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Education and Girls Essay

Conflict hurts girls most Girls are particularly vulnerable to abuse and unequal access to schooling in fragile states.Some of the factors, which made this possible include: • personal commitment from prominent Yemenis, for example the first Minister for Human Rights in the 2000 government; • sustained donor commitment, UNICEF’s support to the 2000 Girls’ Education Strategy being a prominent example; and • the establishment of Girls’ Education Units in the Ministry of Education at central and local levels since the 1990s.Women have a weak position in society Conflict hurts girls most Tackling girls’ education on the ground 12 12 Making girls’ education affordable 15 Making schools work for all girls 17 Charities, religious and other volu...

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Girls’ education: towards a better future for all

This requires adequate funding by countries themselves, welltrained teachers, a school environment that promotes girls’ learning, and a social environment that values educated girls and women.The participants are young Islamic women drawn from the Islamic Girls’ Rights and Leadership Project in Accra, Ghana, and students from Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School for Girls in London, UK.UNICEF is also leading the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI), which is a global partnership established to raise the profile of girls’ education.In Nepal, Dalit girls are almost twice as likely to be excluded from school as higher caste girls.Where countries, for example Bangladesh, Nepal and Kenya, pursue courageous policies for girls, and where suffici...

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Causes of high drop out rate disadvantaged girls

The government gives the girls in poverty more scholarships for study to reduce high rate of girls drop-out (Filmer & Schady, 2006).This is the worst influence on girls’ education which causes girls drop school easily so the government needs to prepare the program in order to keep the girls in school.Moreover, according to article research on getting girls into school illustrated that many girls are out of school because of their poverty and also living in rural and remote areas.In short, there really are many causes which push girls staying out of school such as girls burden a lot of housework, school is inaccessible, it is security risks, parents do not value girls’ education, culture and tradition are restricted on girls, families...

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Investing In Girls Education Pathway Out Of Poverty Education Essay

“An estimated 104 million to 121 million children of primary school age across the globe are not in school, with the worst shortfalls in Africa and South Asia.” (Ibid) Poverty is a key-inhibiting factor to the education of girls’, and the constraints that hinder girls in the developing world are vast.“As a result, opportunities for girls to learn are bypassed in the name of caring for children and doing traditional chores.” (Bosch 2001: 41) Without support from the education system and community, girls’ and women “physically do not have the time,” (Ibid) to care for children, complete household chores and go to school.“The more expensive education is, the less likely families are to invest in education for girls.” (Unterhalter 2005: 20) ...

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Educational Opportunities for Girls

Also, local authorities had to build schools for girls aged 5-13; this means that the government was taking education for girls seriously, as they built the schools ready for the girls to be educated.All sources agree with this as they express that girls were now forced to attend school, although all sources imply that working class girls may be excused on certain days(wash days) I also agree that the education act was a significant step forward because the act meant that local authorities now had to build schools for girls aged 5-13.I think that the education act of 1870 was a significant step forward in the educational opportunities for girls because the girls were now able to attend school whereas before the act, they had not.Also, th...

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Girl Education Essay

We must not lose sight of the fact while boys have to be fitted for careers; girls have to be prepared primarily for their duties as wives and mothers.No doubt certain girls show promise of growing into artists, writers, orators, politicians and so forth, others may prefer to follow such professions as doctoring, teaching and law and still others may like to become steno-typists, secretaries, business executives, receptionists, telephone operators, etc.Girls ought to receive a good general education.For we cannot escape the natural fact that the girls have one day to become wives and as a consequence mothers.Girls should primarily be trained for domestic life and all that goes with it.

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To die for: The fight for girl’s education rights Essay

While in most parts of the world girls are allowed without issue to study and attend everything from first grade to a higher level of education, the fight for equal education rights for young girls in the Middle East and Asia, due religious and cultural factors rages on.Honored with many awards, Malala continues to fight for girl’s rights across the world, speaking on the idea that girls have a larger advantage if educated than boys, and will support each other and encourage education in their daughters so that they will as a whole become a greater educated generation.There is a saying in the 21st century that if you educate a boy, you educate a boy, but if you educate a girl, you educate a village.A courageous girl, Malala Yousafzai has...

