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Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Essay

Nevertheless, it can be argued that the editorial does not need to refute the Time magazine article point by point and that its entire argument is summed up when the editorial writer states that the reason why people like Bartlett and Steele are being too critical about the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act is because “the thought of rich Indians is against nature we can only assume (85).The success is well-deserved, according to the editorial, since this group has experienced one of the most harrowing histories of violence inflicted against Native Americans.Then again, the former is a lengthier and more detailed presentation complete with figures and facts, in keeping also with its being an investigative article.Inequality, anomalies, and ot...

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Slumdog Millionaire: An Inspiration or an Offense

A young boy, whose childhood has been spent amidst dirty lanes running from the hooligans as well as police constables who are always shooing them off, becomes a millionaire in a quiz game show, which demands only the intellectuals and educated persons to win.(Colson & Boyle, 2008) .The nation, which has shown signs of prosperity and development since this last century, has been shown from the darkest side of extreme forms of poverty.So the film showing Indian people in their lives within the precinct of extreme poverty would have naturally hurt the sentiments of Indians even though claim of director may refute the same.These facts no doubt render the movie as an offense to the nation that has always stood for human dignity and respe...

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Native Americans

Bureau of Indian Affairs .Native American ownership of the land could not be refuted under any circumstance.The federal government planned improvements to Native American lands.What conclusion can be drawn from this excerpt?Native Americans were interested in linking their lands to other regions.

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Native Americans & Christopher Columbus Essay

It is for these reasons that historians typically categorize this event as a positive instead of the damaging situation it was.History is as said, history.Native American numbers may never recover but we will no longer make them suffer.Crops, animals, diseases and culture were traded among the Indians and foreigners.This should not be celebrated with holidays such as Christopher Columbus Day, for it was indeed only the beginning of mass extinction for the American Indian and should only be respected for the many souls that lost their life for the sake of “human progress”.

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Refutability Essay

Scientists are ready to fight to defend their paradigm against refutation, adding as many ad hoc assumptions as necessary to existing theories.Long before Popper gave it its meaning as a demarcation criterion, refutability taken in the usual sense of "being able to be the subject of a refutation" was part of the history of logic Indian and Greek techniques of rebuttal.According to the philosopher of science Alan Chalmers, this leads to the conclusion that there is no conclusive refutation and that the notion of refutability tells us nothing about the real history of scientific discoveries.Jean-Claude Passeron argues, in his work The sociological reasoning, that "the empirical testing of a theoretical proposition can never in sociology ta...

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Sepulveda VS. Bartolome de Las Casas

In the sixteenth century many looked upon the Indians as an uncivilized society because of their different ways of living.The Indians reacted to newcomers in an aggressive way because of the past harm that people had brought upon their civilization such as bringing diseases which killed hundreds of their population.Pope Alexander wanted the Indians to be sufficiently disposed to embrace the Catholic faith and be trained in good morals.He believed in one God, the Creator in heaven.My opinion is supported by the experiences that many people encountered when they came in contact with the Indians.

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Trade Patterns In The Afro Eurasian History Essay

It had a new traditional stronghold which was based on the Indian national congress.Jesuits are members of the Society of Jesus.Martin Luther’s ideas that were criticized by council of Trent were on the matters relating to divine forgiveness of the sins by the Lord and also the non-acceptance of theological teachings in the system.The strategy used by the Portuguese was the dominance of the Indian Ocean coastline and overdependence on Arabs for their conquest; this was facilitated by the fact that the Portugal Empire had no sufficient warship and ammunitions.The Indian Ocean basin and trade winds were beneficial to the traders.

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A Description of an Ethical Dilemma Essay

See total quality management for more on addressing this kind of failure and governance on how many ethical and structural conflicts can be resolved with appropriate supervisory mechanisms.However, no amount of good intent and hard work can undo a bad role structure: .[citation needed] The term dharmasankat is used in Indian philosophy to represent a moral or ethical dilemma.Each such error presents the user with a dilemma: reboot the machine and continue working at one’s employment or spend time trying to reproduce the problem for the benefit of the developer of the operating system.So role structure sabotages feedback and results in sub-optimal results since provision has been made to actually reward people for reporting these errors...

