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The Benefits of Learning English

Statistic : There are over 750 million people who speak English as a foreign language and in the year 2000 the British Council said that there were about a billion people learning English . English also helps student to understand the subject that written in English properly.

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Importance of English Essay

There are different kinds of English language like British English, Canadian English and American English. In universities all the interviews, viva and presentations conducted in English so we can say that usage of English in education is very important factor.English is leading language of science, technology, computers and commerce.

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Importance Of English Language Essay

Now people of our society know the importance of English, they learn English with great speed. We surely can’t ignore the importance of English Language.

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10 Tips to Improve Your English Pronunciation Essay

English environment if you really want to improve your English pronunciation, you should be surrounded by English every day, which means the best thing, is to be in a place where we talk only in English, like the USA or Britain or Australia… If you can’t have this situation, you can do it by listening to English every day, you can listen to English ...

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The Place of English in India

Whether it is defense, aviation, airlines, research and technology, institutions of higher studies or foreign affairs, the medium of learning and instruction is English. So, English teaching and learning should be promoted.

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How Standard English Differs From Malaysian English English Language Essay

The main point on how Malaysian English differs from Standard English is the words spoken which are used in the speaking of English language. Typically, these words are based on other English words but most of the time the Malaysian speaker is unaware that these words are not the words from the standard use of English or even from British or America...

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The importance of knowing english language Essay

Consequently, by speaking and using English every day, we can improve our English and acquire mastery of English. Even Sinhalese books are translated to English language so that foreigners can read and enjoy and on the other hand foreign books which are not written in English are translated to English language so that anyone who knows English well c...

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Role Of The English Language In Malaysia English Language Essay

Moreover, as Mahathir mentions in his blog, the result of the poll might be somewhat subjective as well since it “was conducted in the English language and English language speakers might be biased in favour of English”. According to a Malaysian Indian who is only willing to be identified as Subramaniam, “My children are all studying in English-medi...

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Why is English Important Essay

Many spiritual gurus have since converted thousands of English people to our spirituality by expressing their thought and ideas in masterful English. “ESOE Blog | 4 Reasons Why Learning English Is so Important.” Reasons Why Learning English Is Important, www.elc-eastbourne.co.uk/blog/4-reasons-why-learning-english-is-so-important/ .

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What Is English As A Lingua Franca?

Kirkpatrick and Xu(2002) points out that the reason for learning English should be clarified before choosing the right English teaching model, if learning English is to communicate with native speakers, then the exonormative native speaker model will serve a good role, however, in fact, In China, the purpose of learning English is not only to commun...

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An overview of World Englishes

Kachru (1996: 241) himself maintains “There are now at least four non-native speakers of English for every native speaker.” McArthur (1992: 355) has a more conservative estimate, namely “a 2-to-1 ratio of non-natives to natives.” And to cite a voice from what Kachru calls the expanding circle, the German author Gnutzmann (2000: 357) adds another way...

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English as a Communication Language Compare and Contrast Essay

In fact, this is the origin of such terminologies like Kenyan English, Malaysian English, U.S English and so on. Nonetheless, the emerging area of debate by most linguistic scholars in as far as qualifying English as a lingua franca is whether the native speakers of English can linguistically fit into the myriad of English hybrids that has been born...

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The History Of English Language Vocabulary English Language Essay

The pronunciation, grammar, and spelling of Late-Modern English are essentially the same as Early-Modern English, but Late-Modern English has significantly more words due to several factors. Many words from Latin and Greek entered into English division from Old English to Modern English as books become more widespread and literacy increased.

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The History Of The English Language History Essay

The history of the english language is split up into three periods that are normally called Old English (or Anglo-Saxon), Middle English and Modern English. Secondly, at one point one-quarter of the countries on earth belonged to the British Empire, and that’s why the English lanuage took over foreign words from many different countries.The britain ...

