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Sociological explanations of the differing patterns of male and female criminality

Box and Hale also looked at women’s liberation and its effect on female criminality. However, Carlen found valid data from her research into female criminality.

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Absence Of Females In The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay

The phenomena about the leak of research about women in the criminal justice system brings to light the need for female research, not only victims of crime but the female professionals in the criminal justice system such as police, judges and criminologists. “Although the lives of women police and corrections officers may appear far removed from tho...

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Female crime

From this study, I have found that questions about socio-economic groups could be possible on my questionnaire, as it will allow me to determine myself whether female criminality is a class issue. This theory has enabled me dismiss biology as a cause of female criminality and an area to avoid in my questionnaire and the rest of my research.

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Women And The Criminal Justice System

While the criminal justice system has traditionally been lenient to the female offender, the rise in crime by women has brought to light these differences and how justice is served to these offenders. The role of victimization leading to crime by the female offender cannot be overemphasized.

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Objectives Of Criminology

What has been regarded as the general relationship between taking precedence of studying male criminality over female criminality? One of the very first studies on female criminality was proposed by Lombroso and Ferrero in their 1895 work entitled ‘The Female Offender’.

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Female Offenders: Court Sentences

Sisters in Crime: the Rise of the New female Criminal. The question of whether female offenders are treated less harshly by the criminal justice system is also inherently related to the debate of why there has been an increase in female offenders.

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Biological And Psychological Theories Of Crime Criminology Essay

Many believe that female criminality and court sentencing are linked together in a very unusual manner. Such an example proves to one how the rate of female criminality in Malta could very well be higher than what our prison is indicating.

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Critically Evaluate Feminist Explanations of Female Criminal Behaviour

Any interpretation has often been by a male theorist who’s given explanation is often just a comparison to that of the male crime equivalent and often sought to answer the question of female criminality by the biological suggestion that females have no rational thought (Marsh et al, 2006). In conclusion this assignment has looked at the origins and ...

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Female Offenders: Harsher Sentences In Courts

According to Lambrose & Ferrero (1995), there are less criminals among females than there are among males and that female criminals have more anomalies than the normal women. The question of whether female offenders are treated less harshly by the criminal justice system is also inherently related to the debate of why there has been an increase ...

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Women, Crime, and the Media Essay

Defeminizing and Dehumanizing Female Murderers. Dramatic Portrayals of Violent Women: Female Offenders on Prime Time Crime Dramas.

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Gender Differences in Crime

Female offenders were not characterized by low empathy and low empathy (Ramoutar and Farrington, 2005). .. Freda Adler, a criminal professor at Rutgers University, published a book in 1975, entitled “Sisters in crime: The rise of the new female criminal” (Adler, 1975).

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Research and study on the deviant woman

In other words, if they had been morally wrong, then they will be punished more; “Courts and other agencies treat women as deviant twice over: they have broken criminal law and social expectations of proper female behaviour.” In addition, the whole court procedure is something “particularly bewildering, alien and unfair” to female offenders. As Fra...

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Men Are Aggressors And Women Are Victims

This rise of research into female criminality lead in turn to more exploration and a deeper understanding of male crime and masculinity within crime and the differences between men and women and offending; showing that masculinity although perceived as a male criminal factor could also be apparent in women and that masculinity is not static and can ...

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Questions concerning criminal law Essay

But now women have a lot more freedoms and have jobs and can they can now do whatever they please just like males, so I think that’s why female crime rates are rising steadily. Reference Page .

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How gender is vital factor when explaining criminal behaviours

From the literature on female criminal behaviour, we can construct a profile of the average female offender. Van Wormer (2010) believed that “the basic biological factors that impinge on gender differences in criminality are informed by research on psychology and neurology,” A biological approach accepts that there are fundamental differences betwee...

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Outline and asses sociological explanations of gender differences in the pattern of crime

She also claimed that females are not passive receptive and brooding over vengeance, therefore Pollack was incorrect over his views of female deception. She claims that they are in fact more likely to be punished if they commit a crime as they are deviating from female sexuality.

