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Sociological explanations of the differing patterns of male and female criminality

Box and Hale also looked at women’s liberation and its effect on female criminality. Carlen suggests that female criminality is a result of the ‘feminisation of poverty’.

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Absence Of Females In The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay

The phenomena about the leak of research about women in the criminal justice system brings to light the need for female research, not only victims of crime but the female professionals in the criminal justice system such as police, judges and criminologists. In 2005, one-in-five persons accused by police of a criminal code offence were female and th...

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Female crime

Lombroso’s theory may have been a popular explanation of female crime in the 19th Century, but I found that it is not a valid theory that can be applied to female criminality of the present 21st Century as it is out of date and not really valid. This theory has enabled me dismiss biology as a cause of female criminality and an area to avoid in my qu...

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Women And The Criminal Justice System

Various theories have been put forth to better understand the role race, class, family structure and victimization of the female offender have to play in the rise in crimes by the female gender. .. Vieraitis, Kovandzic and Britto state: ..women’s absolute status is significantly correlated with female homicide victimization rates by intimate partne...

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Objectives Of Criminology

Subsequently such statistical data concealed the true extent of female criminality and was deemed be unreliable, to which Pollak argued was the result of ‘hidden’ female crimes that generally went unreported and undetected because of the nature of their physiology (Klien 1973). What has been regarded as the general relationship between taking preced...

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Female Offenders: Court Sentences

As such, female offenders receive harsher sentences than males by courts. The question of whether female offenders are treated less harshly by the criminal justice system is also inherently related to the debate of why there has been an increase in female offenders.

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Biological And Psychological Theories Of Crime Criminology Essay

A theory which looks at female criminality and sentencing is the ‘Chivalry Theory’. Nonetheless, this does not mean that actual female criminality is very low.

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Critically Evaluate Feminist Explanations of Female Criminal Behaviour

Also known as the controversial Liberation Theory of Female Criminality, it suggests female crime has emerged with the liberation of women movement. In conclusion this assignment has looked at the origins and development of female criminality over the last century.

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Female Offenders: Harsher Sentences In Courts

Courts therefore tend to punish female offenders for their offenses and for not complying with the pre-defined standards. The question of whether female offenders are treated less harshly by the criminal justice system is also inherently related to the debate of why there has been an increase in female offenders.

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Women, Crime, and the Media Essay

Dramatic Portrayals of Violent Women: Female Offenders on Prime Time Crime Dramas. Representation of female offenders in the media has not deviated from the route that other representations of female factions has gone, focusing more on what is pleasing and entertaining than what is not harmful to the demographic as a whole.

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Gender Differences in Crime

.. Freda Adler, a criminal professor at Rutgers University, published a book in 1975, entitled “Sisters in crime: The rise of the new female criminal” (Adler, 1975). Thus, it may be said that the “new female criminal” is more of a myth than reality.

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Research and study on the deviant woman

In reviewing traditional criminology and “classical” criminological writers, Heidensohn observed that female criminality was determined by their biology and psychology. But even “where they are considered, they are subject to marginalising and distorting treatment” as Oakley noted in 1982 or similarly as Klein suggested “female criminality has ofte...

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Men Are Aggressors And Women Are Victims

The feminist critique also includes the lack of research into female victimisation and male violence against women and they argued that the majority of attention on how the criminal justice system affects male offenders and not female offenders. This rise of research into female criminality lead in turn to more exploration and a deeper understanding...

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Questions concerning criminal law Essay

Paul H. Robinson, John M. Darley, Does Criminal Law Deter? But now women have a lot more freedoms and have jobs and can they can now do whatever they please just like males, so I think that’s why female crime rates are rising steadily.

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How gender is vital factor when explaining criminal behaviours

Denov, M.S (2004) Perspectives on Female Sex Offending: A Culture of Denial: England: Ashgate Publishing Limited. Van Wormer (2010) believed that “the basic biological factors that impinge on gender differences in criminality are informed by research on psychology and neurology,” A biological approach accepts that there are fundamental differences b...