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Easy About The Girl Effect Children And Young People Essay

These supplies must be provided for the education of girls because girl’s genders are sensitive and a weak element in societies therefore they need protection and care in order to become civilized societies.This leads to a big responsibility on the girls such as doing household chores and child care and this will not allowing the girls to complete her education after the marriage .When schools are associated with sexual or physical gender violence, girls’ access to education is negatively affected.This includes violence that keeps girls out of school.In my opinion the short term solution is making sure girls are safe that means make schools safe for girls everywhere around the world.

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Equal Opportunities in Education Essay

Detractors will argue that girls and boys are different.There are faces from the boys,but what i am trying to say that girls can also study and excel in education.Girls are more perfectionist and more careful towards work,and i believe that girls can do more better than boys.Girls can study everything that boys are studying.girls should not have be given exactly the same type of education as boys.boys should work and therefore they need to be more educated.There are no pretext that girls should not get the same education as boys.Nowadays, Girls had improved a lot in term of studies.i can see many successful faces from the women side.As an example,in my classroom the Notable ones will always come from the girls.

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How Do Single Sex Schools Effect Students Young People Essay

Cooperative methods of work are difficult for them (group and teamwork, for example) – whereas, vice versa, girls find competitive methods more difficult.Girls’ brains usually work differently from boys’ because girls are more likely to take up subjects normally dominated by boys.From the late eighties onwards the approach was that of a concept of difference, with the vision of a school in in that offered equal opportunities for both boys and girls, reinforcing non-traditional gender stereotypes rather than perpetuating the traditional ones.Furthermore, single sex schools are more educational than co-ed school because boys are less attracted by girls and girls are also less obsessed with the boys.Programmers to strengthen girls were deve...

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Secondary Education and Boys

It will create real problems for both boys and girls.When girls are around, boys cannot concentrate upon their studies.There is no point in attending the same lectures when the needs of boys and girls are really different.Both boys and girls become more serious devotees (a person who strongly admires a particular person or is extremely interested in a subject) in the temple of learning.Moreover, the free mixing of boys and girls may lead to greater intimacy (when you have a close friendship or sexual relationship with someone:) and the inexperience of life coupled with the fire burning in their hearts may lead them on the path of pre-marital sex-relations.

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Gender Issues in Special Education Essay

Vaishnav (2002) writes that boys are more likely to act out in class than the girls simply because boys tend to be more active while girls tend to be more passive.After all, by paying more attention to boys, teachers may be negatively impacting the lives of countless gifted girls.Similarly, there may be countless learning disabled girls who may benefit from special education programs even though their teachers have not identified them as learned disabled.If teachers are, indeed, responsible for giving more attention to boys than the girls, this may very well be a reason why boys are more often referred to special education programs than the girls.Furthermore, girls are more likely to be compliant, and this attitude on their part can be m...

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Education For Girls In Zambia Education Essay

In my opinion I think that adequate education for Zambian girls would go a long way in creating awareness for HIV/AIDS, if more girls are aware through education, I think it would go a long way in reducing women literacy and girls contacting HIV/AIDS.At the family level in Zambia, girls are expected to do domestic chores and to take care of younger children.In my opinion I think the only way Zambia can improve its education system so that it could contribute meaningful development and reduce lack of adequate education for Zambian girls is to create public free schools whereby education is free for girls even until secondary school in order to reduce illiteracy rates in Zambia and ensure for a bright future for Zambia.Delaying Marriage: I...

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High Drop Out from School Among Girls in Tanzania Essay

Poverty has been known to force most parents to withdraw their children from school UNICEF (2004) report indicates that some 121 million children are out of school for various reasons and 65 million of them are girls.With the educational rights of 65 million girls unmet, something should be done to ensure that they complete their education.It is the aim of this study, therefore, to find out reasons why girls dropout of school in Tanzania and, consequently, based on the findings proffer counselling strategies that could be adopted in order to check the incidence of drop out from school among girls in Tanzania.The study sought to determine the reasons for dropping out from school among girls in Tanzania.A stratified random sampling procedu...

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So, there is no reason to lie backward in foundation level and segregate an innocent child on the basis of sex as a girl and push ourselves backward in taking major leaps further in our lives.Boys overcome their curiosity and girls, their shyness.It has also a common experience that the boys behave in a decent way when in company with girls.Since a boy and a girl later constitute a family and a society learning together will prepare them for the real world when they have to work and maintain compatibility with the opposite sex in their jobs, households and any other works.Boys and girls have to live together in the society in their later lives, so coeducation teach it from very beginning that how to leave together with understanding.

