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Female Foticide Essay

Female feticide happens with the explicit consent of the mother. The root cause for female feticide lies within the cultural norms as well as the socio-economic policies of the country where this practice prevails.

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Female Foeticide in India

Effects of Female Foeticide On Society . Though it was believed that in educated family’s girls are treated once par with boys and the girl feticide is uncommon among them.

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Female feticide Essay

Sex selective abortions and increase in the number of female infanticide cases have become a significant social phenomenon in several parts of India. Female feticide is one of the biggest challenges that India is facing today in terms of gender.

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Status of Women in India Essay

Feticide is today’s biggest problem Indian society. As of March 2001, the female population stands at 495.4 million out of total 1,028 million Indian populations.

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Female Foeticide Is Truly A Curse Sociology Essay

Widespread campaigns and seminars for young adults and potential parents to enlighten them about the ill effects of female feticide. The act of aborting or terminating a fetus while it’s still in the womb, because it is female, is known as female feticide.

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Applications of Ultrasound in Medicine

N.p., 30 Aug. 2011. The government has been trying to motivate people into valuing female fetuses but the Economic and Social impacts have lead to the occurrence of this ethical issue.

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Argumentative Essay

For that reason these two countries happen to choose “Female Feticide” practice to accomplish their unethical believe where many girl infants were aborted or killed after birth. (Brown, Danier’s) In contrast to India, the reason of female feticide in China is not because of economic force but the government’s push policy which comes along with the b...

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Falling girl child ratio in India

It is unbelievable to realize that a God’s representative is continuously killing because of infanticide and feticide. “You save your girl and educate others to save theirs; Welcome every girl in this world without their survival fear.

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Need to React to Protect the Living Rights of a Girl Child Essay

In AP since 8 years we are working on this issue in Nalgonda and Warangal to stop female feticide and infanticide. Despite India’s steady economic rise in past 10 years, the figures show the social bias against having girls remains as strong as ever, with illegal sex-selective abortions facilitated by cheap ultra sound technology.. As many as half m...

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Dowry Problem in India Essay

We have to change the picture. “SAY NO TO DOWRY” .

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A Radical- Socialist Feminism with a Postcolonial Approah Essay examples

Further, Bergoffen (1999) argues that our current understanding of marriage is patriarchal itself and it hides the true essence, which is ethically erotic. My perspective is rooted in the knowledge I gathered for twenty years of my life where issues like dowry, female feticide/infanticide, honor killings and everyday sexual harassment were very pert...

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Abortion in India Essay

This is mainly due to the prevalence of female feticide, following prenatal diagnosis. In the Republic of India, carrying out or doing prenatal examinations, including ultrasound analyzes - in case they are done only to determine the sex of the fetus - has been punishable by law since 1994.

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Tears of a Girl Child

Once she knows her rights she can also approach the courts. Stop Female feticide, infanticide and increase girl acceptance window.

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Crime Against Women Essay

‘Violence’ must be recognised as a human phenomenon inasmuch as it consists of an act of one person which encroaches upon the freedom of another (Domenach, 1981: 30). Here, we consider the operational definition of violence as “force, whether overt or covert, used to wrest from the individual (the woman) something that she does not want to give of h...

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Domestic violence

An evolutionary psychological explanation of such cases of domestic violence against a woman is that they represent male attempts to control female reproduction and ensure sexual exclusivity through violence or the threat of violence. The study concluded that female intimate violence perpetrators are frequently viewed by law enforcement and the crim...

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Female Foeticide Essay

The increase in female foeticide has seen the proportionate decrease in female sex ratio which has hit an all time low especially in the 0-6 age group and if this decline is not checked the very delicate equilibrium of nature can be permanently destroyed. Female infanticide in most places has been replaced by female foeticide.

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Is Abortion Immoral Essay

” (p 125) Most women that chose abortion do not want their child to die or to commit feticide, they simply want to terminate pregnancy. “Those who condemn abortion as immoral generally follow a classical tradition in which abortion is a public matter because it involves our conception of how we should live together in an ideal society.

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Speech on social problem

Again if this female gives birth to a girl child, the journey begins once again. We raise social consciousness on the issue of female foeticide, its negative impact on women’s health and the gender imbalance that is developing as a result of son preference.

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Gender Inequality Essay

Gender inequality also involves feticide and infanticide. For instance, in India and China, a male child is more appreciated than a female child.

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Gender Inequality Essay

7: Feticide and Infanticide . Thanks to advances in genetic testing, parents can find out if they’re having a boy or a girl, and they may elect to end a pregnancy that would yield a female child .

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Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

I also believe that their should be some limits to the amount of abortions that a female can receive. I think that this is sometimes a clear case of murder simply because the female doesn’t want the responsibility of raising a child but there are other alternatives such as adoption.

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Risk Of Electronic Security Threats To Electronic Information Technology Essay

The CPSI should take care that it does not allow any of the staff members to use portable devices with the computers and there should not be any internet access using which the staff members might transmit sensitive data. The hospital as well as the patients’ relatives may be charged a criminal suit for feticide and gender testing.

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India’s Anti-Corruption Movements

61 (Dec 2011), 337 . We have a social evil of prostitution thrives in the name of religion (Devadasi system), female feticide is concern.

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Participation in higher education and women empowerment

She explains further that despite the said progress that is made the female segment of the society is the most neglected segment as yet. Therefore educating the female masses of the nation is essential to not just economic wellbeing and eradication of poverty but also a healthier social standing of the nation.

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Care for Girl Child

Parents should always give encouragement for female education even if they are illiterate.In order to do so we must educate them through street plays, cultural dances and songs in every village, by which they would become aware of their role in the female education and thus they would promote female education. Female feticide and infanticide are the...

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Importance of Women’s Empowerment in India

The female literacy rate is also lower than the male literacy rate. Some create history in space & sport like Sunita Williams & Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza & Anju Bobby George The female feticide is common phenomenon.

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The Single Child Policy In China

Violation of human rights- like different activities happening often in china which violate human rights like female feticide, gang rapes, abortions. Forced abortions were increased, female infanticide and under reporting of female birth.

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Glimpse Of The Indian Society Media Essay

Until media becomes more responsible in its depiction of the dowry system, leaving aside the monetary intentions, this problem will continue unabated. Dowry system, therefore, has become a big problem in India and has led to practices of female infanticide skewing the sex ratio in India.

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Research Paper on Dowry System in India

This could see couples channel their funds to provide education to their daughters, instead of saving money for years and years for dowry. This system is the primary cause for female feticide and infanticide as poorer parents get to avoid the lifelong burden of saving up for the dowry for their daughter’s marriage (Krishnamurthy, 1981).

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We Are Surrounded By Media Sociology Essay

This system is the primary cause for female feticide and infanticide as poorer parents get to avoid the lifelong burden of saving up for the dowry for their daughter’s marriage. This could see couples channel their funds to provide education to their daughters, instead of saving money for years and years for dowry.

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