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Pather Panchali

Even when Sarbojaya disapproves her daughter’s way of thinking, she does not do this in a usual way: she rather combines this with enormous love to Durga, which fills each corner of her mother’s heart.There are no stereotypes.They do not look far into the future, but rather take the life as a combination of separate days.The movie moves slowly to its end, leaving numerous intrigues behind the scene.I understand that we meet hundreds of Harihars and Sarbojaya’s every day, but Pather Panchali makes the reality striking.

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The Western Blindness to Non-Western Philosophies

The world Nyaya envisages is one of real, independent beings known by reliable perception and tested inference, that is, by the accepted means or criteria of knowledge, the Indian word for which is pramanas.Indian "syllogisms" are not Greek or medieval ones (are even the Greek and medieval the same?There isn't time to explain much, so I have freed the Indian example of its technical phraseology.(2) For the bias of near contemporary and contemporary philosophers and historians of philosophy against Indian philosophy see W. Halbfass, India and Europe, Albany: State University of New York Press, chaps.Chinese philosopher Chuang-tzu, and the other a close paraphrase of passages from a relatively late Indian philosopher, the mystical Shrihars...

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The French and Indian War Essay

Preceding the French and Indian War, some of the colonists were sycophant to Britain.Before the beginning of the French & Indian War, Britain didn’t have any major taxes imposed onto the colonies.As I said before, many colonists thought highly of Britain as a mother country, with over 60,000 loyalists living the colonies, until the French & Indian War.In final analysis of this essay, one may think that the French and Indian war heavily altered the relationship between Britain and the American colonies.After the French & Indian War was fought, and the Treaty of Paris 1763 signed, the Stamp Act was imposed in 1765 by George III to help pay for the deficit created by the French & Indian War, as well as King George’s War (173...

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Critically Evaluate Moore’s Proof of the External World Essay

A: This being a critical evaluation, we will follow the traditional Indian format for such an undertaking in that we state Moore’s position (purva-paksha) followed by a refutation of his position (khandan) and conclude with stating our position (siddhant).She concludes that the skeptic then needs to say, ?‘ is necessarily true.Ambrose finally makes an attempt to expose the aforementioned disguise by considering what would happen if she were to take the.In fact, it is common practice to use the expression about the existence of hands as is, without doubt, done by the skeptic too.

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Twin Deficit Relationship in a Developing Open Economy

This implies that even the Mundell-Fleming model was valid for India the direction of causality was not from budget deficit to current account deficit but rather from current account deficit to budget deficit.The economic implication of this phenomenon is very important for the Indian economy.That is why to avoid such problematic situation prudent steps should be taken to reduce trade deficit by coordination of fiscal and monetary policies with trade policy.The study using modern econometric methods for estimation which showed that the twin deficits hypothesis was valid for the Indian economy as the result from the co-integration test showed the existence of long run equilibrium relationship between the budget deficit and the current acc...

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Native American Genocide Essay

Houghton Mifflin Company, 2005.In addition, The Indian Removal Act of 1830 also led to a great reduction in the Native American population.” A Century of Dishonor (2007).” American History (2006).” The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition.

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Truth Exposed in An Indian's Looking-Glass for the White Man

Steiner refutes this by describing the white man's pernicious crimes against the Indian.The New Indians.Apes, too, describes the theft of the Indians' land and resources: "they...think it no crime to go upon Indian lands and cut and carry off their most valuable timber, or anything else they choose.New York: Delta, 1968.Generals in the frontier, such as Custer believed the Indian had a "cruel and ferocious nature" (Steiner 79).

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Brahmanism Religion and the Three Key Elements of a Human Soul Essay

Gulati, M N, Comparative religions and philosophers: anthropomorphism and divinity, Atlantic, New Delhi, 2008, 33.Sathaye, A, How to become a Brahman: the construction of varna as social place in the Mahabharata’s legends of Visvamitra, vol.Despite the fact that the Indian culture is becoming increasingly popular with the majority of the world population, there are still a lot of unknown facts about it; as a rule, it is a snowball’s chance that one will dig deeper than the elementary surface information.Capriles, E, Further steps to a metatranspersonal philosophy and psychology, The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, no.Kothari, M I, Refutation of Samkhara’s doctrine of Brahman, Indian Philosophical Quarterly, vol.

