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The New Nepal: Path to Development and Success Essay

Nepal was declared Federal Democratic Republic country on 15th Jestha, 2065 B. S. After the mass movement II, the autocratic monarchy has been removed from Nepal. Development of New Nepal is only possible if there is establishment of federal system and political stability in the country.

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The Political System And The Federalism – Essay

The people of Nepal need to select the most appropriate type of federalism which will meet the socio-economic aspirations and strengthen the national unity. Defining the arrangement of federalism in Nepal is not an easy task.

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The Country Development: Nepal

Nepal has but one all-season hydroelectric plant, with the ability to store energy generated during the summer monsoon for use during the rest of the year. Allegations of mismanagement concerning the electricity crisis, enforced by 16 hours without power a day, have been launched at all levels of the Nepal Electricity Authority.

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Polticaal situation of nepal Essay

A lot of things depend on the move of the international community because Nepal is an aid-dependent country and its policy, power and legitimacy flow from it. On January 18, the US Ambassador to Nepal, Nancy J. Powell suggesting the government and political parties to fulfill earlier commitments made in the peace accord said, “The CA polls will not ...

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Determinants of the Economic Development in Nepal Essay

As analyzing the technological progress in Nepal, we have come to know that there is neither invention nor innovation in Nepal, no improvement in the ways of communication levels. * The Nepal government has allowed Indian infrastructure major GMR to increase the authorized capital in its hydro power projects in Nepal to Rs 190 core while also extend...

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Ethnic Conflict Or Insurgency In Nepal Politics Essay

However, a threatening ‘security dilemma’ did formerly not exist in Nepal; however, as Nepal was not created from the rubble of a larger entity or gained independence from a colonial power. Intensifying elite competitions and mounting economic problems played a crucial role promoting a strong political movement in Nepal; nevertheless, the movements ...

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The Status Of Childrens Rights In Nepal

Nepal: Persistent violations of children’s rights. “Child Rights in Nepal”, [online].Unpublished Menuscript, Kathmandu: Nepal Law Campus, Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University.

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Market Demand For Knitwear: Competitive Analysis

Fair Trade Group Nepal (FTG Nepal) is “a consortium of fair trading organizations working with the aim to uplift socio-economic status of underprivileged and marginalized producers of Nepal” (FTGN “About Fair Trade Group”). SH has been proactive in establishing fair trade in Nepal and is the founding member of local chapter – Fair Trade Group Nepal.

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The Effects Of Democracy On Nepal

He initiated many reforms for the people of Nepal and many of the buildings in Nepal were named after this monarch. When democratic system of governance was put in place in Nepal, many things were revolutionized and people’s lives changed completely.

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Historical Perspective Of Nepalese Foreign Policy

The turning point in Nepal’s foreign policy came “when the political situation in South Asian region, particularly India, [became] fluid and volatile…following India’s independence, Nepal was also able to free herself from the clutches of Rana Oligarchy in the year 1950.” At the same time, Nepal witnessed her neighbour become a communist China. T...

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A Case Study of Joint Venture Banks in Nepal Essay

But this can not be used as an indicator of management quality in Nepal. Capital of commercial banks in Nepal is negative due to the heavy amount of negative capital of two public sector banks: Nepal Bank Ltd. and Rastriya Banijya Bank.

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Tourism in Nepal Essay

And current estimate of Nepal has approximately 40,000 MW capacity feasible hydro power but Nepal has able to develop only 600 MW of hydro power. Economic condition of Nepal : ( The Kathmandu post, 2011) Nepal economy has got some success in social sector and has increased per capita income but still its not enough for development of economic condit...

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Himalayan Tourism in Nepal Essay

Sightseeing-Hiking-Rafting-Safari, 10 days Customized Tour Package Nepal family holiday – 11 Days Nepal family holiday for 11 days is suitable for any age group of family Buddhist pilgrimage tour – 8 days – 08 Days Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal is popular for among the travelers those… Lumbini tour – 11 Days Lumbini tour is targeted for those tr...

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Cybercrime – computer crime Essay

Though there is cyber law in Nepal, but yet there are many challenges in investigating Cybercrime due to: a. Internet and the computers as the Scene . Some of the effects of cybercrime that is frequently occurring in Nepal are as follows; (a) Hacking:This is a type of crime wherein a person’s computer is broken into so that his personal or sensit...

