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The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success Essay

Nepal was declared Federal Democratic Republic country on 15th Jestha, 2065 B. S. After the mass movement II, the autocratic monarchy has been removed from Nepal.Development of New Nepal is only possible if there is establishment of federal system and political stability in the country.But, it has been 4 years that Nepal has been declared federal democratic republic country, and, till now the main objective of the mass movement II to make the constitution, has not been fulfilled.People believe that New Nepal will run according to mandate of the mass movement II.In New Nepal, people expect that all social evils will be abolished.

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The Political System And The Federalism – Essay

Defining the arrangement of federalism in Nepal is not an easy task.In addition to the above mentioned issue, there is a great concern of people of Nepal that the type of federal system Nepal is going to adopt in near future must embrace the aspirations of the people ensuring the national unity and security.Similarly, Kirat, Tharu and other ethnic communities are demanding federalism on the basis of ethnicity.The people of Nepal wish to see the unification of the people of Nepal not only geographically but also with the social and economic justice and harmony.Though the “Federalism” issue has been a hot cake for all the political arena, the feasibility has yet to be proved.

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Religion in Nepal Essay

Most Christians are Protestants, with the Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal only counting 7,000 Catholics in the country.The religion practiced in Nepal honors many gods.Following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, South Korean and Singaporean evangelical missionaries arrived with reconstruction assistance, and they are sometimes accused of proselytizing.The Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama, would in fact be born in the kingdom of Kapilavastu, a village whose traditional location would be Lumbini in Nepal.On May 23, 2009, a bomb exploded in the Catholic Cathedral of the Assumption in Kathmandu, set up by the Nepal Defense Army (NDA), a nationalist group advocating a return to the monarchy and the Hindu religion.

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The Country Development: Nepal

As mentioned previously, Nepal has only three highways, constituting almost 90% of the country’s paved roads.Nepal is a nation left in the dark.However, the hydroelectric potential of Nepal is rivaled only by its lack of hydroelectric power.Allegations of mismanagement concerning the electricity crisis, enforced by 16 hours without power a day, have been launched at all levels of the Nepal Electricity Authority.A key component of a bandh is closing the highway (used in the singular in Nepal), a task lacking in logistic difficulties and ways of circumventing it.

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Polticaal situation of nepal Essay

On January 18, the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J. Powell suggesting the government and political parties to fulfill earlier commitments made in the peace accord said, “The CA polls will not guarantee sustainable peace in Nepal.They want to know about their role in the multi-staged negotiation with the CA, suitability of federalism, concept of a republic and the vision of a New Nepal.The presence of the international community in Nepal acts as a deterrence against excessive use of violence and abuse of human rights.Aid coordination and coordination of government-donor practices have become particularly important in Nepal, especially to engage both sides in abolishing the historical practice of clientalism and paternalism, building trust...

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Legalization of Marijuana Essay

Marijuana does not contain severe harmful substances, and can help people with many medical problems.Marijuana is not nearly as dangerous as tobacco and alcohol and its legalization is necessary to end the war on drugs and continuous crime in the U. S. and abroad.Legalization can free innocent people from prisons, allowing the government to spend more money on more serious cases, such as murder and theft and provide the space to imprison those individuals.As the country moves forward, it is important to see the value of legalization of Marijuana in the United States and to recognize how beneficial it is to move towards lifting the laws on prohibition.Medical research, industrial uses and if legalized controlled production and taxation ca...

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Determinants of the Economic Development in Nepal Essay

* The Nepal government has allowed Indian infrastructure major GMR to increase the authorized capital in its hydro power projects in Nepal to Rs 190 core while also extending its survey license by six months.The National Archives of Nepal is prominently located within the premises of Singh Durbar (the central secretariat of the Government of Nepal) on Ramshah Path in Kathmandu.The World Bank is helping Nepal tackle the main growth constraints through a mix of analytical work, technical assistance, and lending.Nepal must strengthen the employability of its workers in better paying jobs outside the country.Nepal needs to: .

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Ethnic Conflict Or Insurgency In Nepal Politics Essay

These countries always had an interest in Nepal for their own security and not least for the vast water resources available in Nepal.The Nepal Communist Party (Maoists) emerged because of political, economic, and cultural discrimination; widespread dissatisfaction, inequitable distribution of resources and disproportionate economic development.In other words, had there been economic advancement like in Malaysia, Indonesia, or Thailand, which had ethnic grievances with a similar intensity as in Nepal, the ethnically energized Maoist conflict would not have occurred or succeeded so easily.However, a threatening ‘security dilemma’ did formerly not exist in Nepal; however, as Nepal was not created from the rubble of a larger entity or gained...

