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The Relationship Between Feminism and Anthropology

Feminism during 1960s called for the establishment of women’s writing, universities, feminist sociology and a feminist political order which would be egalitarian. autobiographies of black non-western women) remain marginalized, even in the field of women’s writing or studies: feminist ethnography in Abu-Lughod’s terms thus undermines the agency of t...

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Examples of Qualitative Research

Feminist researchers critique both the research topics and the methods used; especially those which emphasise objective, scientific ‘truth’.With its emphasis on participative, qualitative inquiry, feminist research has provided a valuable alternative framework for researchers who have felt uncomfortable with treating people as research ‘objects’. Gr...

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Criticisms Of Ethnographic Research Psychology Essay

So they fear the consequences of following feminist advice. The authors have brought out the impracticality and inappropriateness of the feminist approach to blindly saying ‘no’ to an invitation.

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The Role of the Reflexive Ethnographer Essay

In this essay, she is implying that she is more vulnerable or more feeling than other anthropologists or literary critics. In summation, reflexive anthropology is an anthropology which looks upon the self in relation to the Other.

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Anthropology and Gender Essay

Sex and gender roles have always been a vital part of any ethnographic study, but the contributors of this theory began to address the androcentric nature of anthropology itself. Though women have played an integral part in the history of the discipline of anthropology, it was not until the early 1970’s that the field of anthropology and gender, or ...

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Ethnography Essay

Some Anthropologists with postmodernist ideologies view cultures as "messy text", which is "the most complex and interesting form of experimentation with ethnographic writing now being produced" (Marcus, 187). Reflexivity is also influencing ethnographers to develop new approaches in studying culture.

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The Ethnography of Anthropology Essay

Wormsley is the most unique of the major ethnographers because he spends time focusing on the truth of documenting a tribe, and the reactions, emotions, and ideals of the anthropologist himself while attempting such an ethnographic study. Weiner wrote “The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea” as an ethnographic study of the relationships between man an...

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Used In Researching Audiences Media Essay

Feminist media studies. In terms of the method in audience research, using ethnographic method should be a kind of progress or breakthrough because it has opened up an unprecedented field of research.

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The Theory Of Human Horse Communication Essay

Animals are seen to be viewed as powerful and dangerous trading partners, but also as beings to be overcome or outsmarted, which is seen as a negative principle of domination, but they also as threat to the hunter and their family. The Kulane people do not see this exchange as an altruistic gift giving because gifts are not given freely or spontaneo...

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Writing Culture: the Poetics and Politics of Ethnography

In sum, the rhetorical work in introductory parts of the two books by means of separating “the context of colonial domination” from “the production of ethnographic knowledge” (1986:93)establish the authors’ innocence and the ethnographic authority as well. In the preliminary report of the Writing Culture seminar and papers, Clifford and Marcus state...

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Qualitative Research in Geography: An Overview

In delving deeper into this discussion it is important to consider the continued debates about the framing of qualitative, and especially ethnographic, work, after the so-called ‘crisis of representation’ and work in the performative vein, as qualitative research is often torn between a constructivist approach and a longing to convey a ‘real’ sense ...

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Reflexivity in Ethnographic Research and Writing

He believes that one should “recognize that ethnographic knowledge tends to have the strengths and limitations given by the relative youth of field-workers who, for the most part, have not suffered serious losses and could have, for example, no personal knowledge of how devastating the loss of a long-term partner can be for the survivor. Furthermore...

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The History On Ethnographic Allegory English Literature Essay

He takes the allegory of “salvage,” a structure of ethnographic writing, as a result of the transport of oral-discursive experience to text. Nisa speaks to Shostak like she is giving her advice, it takes part in a feminist discourse of shared female experience (such as oppression) (107).

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Relationship Between Students And Teachers In Ethnographic Fieldwork Education Essay

Russell claims that her “ethnographic research investigates the complex and sometimes contradictory culture(s) of student resistance to schooling (Willis, 1977)” (p.181). By using the common methods of data collection in her ethnographic study, i.e.

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The Path to Knowledge

Many postmodern and feminist thinkers place knowledge into the domain of politics and power. At the onset of this analysis we find feminist theories and their radical call for emotionality and body as a means for enhancement of communication; but soon it becomes clear that - without firm traits of character that reflect one's desire for wisdom - bot...

