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Child Labour in the Industrial Revolution | Essay

Horn (1974; pp.779-796) looks at child workers in the pillow lace and straw plait trades in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire, stating that the cottage industries in the regions outside of the urban centres of the Industrial Revolution (i.e., the towns across Lancashire) provided employment for many female workers, who, otherwise, would have been emp...

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The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on British Society Essay

The last part will demonstrate the experience of child labour at that time and several possible reasons for the large numbers of child workforce in the industrial revolution, and the promulgation of laws for protecting children’s right. In conclusion, this essay considered three parts of social consequences which are the birth of class, the standard...

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The Impact of Occupational Segregation on Working Conditions

In contrast to Hakim, Crompton et al (1999) argue that it is the structure of the labour market which moulds the individuals career, suggesting men will turn to traditional male jobs whilst women will opt for traditional female roles reinforcing male roles as aggressive and physical whilst female roles are caring and nurturing, strengthening the str...

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Is social exclusion desirable and achievable

In other words, home ownership through the mortgage system is geared towards those in better paid, secure, full time employment- male rather than female patterns of employment. Many female occupations are clearly regarded as using the ‘natural abilities’ women are seen as requiring in the private sphere, caring for young children, nursing, preparing...

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The meaning of industrialisation Essay

Female labour was harsh for women, who did not have private incomes, or who did not have the luxury of a rich husband; women only had 3 options other than being a wife and mother. Child labour also existed, Children were used as chimney sweeps because they were small enough to get right up inside to clean the chimney.

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Why women suffer disadvantage in the employment relationship

According to human capital theory, women entering labour market offer lower level of knowledge and skills, and less suitable qualifications that employers are looking for compare to men partly due to inequality women experience within education system (Haggerty and Johnson, 1995 p.212 and 216) and partly because women are predominant child carers an...

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Social Class in Charles Dickens' Great Expectations Essay

Dickens' chose two very different female characters, which both helped . Although Britain, as a whole, was .

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There is a gradual sharing of gender roles within the family Essay

In the same year Gershuny’s research revealed a gradual increase of domestic labour tasks done by men when the wife was is in full time employment ,thus a gradual move to equality. Many of their female respondents complained that their husbands were indifferent to their role in holding the relationship together.

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There is a Gradual Sharing of Gender Roles Within the Family

Gender roles within the family our gradually changing but to what extent are male and female roles egalitarian? Gender roles are changing with more women joining the labour force and male attitudes towards are sharing of domestic labour are gradually becoming egalitarian.

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The contributions of feminism and marxism to an understanding of gender socialisation and social control

Criticisms of Liberal Femanism are that :- It does not uncover the wider structural factors leading to female oppression. There is a broad spectrum of feminist theories the main ones are – LiberalFeminism – This is primarily concerned to examine the process of socailisation and the sex role conditioning in order to show that the gender roles of male...

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Gender Divisions and Differences in Work

In the female whole-wage system, women were given their husband’s pay packet, and had sole responsibility for managing the whole household budget. The research conducted by Vogel and Pal (1999) draws on typology, constructed by Pal (1989), of household financial allocation systems, constituting the female whole-wage system, the housekeeping allowanc...

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Gender-Based Household Divisions of Labour

British, Dutch, and German women all were substantially more responsible for household labour than their former-Soviet counterparts, with over sixty-five per cent of households reporting household labour as primarily or always a duty of the wife, and twenty-five per cent or less reporting an equal distribution of work. Summarising a number of studie...

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Assess how successful the Labour government (1997-date) has been in reducing poverty in the UK

The intention is to reduce entry into work and so further reduce child poverty as a reduction in the number of children wholly or nearly-wholly supported by the state is probably vital if numbers in child are to be reduced. In recent years there has been a growing demand for labour in high-skilled and high productivity knowledge industries compared ...

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Poverty In Britain And The Uk Sociology Essay

OVER 33% of Britain’s children live in single parent households, the majority of those being headed by a female. The current government has pledged to continue the work of the past Labour government in its pledge to eradicate child poverty by 2020, but yet has frozen the one universal, non means tested benefit relating to children – child benefit an...

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Multicultural Britain Essay

However, the main wave of emigration to Britain was between 1948 and 1971 because of the Labour shortage. Other areas that helped out Britain with the labour shortage were Ireland, South East Asia and various countries from Eastern Europe.