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Economic Analysis of Nepal

.. Nepal being traditionally agrarian economy (i.e.Therefore, some of these questions are relevant in terms of remittances challenges in Nepal.According to the Nepal Institute of Developmental Studies (NIDS,2010), India hosts the largest number of Nepali workers anywhere in the world, but accurate information on the number of migrants to India is not available as these two countries share open borders.More specifically however, the study will focus upon the following areas: .. 1.3.2 To study foreign employment sector in Nepal in reference to its contribution on employment generation in Nepal.Report on which was prepared by Central Bureau of statistics, National Planning commission secretariat under Government of Nepal has in-depth res...

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The Status Of Childrens Rights In Nepal

It would also give emphasis, on whether Nepal has complied with the International Conventions as well as whether any NGO.s gave any attention towards the crisis sustained in Nepal.Nepal: Persistent violations of children’s rights.Kathmandu School of Law Child Rights Search and Resource Centre, Nepal.“Child Rights in Nepal”, [online].Unpublished Menuscript, Kathmandu: Nepal Law Campus, Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University.Hence the poor economic status, poverty and also the bad cultural practices in Nepal, illustrate children’s human rights in their worst form.

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International Trade and Nepal Essay

India would also provide a credit line of up to 150 crore rupees to Nepal to ensure uninterrupted supplies of petroleum products, as well as lift bans on the export of rice, wheat, maize, sugar and sucrose for quantities agreed to with Nepal.Tensions came to a head in the mid-1970s, when Nepal pressed for substantial amendments in its favor in the trade and transit treaty and openly criticized India’s 1975 annexation of Sikkim which was considered as part of Greater Nepal.There is an open border system between Nepal and India, whereas Nepal has its controlled border system with China.The second factor was to have easy and free access of British and Indian goods and material into Nepal and Tibet (via Nepal).Nepal has considerable scope fo...

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Market Demand For Knitwear: Competitive Analysis

Furthermore they have discount for fair trade members about 25%, also these excludes VAT which is 22% in Nepal.Prior to 2005, Nepal enjoyed quota free access to major global markets.Dolls (made from cloth and corn husk depicting various occupational and tribal ethnic groups represent the culture of Nepal) .Nepal is member of World Trade Organization and strictly adheres to rules and regulations of WTO.Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal) is “a consortium of fair trading organizations working with the aim to uplift socio-economic status of underprivileged and marginalized producers of Nepal” (FTGN “About Fair Trade Group”).

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Namasté Essay

Namasté means "greeting" while namaskar has a more religious meaning (literally "I greet - or I bow - to your form").But we can say that this gesture, which can express salvation, gratitude, veneration or even supplication (this term translates the original Sanskrit term, anjāli) is very widespread in Asia.Another translation would be: "The divine in me bows before the divine in you".In Buddhist iconography, it is also one of the main mudra of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara, who often holds a wish-fulfilling gem between his palms gathered and placed in front of his heart.Namasté or namaskar or namaskaram (नमस्ते or नमस्कार) is a transliterated word from Sanskrit and commonly used to greet, to say hello and to say goodbye in India and Nepal....

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Importance of Computer

Nepal is small but rich in natural resources although it is poor by economic condition.Nepal is in a process of change, political and socially.My country Nepal .I wonder what our new Nepal will be like !Nepal is developing country.

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The Effects Of Democracy On Nepal

In order to enhance development for the people of Nepal, the Nepali congress focused on the people because the ultimate goal of development in a society is upliftment of the people’s lives.Under this system, Nepal entered into social and economic crisis which left the economy of this country collapsed and it took many years to rebuild.Poverty levels increased in Nepal as a result of poor administration, bad governance and lack of programs to help the needy in the society.Democracy and economic development are important political and economical movements in poor counties like Nepal.The effects of the new system were felt in all the parts of Nepal where people’s lives improved drastically.

