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Adapting Communicative Language Teaching Approach to China’s Context Essay

The basic features of CLT are: (1) It focuses on students’ active participation, the whole classroom is not the teacher-centered, but students-centered one. To achieve this, teachers should arrange the desks in such a way that the students can look directly at one another to help create interactions among students.

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The Effect of the 4mat Model Based Instruction on the Achievement of EFL Students

The question that haunts professionals now who are intelligent enough to know when change is suitable but is overly conservative and passive to wait one more year, one more study, one more generation of ill-taught students answered by the above mentioned statement of Bruner. Bruner (1960) explained that “we have reached a level of public education i...

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The Difficulty of Teaching English

“Sweet no longer means have a sugar taste or pleasing to the senses.” If one was to ask a teenage what sweet meant to them, they would probably tell “really nice or awesome.” “The word fine has also completely change in context. This also makes it more difficult because one school doesn’t cover any certain type of writing, then if a student transfer...

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Imagery Mastery in Learning Poetry

* Weaknesses: some students not active in discussion * Positive Result: the improvement of students’ comprehension on narrative text and the classroom situation.The students’ mean score from post test one 6.45; post test two 7.0 * Weaknesses: the students get bored without various activities. The steps took 90 minutes in one meeting.

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Impact of Language Software on Language Learning

In Iran, English teachers have been trying several methods to teach their students English but despite great effort in teaching, they probably have not achieved success.Nowadays there are great amounts of high school students and even university students who cannot use English even a simple introduction while they past at least seven years of Englis...

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Culture In Intercultural Communication In College English Language Essay

The other one is that some misunderstandings on Chinese culture could be caused by different learners’ inaccurate interpretations according to Cong (2000). One is that students’ intercultural communicative competence would be prevented to further development.

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What Is English As A Lingua Franca?

Promoting multi- competence among native and non-native language users (Cook, 2007), the accommodation theory, the schema theory, the speech act theory, cultural information, cross-cultural negotiation and strategies, language technology, cultural awareness and so on .. Now English is becoming a Lingua Franca, hence the norms of native speakers cou...

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Modern Grammar Teaching: Reflection Notes

One of these kinds of tasks was the one where students had to imagine that they were staying at a hotel in London. These situations have to be assessed one by one and there is no answer.

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The Reasons Of Using Games For Learning

One typical lesson often lasts for 40-45 minutes, however, most children can only fully concentrate for 10-20 minutes before they start to get bored and tired. Among all necessary aspects of English language, grammar is often regarded as one of the most crucial part for the proper use of English.

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Motivational strategies Essay

One is the usual classroom teaching of new words. The use of teaching aids/materials is of no doubt one of the best way to increase learning speed and quantity of study per time.

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The Development of Task-Based Activities for Culture-Related English Lessons

Therefore, the need to investigate students’ attitudes towards task-based activities designed for culture related English lessons and towards teaching English with culture related content among other groups of the students with different contexts or diversity still remains in order to determine Thai students’ attitudes towards learning and teaching ...

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Teaching Methods and Techniques Employed

To promote learning effectively, a teacher must not only know the subject matter but also how to teach the subject. One way of providing quality education for learners according to Piaget as cited by Bustos and Espiritu (1985) is the importance of giving each child enough learning material appropriate for his learning.

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Group Work and Language Learning

In recent years, English has been considered one of some important subjects and a compulsory one for Vietnamese students. One student from the strong one was not ready to accept that.

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Assessment on English for Cambodian Textbook Uses

English for Cambodia, book one, was developed in forms of teacher’s guide and student book in respect to MoEYS Textbook Master Plan (1996) and cooperated with Cambodian research institutions. The participants involved will rate a series of statements in scale value ranking from number one (the most disagree) to number four (the most agree).

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Language and Culture Interaction in English Language Teaching Analytical Essay

It is not quite easy to teach culture when teaching language. New information is used to build upon the one that has already been acquired.

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Teaching and Testing the English Vocabulary Exploratory Essay

One needs to prepare some vocabulary words at a time. One may find computers, laptops and accessibility to the internet.

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Teachers and Students Perceptions towards Cooperative Learning

One of them was the idea that human learning presupposed a specific social nature and was part of a process by which children grew into the intellectual life of those around them (Vygotsky, 1978). One way was to have a single group product; another was to assign roles for each student; providing a group reward also fosters positive interdependence.

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Use Of Songs In Teaching English

The general objective of this proposal is to determine the importance of using of songs to teach English as a foreign language in 1st grade emphasizing the listening skill at Santa Teresa School. It is typically for a solo singer, though may also be a duet, trio or more voice (word with more than) one voice to a part, however, are considered choral.

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International and global language

When they start learning, every thing is new, both culture and language, so that’s why they don’t have any information to connect with each other and make a new one. One out of five of the world’s population speaks English.

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The Impact of English as a Tool of Global Communication Analytical Essay

This language is taught in numerous countries so that today more people speak English as a second or a foreign language rather than the first one. One more advantage of English is that it allows to get to know and utilize Western technologies and scientific achievements to secure the development within Saudi Arabia.

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The Influence Of Tests On Teaching Backwash

(Hughes, 2003) Moreover, one of the CET’s aims is to promote the implementation of College English Curriculum Requirements in College English teaching and learning. (Gu, 2005; Li, 2009; Ceng, 1999; Shao, 2003) The CET is proved that it is an effective means of measurement for its result can accurately reflect the College English teaching and learnin...

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Problems Of Teaching English In Vietnam English Language Essay

Another important factor weighed into the approach was that because there is enough similarity to warrant scholarly debate whether English is actually a romance language (Gachelin, 1990), the language pair lends itself to a complimentary teaching structure, i.e., one that emphasizes differences (non-similarities) between the languages instead of tre...

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Teaching English As A Foreign Language

The syllabus for the learner at the academic institutions is a standard one which is taught all over the country, while the syllabus for the private institutions varies from one organisation to another. • Contrary to the previous textbook (Further English for Libya by Gusbi and John 1970 Longman publications), which dominated the process of teachi...

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Input Hypothesis And English Classroom Teaching English Language Essay

And Krashen’s theory is the most important one. The Net-based multimedia computers is one of the most important one among these tools.

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Indonesian Interference In Learning English Cultural Studies Essay

The best way to learn English, one of the most useful tools that they use grammar exercises. Learning to arrange the words in the correct order is probably one of the most important and useful things students will learn after pronunciation and vocabulary.

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Using “Ebonics” in American Schools

Although aware that “teaching children in schools in the inner cities and in poor neighborhoods all over the country, rural or inner city, has never been easy, and that it never will be”, he argues that one shouldn’t try to “lower the academic standards” in the process of encountering strategies to address the issue at hand. Regardless of what one m...

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Phonics Primer for Year Five Remedial Class in Primary School Essay

They first defined connected text as “texts of meaningful sentences or longer; that is, more than one connected sentence;” although, in this study, connected text was usually an entire story. Two trained researchers individually scored every Clay test, and these scores were compared against one another for accuracy.

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The Effect Of Partial Dictation English Language Essay

The first one the students do should be modeled first. This dictation requires students to work in pairs to combine two partial texts into one continuous piece.

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Bilingual Education

One of the biggest discussions has been ‘what is the effect of each style of teaching, which is best suited for a child to learn English fluently. There is one thing that is rarely talked about is that English was not “threatened” then or now in any generation since this country began.

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Summary of a paper on ESL Education example

Literary texts give an opportunity to raise one’s knowledge of certain subjects and integrate the received knowledge into the process of mastering English. The modern system of education is generally teacher-oriented and does not give students many opportunities to expand their knowledge of English.

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