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Working Condition of Female Garments Worker Essay

(i) Not enough congenial and hygienic working atmospheres in industry (ii) Sexual harassment by lineman, supervisor and manager to the female workers (iii) Not enough toilet and washroom facilities (iv) Pure water is not available for drinking and washing for female workers (v) Discrimination in wages fixation and other facilities between male &...

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Primary Education System in Bangladesh Essay

Female education and supply of children: Education leads to desire for better qualified children. For example, some of the important projects (being) implemented during fiscal year 2000/01 to 2004/05 are Food for Education, Sub-stipend for Primary Education, Non formal Education, Primary Education Project, Registered Non-Govt Primary School Developm...

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Bangladesh and Education Essay

23 PRIMARY ENROLMENT Source: Ministry of Education, Bangladesh PROGRESS IN PRIMARY SCHOOL ENROLLMENT RATE SINCE 2000 One of the key EFA goals is to ensure gender parity in education by 2015 – Unlike most South Asian neighboring countries, Bangladesh has already achieved gender parity in primary and secondary education. The BRAC Education Programme i...

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A Research Paper on Education System of Bangladesh

A large part of this renewed commitment was a direct result of the 1990 World Conference on Education for All (WCEFA), which encouraged all participating nations to expand their vision to meet goals in the education sector, especially the goal of making primary education universal. The Government of Bangladesh itself took many initiatives in the yea...

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Essay about Women's Rights in Bangladesh

Fathers, believing there to be no value in educating their daughters, limit their access to education, resulting in the majority of the illiterate population in Bangladesh consisting of females. This shows that the impact of gender-based inequality, especially in a developing country, reaches far beyond humanitarian issues and actually affects the d...

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Girl Child Right and Its Implementation in Bangladesh

Government focuses on capabilities would mean a stronger contribution of girls’ school enrollment Target 3(A) Eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015 to the greater Millennium Development Goal (MDG): promote gender equality and empower women (goal 3). The Fe...

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Eve-Teasing: an Insidious Reality of Bangladesh Essay

Only then the society will rise up as a whole and leave behind this curse of eve-teasing as a small antiquity of Bangladesh. After six months of this public torture Shanta’s father was compelled to discontinue Shanta’s education and marry her off far away from the town.

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The Issue Of Eve Teasing Sociology Essay

Education helps girls and women to know their rights and to gain confidence to claim them. According to Labour Force Survey 2000 of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the total estimated civilian labour forces of the country is 60.3 million and among them 37.81% are female.

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Assessing The Positive And Negative Impacts Of Sweatshops Economics Essay

Furthermore, the Female Secondary School Assistance Programme provides cash in exchange for sending females to secondary school (ibid). In addition, there have been several programs implemented to encourage female participation in school, including Food for Education, which provides food in exchange for sending children to primary school (ibid).

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Child Marriage in Bangladesh Essay

In recent years, NGO’s like ‘Because I am a Girl’ and ‘Human Rights and Education Program for Women (HERP)’ recognized the deficit of education facilities and have stepped in to rehabilitate the education sector of Bangladesh to create an accessible and affordable system which does not discriminate against women but in fact encourages the enrollment...

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Digital Bangladesh Essay

There are so many female lawyers in our country. Digital Bangladesh means a computerised Bangladesh which is yet to be fully for Bangladesh or any other country going digital is no lunury but a necessity in the 21st century.

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Factors influencing economic development of Bangladesh

Even if there is no evidence that female employees take leave more frequently or require the provision of expensive physical facilities at the work place, an apprehension about these problems prevail among the employers, especially in the enterprises which have few female workers. Finally, she suggests that the introduction of a two-shift working sy...

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Sexuality In Urban Middle Class Bangladesh Economics Essay

Lack of words for female sexuality and its expression of desires is significant, because in the following section, through the narratives of women, we will see that understanding of personal erotic desires, its meanings and assertions, especially in coming in terms with one`s identity- it is the lack of vocabulary, in individual`s own language and i...

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Comparative Coverage of Women Issues in Elite Press

The girls are often considered the financial burden on the family, and since birth, they receive less investment in health, health care and education (UNICEF, 2007). However women condition in India is worst as compared to other development countries majority of Indian population consist of female.

