first discovered, the gay men were the only ones that seemed to be infected with this disease, so at that time it was a reasonable rule to ban them from donating.“A man who has had sex with another man within the last five years, whether oral or anal sex, with or without a condom or other form of protection, is not permitted to donate blood and must please not do so.” This was the statement issued last Thursday by a spokesman from the South African National Blood Service (SANBS).Everybody has the same blood inside, they should rather ensure that only HIV and AIDS negative people are allowed to donate blood, and therefore enforce that everybody who wishes to donate blood have to undergo a HIV test before the...

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Informative Speech: Blood Donation

E. I will explain the criteria that makes a person eligible to donate blood, how the procedure for blood donating goes, and who benefits from blood donation.It is relatively easy to become a blood donor.C. I have given blood before and I am aware of the questionnaire and procedures used during the blood donation process.The easiset way to save a life is blood donation.Before going to a blood drive or a blood donation center ...

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Persuasive Speech: Everyone Should Donate Blood

Yet sooner or later, virtually all of us will face a time of great vulnerability in which we will need blood.I. I'm sure in time of need we would all expect blood to be there for us, .Imagine how simple things would be if every one gave blood.C. But for nearly 5 million people who receive blood transfusions every year, it could be the difference between life and death.And the red blood cells lost are replaced within ten days .

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Blood Donation Safety Procedures: An Overview

Each year an estimated 14000 donors are deferred from donating blood for an indefinite period because of repeatedly reactive enzyme immunoassay (EIA) screening tests for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV), and several hundred donors are deferred for apparently false-positive nucleic acid testing (NAT) results.In a 1-year study at a regional blood centre, nearly 14% of prospective donors were ineligible on the day of presentation and more than 3.8% of donations did not result in the collection of an acceptable quantity of blood.The use of directed donations contravenes the normal principles of voluntary blood donation, fails to increase safety and finds medical justification in vanishingly few circumstances: .....

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Blood bank management system Essay

Blood banks collect, store, and provide blood.An act of transfusing donated blood, blood products, or other fluid into the circulatory system of a person or animal.This software help to register all the donors, Blood collection details, blood issued details etc.You can help us by registering on Online Blood Bank if you are willing to donate your blood when needed.The main mission of a blood bank is to provide life-saving blood to hospitals and other health care facilities.

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Importance of blood donation Essay

Even though Not a lot of people donate blood even though they have time and energy to do so., Every person in this world should donate blood once.But most importantly, Each time one gives a blood they can save three lives.. – Now you will return to your opening attention-getter from the introduction – Then end your essay with a powerful So What?Another example that shows that Not a lot of people donate blood even though they have time and energy to do so.First, It might be that one can need blood and sometimes hospitals run out of it..Another example that shows that It might be that one can need blood and sometimes hospitals run out of it.

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Canadian Blood Services IMC Essay

How can Canadian Blood Services increase the number of BC Millennial whole blood donors by 20,000 by March 31, 2015?There is an increasing need for blood and blood donations across Canada.According to Canadian Blood Services, on average, every 60 seconds, someone in Canada requires blood or a blood product (2013).The objective of Canadian Blood Services is to encourage and receive blood donations through safe and secure methods to help Canadians who need blood transfusions (Canadian Blood Services, 2013).The target number of donors is based on the previous years’ statistics of Millennial donations (age 17-34), according the Canadian Blood Services data provided (Bird, 2014a).

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Application On Blood Donation Using Android Platform

For clearing the doubts and confusions of the users regarding blood donation, we have created a FAQ section in which all the important questions are displayed.By going through the applications already available, we found out that all the applications are lacking the feature of connecting the people who are interested in either donating the blood or they urgently require the blood.As we all know that donating blood is a good deed but due to some misconceptions people hesitate in donating blood.The need of blood donation and all the queries related to that.Even if the user is not under donation period he can spread the news to his friends or relatives regarding the blood donation camp.

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Gis Based Blood Banks With Sms Technology Information Technology Essay

Automated system: Whenever the blood samples stock falls by a certain limit in a particular blood bank, an SMS and an E-mail is automatically sent to the donors registered with that blood bank.The blood donor can search nearest blood bank on the internet with city, code or town name... Interacting with the Blood Bank organization people and data administrators about the present system of operation in present day blood banks, this project is aimed at developing a successful automated blood bank system.Generally blood is collected by organizing blood donation campaigns and at blood donation centers where the details are collected from the donors.In this project, a software system model is built which provides an interface between the bloo...

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Determining Causes and Effects Essay

Altruistic ads focus on the altruistic message of a blood recipient thanking individuals for giving blood to save his/her life.Researchers should continue to find theories on advertising to appeal to self-interest so that the blood supply in the U.S. will increase; however, the best approach in advertising is appealing to people’s emotion.Those who are capable of donating should do so with no questions asked.Motivations to donate blood:.If everyone would come together as one as they do in elections for blood drives the outcome would be greater.

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Blood Transfusions and Disease Essay

Though there were many innocent victims of the AIDS epidemic’s outreach to blood banks’ donated supply, this problem sparked new innovations and research that have worked to solve both the AIDS-infected blood problem, but also threats of other serious diseases and complications in blood transfusionsUsing one’s own blood via self-donations, intraoperative hemodilution (extracting blood before an operation, then dispensing it back into the body afterward), blood recycling during surgery, and designated donations are also options for patients who wish to ensure further a clean transfusion.Further triumphs in medicine were achieved, such as the use of sodium citrate as an anti-coagulant and increased measures to create sanitarAs these improv...

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