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Education, Research, and Action: Theory and Methods of Participatory Action Research Essay (Book Review)

This is closely followed by essays discussing all of the ten dimensions that distinguish a feminist organization from a non feminist organization. This means that a lot remains to be discussed especially when it comes to comparing non feminist and feminist organizations.

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Ethnography Distinctive

Ethnographic work often uses methodological triangulation which is a technique designed to compare and contrast different types of method that helps to provide more widespread insights into the phenomenon under study. Reflexivity is a central element of ethnographic work as it takes in account of the relationship the ethnographer shares with partici...

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Mumbai and Delhi Essay

Work cited: CULLITY, JOCELYN AND PRAKASH YOUNGER: Sex Appeal and Cultural Liberty, 2004, A Journal article of women studies, Vol. The essay has also introduced a global perspective which is very useful in carrying out a study of a multinational such as MTV.

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Field roles which researchers adopt during ethnographic research

In Ethnographic study, the levels of stress and strain at fieldwork are considerably high for the researcher irrespective of the role he adopts. (Hammersely and Atkinson, 1995) In Ethnographic research, the degree of new issues arising from the research process is high and unique depending on particular context.

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Feminism and Early Women Writers

The early feminist writers of America became tired of societal structures that allowed for their coercion, manipulation, confinement, and domination by the hierarchical systems of power. Ultimately, the overall contribution of these feminist authors lies in their message of social justice and activism- both in terms of initiating critical thought, a...

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Contributions of Feminism to Archaeological Theory

As a movement of resistance and struggle against male oppression for women’s empowerment, theoretical feminist objectives include a critique of female status in past societies and the definition of gender difference for women. and MacKinnon J.J. (2000) A Feminist Critique of Recent Archaeological Theories and Explanations of the Rise of State-Level ...

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Ethnographic Research Essay

While in the case of ethnographic researches the researcher has to be involved, understand, practice the cultural context which is not possible to do in a short period of time. Fahimur Quadir, Ethnographic Research, Handout-Classnotes; 2013 .

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Taking Sides Essay

Culture or not, I believe there must be another, healthier way to help such a process. Ethnographic Example: The article gives a very clear explanation that in some African culture (Kenya, Kikuyu Tribe) “no proper kikuyu would dream of marrying a girl who has not been circumcised” (Kenyatta 1938).

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Role Of Exchange In Kabre Society Sociology Essay

The thing is argued by Oyewumi, where gender and feminist discourse needs to be analysed within specific context rather than just a universal idea of feminism such as the Western feminist discourse. Based on this story of female genital mutilation, it can be viewed that female genital mutilation is a serious issue in feminist discourse, especially i...

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Social science tradition Essay

However, the present form of anthropology is predicted to undergo a metamorphosis but if they are post-anthropological, they are also post- literary (Clifford & Marcus 1986). Ethnographic writing Opens onto the wider practice about, among and against cultures which includes historical ethnography, cultural poetics, cultural criticism, analysis o...

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Gender Role in Afghanistan Analytical Essay

Conformity and Conflict: Readings In Cultural Anthropology, New York: Pearson Education press, 2009. Omidian, Patricia.

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The form of research known as Ethnography

At the same time, ethnographic interviews are far more in-depth than survey research. While not inherent to the method, cross-cultural ethnographic research runs the risk of falsely assuming that given measures have the same meaning across cultures.

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The Prostitution Of Girls In Bangkok Sociology Essay

Although Knodel’s research was largely comparative in nature, it underscored the need for more ethnographic research on how the interplay of indigenous culture and modern practices influences the prevalence of prostitution among girls in Bangkok. In Bangkok, there is no segment in the sex industry whereby local activism on human rights and worker st...

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Assess the postmodernist views of the mass media Essay

In conclusion, PM view of the media is influential in drawing attention to the impact of the media on creation of identities and how consumption influence people’s ability to create their identities themselves. However, the major limitation of PM theory is reluctance to recognise the significance of the market forces and concentration of media owner...

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Assess the Postmodernist Views of the Mass Media

Moreover, PM do not acknowledge the media’s role of promoting and exacerbating inequalities among audiences. In conclusion, PM view of the media is influential in drawing attention to the impact of the media on creation of identities and how consumption influence people’s ability to create their identities themselves.

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