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Factors affecting academic performances of girls

The school might be provided with decision making powers with regard to actions that are to be done in short span of time like building toilets and washroom for girls and so on.The girls were hopeless and they seldom believed that they could succeed in their lives for the simple reason that they were born girls.The law and order enforcement agencies of the area should ensure the safety of the school-going girls.Hence, they could not dispose livestock to educate their children especially their daughters influenced by traditional and cultural believes.The larger the household the grimmer the chance for girls to get education as many households traditionally believed that spending on boys’ education was an asset whereas spending for girls’ ...

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Educating The Girl Child Is The Best Way To Enpower The Nation Essay

. . . . . . . It is crystal clear that empowering girl child is the need of hour or present day scenario.Education of girl child has been a high priority with the govt.of India.According to the RIGHT TO EDUCATION act,every child of the age of 6-14 years shall have a right to free and compulsory education in a neighbourhood school till competition of elementary education.For the success of Sarva Shiksha Abhayan or the education for all, the education of a girl child is the must. No doubt,girls deserve a better deal from society as the are getting, at present.It is said by society that girls are no way inferior to boys.But what are they getting from the society? . . A whole range of discriminatory practi...

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Early Marriage for Young Girls: Cause and Effect Essay

Getting pregnant at a young age is also a problem for the girl because her body has not fully matured.When a girl runs away from her husband it brings shame upon the family and the family cuts the girl off from their lives.Pregnancy is the leading cause of mortality in fifteen to nineteen year old girls worldwide.A lot of times the husband is very abusive and is not a friend to the girl.(Lifanda, online) After getting married and having a child, a lot of times the girl will want to go back to school to further her education, but most schools will refuse to take in a girl if she is married or has a child.

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The Effects of Early Marriage Essay

A girl’s social status is very low compared to a male’s social status because girls were never looked upon as something great.Pregnancy is the leading cause of mortality in fifteen to nineteen year old girls worldwide.When a girl became ill, it was much harder for her to receive an immunization whereas a male gets sick and he receives an immunization almost immediately.After getting married and having a child, a lot of times the girl will want to go back to school to further her education, but most schools will refuse to take in a girl if she is married or has a child.These girls only have their husband and their children in their lives.

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Care for Girl Child

Girl child education in India : The constitution guarantees free primary school education for boys and girls up to 14 years of age.Girl child at risk in india : A girl child is susceptible to sexual violence very early in life.A girl’s education makes future life more secure and better for all the family members.Studies have proved that if a girl child is educated by a year more, the individual wages can grow up by 20 percent and hence improving the financial status of the family.A girl who goes to school is likely to marry at a later age in life and hence childbirth is also postponed.Educating a girl child in India : With government initiatives and NGOs the word is spreading- the need to educate both girls and boys.In India, discriminat...

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Essay about Girl Rising By Richard E. Robbins

Everyone deserves an education and Girl Rising certainly got the message across about the importance of educating everyone.Everyone deserves an education, but for some in the developing world, especially girls, it is hard to even get into a classroom, due to the opposition from those who believe a girl 's place is in the home, not the classroom.Girl Rising is an empowering docume... .Two of the girls are not physically in the film because what is said could get them killed in their countries actresses are put in their place.The documentary was thought provoking , empowering and got really got people talking about the importance of educating all of the children in the world, not just the boys, but the girls, not just the wealthy nations, ...

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Why girls achieve better results than boys

This explains why girls achieve better results as they are advantaged from the start And are more likely to gain a better understanding by asking teachers for help.This shows that not only gender but also ethnic backgrounds effect educational attainment therefore we cannot say that girls better performance is only due to gender differences.Boys and girls from ethnic minorities are disadvantage by the fact that their parents have little experience of the British education system.It is proven that boys mature later than girls and that girls are often ahead in language, it is said that at the age of 11 average boy is 9 months behind an average girl.This difference in behaviour explains why girls do better than boys however does not take int...

