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This essay looks at some of the negative physical and psychological consequences of excessive TV in people’s lives.The combination of inactivity and snacking that often goes with watching TV inevitably leads to added pounds.To add to this problem of inactivity while watching TV, many people consume lots of snacks in front of the TV.Personal choices determine whether TV is a negative or positive invention in our lives.The most serious physical consequence of too much TV watching is obesity.

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Television, a Waste of Time And Money Essay

TV will probably be around for a very long time and it is the parents that are responsible for how much time their kids watch.73.5% of people watch TV when they are not doing any thing (“Television”).Teens that are stressed out by everyday things like school, grades and parents are more likely to watch TV every free minute they get.“Our findings suggest that responsible parents should avoid permitting their children to watch more than an hour of TV a day.” (Hepburn 244-249).If the kids watch excessive amounts of TV when they are really young, they will react to what they saw on TV when they are in a crisis or problem in there life, when they grow up.

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Negative Effects of TV on Young People

Children who watch more TV are more likely to be overweight.Watching TV at age four is one factor to be associated with bulling in grade school.However, watching sex on TV increases the chances that a teen will have sex, and may cause teens to start having sex at younger ages (Bushman, 2010).Children who watch TV are more likely to smoke.However, parents need to understand the negative influence of children’s TV, even children’s programming, because children are likely to learn things from TV that parents don’t want them to learn.

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TV and Our Children Essay

Watching TV practice should be minimized to the most extent possible, replacing it by activities, which contain more physical and intellectual involvement of a child.Apparently, television negatively affects the physiological development of a young human organism, as well as adult organism can experience harmful effects of excessive watching television.However, every study confirms that excessive time spending in front of television negatively influences various aspects of child’s development.TV and your child: how much is too much?” .Neocortex, a part of the brain that stimulates the creation of images, pictures, and symbols, is partially or sometimes completely inactive while children watch TV.

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How Does Television and the Media Influence Children? Essay

In addition, excessive television viewing can result in inactivity which further contributes to excessive weight gain and poor fitness levels.People, who experience much of this news or view excessive violence on television, become influenced and take the world for a dangerous and violent place.Additionally, excessive viewing of Television can promote poor health conditions and excessive weight gain.People who read much of these news or view excessive violence on television, trust less and take the world more frightening than it is.Adults must assist children in questioning and thinking critically about the messages they see on TV.

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TV Addiction Children

According to a recent study done by the Yale Family Television Research and Consultation Center, over the course of the year, children spend more time watching TV than they spend in school or participating in any other activity except sleep (Sather, 2007).“Television Addiction becomes a problem when a subject does not want to watch TV, but experiences an uncontrollable compulsion to start or continue watching” (GNU free documentation, 2008).For less severe watchers, it may be as easy as making a TV watching plan for each week.Other tips to overcome a TV addiction include, only watching when a certain show is on, setting a timer to limit oneself to how long they watch, or throwing out the remote control (Sri, 2008).It is also important to...

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is there too much reality tv?

It might also be argued that people only watch reality TV because there is nothing else on TV at these times.It might also be argued that violence on reality TV is only shown after the watershed which means that parents are responsible for their kids if their children watch these violent shows.On the other hand reality TV is only a small cause of this on the other hand the snacks people consume while watching reality TV are overwhelmingly high in fat, cholesterol, salt, and sugar, and low in vitamins and minerals.How ever alcohol in reality TV shows some young adults that if they get drunk bad things can happen and people can’t control them selves therefore it may put off some young adults from excessive drinking although youths may want...

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Effects of Watching Too Much TV

Moreover, people who spend match time watching TV every day they get stress quickly in their daily life.Although, there is a very serious problem may effects a person who spends match time watching TV every day that he or she might lose their eyes because spending everyday match time focusing in the TV screen will effect a person’s eyes, and it will become weak day after day such as a person who is smoker he or she loses their health day after day.One of the negative effects of watching TV in excessive amounts is obesity.In addition, it does not matter what is the type of a program that they watch on the TV, as long as they spend match time their brains and their bodies can get effects.For instance, we can see many students who watch too...

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Effects of Television to Children

However, the reverse can also be true: Kids are likely to learn things from TV that parents don’t want them to learn.via digital TV recorders) and maximizing their interaction with their children about what they have watched.Watching too much television can contribute to sleep problems, poor grades, behavior problems and risky behavior.It has also been linked to obesity in children and has been compared to a drug, while some have claimed excessive viewing makes children stupid.TV can affect kids’ health, behavior and family life in negative ways.

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Nutrition and Fitness Paper

To change my sedentary lifestyle to active lifestyle, I will have to keep moving more often and avoid long hours watching TV.Obesity is also associated with increased risk of development of obesity due to taxing of the pancreas in producing bile to absorb excess glucose from refined foods.In order to lose excess weight, adoption of proper nutritional habits will be helpful in various ways.While at home, most of my times are used up either watching TV, reading novels but on weekends, I sometimes spend around 1 hour in the swimming pool.Elimination of snacking while watching TV or reading will reduce the amount of calorie consumed.

