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Teaching Experience Paper Essay

He thanked the teacher again for educating them on heart disease.He stated that if he had only known the risk factors and signs and symptoms of a heart attack prior to hers, he maybe could have helped her sooner.The Power Point presentation seemed to be well received, but the lifestyle changes that need to happen to decrease their risk of heart disease is questionable.Everyone liked the heart shaped stress balls and thus encouraged involvement.The participant stated that his wife had suffered a heart attack and is no longer living now.

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Clinical Outcomes

– HF generates high medical resource consumption and is the most costly CVD in the US Source: American Heart Association; Cardiovascular Nursing Council Heart failure prevalence increases with age.Gattis WA, O’Connor CM, Gallup DS, Hasselblad V, Gheorghiade M. Predischarge initiation of carvedilol in patients hospitalized for decompensated heart failure: results of the Initiation Management Predischarge: Process for Assessment of Carvedilol Therapy in Heart Failure (IMPACT-HF) trial.The Economic Impact of Medicare Part D on Congestive Heart Failure Published Online: May 14, 2013 Timothy M. Dall, MS; Tericke D. Blanchard, MBA; Paul D. Gallo, BS; and April P. Semilla, MS Medicare Part D has had important implications for patient outcomes a...

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Relationship between Health and Education

Ischemic heart disease (IHD), or coronary heart disease, is the most common form of heart disease and cause of heart attacks (Mount Sinai Hospital, 2014).Heart Foundation (2011).IHD is caused by plaque build-up on the walls of coronary arteries, narrowing them and restricting blood flow to the heart (Dorling, 2009).There is no single cause of IHD, there is however, numerous contributing factors that increase the risk of developing the disease (Heart Foundation, 2011).The Australian Heart Foundation (2011) provides a list of two varieties of risk factors, modifiable and non-modifiable.

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Women’s Heart Health Promotion in New Zealand

Attendance to meetings, convention, trainings, and summit is very important to ensure that the practitioners are skilled and effective in promoting health on heart disease.Heart Foundation.Education provides knowledge to women on how to make heart healthy and how to prevent heart diseases .American Heart Association.Screening tests and knowledge on heart disease are the keys to prevent cardiovascular disease (American Heart Association, 2014).

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Psychology – Aggression Experiment Essay

The heart rates taken during the Braveheart clip, show that the majority of participants heart rates actually fell by 3bpm.During the clip taken from Bugsy Malone, the average heart rate at the half way point decreased by 4bmp, but then increased by 6bpm at the duration of the film.There were a few particular weaknesses in the experiment that fell under the extraneous variables category; one was that the class might have been anxious and excited about using the heart rate monitors which could have affected the overall results.As the participants viewed these exerts, their heart rates were recorded during and at the conclusion of each clip to determine any changes in heart rate levels.Also, before the experiment begun the participants wer...

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Smoking and Cancer

Among the current smokers, the findings concluded that less than half of them felt that they were at an increased personal risk of heart disease (29%) or cancer (40%).The people with no history of heart attached (myocardial infarction) or cancer were asked, “ ‘ Do you think your risk of heart attack (or cancer) is higher, lower or about the same as other (men/women) your age?’ “ .Doctors should try to identify and educate their patients to the potential health risks of smoking as much as possible to stop all of these preventable deaths.There was a survey in 1995 of a probability sample of U.S. households to analyze smokers’ perceptions of their relative risk of experiencing a myocardial infarction ( heart attack ) and cancer in a nationa...

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Health Demographics in Derbyshire

Mortality is one of the indicators of deprivation, early mortality rates from Coronary heart disease are 39% higher in Alvaston compared to nationally (PHE, 2013).Clear labelling and traffic light system on food labels were introduced to encourage people to make healthy option choices (DOH, 1999) (British heart Foundation).Coronary heart disease is also classed as cardiovascular disease, and these are said to be one of the main causes of death in Europe (BHF).Coronary heart disease is described as the narrowing of the coronary arteries, which are one of the important structures in the heart, due to build-up of fatty material within their walls and therefore damaging these vessels and thus limiting their ability to deliver blood to many o...