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Disadvantages Of Girls In Education Education Essay

Some evidence suggests, further, that the demand for girls’ schooling is more responsive than boys’ to improvements in school quality, pointing to another route through which policy may redress gender imbalances even while not specifically targeting girls.Public investments that increase the local availability of schools are therefore likely to disproportionately benefit girls’ enrollment and attainment, even though such a measure would not explicitly target girls.Quality, retention, and achievement are essential elements of an education strategy designed to ensure that boys and girls maximize their full potential.It is often found as well that girls’ schooling is more sensitive than boys’ to changes in fees and other direct costs.Where ...

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Gender disparities in African American education in post war

Teenage African American girls just like any other girl of their age went through a life cycle where they would miss school due to menstruation.Reconstruction period offered so many opportunities for the boys and girls of African American origin and others at large.When solving problems in classrooms there tended to be a trend where boys were left out to figure for themselves whereas girls were given clues and in some cases answers, this practice gave boys courage to tackle issues on themselves even in real life situation while denying the girls the same chance.If the society allowed the girl child to further education without many hindrances, many steps would have been made and this would have been a very big step towards changing the A...

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Issue Of Single Sex And Coeducational Physical Education

Another female student maintained that the majority of the boys were not only bigger, but also stronger than girls and this has caused girls to avoid boys during physical education.The differences between boys and girls was ideally a source of intimidation on the part of girls and hence they ignored boys that had bigger body sizes.Besides being offended based on the way girls appear, the studies have also found that the nature of boys including their competitive behaviuor and body size is a significant factor that turn off girls during coeducational classes.Constantinou, Manson, & Silverman’s (2009) studied the behaviuor of girls when attending physical education classes and found that boys show no regards to the girls’ abilities but...

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A position of usefulness Essay

Followed by English reading with questioning both on meaning of the words and on the subject of the lesson, writing, simple arithmetic or object lesson, concluded with singing, geography or the elements of grammar; an hour in middle of day lunch, each girl have ten 20‘Small-footed’ was a term used for girls and women whose feet were bound from a young age according to a Chinese custom mostly adopted by families of the middle and upper classes in the nineteenth century.32 That Chinese girls’ education must only be conducted in vernacular schools became a discourse shaping the development of girls’ education in the following decades.38 Revisiting the DNFTS marriage scandal through the gendered discourse of girls’ education resonates with J...

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High school Essay

The sample was drawn from five schools namely Matero Girls High school, Kamwala High school, Olympia Park High school, Kabuionga Girls High school and Libala High school within Lusaka urban District.However, parents, community and the government at large should provide life skills education for girls and boys to make them aware of effects of pregnancy and should be encouraged to be more responsible for building their future through education achievement 4.This is a serious omission particularly when a good number of girls can utilize the given opportunity and when concerted effort has been made to enhance girl child education.3 THE PURPOSE OF STUDY The purpose of this study is to find out the role FAWEZA is playing in promoting the reent...

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Single sex schools or Coed schools Essay

(2013) Why Girls’ Brains Mature Faster Than Boys’ Brains.Moreover, I will discuss some characters between boys and girls, such as boys’ and girls’ academic achievement and method of thinking in different school.Meanwhile, I have said that parents worried about girls’ pregnancy and social activities.This is a commonly problem, with girls who fall in love at an early age and have unprotected sex, which may cause 90% pregnant girls to abandon their unborn baby as well as the relationship (Michael, 2001).The second argument in favor of sex-segregated school is that different gender students could have different curriculums to educate their students.

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Education In The Working Class Essay

By 1888, every girls and infants department were being taught Swedish gymnastics.Other elite schools for middle-class girls were opened such as the Girls’ Public Day School Company (1872) and the Church Schools Company (1883).It was never argued that girls were equally as strong or stronger than boys, but that girls needed regular exercise to promote a ‘healthy mind’.For this reason, girls’ games playing had to be strongly and regularly justified.The London School Board started to show keenness for some form of exercise for girls in London elementary schools, which was previously non – existent.

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Food for Education Improves Girls’ Education the Pakistan Essay

Before the programme started, 48 percent of households did not send any of their daughters to school; now all parents educate at least one daughter.Where women and girls have low societal status, poor parents are often more reluctant to invest their meagre resources into the education of girls rather than that of their sons.In addition, there is evidence that direct educational costs are higher for girls than for boys, for example because girls need safe transport to school or better school clothing to “look decent” (Herz and Sperling 2004).One of the most significant obstacles to girls’ education is the direct and opportunity cost of schooling, which affects girls disproportionately.Mid-day meals also were found to have a major positive...

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