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Cirta National Museum Essay

The creation of the Archaeological Museum of Constantine is due to the initiative of the Archaeological Society of Constantine, founded in 1852 by MM.On January 30, 2019, the museum opened a room dedicated to the Arts of Islam, in order to better exhibit the pieces in its possession, discovered at the Kalâa of Béni Hammad (M'sila), Bejaïa and Tiddis (Constantine).An ancient statuette known as (The victory of Cirta) or (The victory of Constantine) which represents a goddess with wings protecting the emperors.There is also a cut, engraved and pierced yellow copper Astrolabe from Marrakech or Fez (Morocco) dating from the 15th century (donation by Mahmoud Bachtarzi of Constantine), a rare copy of a manuscript of 《 Muhammad al-Salih Ibn al-A...

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“Pastor of souls” or “Lord of this world”: which sums up the popes of your period better

If further justification was needed the Donation of Constantine confirmed the papal view.However despite the realpolitik the papacy encouraged if not initiated reforming tendencies within the church especially the new orders of monks and friars.Above all he had attempted to revivify the aims of the priesthood Eugenius III wrote that Christ “gave to St Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven, the power of both the earthly and the heavenly empire.Innocent tidied up the marriage law, prohibited ordeals, and outlined the church’s position on the sacraments and particularly confession.Popes during this period who viewed themselves as direct heirs of St. Peter clearly believed in their right to rule the earthly empire.

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The Church In The Middle Ages History Essay

Christianity was young and still working out its existence when the Roman Emperor Constantine took power in 306 CE... Research causes of the Crusades using print and online resources provided by your teacher.For example, in the “Influence of the Popes” section, you may record information such as “Pope Urban II started the First Crusade (1096-99)... 306 CE: Constantine becomes the Roman Emperor ... Constantine calls for the Council of Nicaea .

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Threat of Lutheranism to the Catholic Church Essay

The Church was so intensely threatened by Luther because of their already-weakened state, his promise of salvation through faith alone, his insistence on the end of indulgences, his danger to social stability, and their own possible realizations that there was truth in his words.When Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses onto a Wittenberg church door in 1517, no one could have predicted the enormous effect his ideas would have.His idea of “justification of faith alone” was enough to rouse a whole continent, enough to provoke battles and bloodshed in town after town.His ideas were thrown into the world at the exact right time and were heard by the exact right ears.They could not be seen as weak or indecisive, or the common people would sei...

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The Rise of the Papacy Analytical Essay

With the moving of the roman political capital to Constantinople by the emperor Constantine, the bishop was left in Rome1.This publication contained the last words of Emperor Constantine that he said on his death bed and it proclaimed that he had ceded all the land as well as the authority of Rome to the Pope.Journal of Religious Studies Review.This strengthened its influence on the political class to a point where emperors like Constantine adopted Christianity and professed the faith openly.In the eighth century the ‘donation of Constantine’ was made public.

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The Conflict Between Church And State History Essay

Constantine wrote the “Edict of Milan” at a time of serious internal strife in the empire that was due primarily to religion.Constantine not only summoned the Council but presided over it.Even more significant than presiding over the Donatist controversy was the role Constantine took in the Council of Nicaea in 325.It is interesting to note that Constantine thought the issue of the divinity of Christ was frivolous and that no answer needed to be given, let alone the question being asked in the first place.In fact, Constantine took a lead role in the affairs of the church.

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Théodore Chassériau Essay

For the portrait he made of Prosper Marilhat in 1835, Chassériau was only 15 years old.Before that of Tokyo, there was in 2002, the great retrospective “Théodore Chassériau (1819-1856), Another romanticism” at the Grand Palais in Paris.Exhibition catalogs: .He is thus the youngest painter exhibited at the Louvre museum.Biographical works: .

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Religion in Algeria Essay

We do not know precisely the number of Algerians without religion or non-practicing Muslims.The Protestant Church of Algeria was recognized in 2011. .In March 2008, the Algerian government ordered the closure of 13 Protestant chapels in the country, all located in Kabylia, 11 of them illegally in Tizi Ouzou.The Jesuits have been present since 1840 in Algiers and Constantine.According to a recent study carried out by Arab Barometer in 2019, 15.4% of Algerian respondents describe themselves as "non-religious", this figure rises to 24.5% among young people under 30 years old.

