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Business report

For example, if your purpose was to evaluate the need for new quality control procedures in manufacturing, you may conclude that because of the increasing number of defective products and customer complaints, it is vitally important for the company to improve their quality control procedures.Identify the purpose of the report as well as the results.For example, you may propose changes to the quality control procedures.For example, employees should not write emails when they are angry or upset as emails can be saved and later printed.For example, if you need information about how many employees work in each department and their job function, you would create an informational report.

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Writing and Free Sample Essay

If you need to have a good paper custom written for you, contact a good writing company for this purpose.Only specially written papers and not academic paper samples can give you guidance on how to write your own papers.Even the best sample papers cannot replace a custom written research paper.There are several types of sample papers: sample essays, sample term papers, sample research papers as well as sample thesis papers, sample dissertations, sample speeches, sample book reports and sample book reviews.Looking for a good sample paper may be rather difficult.

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Difference Between Written Constitution and Unwritten Constitution Essay

Written constitution or codified constitution is essentially one which is set down formally in a document.A written constitution is a more rigid constitution and set in stone compared to unwritten constitution.In the contrast,unwritten constitution or uncodified constitution is more flexible compared to written constitution.The examples of written constitution are Malaysia Federal Constitution and American Constitution while examples of unwritten constitution include United Kingdom Constitution,New Zealand Constitution and Israel Constitution.There are differences distinguished between a written and an unwritten constitution.

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Analyse Diffrent Types of Business Information and Their Sources Their Essay

Because the internet has become very popular all the sources would find a way to interoperate it into their job roles, for example if you look at the customer service department the internet is very important in their job role.Web based Web based communications is communication done over the internet, an example of this is on social networking sites.For example if the staff member was going to be trained for the call centre, the aspect of verbal communication will be crucial in this department.All of this acquires written communication the finance team also has to keep balance sheets for the company , Financial statements need to be produced at given time intervals, for example at the end of each financial year.On screen communication co...

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The Crucible’ is frequently produced Essay

Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.Therefore it was very important that the play was written as it amounted to political propaganda.The script of ‘The Crucible’ is very well written and each scene has an absorbing atmosphere due to the actions and words of each character.Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ is an exceptionally well-written play that has constantly attracted audiences since it was first written in 1953.However, I think the most important and perhaps main reason it has been such a popular play is the on-goings in America at the time it was written.

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The Importance Of Effective Written Communication

For example, if a supervisor needs to get a profit-and-loss statement to his manager, he may print it out, email it or fax it with the required information in writing.Written communication can be confusing, offensive and ineffective if it is poorly written, uses vague terminology or doesn’t provide concrete definitions for message attempting to be sent.To put it simply, written communication is communication by means of written symbols that is communicated by or to or between people or groups.Grapevine is an example of Informal business communication.• “The stability and quality of our financial performance will be developed through the profitable execution of our existing business, as well as the acquisition or development of new busi...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Nelson Mandela’s Inagural Speech Essay

The purpose of this communication is to look at Mandela’s effectiveness in his inaugural speech, which occurred May 10th, 1994 in Pretoria, through both the written speech as well as his presentation of that speech .Mandela’s written speech is eloquently written, in flowing sentences with dramatic and convincing language.For example, “each one of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld.” Here he uses not only an analogy, but also relates it intimately towards the people of South Africa.Not only here, but through his writing he relates well to the people of South Africa (his audience) well.Through careful examination of both Mande...

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The representation of the supernatural in HG Wells Red Room and Susan Hills Farthing House

This is because both include periods of high tension and other things that are typically found in ghost stories for example the setting.The cultural contexts of the two stories are obviously very different due to the times in which they were written and the differences in the way of life between the late 1800’s and the late 1900’s, however both share similarities in the representation of the supernatural and setting for example both stories contain parts which occur at night.For example ‘I have never told you any of this before’.For example ‘the moonlight coming in by the great window’.For example ‘It will not take a very tangible ghost to frighten me’.

