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Technical and Vocational Education for Male Essay

2011 |Technical and vocational education support program launched |[pic|[pic|[pic| | |] |] |] | |LAHORE, May 19 (APP): The government of Pakistan jointly with the Government of Germany and the Embassy of Netherlands launched a| |new Technical and Vocational Education and Training Reform Support Programme on Thursday here. Source: National Vocational...

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Cultural Analysis of Pakistan

The government of Pakistan does not stop anyone from receiving education in the country, whether it’s a girl or boy they are all allowed to receive equal education. As the government of Pakistan is working towards providing equality in the educating system for both male and female.

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The Case of Malala: Is education a human right? Analytical Essay

“Critical analysis of the factors influencing female education in rural Sindh, Pakistan as viewed by primary school teachers.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business 4.6(2012): 334-339. Therefore, the international community needs to assist in dealing with conflicts so as to provide a stable environment for female education.

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Achieving Universal Primary Education

An education sector reforms (ESR) specific programme was provided Rs732 million which was spent on the provision of missing facilities in primary and middle schools, restoring and reestablisihing of science education at secondary level and establishment of polytechnic institute at district level (Balochistan, Khanozi,Turbat & Gilgit).The nationa...

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Impact of wage discrimination by age in Pakistan

Education is positively related to wage discrimination which means that an increase in education level will cause 16.7 percent increase in the wage discrimination. Wage discrimination occurs because male workers are more experienced as compared to female workers and based on their education and experience they are earning more than the opposite sex.

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Empowerment and its importance to women

Introducing quota systems is nonetheless only single step on the road to female political empowerment. People have different expectations of male and female leaders.

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Socio economic profile of women in Pakistan

According to Article 37 of the Constitution of Pakistan, which clearly states that education is right of every man and woman and government will do its utmost to promote it, women education is still a rather controversial and debated topic in the middle and lower middle class. Male members of the family are spent more on and more resources are given...

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Causes Of Gender And Wage Discrimiantion Economics Essay

Wage discrimination occurs because male workers are more experienced as compared to female workers and based on their education and experience they are earning more than the opposite sex. Besides the low literacy levels (parents still prefer spending more for the education of their boys than girls since a boy’s education is seen as an investment for...

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The Status Of Women In Pakistan

Decisions for female individuals are made by men in her family, especially in under-developed and distant regions. All these components and dimensions of female empowerment are interrelated and an alteration in one component will not bring a huge transformation unless all change.

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The Education System Of Pakistan Education Essay

Basically there were two main education system discussed in the paper that are running parallel, these were modern education system and religious education. Campaign for Quality Education was to promote quality in education through effective advocacy, developing and popularizing innovative solutions to quality of education, and regular monitoring of...

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Maternal Mortality Rate in Pakistan

A qualitative study by Ronis et al., (2012) revealed that cultural norms in Pakistan restrict the women to opt RHS from female doctor only. Reducing inequity and promoting female education is one of the key strategies to empower women and to bring their status equal to man.

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Factors Affecting Pakistan’s Literacy Rate

In the conclusion of the paper, they investigated the factors which affect education in the model with one explanatory variable the main effect father education has a significant effect on education. The factor which affects our education is “FE*PA”, which means that the education of the child is depend on the education of the father and attitude of...

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Status Of Women In Pakistan Sociology Essay

The role played by media in creating the awareness for female work force. With the upbringing of a female child, she is bought up in such an environment in which the female child faces discrimination in a male denominated society.

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Overview And Analysis Of Womens Empowerment Social Work Essay

It should also set up such policies which take advantage of the whole population, as in both female and male. To study the impact of the Education attainment on women empowerment.

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Social Problem in Pakistan Essay

← Regional disparity (standard of education varies in different provinces of Pakistan) . ← Promote primary education .

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The Status and Role of Regional Languages in Higher Education in Pakistan

The Status and Role of Regional Languages in Higher Education in Pakistan Sabiha Mansoor Centre of English Language, Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan Pakistan, as a multilingual country, faces numerous problems in language planning in higher education. A brief analysis of the present language situation and a historical perspective indicates th...

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Infant Mortality Determinants In Pakistan Health And Social Care Essay

.. From the table it can be seen that the p-value of female literacy is less than 0.1 which means there is a significant relationship between infant mortality and female literacy. So, Ho is accepted and it can be concluded that female literacy does has an impact on infant mortality.

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Availability Of Educational Facilities

The developed countriesattach highest priority to education; same is the case with the developing countries.The constitution of Pakistan accepts education as one of the fundamental rights of acitizen as well as constitutional commitment of the government accepts to provideaccess to education to every citizen (Govt. In such a way that from each sampl...

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Does Foreign Aid Helps Pakistan Economics Essay

But inspite of large of amount of foreign aid given to Pakistan for education sector, major educational outcomes have always been low in Pakistan. Education sector is also going through a crises situation in Pakistan, due to which there has been a huge increase in the amount of foreign aid given by developed countries and other international financi...

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History of education in pakistan

The government of Pakistan has realized the importance of education for all (EFA) and priority to basic education to children has been given since 1995 (World Bank, 1996). In Pakistan, as reported in literature, gender bias in schools lowers female educational achievements and lowers their chances of completing education.

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Food for Education Improves Girls’ Education the Pakistan Essay

These types of incentives and awareness campaigns are imperative to boost girls’ education, to improve female literacy and reduce the gender gap, especially in remote rural areas. It has contributed a lot in this province” Fazle Manan, Director of Schools and Literacy from the Ministry of Education, when asked of WFP’s assistance to girls’ primary e...

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Education policy Essay

Education system is needed to be revamped making a space for the science, IT, management, and pupil with the excellence to go to the higher education pursuing the education of their own choice. Key Performance Indicators for Education Systems The frequently used indicators for assessing education and its systems are adult literacy rates, male and fe...

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Gender Roles In Pakistan Sociology Essay

After the suspicious death of Zia in 1988, Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of Ali Bhutto, was elected as the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan which was a big step towards the growth of women in Pakistan. The pink and blue colours are the first indications given by the society to distinguish a female from male.

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Gender Bias in Nursing

Acceptance of male registered nurses by female registered nurses. Here in Pakistan in some provinces male nurses are not hired and administrations give preferences to female nurses.

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Importance of education in Pakistan

In Pakistan a system of education with equal opportunities of education to male and female must be provided. Following are the main issues and challenges in adult literacy and non-formal education: .. Pakistan has highlighted some facts recently in new publications regarding primary level education sector.

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Influence Of Media On The Public Behavior Sociology Essay

This is in contrast to the 45% female respondents from Karachi and 52% female respondents from Lahore who said their families will accept their opinions on the life-partner. 17.1% female respondents from Karachi and 16.7% female respondents from Lahore also believed that their parents would arrange their marriage without consulting them.

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Entrepreneurship in Pakistan Essay


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Impact of Preschooling on Primary Enrollemnet Rate and School Performance Essay

But in Pakistan the condition of education is unsatisfactory. According to Secretary of State for International Development, Andrew Mitchell, ‘Pakistan is facing an education emergency.

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Importance Of Primary Education For Childern Analysis Education Essay

1.3 Brief review of status of education in Pakistan since its birth: . General education in various disciplines is essential to provide each of which is primary education for children.

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Role of women in politics in Pakistan Essay

This urban focus of the policy makers, in socio-economic and political arenas, not only ignores and excludes the living realities of rural lower- and middle-class women but also fails to acknowledge alternative ways of examining the women question and female subjectivity. The Awami National Party and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf have awarded party ticket...

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