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The Reproductive System Essay

The female reproductive system is consist of Oviduct, Ovary, Uterus, Urinary bladder, Pubic symphasis, Urethra, Clitoris, Labium minora, Labium majora, Vaginal orifice, Ureter, Fimbrae, Cervix, Rectum, Vagina, and Anus as it is visibly seen on the figure above. This development is supported by the continuous flow of hormones to the reproductive syst...

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Male and Female Reproductive Systems Structure and Functions

Key functions of the male reproductive system are to produce male sex hormone (testosterone), male sex cells (sperm), whereas the main functions of female reproductive system are the production of female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone), production of female sex cells (eggs). Menstruation is also a part of female reproductive system.

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Relationship Between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour Essay

This indicates that the characteristics must have been gained from successive male and female reproduction. However, the study cannot be supported since a disadvantage of this study is that female may alter the appearance in order to seem young and fertile, while men may also lie and exaggerate on the amount of resources they have in order to get fe...

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Sexual Selection and Human Evolution Theories

One of the main female strategies of reproduction is that instead of expecting help from the male to raise the offspring the female prefers good genes instead. In his studies with Drosophila, Bateman showed that sexual selection is typically stronger in males because the number of offspring fathered by a male increases proportionally with the number...

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The Reproduction In Wolves Health And Social Care Essay

The parts examined are the male and female wolf reproductive system, mating and the gestation period of a female wolf in terms of fertilization, parturition and birth. The female reproductive system of a female wolf can therefore be seen as consisting of various parts the ovaries which produce the eggs.

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The Present Day Syllabus In Sri Lanka Education Essay

Female reproductive period cycle . 10 Further, in year 7 textbooks it was limited ¾ pages providing the male & female reproductive organ diagrams.

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Life Cycle of Spodoptera Litura

Once they are delivered to female along with sperms, they virtually regulate almost all the post mated behaviour of that female such as calling, mating, egg maturation, egglaying and so on. However the major components of male accessory gland secretions, in both quantity and importance as modulators of female reproductive activity, are proteins (Gil...

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Reproduction Essay

It has both male and female genitalia, however the male organs mature first. The snail is a hermaphroditic species, meaning it is both male and female.

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Monotreme Reproductive Biology and Behavior

The female tract has qualities similar to those of birds, though female echidnas also possess pouches. The males possess a set a poison spurs on their back legs, which were once thought to hold the female during copulation, but this idea has been disproven since they would effectively kill the female (Dawson, 1983).

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The Human Reproductive System Essay

The male reproductive system is more external than the female. The vulva becomes covered with body hair when the female matures.

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Evolution of Behaviour in Animals and Humans

Since we know that primates have slower life histories than other orders the deceleration of female reproductive rates has a direct effect on the operational sex ratio (OSR), and thus on the mating system. The life history of an organism is often described by the features of its life cycle pertaining to its developmental and reproductive rates as we...

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Theories of Sexual Selection in Animals

Such direct benefit of female mate preference that makes the evolution of female choice for direct benefits seem simple and straight forward. Despite the central role of female preference in sexual selection, and the importance of genetic variation in female preference, female preference is still poorly understood, prompting calls for investigations...

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Sex Change in Aquatic Species

The opposite directional sex change is true for colonies dominated by large female fish; protogyny is favored in an attempt to balance reproductive success in both sexes (Oldfield, 2005; Kazancioglu and Alonzo, 2009). For example, in bi-directional changing species such as Centropyge, angelfish, the largest and most territorial fish in the colony be...

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Women’s Health and Feminism Theory Essay

Orth-Gomer, K, Leineweber, C 2005, “Multiple stressors and coronary disease in women: Stockholm Female Coronary Risk Study,” Biological Psychology, Vol. Through feminism, women have been able to achieve their reproductive health rights, including free abortion, the use of family planning, and abolition of destructive traditional practices, such as f...

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The Evolution of Primate Intelligence Essay

Monogamous system consists of one male and one female join to rear at least a single brood. The reproductive cycle of copulation, gestation, birth, and lactation occupies the higher female primates for a year or more.