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Essay on Making Early Science Education Hands On, Heads On And Hearts On

The 3Hs use a “whole-child” perspective to engage students’ cognitive, social, communicative, physical... .Using the 3Hs engages all students and their different ways of learning....y stations and multiple ways of engaging with science in the classroom, they must also continue to scaffold children’s learning.... middle of paper ... .Integrating hands-on, heads-on, hearts-on learning (the 3Hs) into early science education is a possible and an effective way to teach early science education.

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Congestive Heart Failure Patient

As defined by Phipp’s (Monahan, F, Sands, J, Neighbours, M, Marek, J.F, 2007) congestive heart failure occurs when, the myocardium of the heart is unable to uphold a sufficient cardiac output to meet the body’s metabolic needs.Tests that can be performed on Mr. Toscana are as follows, a chest X-ray to see if there are any problems with his lungs, or vascular congestion, or congestion of the liver (this can suggest right sided failure) (Monahan, F, Sands, J, Neighbours, M, Marek, J.F, 2007), a full blood test including electrolytes, an ECG to check the rhythm of the heart, and determine the causes for Mr. Toscana’s symptoms.CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE As stated in Monahan, F, Sands, J, Neighbours, M, Marek, J.F, 20...

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Acute left ventricular failure altered physiology, social and psycical…

This conclusion has practical implications for all health care professionals who get involved the pathway of care of patients with heart failure and highlights once again the need to go beyond physical treatment and traditional support... Left ventricular failure or left heart failure, as the term suggests, refers to heart failure in which the left ventricle fails to contract forcefully enough to maintain a normal cardiac output and peripheral perfusion (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary 2009).In addition, these two conditions (depression and heart failure) also have some clinical features in common, which often cloud the diagnostic process in both cases – this provides further evidence supporting the link between heart failure and psychologic...

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Teacher Case Study

This gives me the opportunity to console and give them a piece of advice.By doing this, it makes me realize that what a good rapport I am developing with these kids.So what I did, I go down to their own level so they can communicate with me and open up on what is in their hearts.These young fellows do not only need someone to teach them academically, but they also need a friend whom they can talk and confide with.As a student-teacher, I did not only teach them in how to solve and analyze mathematical problems but also open my heart to these kids and listen to what they say.

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Community Outreach Summary

When monitoring blood pressure in the community you want to educate that typically more attention is given to the top number ( the systolic blood pressure) as a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease for people over 50 years-of-age.The population was able to have blood pressure screening and individual evaluation with effective presentation and education survey.AANA Journal, 80(2), pp.The World Health Organization reports that suboptimal BP (>115mmHg SBP) is responsible for 62% of cerebrovascular disease and 49% of ischemic heart disease, with little variation by sex.Starting at age 20, the American Heart Association recommends a blood pressure screening at your regular healthcare visit or once every two years, if your blood pre...

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Aetiology and Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

It is for this reason that heart failure is more diverse than just the stopping or failure of the heart as there are many types and causes of heart failure.Contraception is important for women who experience heart failure and its symptoms because if a woman with heart failure were to become pregnant it would increase her risk of heart failure and morbidity during pregnancy and birth.This doesn’t mean that the heart stops beating, however, the American Heart Association (2014) warns that heart failure can get worse if it’s not treated.A heart attack according to the Heart Foundation (2015) occurs when ‘a coronary artery becomes suddenly blocked, stopping the flow of blood to the heart muscle’.The third heart sound (S3) is a low-pitched so...

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Care Management Of Patients With Heart Failure

Heart failure is progressive disorder; damage to the heart causes a weakening of the cardiovascular system.Mr. Singh has right-sided Heart failure and has experienced Swelling of feet and ankles, Fatigue, and heart palpitations.Heart failure is more common in men and affects those over 65, People of South Asian descent are at high risk for heart disease according to AHA (2004).Diet is also an important factor in changing Mr. Singh’s lifestyle, and trying to improve his heart function; a dietitian would give examples and give health education on how to change his diet.People who have Depression is estimated to be 100 cases per 1000 persons in the population more than 65 years old (Mcmurray et al 2000) Evidence suggests that there is a lin...