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Holy Sepulcher Essay

These copies are more or less faithful to the original.Following the accounts of Eusebius of Caesarea , hagiographer of the Emperor Constantine, and Socrates the Scholastic, writer of the 5th century, the place would have already been considered as the place of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus of Nazareth before the excavations and the construction of a church ( the first dating from 335) undertaken by Constantine.Contrary to the heated debates of the 19th century, the controversy over the authenticity of this place intervenes little in the academic debates in the 20th century, researchers and historians leaning more on the elaboration and interpretation of strata of oral or written traditions about the tomb of Jesus.In the center of ...

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Constantine the Great

Besides getting the empire together under one emperor, Constantine also won major victories over the Franks and Alamanni in 306-8 and Franks again in 313-14.In conclusion Constantine the Great had a huge impact on both the Roman and the Byzantine Empire and was a great leader during his rule.Constantine the Great provided the city with a forum, a hippodrome, a circus of great size, baths, and pleasure-grounds, to make it somewhat similar to Rome.Thirdly, Constantine not only earned his honorific “the great” title from Christian historians but also because of his military achievements and victories.Constantine the Great always believed in changing plans last minute and he would rearrange things at the battle field.

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World history Essay

Christianity increased in the eastern empire even more after death of Maximinus who was now defeated by Licinius with support of Constantine and later died of a painful disease (Eusebius 34).Constantine, who had a noble-heart, spared Licinius’s life, but after he renewed his treacherous practice, he was executed by the Roman Empire senate.Consequently, Emperor Constantine become the sole master of Roman Empire and made Constantinople the capital of the Empire (Ibid 559).Constantine was compelled by Licinius treachery, who was the only survivor of Diocletian tetrarchs, to wage war against him.This act that made Licinius to surrender himself to Constantine.

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Byzantine times: The effect on women

The church focused around images of the Virgin Mary, which led to much destruction of its icons during the reign of Constantine V. The church first burnt down in 1070 from a fire but was rebuilt again using its old floor plans.Constantine V ordered the destruction of the interior mosaics that represented a New Testament cycle and replaced them with vegetal ornaments and pictures of birds.It was during Constantine V’s reign, that the Church of St. Mary of Blachernae was attacked by iconoclasts.It is as fascinating and influential as the works themselves that these women were able to influence the Byzantine public and the artwork.When Leo III died in 740, his son Constantine V continued the ban of during his reign in 741-775.

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The Effect of Constantine’s Conversion on the Roman Society and Christianity

Before Constantine came into power, Maxentius ruled Italy.The conversion of Emperor Constantine not only legalized the faith, but also made it a widespread trend.But with the conversion of Constantine, much of that changed.Emperor Constantine can easily be called one of the most influential people involved in the molding of Christianity.For in the first place, the tyrants, being themselves alienated from the true God, had enforced by every compulsion the worship of false deities: Constantine convinced mankind by actions as well as words, that these had but an imaginary existence, and exhorted them to acknowledge the only true God.

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The History Of Emperor Constantine

How genuine these beliefs were, and to what extent Constantine used his faith to unite the Roman Empire, remains open to discussion among religious and historical scholars.However, significant silences in the recounts of primary sources are evident at times when Constantine was involved in events that went against his Christian beliefs.Christian primary sources portrayed Constantine the way he wanted to be remembered, and only represent the biased view that people of their faith had of the emperor.Secondary sources, including renowned German historian and professor, Hans Pohlsander, author of ‘The Emperor Constantine’, generally accept that Lactantius’ account is more reliable than Eusebius’, as no surviving primary source substantiates ...

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Role of Roman Emperors in the Spread of Christianity Essay

For Constantine, his motivations were probably as much political as religious.His name was Constantine.Constantine, convinced of the power of his vision and subsequent victory in battle, was the first Roman Emperor to adopt Christianity.As the emperor, Constantine quickly moved the capital of the Roman empire from Rome to Constantinople (now known as Istanbul).Christians were still persecuted at this time, and so in 313 Constantine issued an official edict of toleration.

