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The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success Essay

But, it has been 4 years that Nepal has been declared federal democratic republic country, and, till now the main objective of the mass movement II to make the constitution, has not been fulfilled. Development of New Nepal is only possible if there is establishment of federal system and political stability in the country.

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The Political System And The Federalism – Essay

Defining the arrangement of federalism in Nepal is not an easy task. In addition to the above mentioned issue, there is a great concern of people of Nepal that the type of federal system Nepal is going to adopt in near future must embrace the aspirations of the people ensuring the national unity and security.

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The Country Development: Nepal

Nepal has but one all-season hydroelectric plant, with the ability to store energy generated during the summer monsoon for use during the rest of the year. However, the hydroelectric potential of Nepal is rivaled only by its lack of hydroelectric power.

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Polticaal situation of nepal Essay

A lot of things depend on the move of the international community because Nepal is an aid-dependent country and its policy, power and legitimacy flow from it. On January 18, the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J. Powell suggesting the government and political parties to fulfill earlier commitments made in the peace accord said, “The CA polls will not ...

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Determinants of the Economic Development in Nepal Essay

Foreign tourists visiting Nepal in 2008 stayed in the country for an average of 11.78 days As of 2010, 602,855 tourists visited Nepal . * The Nepal government has allowed Indian infrastructure major GMR to increase the authorized capital in its hydro power projects in Nepal to Rs 190 core while also extending its survey license by six months.

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Diwali or Divali

The last day of festival is called Bhai dooj (Brother’s second) or Bhai tika in Nepal, where it is the major day of the festival. In Nepal, several animals are included in the Dipawali festivities.

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Ethnic Conflict Or Insurgency In Nepal Politics Essay

Although the unification of Nepal began in the later-half of the eighteenth century, integrating many small principalities and emerging as a nation state of the Westphalian model, Nepal always remained a multiethnic, diverse country without having any core ethno-federal region. However, a threatening ‘security dilemma’ did formerly not exist in Nepa...

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The Status Of Childrens Rights In Nepal

NEPAL CHILD LABOUR REPORT based on data drawn from the Nepal Force Labour Survey. Nepal: Persistent violations of children’s rights.

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Pongal Essay

The holiday has an astrological significance, it marks the beginning of the period of Uttarayana, when the sun travels in the sky its six months of northernmost race. Makara Sankranthi refers to the entry of the sun into the zodiacal sign of Makara, that is, Capricorn.

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Market Demand For Knitwear: Competitive Analysis

Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal) is “a consortium of fair trading organizations working with the aim to uplift socio-economic status of underprivileged and marginalized producers of Nepal” (FTGN “About Fair Trade Group”). We are the founding member of fair trade group Nepal (FTG) and member of International federation of alternative trade (FAT).

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The Effects Of Democracy On Nepal

He initiated many reforms for the people of Nepal and many of the buildings in Nepal were named after this monarch. When democratic system of governance was put in place in Nepal, many things were revolutionized and people’s lives changed completely.

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Historical Perspective Of Nepalese Foreign Policy

Concerns on security measures at those ends were raised by Beijing when Tibetans were allegedly smuggled out of their homeland to Nepal in increasing number after the Lhasa uprising, that caused the problem of Tibetan refugee in Nepal and India. While resources can be exchanged between the nations in forms of goods and services, in which Nepal, as a...

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A Case Study of Joint Venture Banks in Nepal Essay

Capital of commercial banks in Nepal is negative due to the heavy amount of negative capital of two public sector banks: Nepal Bank Ltd. and Rastriya Banijya Bank. Out of this, Rastriya Banijya Bank is fully owned by HMG/Nepal while in case of Nepal Bank Ltd, HMG/Nepal is the major shareholder.

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Tourism in Nepal Essay

Economic condition of Nepal : ( The Kathmandu post, 2011) Nepal economy has got some success in social sector and has increased per capita income but still its not enough for development of economic condition of Nepalese people which affected to the Hotel industries of Kathmandu, Here Nepal economy survey of 2011 shows that the avereage salary or in...

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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal Essay

Sightseeing-Hiking-Rafting-Safari, 10 days Customized Tour Package Nepal family holiday – 11 Days Nepal family holiday for 11 days is suitable for any age group of family Buddhist pilgrimage tour – 8 days – 08 Days Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal is popular for among the travelers those… Lumbini tour – 11 Days Lumbini tour is targeted for those tr...