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Our Fluid English Language Essay

Similar to how English is spoken today, the first line of the Middle English translated prayer starts off as “Oure fadir,” which is very similar to the Modern English “Our Father.” But in the Old English version, the prayer starts as “Faeder ure.” In many languages like Spanish and Latin, verbs and possessors are generally put in front of the posses...

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Pros and cons of English being the international lingua franca Essay

Taking Hong Kong as an example, English is set to be the second language here, abilities of English usually come first than Chinese. Gradually, English become the international lingua franca, “utilized outside of the country or countries of its origin.”( Subject Area – English Language Essays) The Lingua Franca There are both pros and cons of Englis...

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International English Essay

It was also reported that most articles produced and published were written in English albeit only half of them came from countries which official language is English. This is the reason behind the idea that at any rate the English language is the most commonly used language in the world – that even if you go to a foreign land, you can survive with ...

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Speaking Effectively in English Essay

Fluent in English can improve the chances of being accepted into advanced training programs or universities in English speaking countries. Hence, the label English has been applied to many forms of the language: American English, British English, Indian English, West African English, Singaporean English, Australian English, etc.

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The Status Of The Arabic Language

.. English has two central vowels while Arabic has no central vowels. For example, the Arabic consonant “º”= “b” in English, if we put the Fatha “ÙŽ” above the consonant “º”, it will produce the sound “º” = “ba” in English.

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European-English language Essay

In fact, he argued that the English language has started to dominate the world by making the world accustomed to use and speak the English language (Ammon 2002). The nineteenth century made almost all of the European languages to have distinct affinity with the English language likewise the European languages include vocabularies and terms that were...

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Learning English In The Vietnamese Context

As a result, the English curriculum has also been revamped to generate youths which are able to communicate holistically in English and not merely in grammar theories. It is undeniable that the pronunciation of English presents severe challenges to Vietnamese learners but they were not trained on how to pronounce English phonetics accurately and nob...

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The Decline in the Proficiency of English in Malaysia Essay

As for the teachers, they should be trained to speak fluent English and emphasize to speak English when English lesson is being carried out. Besides that, teacher as the English ambassador in school, they do not speak proper English during English lesson.

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Dominance Of The English Language Cultural Studies Essay

Inter-grading English speaking citizens in with the Germans made it possible for Germans to pickup and accept more English words into their vocabulary. “Where American English vary in itself is just slurs, contractions, and different pronunciation of word, the difference between American and the Queen’s English is by entire words.” British English w...

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English Language Essay

English can be a source of knowledge because we can use English because most of the knowledge is on the internet. Currently, we will not know what will happen to English in the future, because we think that English is secure now, but things could happen to English in the future that we could have not envisaged.

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Why English as a Lingua Franca?

In 1981, 85% articles of biology, chemistry and physics were written in English 69% articles in Mathematics were written in English, 73% of articles in medical were written in English. In short, globalization has shrunk this world under English.

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Language Is The Blood Of The Soul English Language Essay

The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English. English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers.

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The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

Internet has also plays a vital to promote and to spread the English language throughout the globe and more and more people are exposed to the English language and the English has become also the language of the internet as well. The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English.

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Importance of English in Tourism Industry

Why English is important for us using every day, the reason is the English may not be the most of spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in a large number of countries and English is forecast that the number of the people in the world that use in English to communicate on a regular basis is 2 billion ! Third is them feel the E...

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Importance of Learning English Essay

The historical circumstances of Bangladesh to learn English: After two hundred years communal rule by the British Raj English language has been using all over the Indian subcontinent as official language. English is typically the language of latest-version applications and programs and new freeware, shareware, peer-to-peer, social media networks and...

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Difference Between British and American English

E: Second, it is to shorten the spelling of the word: just like Colour spelt “C-O-L-O-U-R” in British English, and “C-O-L-O-R” in American English; “programme” spelt “P-R-O-G-R-A-M-M-E” in British English and “P-R-O-G-R-A-M” in American English. C: Fourthly, it is different words with same meanings: for example, “TOILET” in British English is the sa...

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