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Impact Of The Conversion Of Constantine Religion Essay

“[Constantine] was [also] very much influenced by the theology of Origen…whose library he inherited”.At the time of Constantine, the Roman Empire was under the rule of Emperor Diocletian9.As emperor, Constantine acted as judge in the conflict between Donatists15 and the mainstream .The western provinces, presided by Constantine, were scarcely affected.Description of it are to be found, inter alia, in Kelly, Early Christian Creeds, 3d ed., pp 205-262; Hanson, Search, pp 152-207; Barnes, Constantine & Eusebius, pp 208-223 .

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The Men Of The Nicaea Council Theology Religion Essay

However, “if something was important, the issue found its way into the general council’s meeting.” According to Socrates this “council was convened at the request of Constantine, the current emperor of Rome, because the Christian sovereign hated discord, and he therefore set three tasks that he want to resolve during this gathering.” Constantine officiated the meeting and he told the bishops that were in attendance.Arius’s view begin to catch on and soon he had followers and soon word got to Constantine about the growing divide in the church.When in exile the Constantine died and Arianism had taken over.Confusion is what the Emperor Constantine was trying to avoid by assembling together the general council.While under the rule of Constan...

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The Arch of Constantine Essay

The first panel, known as oratio, shows Constantine giving a public speech in the Roman Forum, suggesting leadership and guidance in the emperor.However, despite the renewing of earlier monument figures, the reliefs on the Arch of Constantine no longer follow the same naturalistic styles but have become more abstract and formal.In furthering these two panels, it is intriguing to find that the head of Constantine is missing in both pieces.Through the structure, the reliefs, and the mixture of historic scriptural decoration, the Arch of Constantine communicates a manipulative message of Imperial power.Furthermore, it is the formalistic attributes of the shape and structure of the arch, as well as the Marxist approach in the mixed reliefs t...

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Architecture Rome Essay

Visually, the Ark is immediately striking both outside and in.According to contemporary historians, the night before the battle Constantine had a vision.The Arch of Constantine was erected to commemorate Constantine’s victory over Maxentius at the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 AD.Thus, the event celebrated by the Arch of Constantine was a major turning point in the history of the western world.So Constantine adopted Christianity for himself and declared the religion officially tolerated throughout the Roman Empire.

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How is resistance affected in a wire? Essay

If this is right and the results are incorrect then constantin-26 would have a very low resistance like in 22 and 18.As the cross sectional part of the constantin wire decreases so does the resistance, so constantin would be my second choice to use as a wire.Constantin has a relatively large resistance, at least in the same size as the copper and Nichrome that we have just been talking about.We could improve the reliability of this experiment by simply taking more results e. g. by using say 100cm-150cm of wire, this would add 6 more results to our charts, so it is nearly doubling the current accuracy.We could take larger range of sizes and more different materials.

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Effect of the Roman Invasion on Religion

The Roman inhabitants of Britain, upset that Constantine could no longer defend them, rebelled and expelled his officers.With the deaths of Constantine I, Constantine II and Constans, Constantius II was left the sole remaining emperor of the Roman Empire.This was the case with the sons of Constantine the Great (see figure 1) and in a intensified way with Julian who was a pagan, and his brothers who were Christians.Julian’s last Christian deed was the burial of Constantius in the Church of Apostles, next to Constantine I. Julian´s personal belief was both pagan and philosophical.It is possible that Constantine has seen something in the skies – Constantine was convinced Christianity was on the rise – but his conversion was more a change o...

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Essay on The Art and Philosophy of Balance at Constantin Brâncusi

(20) Zarnescu, Constantin - Aforismele si textele lui Brâncusi, Scrisul Romanesc Publishing House, Craiova, 1980, p.151 .- Sculptorul Brâncusi, in Arhivele Olteniei, 92-94, 193 .(16) Zarnescu, Constantin - Aforismele [i textele lui Brâncusi - Scrisul românesc Publishing House - Craiova 1980, p.114 .The Art and Philosophy of Balance at Constantin Brâncusi .(19) Filip, Nicu - Dialog cu "G.C.Argon despre Brâncusi" - `n Luceaf\rul, 45, 1967, Bucure[ti .

