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Burdens of History Essay

She shows, for instance, how feminist histories sought to reinterpret the Anglo-Saxon past to justify their own political claims and specifying some characteristic differences between explicitly feminist and more general women’s periodicals.Thus, Burton’s texts are treated either self-referentially or with reference to current feminist debates.Another problem is Burton’s failure to address the question of how feminist imperialism worked in the world more generally.According to the author: “The chief function of the Other woman was to throw into relief those special qualities of the British feminist that not only bound her to the race and the empire but made her the highest and most civilized national female type, the very embodiment of s...

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Feminism is for Everybody Essay

Hooks raises the question is feminist a philosophical belief or a political cause, given that the author tackles the arguments of the radical feminists.References Hooks, B.The primary intention of her book is to bring the feminist point-of-view to non-believers, apathetics and unfamiliar.In the book, Feminism is for everybody, the author rejects the usual beliefs connected to feminism and considers such belief as nothing more than a myth.The non-traditional manner of Hooks’ presentation eliminated my angst towards feminists and made me realize that it is time for change, Hooks compelled me to believe that it is time to dispose of the misleading conventional feminist beliefs of the past and focus on the current issues, moreover, Hooks mad...

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Feminist Failure In The Wife Of Baths Prologue English Literature Essay

Though the Wife of Bath seems to see herself as a feminist, it is quite unlikely that any man of the time period saw her in the same light; rather she seems to illustrate all of the wrongs that men found in women.From this point rather than view the wife of bath as a feminist one would rather classify her as a shrew, and a nagging and overbearing vixen; all of the things men seem to find fault with in their wives.She is a perfect example of a “failed feminist,” a weak parody of what men see feminists as.In summary therefore, our thesis that Alison, the wife of Bath was not a feminist in the true sense of the word, but rather a calculating vixen with rather loose morals, who masqueraded as a feminist, which of course she was not.“Though t...

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Principles of Feminist Therapy Essay

Feminist theory and therapy not only have differences within the field, it also has its similarities with other fields.The political nature of relationship and relationships involving women in different settings in the society is one of the very important aspects of such commonalities.Feminist theory, especially as it applies to feminist therapy is broad and complex.The author highlighted feminist therapy’s treatment of emotional distress, its social and cultural sources, power sharing, the importance of women’s experiences and its focus on social change and the empowerment of women.Chapter 1 of the book helps feminist counselors and therapists in identifying the differences and the similarities of various threads of feminist theory and ...

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The Misrepresentation Of Feminism By Roxanne Gay Essay examples

Author and columnist, Roxanne Gay brings this question into light in her article entitled "The Bad Feminist Manifesto".In her piece, she mentions "I got into my head that a feminist was a certain kind of women.In her, essay, Gay responds to the notion that a feminist is a person that acts, and displays certain characteristics to promote the equality of the sexes.Lastly, feminism is to advocate for the rights of women in all aspects and there is no way to act to truly be feminist as long as you fight for equality of the sexes then you are in fact a feminist.In conclusion, the definition of a feminist has become extremely misrepresented in the world today.

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Essay on Limits and Challenges of the Feminist Critical Approach

"Towards a Feminist Poetics."Showalter, Elaine.The author of a text which is called “The Second Sex”, de Beauvoi... ... middle of paper ... ...cond Sex."Feminist literary criticism is an approach to literary criticism that is most concerned with the role of women within the context of literature.The écriture feminine scholars Julia Kristeva, Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray shall be drawn upon in order to make the arguments of the feminist critics more clear, but also to offer their own critiques to feminist studies, and how they are manifested within the context of literature.

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Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics Critical Essay

This is one of the topics that is examined by various feminist writers.The author notes that for a long time the feminist movement was associated with white women who mostly came from well-to-do families (Hooks, 2000, p. 56).Therefore, bell hooks raises a question that is critical for feminist movement and its further development.Apart from that, this book does not identify the specific objectives that the feminist movement should attain.Various aspects of this idea are explored in many of her books such as Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center or Ain’t I a Woman?

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Education, Research, and Action: Theory and Methods of Participatory Action Research Essay (Book Review)

Patricia Yancey Martin who is the author of this book argue that most scholars who are involved in judging feminist organizations pay more attention to collectivism and bureaucratic issues while at the same time choosing to overlook some qualities of these organizations.This means that a lot remains to be discussed especially when it comes to comparing non feminist and feminist organizations.This is closely followed by essays discussing all of the ten dimensions that distinguish a feminist organization from a non feminist organization.The book focuses mainly on feminist theory and its contribution to politics, community and social life.The author begins by outlining all key aspects of feminist organizations that he is going to discuss in...