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Different Sociological Perspectives Essay

He believes that the female has an expressive role whereby the females’ nature is to be emotionally supportive to her children and husband, providing them with love and nurture. This in turn could affect a child to the point where that child is deeply affected by these incidents within the family home which results him/her to be a nuisance to societ...

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German and UK Approaches to Immigration

The Turkish female immigrants, “stand out as having particularly low rates of well below 40%. This was great news but there was one problem which the UK faced and that was: the difference between male and female minorities being employed is quite big.

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Examining the gender inequalities at work

McDowell (1992) applies post-Fordist theory to female employment. The proportion of the labour force who are female has risen considerably.

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Inequality in British Schools Essay

Although, all schools in Britain are now legally obliged to have an anti-racist policy and teachers are now trained in equality legislation, research in secondary schools has shown conflict between white teachers and African Caribbean pupils. Although the gap in gender inequality has narrowed in Britain, many women still study traditionally feminine...

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How the family changed over time Essay

Unfortunately, that’s the most common image of division of labour for as much, men, are more likely to help at housework or child care presently, it still seen as a responsibility of women. However, this is not always the case, when it comes to domestic violence, divorce and child abuse.

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Family Structure and Labour Market Comparison: UK and China

As the fact that not everyone prefers to have a child or is able to have one, the actual number is lower than that. Only children are usually spoiled, unlike the UK’s families, most Chinese families will meet all the requirements of the only child.

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A Function Of A Family Sociology Essay

There is a natural division of labour within the nuclear family roles being segregated positively, for example the instrumental male whose role is to provide for the family thus the bread winner and expressive female whose role is to provide warmth, love and care for children at home. Based on Biology woman is a child bearer therefore has to look af...

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The poor in the UK

‘Social exclusion is seen in the growth of homelessness or urban slums, the declining hopes of the long-term unemployed, the lack of access to jobs and incomes of migrants and some ethnic minorities, the increasingly precarious nature of jobs on offer to new labour market entrants’. Ruth Levitas, in her 1998 book, The Inclusive Society: Social Exclu...

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Access To Humanities And Social Science Sociology Essay

He noted that the family was seen as a refuge in a ‘terrible anonymous world of commerce and industry.’ But unlike Parsons, who was pro capitalism, he would say that the family perpetuates capitalism and inequality; in the unpaid labour of women, creating new labour forces, and in the family being a unit of consumption that allowed the bourgeoisie t...

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European Government and Politics Essay

Although the Labour has functioned since 1906, it came into prominence in the post World War II scenario with electoral win in 1945. however, the Labour went into opposition during 1951-1964 and 1979-1997. the Social Democratic Party was formed as a break away party by right-wing Labour MP’s. SDP registered its lowest results since World War II in t...

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Measures Adopted by the Governments Since 1997 to Support the Family

Reform of the Child Support Agency, with anew and much more simple formula for assessing maintenance so that the CSA can concentrate on improving its service and ensuring absent parents make a fair contribution to their children's upbringing. It will ease the poverty trap, support working families with more generous benefits, guarantee a minimum inc...

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Women should remain at home, sit still, bear and bring up children

The growth of in female employment has mostly occurred amongst women in the age groups 35 and over and amongst women whose children are old enough to be at school. The male produced a copy of himself, so every child should turn out male – although pitifully in some cases things went wrong and the child was born female.

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Explain how women’s lives were affected by World War 1

The money women were making in munitions especially increased from a 55p average wage to £1.25 a week for the average munitions worker (female). The source gives us examples of how female munitions workers could be earning “ten times” the pay of a full army Corporal.

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Clement Attlee’s Government

Eventually he would resign from his post as the Minister of Labour and lead a group of left-wing Labour MPs. This allowed Britain to remain stable and preserve the great successes of the Labour government and their prime minister Attlee, who is regarded as one of the best prime ministers Britain has had in the 20th century.

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Politics Essays – Thatcher Thatcherism Government

Callaghan was subsequently defeated in 1979, and the Tories came to power under Britain’s first female Prime Minister. As Britons, we cannot forget the strength and tough nature of Britain’s first female Prime Minister, and we accept she showed immense patriotism in her efforts to bring down the minors strikes and recapture the Falklands.

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