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Television violence Essay

Parents can protect children from excessive TV violence in the following ways: * pay attention to the programs their children are watching and watch some with them * set limits on the amount of time they spend with the television; consider removing the TV set from the child’s bedroom * point out that although the actor has not actually been hurt or killed, such violence in real life results in pain or death .* Children watch an average of four hours of television daily.The impact of TV violence may be immediately evident in the child’s behavior or may surface years later.If parents have serious difficulties setting limits, or have ongoing concerns about their child’s behavior, they should contact a child and adolescent psychiatrist for...

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Effects of Watching TV

A viewer enters a hypnotic state while watching TV for a long time.Instead of watching TV as a relaxing activity, try reading, chatting with your family members, painting, playing a sport, playing with kids, and other such activities that exercise your mind and body at the same time.Studies have shown that your brain is more active when you are sleeping, as compared to the time you spend watching TV.Excessive TV watchers live with degenerated thinking powers like zombies.As watching TV curbs your logical thinking, reduces your attention span and makes you an addict, all of this put together hampers the brain development too.

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The Effects of Television on Young Children Ages 2-6 Essay

I had often noticed the differences between the children and their television habits, for some would watch a little and then want to run freely, whereas others would rather be sat in front of the television and not budge until a commercial.One article stated that “The issue isn't necessarily the content of the programming, but the social isolation that comes from so many hours in front of the tube” said the researchers in the article “Children who watch 'excessive' amounts of TV are more likely to have criminal convictions, exhibit aggression and experience negative emotions: study” in the NY Daily News....ion and experience negative emotions: study."N.p., 19 Feb. 2013.There is much to see on the effects television can bring on a child f...

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Television Watching Habits

“Insomnia Link to Excess TV Watching.” .Sometimes, families spend more time watching the TV together than talking to each other.It was observed that youngsters playing games, watching TV and texting on mobile phones late into the night are losing up to a month’s worth of sleep a year.One of the current concerns all over the world is the amplification of the sedentary lifestyles of different societies due to TV watching and computer games.In a study conducted by a group of doctors “[…] among 50,277 women with a BMI of less than 30, it was found that time spent watching TV was positively associated with risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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The Great Imagination Heist Essay

Price uses positive diction and details to emphasize that reading books helps create a thriving imagination.Price intends to make the audience feel regret towards the fact that they could possibly be ruining family moments by watching TV excessively.Price uses positive diction and details to show how much superior his childhood without television was.In the article Price states, “I had the big gift of a family who were steady sources of gripping and delightful stories told at every encounter,” within this quote he explains how in his childhood if there had been television he may have missed out on many family moments.Our imaginations must be spared; they must be preserved.

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Disadvantages Of Watching Television English Literature Essay

Also, the lack of isolation that the people are in this reality TV has no privacy everyone is watching so there is nothing private everything is shown on television.Reality TV is very cheap to make, requiring fewer writers and actors than customary indoctrination while making use of incomplete sets and fixed cameras for at least some of the action.Wieczorek, mark.” Reality TV… Faked?The success of Reality TV was driven first by commercial considerations.“Reality TV Gives Contestants a New Reasonto Smile.”Perio.

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Hot-Button Issue Paper Essay

Watching such acts on TV or movies once or twice is not going to affect someone’s personality or turn them into violent sexual offenders.What someone wants to watch on their TV is their personal choice; why should they be restrained from watching something they want?To conclude all this discussion, today’s TV can’t be compared with the TV from 30 years ago.When children watch TV shows that show someone committing a crime and getting away with it, it creates an impression on their mind that even they can get away without suffering the consequences of their actions.But if we look at the TV shows, movies and games in the present, it’s quite obvious that the use of excessive violence has crawled its’ way into almost every form of media.

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The effects of excessive television viewing Essay

CONCLUSION In closing a child watching too much TV is harmful can lead to many poor effects on children.The TV ads encourage unhealthy eating habits by advertising fast foods and beverages that are high in sugar.As a parent you can: Lead by example Monitor what the child watches Encourage them to do other things outside of watching television Limiting the amount of TV the child watch Get them involved in an after school program (i. e. clubs, sports) By doing the things listed above you prevent the child just sitting inside snack watching TV and being inactive.Children may view the world as a bad, mean or scary place after watching TV of such content.Being frighten by TV can lead to nightmares, afraid of the dark, and not wanting to be al...

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Television Violence is a Social Problem

Parents are in a unique position to help lessen the number of violent-prone adults in society.According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), the situation is not yet hopeless.American Psychological Association.(Retrieved March 9, 2007 from: .Predicts Young Adult Aggression.

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Pros & Cons of Television Essay

Pros of watching television The positive aspects of watching television include that you have something to talk to friends and relatives about.Breaking news shown live on your TV Global news network allows the latest global events to be aired worldwide and beamed directly to your living room.Non-educational TV programs However, there are also a lot of television shows that are not very educational, and could even be considered trash.Educational TV programs Educational TV programs provide priceless information that not only educate but also pens up your mind.Watching too much TV can lead to weight gain, poor social skills and lower academic results Unsupervised children spending too much of their time in front of a TV can have a big impac...

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Should Television Be Switched On?

