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Literature Review: Theories of Economic Growth

A well-built financial sector has a strong impact on economic growth and financial sector development accelerates economic growth. The results show that while financial development would encourage economic growth, high economic growth would promote financial development as high growth countries usually have higher demand for financial services.

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Effect of Financial Development on the Mauritius

Seetanah, B., Ramessur, T. S. and Rojid, S. (2008), ‘Financial development and economic growth: New evidence from sample of island economies’, Journal of Economic Studies, Vol.36 No2,2009, pp124-134. (1997), ‘Financial development and economic growth: Assessing the evidence’, Economic Journal 107(442), 783–99.

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Approaches to Economic Development

Thus, growth is related to a quantitative sustained increase in the PCI accompanied by the expansion in its labour force, consumption, capital and volume of trade, while economic development is related to qualitative changes in economic wants, goods, incentives and institutions. Economic growth means increasing the economic activities, irrespective ...

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Impact of Financial Sector Development on Nigeria

(1966): “Financial Development and Economic Growth in Underdeveloped Countries”, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 14, 174-189. . The growth models developed by Harrod and Domar affirm the role of investment in economic growth, based on the dual characteristics of investment: Firstly, investment creates income and secondly, it augments the ...

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The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Development Analytical Essay

To this end, it can be inferred that economic growth directs economic development. When efficient measures are put in place, it is noted that economic growth can increase proportionately with economic development and vice versa.

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Stock Market Development And Economic Growth In Nigeria Economics Essay

Apart from the view that stock markets may be having no real effect on growth, there are theoretical constructs that show that stock market development may actually hurt economic growth. Levine and Zervos (1995) and, Demirguc-Kunt (1994) has supported the view .stock markets promote economic growth..With well-functional financial sector or banking s...

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Role Of Banks Financial Institutions In Economic Growth Economics Essay

Furthermore, Ram (1999) argues that the impact of bank development on economic growth is theoretically ambiguous stating that there is a lack of significant positive association between financial development and economic growth. Besides confirming that financial development facilitates economic growth by boosting the growth of firms that rely on ext...

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A Democratic Political System

Sustained economic progress will therefore entail prolonged economic growth and development. Although democratic political parties do not necessarily trigger economic growth or development they surely precipitate sustainable economic progress an any economy.

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China’s Rapidly Growing Economy Causes

The main current economic situation of China is the downward trend economic growth rate. Shrinking external demand, economic growth important constraints, and sluggish foreign trade situation are the important constraints for the economic growth.

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Economic Growth and Economic Development Original Essay

Economic development is a normative concept meaning that the definition is variable however; the definition given by Michael Todaro is ‘’an increase in living standards, improvement in self-esteem needs and freedom from oppression as well as a greater choice.’’ Economic development can be defined as the advancement of a nation or society according t...

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Developed Nations and Underdeveloped Nations Economic Growth

There are many indicator of economic growth like Increase in the capital, progress in technology, and enchantment in the quality and literacy Rate are considered to be the main factors of economic growth. Economic development leads to the economic growth which is a necessary condition but not sufficient and we can say Economic growth follows many di...

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Essay on The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Social Development

In the traditional opinion, environmental protection and economic development are mutually contradictory, economic growth must be a high environmental cost, and to protect the environment will limit economic growth. However I propose that economic growth could be in harmony with environmental protection, and the contradiction may derive from the ina...

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Relationship between Population and Economic Growth Analytical Essay

As such, population growth plays a significant in enhancing steady development and economic growth in third world. As elucidated by Kohler & Kohler (2002, p. 56), high rates of population growth as witnessed in many African countries will lead to unsustainable economic development and growth.

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The Effect of Exports on Gdp Growth in Pakistan

The results showed that when a country has attain some level of economic development than the exports of the country have a positive and significant effect on economic growth. Granger Causality test shows that there is uni-directional causality between exports and economics growth in which running from exports to economic growth, it shows that there...

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Does Economic Development always lead to Improvements in Livind Standards?

Economic growth and economic development are often thought to be synonymous but although the two are closely linked, there are crucial differences in their meanings. Without economic growth, there cannot be any economic development.