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Himalayas Case

The Himalayas are bordered on the northwest by the Karakoram and Hindu Kush ranges, on the north by the Tibetan Plateau, and on the south by the Indo-Gangetic Plain.Besides the Greater Himalaya of these high peaks there are parallel lower ranges.Its western anchor, Nanga Parbat, lies just south of the northernmost bend of Indus river, its eastern anchor, Namcha Barwa, just west of the great bend of the Tsangpo river.Lifted by the subduction of the Indian tectonic plate under the Eurasian Plate, the Himalayan range runs, west-northwest to east-southeast, in an arc 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi) long.The range varies in width from 400 kilometres (250 mi) in the west to 150 kilometres (93 mi) in the east.

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Historical Perspective Of Nepalese Foreign Policy

King Prithvi Narayan Shan had suggested for “the need for a delicate balance of relationship between [Nepal] and its two big neighbours, a fundamental rule of Nepal’s foreign policy” When the Ranas came into reign with the “bloody Kot massacre episode in 1846” they deliberately swore affinity with the East India government and adjusted the foreign policy of Nepal towards India accordingly.In addition, attracting adequate resources to build sustainable, inclusive and prosperous post-conflict Nepal will be equally crucial.While resources can be exchanged between the nations in forms of goods and services, in which Nepal, as an upper riparian would help India avail its water rights as a lower riparian, in return India would allow river na...

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A Case Study of Joint Venture Banks in Nepal Essay

Nepal, Kenya use CAEL instead of CAMELS.THE HISTORY OF MODERN commercial banking industry dates back to 1937 A.D in which year Nepal Bank Ltd. was incorporated.For the purpose of this study, 3 banks—Nabil Bank Limited (Nabil), Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (NSBI) and Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited (SCBN), were selected randomly (for sampling frame and sample refer to Appendix 1).The ensuing section presents the analysis of different indicators of sound health of an FI in the context of joint venture banks in Nepal.Capital of commercial banks in Nepal is negative due to the heavy amount of negative capital of two public sector banks: Nepal Bank Ltd. and Rastriya Banijya Bank.

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Tourism in Nepal Essay

In Nepal, there are so many traditional festival celebrates highlighting various customs and beliefs, so here it can be seen Nepal has comparative advantages in development of tourism because of various attraction, like : natural topography for example Mountain Everest, attractive valleys, beautiful landscape and heritage.And current estimate of Nepal has approximately 40,000 MW capacity feasible hydro power but Nepal has able to develop only 600 MW of hydro power.Electricity problem: Nepal is the second richest country in the water resources but still Nepal facing problem in hydroelectricity.(f) Fear and Safety : Nowadays It has become main reason not to visit in Nepal, that is fear and safety.In Nepal tenth five year plan (2002-2007) h...

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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal Essay

But, now Indians traveling to Nepal by air have to show upon arrival at entry point either a passport, Voter’s Identity card issued by the Election Commission of India, or an identity card with photograph issued by the Nepal – based Indian diplomatic mission for identification of Indian nationals will also be considered in case of exceptions.It is also not difficult to reach any part of Nepal through any means of transport, but there is no railway network within Nepal.Nepal Tour packages Nepal Historical Culture Tour – 05 Days 4 nights/ 5days customized tour itinerary for Nepal historical and cultural tour Best Nepal Tour – 10 Days Nepal best tour package for 9 nights/10 days which is customized by Nepal Mountain Tour – 15 Days Nepal mou...

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Cybercrime – computer crime Essay

q. Cybercrime Nepalese Prospective by Nepal Police .Especially in Nepal, many renowned companies are receiving emails from proxy mailing address demanding for money.Nepal has moved a step further in the information and communication technology (ICT) as the government has promulgated Electronic Transaction Act-2063 and Regulations, legalizing all electronic transactions and digital signatures.CYBER LAW IN NEPAL .Beside this, hacking websites of banks, newspaper and face book accounts, humiliating girls and uploading images in porn sites, sales of pirated CDS and DVDS are the most commonly practiced cybercrime in Nepal.

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Diwali or Divali

This is the last day of the year according to Nepal Sambat, so many of the businessmen clear their accounts on this day and on finishing it, worship goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth.In Nepal, several animals are included in the Dipawali festivities.The last day of festival is called Bhai dooj (Brother’s second) or Bhai tika in Nepal, where it is the major day of the festival.Special Divali foods are barfi and Prasad.The festival signifies the triumph of light over darkness, justice over injustice, good over evil and intelligence over ignorance.