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Canada Fur Trade

Third, the fur trade changed the Indian living conditions and ecological ethics.Obviously, the Indian was the victim in the North American fur trade.Moreover, drinking led to the decrease in the Indian birthrate, causing the retrogression of the Indian quality.In 1770, an Indian affair official noted that it was certain that nothing could be more attractive to the Indian than liquor.On one hand, the fur trade brought about the White’s commodities and Western culture to the Indian.

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How can India get more Olympic Medals Essay

Finally, sports in India should expand and reach beyond cricket.Cash-rich Indian Premier League stands as a testimony to this.Cricket has managed to attract huge fanfare, reputed brand names for sponsorship and popular celebrities like industrialists and bollywood actors.However, inspite of all the hurdles and hiccups, Abhinav Bindra, Sushil Kumar and Vijendra Kumar created history at the Beijing Olympics 2008.Medal winning performance should be duly rewarded by the central and state governments.

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Columbus, The Indian, and Human Progress

Workers’ strikes in the 1830’s and the 1840’s reflected the changing role of women by allowing women to have jobs and work hard labor.Clothes were also a big part of women’s rights .Since they gained intelligence and took part on the reforms, they became socially acceptable.The cause of Bacon’s rebellion was because the unhappy farmers in West Virginia were angry that Governor Berkeley and the House of Burgesses seemed to do little to protect the western borders from Indian attacks.John Winthrop’s legal and biblical justification for seizing Indian land was justified the Puritans justified seizing Indian land because the Indian’s only had a natural right to it which does not have legal standing to it.

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Islam And Modernization In Indian Sub Continent Theology Religion Essay

WAhhabism add in 18th century .It was, above all, a secular movement that sought the mystification and desacralization of knowledge and social organization in order to liberate human beings from their chains” (1989:12-13).Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was the first Islamic modernist of the Indian sub-continent.Specifc case of Indian sub-continent .Hamza Alavi (1988) classifies eight ideological positions among Indian Muslims before partition.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in India Essay

Summary (continued)Obstructionist Defensive Accommodative Proactive approach approach approach approachLow social responsibility Social responsibility High social responsibility 66.AnalysisOf Coca-Cola India’s ResponseCoca Cola was attacked by different institutions Coca Cola had to face image problems in the Indian and American market Consumers would lose trust in the company Loss of reputation as a socially responsible corporate citizen Coca Cola’s plan: Attack credibility Refuting the allegations and calling them baseless Aggressively stressing their innocence hoping to resolve the issues Problem: NGOs are very powerful!Thank you for listening!Summary (continued)Obstructionist Defensive Accommodative Proactive approach approach approa...

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Does India Need a Dictator?

Indians being impatient with the sluggish growth of the Indian economy and delayed actions of the Indian government to resolve issues, it is likely that the citizens would consider a dictatorship as a feasible option.India should be governed by a democratic system but the prime minister of India should be very responsive and magnetic enough to take decisions just as a dictator would have taken.Hence, I believe that India needs a democratic dictator.He should not take decisions standing at the tip of a knife.The dictator doesn’t have any pressure on him; similarly our prime minister should also lead us fearlessly.

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Assimilation of Native Americans Into Society Essay

“He interested white benefactors in his cause and persuaded his army superiors to assign him to the work of Indian education, where he could promote and expand the approach to Indian assimilation that he had begun so dramatically at fort Marion.“Remembering Our Indian School Days: The Boarding School Experience.“Boarding School Seasons: American Indian Families, 1900-1940 by Brenda J.Eventually, with the help of the Indian Removal Act of 1830, the Indians were pushed back to the west and there was a line known as the “Indian frontier”.Child proposes, “One of the worst ideas about how to best solve the “Indian problem” mandated the separation of American Indian families.