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Literature Review About over Weight

Curbing obesity in Nepal will require community-level interventions and participation at all levels of society [70]. The major challenges in Nepal are the absence of a substantive public health infrastructure to address the emerging need for NCD prevention and control, and overemphasis on curative care rather than prevention.

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The Performance Appraisal Process Management Essay

Also, researcher has a good taste of knowledge and highly interested about tea industry of Nepal from the very beginning. Tea industry which is considered as the backbone of national economy of Nepal but there has not yet been any specific research conducted in HRM in tea industry of Nepal.

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In Nepal, by contrast, the government not only tolerates the use of psychoactive substances but collects taxes on the drug trade. All in all, marijuana was the main focus of the author of this book.

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My Country Nepal Essay

Culture of Nepal The culture of Nepal is a assemblage of music, architecture, religion and literature. Buddhism in Nepal dates from the birth of Siddhartha Gautama himself, therefore Buddhist influences are evident on the culture of Nepal.

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River based tourism in Nepal: An analysis

According to Nepal Gateway,” Bhotekoshi River is also called White Water River and is one of the best and Short River rafting in Nepal with the intense of thrilling rafting adventure ( Nepal Gateway Trekking, 2014).” Almost all the rivers of Nepal flow from the mountain region and come with the high forces with continuous rapid action and this makes...

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Persuasive Speech: You Should Travel to Nepal

Now, I want to ask, did you add Nepal on your bucket-lists? If you want to see the developed country then Nepal is not the right choice, but If you feel the beauty of nature then Nepal could have your destination.

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International Trade and Nepal Essay

The second factor was to have easy and free access of British and Indian goods and material into Nepal and Tibet (via Nepal). After the installation of democracy in Nepal in February 1951, it became major turning point in reinforcing the Nepal-India border open with the accelerated movement of Indian nationals into Nepal.

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Nepal & India

It includes articles collected in Nepal fit only for recovery of raw materials and waste and scrap resulting from manufacturing operations in Nepal. Line of credit from Exim Bank of India to Government of Nepal GOI agreed to provide a USD 100 million Line of Credit (LoC) to Nepal in June 2006 for execution of infrastructure development projects as p...

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Health Is Wealth

The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world’s largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists. Foreign tourists visiting Nepal in 2008 stayed in the country for an average of 11.78 days.

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The Perception Of Nepal By Tourists Tourism Essay

“When I was in school, I read a book; Nepal is only one Hindu kingdom in the world, only one Hindu kingdom (no more now) For me it was interesting because I know many Christian and Muslim countries but not only one Hindu kingdom, so I have desire to visit Nepal form school level, and finally I am here now.” . This research has three major issues: ch...

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Case Study of FDI practice in Nepal

Nepal propagated its first industrial act in 1987( Government of Nepal, 1987) which provided legal frame work for many FDI in medium and large scale(size) ventures (firms )in all the industries except for those related with(except defense and environment related sector) defense and environment. India being the prime investor in Nepal accounts for 39...

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Market Segmentation Of Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom (NT) previously known as Nepal Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) was only a state owned telecommunication company until 2003 that had a monopoly market all over Nepal. Few part of Nepal is still lacking each and every service of Nepal Telecom due to the infrastructure and lack of good technology and budget.

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Tourism policy issues in Nepalese economy

country’s image at global level and have help to bring more tourists to Nepal. developments in Nepal and peace agreement with so called rebel group are improving the .

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Hospital Management In Nepal Health And Social Care Essay

But it has not mentioned about the management part of the hospital and its regulation, Nepal Medical Council Act, 1964 (amended in 2001).It does not speak who is responsible for that (Nepal Medical Council, NMC, 2001). It will study the existing policies and strategies of the government of Nepal on hospital management, international principles, theo...

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Nepal’s Participation In UN Peacekeeping

Despite many political ups and downs and changes in political system, there is no difference in opinion in Nepal about its participation in peacekeeping operations. For instance, by eliminating Nepal, Indonesia was elected as the UN Security Council’s non-permanent member for a two years term starting in January 2007.

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Tourism in nepal Essay

The major religion in Nepal is Hinduism, and the Pashupatinath Temple, the world’s largest temple of Shiva which is located in Kathmandu, attracts many pilgrims and tourists. We are knowing Nepal by different sectors, like Nepal is the richest country of mountains and it is knowing by the temples country and the second richest country of rivers.Our ...

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