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Gender differences in the criminal justice system

‘Up to eighty per cent of women in prison have diagnosable mental health problems.’ (Corsten Report, 19: 2007) Mallach and McIvor (2013) further reinforce this argument by claiming that female prisoners are considered to be more likely to experience mental health problems and to have more complex levels of mental health need. The prison system is al...

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Gender Gap In Rates Of Offending

Following this Zaplin, (1998) argues that an increase in female offending is a result of increased opportunity for ‘female’ types of crime. There are also those who blame the new fashion for being ‘ strong’ as a reason for female involvement in crime .As the ‘weaker sex’ becomes old-fashioned, the so called miming of ‘male behaviour’ by women allow ...

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Characteristics Of Female Offenders

The use of holistic treatment approaches for female forensic populations has been widely supported because of the inclusive nature of the treatment (Salisbury & Van Voorhis, 2009). Research pertaining to female offenders has illuminated common features associated with the female offender population.

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Correlation Between Crime and Poverty: Sociological Critique

At one time there was so little criminality from female and older groups that criminologists turned their attention to it. It is apparent from the above analysis that sociological theories that use poverty and social deprivation to explain crime do not clash with the low levels of criminality within female and older groups.

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How Effective Is The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay

If the children of these female offenders re taken into local authority care, the local authority has to fund the children’s transport to prison thus resulting in a greater social cost. Far more female offenders suffer from mental health problems than their male counterparts and this is something that is not being dealt with effectively enough in fe...

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Prison Reform

One study in research that would be a goal regarding rehabilitation would be effective behavioral management programs that have the ability in rehabilitating offenders from re-offending as well as the research of how prisoners see the conditions in prisons today. Past research has shown that male rehabilitation programs were implemented for them in ...

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Psychopathy Influences and Factors Essay

Psychopathy and Female Gender In more recent years, there has been an insurgent amount of research based on the psychopathy tendencies and predictability of female youth and adult offenders. Finally the task is not more just trying to understand the why and what of the male psychopath but the female psychopathy is gaining more ground and more resear...

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Stereotyping of Female Offenders in the Criminal Justice System Essay

The Sentencing Project: Research and Advocacy for Reform. Criminologists provide different theories that explain the differences between male and female treatment in the criminal justice system.

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Girls becoming more involved in violent gang related activities

The small rise in violent female offending has little symbolic significance. However upon entering the 21st century a new emergence of young female gangs and a new phenomena regarding young female violence has been socially displayed as a major social problem in which a new generation of teen mothers, binge drinking girls and unemployed young women ...

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Alternatives to Custodial Sentences for Female Offenders

Ethnic minorities accounted for 18percent of the male prison population and 24 per cent of the female population compared with 6 per cent of the male and female populations of England and Wales (From Carlen, 1998: 54). However, if these problems can be overcome and the system used effectively, electronic monitoring may be recognised as a flexible an...

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The effect of appearance on the percieved criminality of young individuals

There doesn’t seem to be any clear difference in the perceived criminality of the two groups. Eleven out of the twelve participants stated that they believed clothing was a factor affecting how criminal young individuals appear, with two referring specifically to “hoodies” and baseball caps as making people appear more criminal, and one referring to...

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Male and Female Juvenile Offenders

But it is just after they arrive at court, that the discriminatory factors come into action, and also before court by police practicing discrimnatory dicretion brings upon intitutionalised inequality. Once again this evidence backs up the claim of how differently a male and a female is treated in the criminal justice system.

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Gender Case Study

The sexism within criminology and in particular with regard to the sexualisation of female offenders has continued to cause debate. While society is altering their views on the way women offenders are reprimanded when committing an offence, it does not address the fact that the criminal justice system can change in the way female offenders are treat...

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Theories of Cesare Lombroso: Born Criminal

In attempting to predict criminality by the shapes of the skulls and other physical features of criminals, he had in effect created a new pseudoscience of forensic phrenology and craniometry. However, Lombroso’s theories were later shown to be highly inconsistent or plainly inexistent, and theories based on the environmental causation of criminality...

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