Clearly, TV does not promote good eating habits.With high-fashion wardrobes, luxurious estates, and insatiable appetites for wealth, these TV characters portray the false idea that greed brings gratification and Life-styles portrayed on these programs often promote self-satisfaction rather than sacrifice, greed instead of charity, and conceit rather than humility.In the past several years, there has been a marked increase in the frequency of flirtatious behaviour and sexual innuendos on TV.On TV, snacking is almost as common as breakfast, lunch, and dinner combined.When asked, my grandmother said that television had definitely developed but, in doing so “took a wrong turn.” She told me, “I would have never dreamed of two teenagers having...

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Should television be Switched Essay

Perhaps the most harmful messages TV brings into our homes relate to intimate physical relations.With high-fashion wardrobes, luxurious estates, and insatiable appetites for wealth, these TV characters portray the false idea that greed brings gratification and Life-styles portrayed on these programs often promote self-satisfaction rather than sacrifice, greed instead of charity, and conceit rather than humility.Excessive television watching of any description has clear psychological and physiological effects on people.” It definitely seems that the television industry needs to sort their act out in order to ensure that not too much over exaggeration is broadcasted daily on the TV screen.Clearly, TV does not promote good eating habits.

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Childhood Obesity Essay

Eating patterns such as having a meal while listening to radio watching TV, watching video games as well as eating while doing homework have also been identified as risk factors for the causes of obesity.If the parents can cut down on the number of hours that children watch TV, video games and play computer games then the risks associated with media would come down as the level of laziness would be eroded if not eradicated.Due to the inactivity that characterizes sitting down watching TV and the video games.The excess fat accumulates within the body tissues as well as the high sugar content that would in effect affect the body’s metabolic and digestives rates.Much as it is admissible that the designers of these programs have a crucial ro...

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Uses and Absues of TV Essay

To many, watching news on TV is also more convenient and enjoyable than reading a newspaper or a magazine.In conclusion, TV can be a good thing, but we must take good care in order to use it properly.Excessive televiewing can tell upon the eyesight as well as health in general.The matter becomes worse when two people are living together and one of them is more interested in the television than in his partner: TV can destroy relationships.Without any doubt, watching TV is a good way of getting informed.

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The Effect of Television on Humans Essay

By the time a child becomes an adult, he has witnessed over 12,000 acts of violence on a television screen per year.That equals 144,000 acts of violence between the ages of 5 and 18.On the other hand TV is extremely educational and is probably the greatest form of media.Television, as many researchers and scientists have said, influences the thoughts of its audience in good and, unfortunately bad ways, with TV broadcasters doing whatever necessary to profit from their shows.Television has a big impact on the youth of today, is the fact that our children are able to view scenes of sex, violence and excess bad language at such an early age have an affect on their future’s?

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Violence on TV is bad for children and should be banned Essay

Generally, the TV presenters and other parties concerned have the overall right to decide what to be aired.On the other hand, TV stations claim that there are other issues that affect children more than violence.Children who view violent programs on TV tend to have more aggressive behavior late in life compared to children who have no access to violent programs on the TV or have some restrictions to watching such programs.(Carter et al 2003) How violent TV shows impact children .(David, 1981) In any state or country in the world, the respective government has an authority and power to force any TV station to edit and regulate the amount of violence in a given program that is being aired.

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How Children Need to Behave with Grandparents?

Active parenting session with children can ensure that child have a constructive experience with TV.Consequently, TV also exposes kids to attitudes and behaviors that may be difficult and overwhelming to understand.Watching excess of television can hamper child’s health The eyesight of a child can degrade and child can also invite undesirable diseases.Parents should know how many hours of TV are safe for children and should restrict their child from watching TV beyond that limit.Kids, who are into watching TV, a lot, are probable to score low grades in school and high schools, read fewer books, become overweight, exercise less, become violent, have race, sexuality and gender stereotypes, become addicted to drug and alcohol.

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Government Influence on Media – Debate

Also, some adult watch sexual films in terms of entertainment.Third, the parents should look after their children by deleting some channels from TV or band TV at the midnight and help them to understand the correct way for the media.These programs useful for all ages for example children may learn to read and write through TV or magazine.Watching horror films and excessive violence programs seem good way to spend free time for young people.First of the advantages, it helps you to increase your knowledge by reading articles in newspaper or watching TV program.

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Television Addicted Children

Because parents and guardians are usually a child’s most important role model, limiting your own TV viewing and choosing programs carefully through the lives of TV characters (Daines, 2007).In conclusion, the desire which wants to watch TV definitely should be seen as addiction.That means the total amount of the time for watching television is the same as 9 years to spend their time to watch TV if one lives up to 75.Furthermore, studies show that the more TV preschoolers watch, the less well socialized they are in the first grade (Daines, 2007).Fourthly, watching TV without caution can become children’s guideline how to grow.

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How Television Viewing Affects Children Education Essay

How do you choose good TV?As mentioned earlier, parents should search for high quality TV programs for their kids.As a teacher, I can share with the parents my knowledge of TV viewing and its effects, both positive and negative.They should limit the amount of time that the child watches TV.Health experts have long linked excessive TV watching to obesity.

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