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Compare And Contrast Reproduction In Plants And Animals

This tube cell produces a pollen tube, which can quickly deliver sperm to the female gametophyte. The female gametophytes, or embryo sacs, form through a variety of different methods, though the most common occurs entirely within the carpel’s ovary.

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Effect of Marijuana on Fertility Essay

Even the chances of female being infertile by an excessive use of Marijuana, cannabinoid receptors are also found in female reproductive system, in the intense level continuation of marijuana use, small amount of THC is concealed in the vaginal fluid (University of Buffalo, 2003). Due to the presence of active cannabinoid receptors inside the human ...

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Alternative Mating Strategies of Animals

In the New Forest population, adult male and female fallow deer are spatially segregated for much of the year (Thirgood, 1990). When male reproductive success depends on male-male competition and aggression, as is usually the case in polygamous species, individuals who are at a competitive disadvantage sometimes adopt an entirely different constella...

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Structure of the Male Reproductive System

There are two physiologic events crucial to this in­ternal delivery of semen: penile , which makes it possible for the penis to penetrate the vagina, bringing the urethral opening, or meatus, into close contact with the female cervix; and , in which the semen is secreted into the male repro­ductive ductal system, mixed with sperm, and then mechani...

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The complex matrilineal social structure of spotted hyenas

Female dominance is even supported by biological mechanisms and the altered anatomy of this species (Drea et al., 2002). Female and male behaviors come together to form a complex societal structure that promotes variability and reproductive success.

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The Psychological Effects of Marijuana Essay

Endocrine and sexual effects of female chronic marihuana use . This knowledge and attempt is critical in analyzing the reproductive behavior of agents that either benefits or adversely antagonize the reproductive process.

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The Relationship Between Sexual Selection and Human Reproductive Behaviour Essay

This is because men value female partners in terms of fecundity, the ability to produce and care for children, and men rely on women’s physical appearance to estimate age and health, with younger, healthier women perceived as more attractive and possessing greater reproductive fitness. However, the same behaviours can be explained in other ways- for...

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Sexual selection Essay

However, in most cases, the traits selected in the male by a sexual selection made by the female do not necessarily induce a difference between male and female of the species, because these traits are a priori inherited as well in male descendants as in females. Indeed, in this case, the female chooses to mate with a male with a particular trait, wh...

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Physiology-Reproductive System and Hypospadias

female hormone, progesterone (given as part of IVF treatment) DES (diethylstilbestrol) a miscarriage preventative used up until the 1970’s Clomiphene, used in IVF to promote ovulation. The male reproductive system is also responsible for producing the male sex hormone, testosterone.

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Reproductive Health

Since many cultures still practice the patriarchal form of family leadership, the so-called “empowered” female community came into the scene and fought for female rights. An example of a failure was when a female teenager was raped in a Third-World nation.

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Marijuana: Opponents Factual Brief

information that female users of marijuana are effected reproductively. Claim B: Marijuana does not impair female reproduction in humans .

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Effect Of Aging On The Reproductive Systems Biology Essay

The female menopause is a complete cessation of reproductive ability caused by the cessation of the female reproductive system. The male reproductive system consists of the testes, a series of ducts and glands and a penis.

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Sex Determination and Differentiation Essay

Summary The SRY gene is the initiator of sex determination and unless this gene is present all developing foetuses will be female. If the Y chromosome is not present then there is no SRY therefore the male gonadal tissue (see later) will not develop and the female gonadal tissue will take advantage and develop into the female reproductive system.

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Reproductive Rights as a Historical and Feminist Issue Essay

Even women who have heard about female contraceptives tend to still only know very little about their options. Female sterilization of colored women at this time was equated to racial genocide, as it drastically cut down the predicted birthrate.

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Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI): Symptoms and Causes

Infections of the upper reproductive tract are often a direct complication of infections, especially sexually transmitted lower reproductive tract. Are RTI infections which affect the reproductive tract, part of the reproductive system.

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