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Voltage Gated Ion Channels in Daphnia Heart

By diluting the strength to 0.05% the drug decreased the percentage change in heart rate compared to 0.1% however it did not completely stop the heart nor did it affect the heart tissue, the percentage change was 38%.The general trend of the graph shows that with an increase of drug there was increase in percentage change of heart rate, which means the more concentrated the drug the more effect it had on the heart in terms of slowing the heart rate down... An ECG study can be carried out on the heart of the daphnia by using probes to touch the daphnia heart... As researched we found that a small weight of carbenoxelone was required to effect the heart rate, we therefore decided to stick with the standard strength of 0.1%, this had no e...

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The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

This essay will look at the different themes in the novel and argue whether or not The Heart of Darkness is a work of art.The Heart of Darkness, a complex text was written by Joseph Conrad around the 19th century, when Europeans were colonizing Africa for wealth and power and were attempting to spread their culture and religion in Africa.Despite the immense criticism, Joseph Conrad received for “The Heart of Darkness” I will say that “The Heart of Darkness” is a commendable work of art.Joseph Conrad wrote his experience in this book and pointed out the harsh realities that existed in the society in that period, and I believe one should not be criticised for stating the truth.In The Heart of Darkness black natives are depicted as primitiv...

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Why PE Should Be In Every School Essay

In fact, PE is very important to keep balance between physical education and the primary one.In addition of the advantages of PE that Mahendra said, PE might help you to keep your body healthy and fit, removing toxins, keep the heart healthy and stable, reducing body fat.If PE is taken seriously, it can helps developed knowledge and skills that related to social development, self-confident and developed the personal value through participating in a physical activity group.If school committe take PE seriously and think that PE is important because of the advantages, they might be doing it twice a week.Although PE in some school only considered not necessary, PE is important and every school and student must have and do PE within the busy ...

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Why I Do What I Do Essay

Social studies and civics woke my mind and heart and sparked such an immense passion in me that in my spare time, I found myself delving into the issues I studied more and more, as well as becoming more involved in my local community through organizing work and volunteerism.My insides burn, my heart races, and every inch in my body longs to get up and do something because what is happening to students, teachers, and schools today is not reform; it’s destruction.Hope that I can not only teach in a better education system one day, but also be the reason for that better, more just and equal system.Instead, I will continue to hope.I will not comply until there is justice.

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Community Teaching Essay

“Although most of the major risk factors for heart disease and stroke are modifiable or preventable, over 80 percent of Americans report having at least one major risk factor or related.During my assessment, I found out that many members had more than one risk factor of getting a heart attack or stroke.This shows that the audience did learn a lot from this community educating program.They learned the symptoms of heart attack like chest pressure and chest pain that radiates to the arm, back, jaw, or stomach, cold sweats, nausea, light headedness, and etc.Recently couple of them had heart attack and stroke during their middle age.

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The Value of Providing Smoking Cessation Clinics for Employees on Company Time

The CDM was implemented one year ago as the result of the “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid” (CMS) along with The “Joint Commission” (TJC) partnered and created the heart failure (HF) core measures.Posavac, E. J., & Carey, R. G. (2007).Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.The chronic disease management program is designed to educate patients and their families about congestive heart failure.In The abcs of evaluation; Timeless techniques for program and project managers (2nd ed., pp.

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Major themes in the novel ‘Hard Times’

For example: Loyalty, hypocrisy, double standards, education.Sissy Jupe, daughter of a run away clown; considered simple and uneducated represents wisdom of the heart.The Head V’s the heart is a major theme.Reference to the poor living and working conditions, the unsanitary environment and dangerous machinery in the factories is mentioned continually as a way to describe settings, and as an underlying criticism of the Victorian middle class era.When Gradgrind see his philosophy break down, Sissy proves to him that the wisdom of the heart is not just something of the imagination.

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Essay on We Need Animal Testing

Cosmetic testing does not improve a human’s health or education so it is not ethical.However, activists may find it easier to accept animal testing if cosmetic testing is stopped.He was forced to quit his job as a nurse to relieve some of the stress on his heart.Animals should only be used for medical and educational purposes until the new ways of testing are proven accurate.The doctors knew to keep the heart cold to slow it down for the surgery because tests that was performed on animals (Heart Transplant: A Life Saved Courtesy of Animal Research).