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Netspeak Is Something Completely New English Language Essay

Equally, there is still a large number of further dissimilarities not yet discussed, for example, a user can interfere with a text from a web page through copy and paste, downloading or other methods not possible using traditional written texts.Smileys or emoticons are used, particularly on social media sites, chat groups and in online messaging, in an attempt to replace these language features as without the common courtesies of spoken language, online messages may well be construed as impolite or offensive.An article on the Guardian website for example could have been written in 2007, yet been updated in 2011 to be relevant to current affairs.Thus, it is clear that Netspeak is closer to written language than spoken although there are s...

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Computer software programs

To know about the connection of these topics it is must to know about the link between these phrases as well as the basic concept of these two.“Wireless”, as its name shows that it means some sort of transport of data and information among wireless devices without using wires.Wireless information systems can be range on mobiles, wireless devices and networks.(Wireless network and information processing system, 2008) .Events are the set of steps that is written and combined to make a program.

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Four Important Topics Of Literature

Robert Frost has written many poems, but his poems are well know, one of which is “Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening” (Academy of American Poets, 2009).For example, the National Anthems are poems, that are turned into songs or the Anthem that express so much feeling, about joy, victory of being proud of their heroes and their Nation.Adventure films are films that have to do with expeditions, trying new things, exploration of near and far away lands, such as the quest to find the hidden treasure, for example the movies “National Treasure”.A well know musical movie called “The Sound of Music.” Science fiction films are those that have aliens, the ones that are well known are “The Star War” series.Epic/Historical Films are based on histo...

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Frankenstein and Of Mice and men Frankenstein and Of Mice And Men are

Themes in the novels will be taken into account, as well as the use of language and the social and historical background to the novels.Frankenstein, for example was written in 1817, published in 1818 in London which was showing great advances in the world of science.Other characters in Of Mice And Men, for example Crooks, are victims of this forced isolation.For example the stories are very different, set in unlike times, places and with very different classes of characters.The Romantic period usually produced work that was very dramatic and passionate, and Frankenstein is an example of this.

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Every Text Has Its Use By Date Essay

For example, texts, such as Macbeth, can always be changed slightly and interpreted differently to make them interesting time and time again, for old and new audiences.For example, in one instance the Shakespearean text “Romeo and Juliet” was turned into a movie that used only the plot of the original text and used the settings of modern life and a modern script which allowed the audience to relate to more to the film.For example, ambition was a major factor in Macbeth and plays an important role in practically everyone’s daily life.Texts such as Macbeth and many other of Shakespeare’s plays are still regarded as some of the best plays ever written even though they were written hundreds of years ago.He also changed the way things happene...

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The Devil And Tom Walker English Literature Essay

There is also an example of a satire in the story.In the very first paragraph, we find the first example of imagery.This is an example of verbal irony.The example of alliteration is “The morning breaks; the steeds in their stalls/ Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls”.The third example of an archetype is the black fingerprint in Tom Walker’s forehead he gets when he is making the deal with the Devil.

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Novels Research

It was a troubling time, written with interesting characters, sharing good moral values and fantastically written.The author using a lot of emotional vices to get a rise out of the reader and his characterization did nothing but add to the book as well.The Kite Runner, written by Khaled Hosseini was a book that really made the reader question their loyalties and had them wearing their emotions on their sleeves.The added suspense makes the book a little difficult to follow at times, but overallThe Book Thief was a well received and criticized novel, very sadly but beautifully written.This book is written for young teens and it has a very unique style.

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Career Counselling Psychometric Tests

In this chapter we provide the basic components of a well written report, as well as practical guidelines.Regardless of which paradigm a report is written in – for example, a narrative report or a traditional report – there are essential elements that must be followed for a report to be professional (Lichtenberger, Mather, Kaufman & Kaufman, 2004).For example, the client could write down possible career paths that he or she considers following, or write down the characteristics of a particular career.The following demonstrates an example of a client’s possiblites: .For example, the referral question would be ‘what career should I follow?’ The remainder of the report is always written with the reason for referral in mind (Jooste, 2006...