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Cybercrime – computer crime Essay

CYBER LAW IN NEPAL . Though there is cyber law in Nepal, but yet there are many challenges in investigating Cybercrime due to: a. Internet and the computers as the Scene .

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Literature Review About over Weight

In Nepal, many competing interests are related to infectious diseases and maternal/perinatal health. The major challenges in Nepal are the absence of a substantive public health infrastructure to address the emerging need for NCD prevention and control, and overemphasis on curative care rather than prevention.

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The Performance Appraisal Process Management Essay

Human resource is the most important resource in an underdeveloped country like Nepal which can be mobilized or managed for the overall development of the country. Also, researcher has a good taste of knowledge and highly interested about tea industry of Nepal from the very beginning.

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One thought that sticks out in my mind, is a dramatic decrease in crime if certain drugs were decided to become legal. Finally, federal revenues would increase, because marijuana cigarettes would be taxed at the point of sale.

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My Country Nepal Essay

Buddhism in Nepal dates from the birth of Siddhartha Gautama himself, therefore Buddhist influences are evident on the culture of Nepal. Religion of Nepal Religion in Nepal is not only a system of social coherence based on certain rituals and beliefs, rather it is the binding force that ties the mountain kingdom together.

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River based tourism in Nepal: An analysis

So tourist comes to Nepal for rafting because Nepal is one of the best countries for rafting. Due to political instability of Nepal, most of the time there will be strike so this directly affect the economic condition of Nepal and by this many tourist could not come to visit Nepal.

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Persuasive Speech: You Should Travel to Nepal

Now, I want to ask, did you add Nepal on your bucket-lists? Wide Prospects of Hydropower Nepal ranks second after Brazil in water resource in the world, and has great prospects of the hydropower of around 83,000 MW.

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International Trade and Nepal Essay

In return, Nepal will take measures for the “promotion of investor friendly, enabling business environment to encourage Indian investments in Nepal.” In 2010 India extended Line of credit worth $ 250 million & 80,000 tones of foodgrains.Furthermore, a three-tier mechanism at the level of ministerial, secretary and technical levels will be built ...

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Nepal & India

India and Nepal signed a Rail Services Agreement (RSA) in May 2004, to extend cargo train service to the Inland Container Depot (ICD) at Birgunj in Nepal. Nepalese manufactured products are allowed non-reciprocal access to the Indian market, free of basic customs duty, on the basis of Certificate of Origin issued by a GoN designated authority – FNCC...

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Health Is Wealth

Foreign tourists visiting Nepal in 2008 stayed in the country for an average of 11.78 days. The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world’s largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists.

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The Perception Of Nepal By Tourists Tourism Essay

“Nepal is best destination for us because, God Pashupatinath, many Hindus temples, religions and cultures are attraction for us so, once a year we visit Nepal.” . “When I was in school, I read a book; Nepal is only one Hindu kingdom in the world, only one Hindu kingdom (no more now) For me it was interesting because I know many Christian and Muslim ...

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Case Study of FDI practice in Nepal

Nepal Industrial Statistics 2007/08 (Central Bureau Statistics, Nepal) shows 1,423 firms operating as FDI from 139 countries which contributed 121,484 employment opportunity to people in 2007/08. At that time, Nepal recognized foreign capital, technology transfer as part of its strategy for industrial development(attracting foreign capital , technol...

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Market Segmentation Of Nepal Telecom

Recently Nepal has launched third generation (3G) mobile service in capital city which can prove that Nepal being poor country has the challenging telecommunication company. If I were the marketing manager of Nepal Telecom I will go for better improvement in marketing segmentation.

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Tourism policy issues in Nepalese economy

With Nepal tourism brand ‘Naturally Nepal, once is not enough !’, the government of Nepal . immense possibility of developing adventure tourism in the mountains and rivers of Nepal.

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Hospital Management In Nepal Health And Social Care Essay

So, the studies’ significance is in establishing the fact what is the main barrier and other minor barriers in the hospital management of Nepal. But it has not mentioned about the management part of the hospital and its regulation, Nepal Medical Council Act, 1964 (amended in 2001).It does not speak who is responsible for that (Nepal Medical Council,...

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