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Outline and asses sociological explanations of gender differences in the pattern of crime

Although Pollack strongly disagrees with this, he coined the term ‘the masked female offender’ he claimed that due to females positions within society they are able to get away with more crime. However women who do not fit rules of female sexuality often have harsher punishments.

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Gender differences in the criminal justice system

The Corsten Report (2007) supports Moller et al (2007) highlighting that in 2005, notwithstanding the small number of women in prison compared with men, fifty-six percent of all recorded incidents of self-harm occurred in the female estate. The prison system is also more geared to the needs of male offenders and offers inadequate resources to female...

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Gender Gap In Rates Of Offending

As a consequence it raises the question of whether such theories are useful in explaining female crime or whether female crime can be only explained by so called gendered-specific theories. Following this Zaplin, (1998) argues that an increase in female offending is a result of increased opportunity for ‘female’ types of crime.

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Characteristics Of Female Offenders

Research pertaining to female offenders has illuminated common features associated with the female offender population. The use of holistic treatment approaches for female forensic populations has been widely supported because of the inclusive nature of the treatment (Salisbury & Van Voorhis, 2009).

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Correlation Between Crime and Poverty: Sociological Critique

Male groups from poor classes render higher rates because they do not experience the same control mechanisms that female and older groups receive. It is apparent from the above analysis that sociological theories that use poverty and social deprivation to explain crime do not clash with the low levels of criminality within female and older groups.

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How Effective Is The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay

Because there are far less female prisons compared to male prisons, women are more likely to be far away from home. This essay is going to critically analyse and explore how female offenders are dealt with across the Criminal Justice System (CJS) focussing on different agencies including how they are dealt with in custody, in prison, and also the me...

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Prison Reform

We will study the rehabllltatlon process as It pertains to both male and female. They are also more apt to identify with other women, which in these cases, female counselors should be used.

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Psychopathy Influences and Factors Essay

Finally the task is not more just trying to understand the why and what of the male psychopath but the female psychopathy is gaining more ground and more research is being conducted now and in the future (Vitale, Brinkley, Hiatt, & Newman, 2007) Psychopathy and Race Within many of the same studies that are looking at female psychopaths, research...

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Stereotyping of Female Offenders in the Criminal Justice System Essay

The "Chivalrous" Treatment of the Female Offender in the Arms of the Criminal Justice System: A Review of the Literature. Women And Crime: The Female Offender.

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Girls becoming more involved in violent gang related activities

Firstly this essay will explore a historical context of female youth offenders (FYO’s), this will prove significant, if we seek to answer the essay question we have to make the distinction between the numbers of female youth that previously were involved in violent and gang-related activities, and compare them to recent female youth involvement with...

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Alternatives to Custodial Sentences for Female Offenders

Ethnic minorities accounted for 18percent of the male prison population and 24 per cent of the female population compared with 6 per cent of the male and female populations of England and Wales (From Carlen, 1998: 54). These would supply an opportunity for female offenders to be punished and monitored without the separation of children from their mo...

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The effect of appearance on the percieved criminality of young individuals

Five participants stated that they thought that the media is a reason for peoples preconceptions about the criminality of other based on their appearance, “TV” and “reporting of crime” were referred to specifically. The main finding of my study is that young people do seem to form ideas about the criminality of their peers based on their appearance.

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Male and Female Juvenile Offenders

Since judges are able to take the emotions which are shown in court into the sentencing process, thus it could be said, female juveniles will receive a less harsher penalty then juvenile males due to statistics and moral attitudes of our society today upon males. Once again this evidence backs up the claim of how differently a male and a female is t...

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Gender Case Study

However, one could argue that although she had good intentions, she tended to focus on the more traditional ‘female duties’. Criminal law concentrates on the sentencing of female offenders.

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Theories of Cesare Lombroso: Born Criminal

Lombroso also studied female criminality. He found that female criminals were rare and showed little signs of degeneration.

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