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Literature Essay

In fact, the "literarity of a text", that is to say what makes it a literary text, what makes it part of literature, is always the central question : approaches such as structuralism with Roland Barthes, narratology by Gérard Genette, stylistics, defined as a "linguistics of the effects of utterance" by Michael Riffaterre or the analysis of the schema of communication and the functions of language by Roman Jakobson seek to build a technical and more objective approach to texts which nevertheless comes up against strong oppositions, for example that of Henri Meschonnic.Finally, the field of "literature" widens in the twentieth century to all written productions, not without debates on literary canons: content is discussed as well (sentime...

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Oral Vs. Written Communication

For example, "They had funny expressions on their faces as if they weren't quite sure why they were talking to me."For example: "and uh…about 30 seconds later I just…".Their facial expressions gave information of how well they understood what I was talking about.For example, "Eight males were walking in my vicinity with no apparent direction.My oral version was quickly explained, for example, "About mmm 30 seconds later I just got clothes-lined from the back."

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Communication Is Vital For Human Survival English Language Essay

Well negotiations are basically about communications.Another example, a person with tattoo on his arm could also give us the message about his/her personality traits.Making a big impact on the interviewer on how well we are prepared to answer the interviewer questions is one of the main things.Well obviously, without knowing the proper ways of communications techniques, how are we supposed to share or exchange thoughts, feelings, ideas, emotions or information without causing any sorts of interruption or trouble?Advantages of written communication are, can be edited before sending it to the receiver, can be duplicated for future reference or evidence, can give out complex ideas and provides written record.

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Essay, poetry, prose, drama and film in literature

For example Paul Engle definition of poetry is: “Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words (Poetry America, 2009) by Paul Engle.Epic/Historical Films are based on historical events, on war, or on heroic figure for example the Albanian heroic figure is made into a film known as “The Scanderbeg.” Horror films are basically films that are made to terrify the audience, at the same time to entertain them.Classic drama (Greek and roman) was written in verse and was played in amphitheaters, some of them are still saved (for example in Butrint, which was Greek colony).Adventure films are films that have to do with expeditions, trying new things, exploration of near and fa...

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The Wars- Importance of the four elements of life Essay

They are also written on the gravestone because they are present in both life and death – the only two certainties to existence.Nowadays, as in the past and especially in times where supplies were very short, water has been a common grievance for many as in its purest form it is a vital life giving element but, as with the other four elements it causes damage and destruction to life as well.This property is shown in the novel through an example mentioned previously of the flamethrowers.Also a fact is that when this air becomes tainted with poison, an example that is clearly depicted in The Wars, the air causes much death and destruction.Thirdly, air impacts our life and gives the ability to survive on earth, but when it is tainted and po...

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Indian Literature Essay

The Urdu poets were mostly sophisticated, urban artists, but some adopted the idiom of folk poetry, and this is typical of the verse written in Punjabi, Pushtu, Sindhi, or other regional languages.The influence of Persian and Islamic culture is strongest in literature written in Urdu, although important Islamic strands can be found in other literatures as well, especially those written in Bengali (Bangla), Gujarati, and Kashmiri.Poets such as Ghalib, for example, lived and worked during the British era, when a literary revolution occurred in all the Indian languages as a result of contact with Western thought, when the printing press was introduced (by Christian missionaries), and when the influence of Western educational institutions wa...