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Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico Essay

Revolutionary Women in Postrevolutionary Mexico .Accumulating information from regional archives, journalism, and oral history, author presents an objective account of the women’s struggle.In the first place, author rebuttals the image of women as being passive and non-participative.Duke University Press.Author shows women as being active and participative in creating the future of own country.

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Feminism in Literature Essay

Feminist Literature Feminist literature, as the name suggests, is based on the principles of feminism, and refers to any literary work that centers around the struggle of a woman for equality, and to be accepted as a human being, before being cast into a gender stereotype.And that is one clear characteristic of the feminist approach toward literature.It is important to note, that, not all works of feminist literature have happy endings, both for the character, and for the author of the work.In modern feminist literature, the attack on a male-dominated society became more forthright and straightforward, where women demanded a closer look into the patriarchal and capitalistic approach towards feminism.Characteristics of Feminist Literature...

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Feminism and Early Women Writers

“Charlotte Perkins Gillman: Her Life and Work as a Social Scientist and Feminist.” Women’s Intellectual Contributions to the Study of Mind and Society.Susan Glaspell, in addition to the long line of feminist activists that came after, effectively shifted the balance of power regarding civil rights and individual liberties for all because female disenfranchisement was brought to court.American feminist authors have had a major impact on every woman in contemporary society.One of the best know, widely read, and socially aware feminist writers informing women today is Alice Walker.In virtually every corner of American culture, the accomplishments brought about by generations of feminist thought can be seen and evoke admiration.

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Problematic or Illuminating: A Look at Feminist Theory

In order to take an analytical look into articles that contain [feminist] theory and further deem them of one of the previously mentioned natures, one must analyze the theoretical frameworks presented in each article and the methodology in which this framework goes about responding to and explaining concepts of feminist theory.She provides the groundwork and footing for one to look into feminist separatism and its effects; yet, she leaves many terms matters and aspects open for interpretation so the reader is able to easily understand her work and then mold her theory in order for it to fit his/her life.An example of this is her explanation of the word separatism and the act of a feminist separatist.Conversely, in Rich’s article once you...

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Radical Feminist Historians

In feminist historiography, men are portrayed as the “initial opposite” of women; these men having assumed positions of power.Feminist historians felt it necessary to illustrate history based on the masculine-feminine divide.probable and non-determinate causes.This only says that history is a complex set of events to which one may find impossible to generalize.What radical feminist historians are generally and categorically saying is that men are the source of slavery.

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Women and Religion Essay

They are separate from, but closely involved with, the Christian Women’s Information and Resource Service, a network linking people working to change the position of women in the church, which hopefully will be done soon (Allen 72).How far feminist theology may depart from accepted doctrine and still be considered Christian is a problem faced by feminists struggling to reconcile their spiritual with their political feelings.Some Christian feminist groups are church-linked, others are interdenominational, and others have moved, like philosopher Mary Daly, once a respected Catholic theologian, now declaring herself ‘unconfined by the teachings of church or man,’ into the new realm of spiritual feminism.But as women began making demands of ...

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Feminsim in Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel Essay

How does the author of Like Water for Chocolate depict her feminist views and how do they contribute to two different themes of the novel?This exploitation of feminist views supports two major themes: change in traditional attitudes towards authority and freedom of expression.The narrator wasn't even alive when the events occurred; they were passed down to her through a "grape vine" of stories that were ultimately influenced by Tita's cookbook because it was the only thing that was left after the fire burned down the house.This literary genre in which the author creates an Garcia 2 ambiguous case in respect to the credibility of the events in order to manipulate them so she can emphasize and exaggerate certain points in the story to expl...

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The Awakening Essay

“She began to smoke cigarettes and wrote a feminist fable, ‘Emancipation.She spent two years as a belle in St. Louis society becoming aware of feminist social issues (World Biography par.In her stories of Bayou Folk, A Night in Acadie, and The Awakening Kate writes about the sexual, racial, and moral background of polite southern Louisiana life (Feminist Writers par 2).This is where Kate wrote many articles, short stories and periodicals, including Atlantic Monthly, Criterion, Harper’s Young People, St. Louis Dispatch, and Vogue (Feminist Writers par.Today, The Awakening has become required reading for any student studying the history of women’s cultural oppression (Feminist Writers par.