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Education on Religions

This reminds me of Zionist maps of Greater Israel or plans by some Calvinists for a new Confederate States of America where God-fearing Anglo-Celtic top males will rule their households and their nation of fifteen states.Some Hindu fundamentalists also believe that ancient Indians actually possessed atomic weapons, which they call “Om-made” bombs.The chapter will focus on religiously motivated violence, which Indian armies committed as well, and determine whether this was essentially new to India and the result of Indian outrage for Muslim offenses.(The Pakistanis countered by appropriating the power of the Hindu Goddess by naming their missile Ghauri, a name for the Goddess in Southern India.)Hundreds of years ago Hindu kings went into ...

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Do we have global culture? Essay

He argues rather that globalization transforms the relationship between states, markets, sovereignty, and the transnational sphere.Many software engineers and Internet entrepreneurs who live and work in Silicon Valley, California, maintain homes (and strong social ties) in the Indian states of Maharashtra and Punjab.Misunderstandings of this nature thrive in the literature devoted to globalism.(David and Anthony McGrew, 2002) To understand cultural changes one must draw a feature between form and content.numerous theorists, including both opponents and proponents of globalism, task their own attitudes onto the people they assert to represent assuming that all humans see the world in the similar way.

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McKinsey & Company Essay

On leaving school, a consultant employee can expect to receive remuneration between 55,000 and 60,000 euros.In order to filter the large number of candidates ahead of the classic first round, McKinsey has set up a pre-selection process in the form of multiple choice questions, called “Problem Solving Test” (abbreviated as “PST” ).After 6 to 8 years of experience, an employee can expect to receive remuneration above 100,000 euros ,,.It aims to attract future graduates, exclusively from reputable schools, excellent at university level, and who have distinguished themselves in their extra-university career.McKinsey is the company with the toughest job interviews in the world, according to Forbes magazine.

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The Panchayat system as an early form of conflict resolution in Trinidad

As more free Indians took advantage of Crown land, more Indian communities were formed and new kinds of festivals and traditions, in keeping with village life as differentiated from estate residence, reappeared16.During the ‘1917- 1940’ period, colonial authorities had nothing tangible in place to ensure the proper care and well- being of poor Indian rural folk.The original Indian family has been described as a ‘patrilocal’ joint family in which a line of brothers, their wives and children live in a common household compound with the men’s father as the patriarch21.Through the speech of the elders, the ideals of East Indian men were stated as “customary law”, which defined appropriate behaviour, powers in marriage and divorce, control ov...

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Philosophy Trinity Essay

How yahya responds to other scholars attributes on his treatise.In conclusion, it is evident that there are many ways to interpret Yahya Ibn Adi’s treatises on the unity and trinity of God.Many philosophers challenged Yahya Ibn Adi on his treatise on the unity and trinity of God.This paper will demonstrate how two critics have formed and expressed their own understandings of Yahya’s treatise on unity and trinity of God.In Emilio Platti’s article, he critques how Yahya refutes to others about their attributions to his own works.

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The Indians of Southern California in 1852

” Paradoxically though one could say that Wilson had a vested interest in solving the Indian problem as he himself was a rancher and sought security of his herds from raiders, one of the key components of the report was to achieve a solution that would ensure this.The Indian population of California decreased rapidly between 1853-58 and the reservation system subsequently became a considerably contentious and widely reviled policy of the Federal government.It became the key device for federal administration of Indian affairs.After the California State Government was set up, in the winter of 1849-50, Governors deemed it necessary to address the Indian question and the approach that followed was, as Caughey describes “simple, direct and vi...

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Augustine and Skepticism Essay

The three refutations of Augustine serve to help us remember that just as there is an opposite to nearly everything, the concept of skepticism can always be rebutted when it comes to knowledge and our understanding of the world.The second refutation is the act of doubting, an idea arguing that through doubting, we ultimately defeat the purpose of total skepticism.Although the ideas of academic and total skeptic ism sought to disprove a need or even the logic behind philosophy, scholars such as St. Augustine attempted to prove that despite the fact that we do not have total knowledge in everything, we are not totally void of knowledge.The first refutation illustrated by Augustine is that of non-contradiction.Only when we conclude that the...

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