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Theatre Of The Absurd In R+G

In Stoppard's play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead life, death and morals are questioned, for example, when Guildenstern is speaking to the Player, he explains death as, 'It's just a man failing to reappear, that's all- now you see him, now you don't, and that's the only thing that's real'.In the play Hamlet , Rosencrantz, Guildenstern and the player all play very minor roles they are even mixed up at times (For example when Claudius confuses them and Gertrude corrects him "Claudius: Thanks Rosencrantz, and gentle Guildenstern.Shakespeare's Hamlet is written in old English style, whereas in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead the language is colloquial and improper.Hamlet is able to determine Rosencrantz and Guildenstern's fate t...

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How to Write a Good Essay

Since there are many existing styles, the writer must pattern the citation and format of the written piece according to the required style.After the thesis statement, the body is written by using the researched notes and summaries taken during research.Spelling, grammatical, and structural errors should be checked again and again.The introduction contains the thesis statement or central theme of the essay which gives a general idea on what the written work is all about.Most of the time, a good essay written by a good writer undergoes continuous editing, rephrasing, and rewriting until a cleaner and more concise copy is produced.

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Differences between Speech and Writing Essay

We can alter our speech according to audience, purpose and context as well as altering text for a certain audience.On the other hand, written texts can imitate spoken words, and sound spontaneous when spoken, and a speech can be planned, and sound more formal than normal everyday conversation.The written text is focused on one specific area, the match report.The sentences within the whole piece have a much more solid structure containing information as well as news.The language and choice of words is very restricted, because it has been written as a report.

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Business Communication Essay

Besides the special nomenclature characteristic of each variety of the style, there is a feature common to all these varieties – the use of abbreviations, conventional symbols and contractions, for example: .If the person you are writing to is known to you, you should begin with, for example, Dear Mr. Thompson, Dear Mrs. Warren, etc.E-mail messages are normally rather short, for example, under a dozen lines, and the paragraphs are short as well.For example, text should be single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs.For example, a progress report on a design project might have subheadings for an introduction, accomplishments, future work, and problems.

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Business information and their sources Essay

Verbal information is sometimes better than written information because if we needed to pass information on to our team, having a meeting where we could easily speak to them all at once is more appropriate than using written information by sending an e-mail or letter where there could be mis-communication.We use written information to communicate because it can be used as confirmation and it is harder to be forgotten if you have it written down.We use multimedia in different ways, for example, on our website there are videos of our products being modelled and shown on the catwalk.We also give written confirmation to our customers all the time, for example receipts.Verbal and written information is the most effective way of transferring i...

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Constitution in USA Essay

An example of this would be the Sandy Hook shooting, which occurred on December 14th 2012 at an elementary school in Connecticut.Though, despite eighteen states abolishing the death penalty so far, there has been no move to amend the constitution to include the death penalty as an example of ‘cruel punishment’.For example, in 1789 there were only 65 Representatives in the House of Representatives, which grew to 435 by 1963 and plateaued due to the House of Representatives being capped in 1911.The constitution can also be seen as unfit for the 21st century due to an ever increasing political pace, as well as rapidly changing circumstances which have led to very different outcomes when compared to the British political system.Following nat...

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Global and Cultural Literary Forms Essay

Sei Shonagon’s “The Pillow Book” for example focused mainly on the life of the royal family of Japan and things that one can see in the royal court.And then, there would be the examples of written literature in ancient times such as the tankas and haikus of ancient Japan that centred on the things that were considered important back then.For example, the haikus and tankas of Japan are very different from the lyrical ballads of France as well as the narrative epics of Greece and Rome.In Barthes’ (2001) “Mythologies” for example, he mentions that mythologies are reflection of a culture that has a symbol of something (signifier) which can have a special meaning unique only to that culture or country (signified).Since time immemorial, there ...

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Writing an Essay

Well constructed essays have been known to bring balance to arguments, thoughtful solutions to problems and answers to a questioning world.and in the moral/spiritual realm.Our loving God has provided great instruction in His Word and we as individuals and a society ignore it at our peril.You can change cold hearts and encourage fellow believers by your written words.(Excellent conclusion!)

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