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Impact Of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Education Use Of Difibrillator Nursing Essay

99% in laboratory trails .. Ventricular tachycardia is a heart rhythm described as “a run of three or more premature ventricular contractions (PVCs)” (Lewis, Heitkemper, Dirksen, O’Brien & Bucher, 2007, p. 854).The nearby people they must not use their wireless devices like cell phone and especially during the analyzing heart rhythm and delivering shock process.The users during analyzing the heart rhythm must be hands off to avoid analyzing disturbance.American Heart Association (2011) has emphasized the updated CPR guidelines for the chest compression rate is rate is 100 compressions per-minute.Furthermore this type of abnormal heart rhythm can be associated with coronary reperfusion after fibrinolytic therapy.

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How Many Are Too Many?

It is sad that society often labels individuals who are raised by parents with two or more children as less fortunate, assuming that these children aren’t given the same privileges as those from smaller sized families.Hannaford, Carla.I highly disagree with this idea since I have witnessed numerous occasions where children from these larger families grow up to have a meaningful education and are employed with high paying jobs.Carla Hannaford, author of the book, “Awakening the Child Heart: Handbook for the Global Parenting” tells us that “a conscious state of being in alignment with our purpose, joy, happiness and a connection to others” (p. 2) In larger families, the close bond between family members is an asset where education and succ...

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Use of Telehomecare in Continuing Care

This also meant to him, $1 billion savings per annum province-wide if every heart failure patient had accessed telehomecare.Another study by 1PT on heart failure and Arrythmia patients transferred from hospital to home hospitalization through use of Telehomecare, points out its effect on family members of patients.It also helps educate and empower the family members and relatives which form the important component of informal caregivers.Long term care facilities.They found out that, after 30 days of implementing the technology, patients were 3% less admitted for all causes and 1% less admitted for heart failure related causes.

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Health Promotion Intervention Plan On Cardiovascular Disease

It consists of the coronary heart disease – heart attack and angina as well as stroke.The mortality rate incurred by this ailment every year is roughly 208,000 deaths (British Heart Foundation ,2007).This reflected roughly one in 3 people death per year, which is around 36% of the populace (British Heart Foundation, 2007).The major form of Cardiovascular Disease are coronary heart disease (CHD) ,which account for around 48% of mortality rate and around 28% death rate from stroke.To encourage students to dissipate knowledge among their peers of the consequences of getting a coronary heart disease.The growing levels of obesity amongst children and young people mean that they are likely to be at advanced threat of developing coronary heart ...

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Travelling Makes People Explore The World

He could feel the same story in his heart.Tahir was restless to find the story in his heart.He travelled all the way to south of Casablanca and found the story in his heart.He had found the story in his heart.He met many people and had various interactions with them and at last found the story in his heart.

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Character Education and Service Learning

Social justice can be traced back to Plato and Aristotle, and can be regarded as a means of teaching through compassionate behavior.I noticed that this notion not only changed the attitudes of my students but also I changed the attitude of my school and community as a whole, so I feel very strong about this.So far, my students gathered over $ 100,000 to local charities through these exciting educational events."Educating the heart without educating the mind is not an education at all.""Objective art" is what I started about 20 years ago.

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The Impact Of Technology On Physical Education Classroom Essay

"Exergaming As Physical Activity: How Effective Are Exergames at Increasing Physical Activity in Youth?There are a lot of different technology implements a teacher could use to make teaching in a physical education easier like pedometers, heart rate monitors, and exergames.Altarum Institute".Retrieved 2015-10-28. .Teaching Elementary Physical Education, p 14-15. .

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Controlling Cardiovascular Disease Through Diet And Exercise Health And Social Care Essay

Controlling one’s risk factors for heart disease and stroke prevention remains a challenge.Heart disease .By starting to educate at a young age regarding eating a healthy diet and maintaining an appropriate exercise regimen, we will be able to decrease the chance of developing cardiovascular disease and increasing one’s health and lifespan (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2012).Stroke is predicted by low visuospatial in relation to other intellectual abilities and coronary heart disease by low general intelligence.High levels of plaque buildup increases one’s risk of a heart attack, heart failure and angina (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2012).

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