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Genocide of Bangladesh Essay

During the genocide over two hundred thousand women were raped which created dishonour within the female community. (Jahan 306) The abuse of women has also increased leading to women rights and human violations, and thus resulting in years of education and equity among sexes to be forgotten.

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Lux Soap Marketing Project Essay

Because Lux has different skin type soap so now if they provide different types of beauty soaps for male and female soapunder the same brand name i.e. Unilever Bangladesh is the Bangladesh chapter of Unilever, where the company holds 60.75% share whereas the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh holds 39.25% share.

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Analysis of the Bangladesh chapter of Unilever

Beauty soap is an uprising product in Bangladesh as a greater portion of the population, both male and female, are now getting more beauty conscious. They should also conduct different promotional activities in rural fairs and socially responsible promotional activities to attract rural consumers and social awareness .Because Lux has different skin ...

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Social Capital Essay

In Bangladesh the large rural NGOs introduced informal primary education programs in the 1980s. Education levels are an important long-run predictor of many forms of political and social engagement.

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Child marriage Essay

The Tostan approach implemented in Senegal does not focus on legal change, and is instead built around informal community education and awareness-raising that facilitates community mobilization, sometimes in the form of public declarations against harmful practices, such as female genital cutting and early marriage. Review of the Bangladesh Female S...

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The economy of Bangladesh

socioeconomic development national poverty of the main strategies Considering investment in education. Prime minister both of female and gender awareness.

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Assignment on Human Trafficking and Prostitution

The authorities generally ignored the minimum age of 18, often circumvented by false statements of age, for legal female prostitution. Female prostitution is legal, Male prostitution is illegal, although local NGOs claimed it is common in the major cities.

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Human Trafficking And Prostitution Criminology Essay

The authorities generally ignored the minimum age of 18, often circumvented by false statements of age, for legal female prostitution. Female prostitution is legal, Male prostitution is illegal, although local NGOs claimed it is common in the major cities.

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Risk Factors for Suicide in Bangladesh

This review tried to understand the position of Bangladesh on suicide and the factors involved in suicide,in order to prevent the epidemic episode in the near future,and to understand the research importance of the study..More specifically this review addressed the following questions: .. .. A systematic review with a narrative synthesis was applie...

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ppp Concept for Health and Safety of Women in Urban Construction

Industrial and Service Sectors of Bangladesh : Bangladesh Worker Safety Programme survey 2007) . ( Source : Labor Force Survey 2005-06 : ILO) • As Increasing (5-7% per year) number of women enter the construction trade, concerns about their health and safety are growing • There are safety and health issues specific to female construction workers .

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Women in Corporations

She also mentioned that, “Families (specially the fathers) with progressive outlook and education allow and encourage their female children to study”. Hasan (2012) mentions that, “The movements of female workers at the workplace are more scrutinized with a magnifying glass than their male counterparts”.

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‘Eve Teasing in Bangladesh’ -Causes and Remedies Essay

According to the Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association, almost 90 percent of girls aged 10-18 years are victims of sexual harassment. London, June 16 (ANI): Eve teasing in Bangladesh has taken such a heavy toll on the country’s women that the education ministry there has voted to have an “Eve Teasing Protection Day”.

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ICT Bangladesh Information

Initially there were only a few Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol (UUCP) accounts in the country and then they were replaced by Internet protocol (IP) accounts (Bangladesh Computer Council and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 1999). The first mainframe computer came to Bangladesh in 1964 (Islam, 2004), but the use of PCs by the common people started very l...

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Economic Environmental And Culture Impacts Of Tourism

Therefore the national zoo of Bangladesh are potentially far greater than small number of walkers in the beach of Bangladesh. The Director of Bangladeshi Zoo Gardens, Dr M mofizar Rahman, said: “This nomination is fantastic news for Bangladesh Zoo and for Carbon Plan, and demonstrates the Zoo’s commitment to environmental sustainability.”CarbonPlan ...

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Lakme Cosmetics Essay

According to Figure 1.1 the majority of the respondents are Female. In case of female this statement is the most appropriate one.

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Small and medium enterprises growth in Bangladesh

From above data we can conclude that male is more interested than female. Although there is no concrete information about number and types of SME in Bangladesh, an estimate of the Bangladesh small and cottage industries corporation (BSCIC) says that, there are over 42000 cottage industries in Bangladesh.

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