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Essay on The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Environmental Protection

Economic growth is a high environmental cost, and protecting the environment will limit the economic growth. Secondly, economic growth and social development are not necessarily linked.

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The impact of financial development on economic growth in Japan

The notable early works on finance and development along the Schumpeterian lines included Gurley and Shaw (1955), Goldsmith (1969), and Hicks (1969).They argued that the development of a financial system is crucially important in stimulating economic growth. We used to see that the development of different aspects of the financial development has di...

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Concept And Measurement Of Economic Development Economics Essay

Additionally, the study of economic development should take advantage of different approaches and consider every one of them as an enriching and valuable element to enhance the way in which economic development is measured and driven, and to cultivate a very elastic framework capable to adapt itself to any country or situation. From the limited conc...

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Education Is Considered As An Investment Economics Essay

Khorasgani (2008) also uses Cobb-Douglas production function together with the ARDL method to determine the short-run and long-run effects of higher education on the economic growth. Since it improves human capital, we could say that education does affect economic growth predominantly, but actually, the impact of education on the economic developmen...

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Effects of the Stock Market on Economic Development

Multiple regression procedures suggest that stock market liquidity helps forecast economic growth even after accounting for a variety of nonfinancial factors that Influence economic growth. (King and Levine, 1933) provided empirical evidence by observing financial intermediaries and their role in economic growth by using a cross country data of 80 d...

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Obstacles To Development Faced By Most Ldcs Economics Essay

Based on their analysis, they have pointed that “only good and efficient institutional arrangements are the real driving force for economic development in developing countries.” (Keqin, 67) And an efficient institutional arrangement can greatly save the transaction costs of the social economy, which has been confirmed by the historical development a...

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economic Essay

Economic growth as a measure fails to account for other important social and economic factors such as the size of the black market, domestic work ... ... middle of paper ... ...e strong progress. Economic development basically implies that individuals of that nation will be better off and takes into account changes in economic and social structures ...

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Economic Development and Environmental Disaster

The recognition of sustainable growth is an underlying theoretical paradigm for economic theories asserting a direct correlation between economic growth, and the growth in environmentally sustainable practices. The relationship between economic growth the environmental quality is further shaped by a number of different channels such as preferences, ...

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Stock Markets And Economic Crisis In Saudi Arabia Economics Essay

They find no relationship for bank lending on economic growth but a large effect of stock markets on economic growth. First find the relationship between stock market and economic growth and the second objective is to determine the direction of the causality between stock market and economic growth.

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Literature Review On Determinants Of Economic Growth Economics Essay

Thus, this result supported the theories of hyperinflation usually associated with economic depress and political and social upheavals and as a result, it is against the perspective that inflations affects economic growth in the long run. Makki and Somwaru (2004) have analyze the role of FDI and trade in promoting economic performance across 66 deve...

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Article review of Finance and Growth; King, R. and Levine, R. Essay

The results of the investigations prove that the predetermined element of financial growth is a good forecaster of economic growth (Robert & Ross, 1993, p. 743). Moreover, the predestined elements of financial growth indicators largely forecast consecutive value of economic growth indicators (Robert & Ross, 1993, p. 729).

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Economic growth And Inequality

Economic growth is however not economic development. Government intervention in the market system affects people’s investment rates and this in return affects how the economic growth will be, open markets promote economic growth.

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Economic Growth and Development Essay

It is a wider concept than economic growth. It is natural to be misled by the idea that economic growth is the key .

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Sustainable Development’ and Economic Growth’ Relationship Essay

Various elements of economic activities influence the degree of future sustainable growth; these include investment done in sustaining economic performance, sufficient funds, and low rate of savings amongst others. The concepts of sustainable development and economic growth are interconnected with the aim of protecting the available wealth of the ea...

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The relationship between economic growth and economic development Essay

Therefore economic growth and economic development are inseparable factors in an economy which reinforce each other. Government purchase as a component for GDP has a positive impact in economic growth, implying that an increase in the government purchase will cause an economic growth.

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