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Greek Mythology and a Roman Emperor Essays

"Constantine the Great."“Constantine the Great.” The Man and His Times.Poseidon is the ruler of the sea and Constantine is the ruler of the land… what each encounter during their reign that made them special to ancient time period.Constantine Roman sculptures are more exactly how a person looks like rather than Poseidon Greek God sculpture more as an ideal form."Greek Religion."

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How Serious Were The Problems Facing Nicholas I at the Start of His Reign? Essay

With news that Constantine had married and Polish Catholic and renounced his claim to the throne, Nicholas’ was to publish a manifesto declaring himself Tsar.It was these incidents at the beginning of his reign such as the Decembrist Revolution and the Polish Revolt that made Nicholas a very reactionary Monarch in the later years of his reign.In the end, Constantine refused to travel to St Petersburg from Warsaw, and renounced his claim to the throne and thus proclaimed Nicholas I Tsar.Universities at Warsaw and Vilna were closed and from then on until the death of Nicholas, Poland was ruled under martial law and the administration was place under greater Russian control.Nicholas aimed to “russify” Poland, and to impose Russian ways, ins...

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Early Church History

Constantine later claimed to have had a vision on the way to Rome, during the night before battle.Constantine saw this victory as directly related to the vision he had had the night before.Both agree that the omen informed Constantine that he would conquer under the sign of Christ (Greek: en touto nika; Latin: in hoc signo vinces).Henceforth Constantine saw himself as an ’emperor of the Christian people’.Constantine was directed in a dream to cause the heavenly sign to be delineated on the shields of his soldiers, and so to proceed to battle.

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1896 Olympics Essay

The 1984 two-part American miniseries The First Olympics: Athens 1896, directed by Alvin Rakoff, tells the story of the first modern Olympic Games.Various parades torches, concerts and other receptions make up the program of the festivities.Vikélas and Diadoch Constantine then intervened by creating the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the first national Olympic committee in history, whose first mission was to collect donations.For ten days, artistic events are organized on the sidelines of sports competitions.Thus present are the King of the Belgians Leopold II, the Prince of Wales, the diadoch Constantine or William Penny Brookes, the creator of the Olympic Games by Much Wenlock.

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Daniel Levi Essay

Participations .In May 2020, Daniel Lévi released a charity single “Toi, Moi, Nous, Eux, Lui, Vous” entirely dedicated to healthcare workers and people on the front line during the coronavirus crisis.In March 2020, in the midst of a period of confinement, Daniel Lévi is committed to the preservation of the planet and is releasing a new single, Si on can, with a strong message: "Help awaken awareness of the beauty of our planet and the need today and tomorrow to cherish and preserve it ”(Daniel Lévi).In November 2020, he participated in season 2 of the Mask Singer show on TF1 in the Robot costume.Daniel Lévi is a French singer-songwriter and pianist, born August 26, 1961 in Constantine, Algeria.

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Without the City: Pachomius

Others believed that the kingdom of God had come to its final fruition through the life of Constantine.In time, Constantine became the sole emperor and turned the empire’s main religion to Christianity.Pachomius moved to serve people; he started in villages because it was the villages that were devastated by Constantine.Pachomius knew of individuals who took part in the ascetic life, through solitary monasticism, such as the infamous Anthony who had left for the desert even before Constantine took power.Constantine built a city for himself while Pachomius built a village community.

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A Financial Overview And History Of Lush Finance Essay

The Body Shop eventually bought the intellectual property rights to the business of Constantine & Weir for £9m in 1991.As The Body Shop grew, Anita made a bid the rights to many of the products produced by Constantine & Weir for The Body Shop.Since a corporation is assumed to have infinite life, the analysis here is broken into a forecast period and a terminal value.The resulting Enterprise Value is 81.02mil and the value of Equity 47.59mil.Constantine and Andrew are the recognised leaders of the company.

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The Revolutionary Storming

(The reason I chose this: Please refer to source 4’s analysis value.)ORIGIN: This is a poem and a passage by Constantine de Renneville, a middle class tax official who was incarcerated in 1702 for spying for the Dutch government.New York: Heinemann Educational, 2002.VALUE: The source is written by Constantine de Renneville, which is an eyewitness account of the Bastille, because he was even imprisoned in the Bastille.PURPOSE: The purpose of Constantine de Renneville is not clearly stated.

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