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Literature Review About over Weight

In this context, Nepal could adopt the goals of Healthy People 2010 [67], which include increasing the quality and length of healthy life and eliminating health disparities.Besides offering greater social protection to the poor and other vulnerable groups against high cost of ill health, health insurance provides an important mechanism for bridging the health-financing gap in Nepal [66].Socioeconomic conditions in Nepal, a rural, agricultural economy with low human development and endemic poverty, make the health sector a priority for sustained economic development [50].Low-income settings like Nepal must overcome many obstacles.In Nepal, many competing interests are related to infectious diseases and maternal/perinatal health.

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The Performance Appraisal Process Management Essay

The establishment of Nepal Tea Development Corporation (NTDC) in 1966 is considered to be a landmark to augment the tea cultivation.The golden beginning of tea plantation in Nepal dates back to the year 1863, with the first tea processing factory was established in the year 1878, in Ilam Tea Estate... Is the performance appraisal practice key to pay rise, training and development, promotion or termination of the employee in the tea industry of Nepal?Human resource is the most important resource in an underdeveloped country like Nepal which can be mobilized or managed for the overall development of the country.Also, researcher has a good taste of knowledge and highly interested about tea industry of Nepal from the very beginning.

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Research, which has been slowed in the past by the government’s reluctance to grant exemptions to the marijuana laws, would be easier to conduct.It may also weaken organized crime by impacting the amount of money flowing through criminal channels.In Nepal, by contrast, the government not only tolerates the use of psychoactive substances but collects taxes on the drug trade.There are also some benefits of legalizing marijuana.Meanwhile, the black market would disappear overnight.

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Buddhism Essay

Gautama Buddha was born to Queen Maha-Maya at Kapilavastu, Nepal, Indian.Beautiful stone rubbings have been made from his tomb and Temple of Confucius nearby depicting him in his scholar’s robes and his gentle demeanor.TE Right Rule the way of government evokes respect.LI Propriety the way things should be done.It is no wonder, no one in the history of China has achieved so much reverence and respect as Confucius.

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My Country Nepal Essay

Buddhism in Nepal dates from the birth of Siddhartha Gautama himself, therefore Buddhist influences are evident on the culture of Nepal.Religion of Nepal Religion in Nepal is not only a system of social coherence based on certain rituals and beliefs, rather it is the binding force that ties the mountain kingdom together.Music is associated with every event in Nepal, then be it birth, marriage, festivals or national events.People of Nepal The people of Indo-Aryan community are the original inhabitants of Nepal.Buddhism in Nepal Buddhism, the fourth largest religion all over the world, has strong roots in Nepal.

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College Student Stress Coping Essay

Remember federal and private loans are a great way to lift stress off you but just do your research and find the one that will work best for your needs.Trying to fit in and make new friends after leaving there comfort zone and support structure can be difficult.When starting at college try and get involved in activities to get you out and have a good time.Financial stress seems to be the biggest burden for college students trying to survive on your own and worrying about how you will pay for school.Another great thing to do is get into some organizations to help meet new people and even become more outgoing to make the college experience more fun and less stress.

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River based tourism in Nepal: An analysis

NATURAL RESOURCES IN NEPAL: Forest, Water, Soil and Minerals.There are many big as well as small rivers in Nepal so most of the big rivers in Nepal flow from Mountain Region such as Karnali, Arun, Tamakoshi and so on (Khadka, n.d.).Almost all of the rafting company in Nepal favors tourism that cherishes the visitors with providing deep knowledge and conserving the cultures and environment they visit (Himalayan River Operator Nepal, 2014).Due to political instability of Nepal, most of the time there will be strike so this directly affect the economic condition of Nepal and by this many tourist could not come to visit Nepal.So tourist comes to Nepal for rafting because Nepal is one of the best countries for rafting.

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Persuasive Speech: You Should Travel to Nepal

If you want to see the developed country then Nepal is not the right choice, but If you feel the beauty of nature then Nepal could have your destination.Nepal is truly a god’s playground and the country is beautiful with stunning landscapes, charismatic mountains and mesmerizing lakes.But, remittance dependent country Nepal has wide prospects of development in technology and tourism sectors.Arranged marriage prefer Nepal has a caste system in place that dictates the live... ... middle of paper ... ...nt follows Buddism.Nepal is 65 times smaller than Canada, with the population of 27 million.12.33 Megabytes chatting APP.

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