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The Benefits of Learning English

Besides that, if the students know English well, they also will be able to read and understand the great work in literature that related with their study which written in English. If people have a good capability to speak in English, it will be widening their knowledge because they will be able to understand more information than those who are not g...

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Importance of English Essay

They should start learning English as a time come when everything would be understood , spoken and written in English. In our country English is taught to student at every stage because he become able to communicate in English in his professional life.

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Importance Of English Language Essay

Medium institutions makes English as a compulsory subject and other subject conduct in English. Now people of our society know the importance of English, they learn English with great speed.

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10 Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation Essay

English environment if you really want to improve your English pronunciation, you should be surrounded by English every day, which means the best thing, is to be in a place where we talk only in English, like the USA or Britain or Australia… If you can’t have this situation, you can do it by listening to English every day, you can listen to English ...

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The Place of English in India

We cannot progress without the knowledge of English. English is a global language.

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How Standard English Differs From Malaysian English English Language Essay

In Standard English we use words which can be understood by everyone whereby in Malaysian English, we mix all the language into English whereby only Malaysians can understand the whole meaning of the sentence. Thus, the difference between Malaysian English and Standard English can be lessened if there is a commitment from every individual to improve...

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The importance of knowing english language Essay

Even Sinhalese books are translated to English language so that foreigners can read and enjoy and on the other hand foreign books which are not written in English are translated to English language so that anyone who knows English well can read those books too. Consequently, by speaking and using English every day, we can improve our English and acq...

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Role Of The English Language In Malaysia English Language Essay

According to a Malaysian Indian who is only willing to be identified as Subramaniam, “My children are all studying in English-medium kindergarten because I know only a good command of English will lead them to success and I want them to build their foundation since they are young.” This comment reflects the fact that the Malaysian parents are aware...

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Why is English Important Essay

Many spiritual gurus have since converted thousands of English people to our spirituality by expressing their thought and ideas in masterful English. This accent was adopted in the early 20th century by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for its announcers and readers, and is variously known as RP, BBC English, Oxford English, and the King’s...

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What Is English As A Lingua Franca?

and China English needed to be codified to appear in dictionaries and reference books, of course, there is a long way to go before China English become one standard variety, this not only needs official support, but also needs to change people’s attitudes towards China English, and further research needs to be done to investigate China English with ...

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An overview of World Englishes

Wang Rongpei 1991: 1-8) in his paper entitled “China English – an objective English variety” points out, “provided that English is widely used in a non-native area with certain characteristic of indigenization, whatever its function might be, it can be regarded as an English variety. .. As discussed earlier, China English is used to refer to specia...

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English as a Communication Language Compare and Contrast Essay

Although patterns in pronunciation is usually a marked difference between English as a lingua franca and the native English language, it may not necessarily be used to completely refute the fact the non-native speakers can also use perfect English in a skilled way just like their native counterparts. In fact, this is the origin of such terminologies...

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The History Of English Language Vocabulary English Language Essay

The words that represent Modern English do not come from Old English root but about one sixth of known Old English words have descendants existing today. It can be divided into four periods: Old English, Middle English, Early-Modern English, and Late Modern English.

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The History Of The English Language History Essay

Secondly, at one point one-quarter of the countries on earth belonged to the British Empire, and that’s why the English lanuage took over foreign words from many different countries.The britain empire was a maritime empire so phrases that were created onboard ships were a big influence on the english language. Right now it has been stated by experts...

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Pros and cons of English being the international lingua franca Essay

“English grammar and verb conjugation is extremely irregular, requiring a considerable amount of rote memorization, instead of the application of logical and consistent rules” (Subject Area – English Language Essays The Lingua Franca) The above saying shows the difficult part of learning English, and it is true that we cannot create sentence in our ...

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Our Fluid English Language Essay

The Middle English truly shows the steps it took to get from Old English to Early Modern English. Similar to how English is spoken today, the first line of the Middle English translated prayer starts off as “Oure fadir,” which is very similar to the Modern English “Our Father.” But in the Old English version, the prayer starts as “Faeder ure.” In ma...

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International English Essay

It was also reported that most articles produced and published were written in English albeit only half of them came from countries which official language is English. Such importance of the English language is also manifested in the printings and publications of books, newspapers and magazines in which the English language is used (Crystal 2003).

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Speaking Effectively in English Essay

Hence, the label English has been applied to many forms of the language: American English, British English, Indian English, West African English, Singaporean English, Australian English, etc. Travel The English language is predominantly spoken throughout the world, so international travelers may find that English can make their travels a little easi...

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The Status Of The Arabic Language

For example, the Arabic consonant “º”= “b” in English, if we put the Fatha “ÙŽ” above the consonant “º”, it will produce the sound “º” = “ba” in English. .. Long vowels in Arabic are Alif / º / which is pronounced like /aa/ in English , Waw / »® / which is pronounced like /uu/ in English , and / »±/ which is pronounced like /ii/ in English.

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European-English language Essay

The combination of German and English is Denglish, Spanish and English is Spanglish, Dutch and English is Nederengels (Anderman & Rogers 2005). The nineteenth century made almost all of the European languages to have distinct affinity with the English language likewise the European languages include vocabularies and terms that were derived from ...

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Learning English In The Vietnamese Context

At university level, students who are motivated to develop their competencies in English can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching or a Bachelor of English degree. The primary focus of this study is to present an overview on the major difference between English and Vietnamese phonology and the capacity of a Vietnamese speaker...

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The Decline in the Proficiency of English in Malaysia Essay

That is because, most of the teenagers dare not communicate with their friends using English unless they speaks fluent English because they are afraid that their peers would either laugh or even isolate them when they could not speak fluent English. To overcome this problem, our government has to increase the hours of the English lesson so that stud...

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Dominance Of The English Language Cultural Studies Essay

Even American English has taken several types of English, Jersey English, East Coast English, West Coast English, Southern English, slang English, and Ebonics. As technology and other advances were made, these former English citizens left the island and visited the other Asian countries; they spread English to more people and areas.

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English Language Essay

You must know how to speak English and write English in order to use webpages that are in English Here are some examples of knowledge you can use if you know English: * Most pages on the Web. Currently, we will not know what will happen to English in the future, because we think that English is secure now, but things could happen to English in the f...

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Why English as a Lingua Franca?

In 1981, 85% articles of biology, chemistry and physics were written in English 69% articles in Mathematics were written in English, 73% of articles in medical were written in English. Travel becomes so much easier, any happenings far out in other countries are understood easily just because of one well known language: English.

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The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English. English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers.

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Language Is The Blood Of The Soul English Language Essay

Though there have been English as a subject in the educational system for nearly ten years in the school life, their knowledge of English is very poor and insufficient. Most of the subjects are in English and also the medium of instruction is English.

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Importance of English in Tourism Industry

Next reason of the teenagers in tourism industry and the hotel are unable to communicate well in English reason is, lazy to learning the English because them very lazy to learning or speak the English. Next reason is the English is the most difficult language does mean that you know the whole English language, even though them starting learning Engl...

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Importance of Learning English Essay

English is the most spoken language in the world as billions of people sheer English language as their official language. The historical circumstances of Bangladesh to learn English: After two hundred years communal rule by the British Raj English language has been using all over the Indian subcontinent as official language.

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Difference Between British and American English

Also, for the word Metre it is spelt “M-E-T-R-E” in British English, and spelt “M-E-T-E-R” in American English. D: Finally, it is the different pronunciations: for example, you say “Tomato( to-ma-to)”in British English , and “to-may-to” in American English; dance(dan-ce ) in British English , and “den-ce” in American English; also, plant( plant) in ...

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