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An analysis of three short stories written by Kate Chopin, 1914

Through the short story, Kate Chopin draws a theme to the audience and shows a negative correlation between marriage, children and freedom.The story of Kate Chopin is "I am sorry" about a single married woman who is responsible for suddenly taking care of his neighbors' children.In this short story, the author is talking about life, she does not rely on men for her life, to enjoy her independence and liberation (Chopin, "Repent" 259).The result of this study shows that the person of the feminist is Edna Ponterie from the role of "Awakening" by Kate Chopin.The research topics in this research are to show how the role of feminist is reflected in Kate Chopin's "Awakening", how the role of feminist is to develop plots in Kate Chopin's "Awake...

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Analyse the construction of femininity in the texts of your choice

Language is another central issue within feminist criticism.This attitude is considered the American part of feminist criticism.I think ‘Haroun and the Sea of Stories’ can only be considered a feminist text to a certain point.I do not think feminist ideas are supposed to be the main focus of this novel.This is sometimes considered the British part of feminist criticism and focuses on a neo-Marxist depiction of the patriarchy as reflected in the delimited lives and destinies of female characters in literature.

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A History Of Feminism English Language Essay

Interestingly, the translation does not take a strong feminist approach, showing that all translations need not be radically feminine.Another obstacle when appropriating a feminist translation may stem from cultural problems rather than linguistic.Obviously, the substance of the work represents a certain meaning that the author aspires to express, a meaning behind the choice of words, and through feminist thinking, this message could be lost through translation.Another difference can be seen with the translation of a word, as is explicit in “María la boba.” ‘Boba’ which refers to silly or naïve gives off a negative connotation, but the English ‘simple’ is quite neutral, reflecting that the author wished not to attribute a negative conno...

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A Doll’s house Essay

This ancestral and sentimental background of the piano made the girl fight for retaining it.The attitude of Nora reveals the strong feminist views of the author.The boy’s interest (paternal interest) was however against it.The author highlighted the self realization of the main character Nora and the way she becomes an example to feminist ideology.The feminist ideologies of Nora were revealed in the end of the novel.

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TERF Essay

Linguists Christopher David and Elin McCready have argued that three properties make a term an insult: it must be derogatory towards a particular group, it must be used to establish a relationship of domination, and the target group must be defined by an intrinsic property.According to them, the term TERF fulfills the first condition, but not the third, while the second condition is at issue.Sociologist Emmanuel Beaubatie analyzes this confrontation by estimating that the idea (TERF) that women transform reinforce the gender stereotypes against which feminists fight is a very common received idea, out of step with intersectional approaches that emphasize the 'heterogeneity of women's groups; for him, the TERF discourse shows that sexism ...

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Literary Criticism Of The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Her views are shown through the setting, in the room with the yellow wallpaper, and the main characters, the protagonist, and her husband.Feminist literary criticism is a type of literary criticism that “is concerned with ‘…the ways in which literature (and other cultural productions) reinforce or undermine the economic, political, social, and psychological oppression of women” (Purdue OWL: Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism).Th... ... middle of paper ... ...d a woman that confronts issues that had not yet been looked at or talked about before.Most theorists believe that there were waves of feminist criticism.When the author of The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, wrote this story, she brought out the feminism, individua...

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A Feminist Criticism Of ‘Proof’

“Despite his pseudo-feminist focus on women’s capacity to understand higher mathematics, David Auburn offers only a feeble and shaky challenge to patriarchal authority in Proof Any threat to popular perceptions of women as being incapable of achievement in fields customarily dominated by men is deceptive, and the play’s popularity and its numerous awards expose a collective affirmation of patriarchal hegemony by the American public.” (Schafer, 2006) Schafer proves that true feminist play can’t achieve the commercial success among the conservative American society.The play “Proof” by David Auburn can be an interesting object for feminist literary criticism.This point of view has a fair amount of sense but it doesn’t correspond to the gene...

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Antigone – The First Feminist Essay

Antigone – The First Feminist How old is feminism, and who was the first feminist?In Sophocles’s Antigone, the main character (Antigone) acts as a protofeminist by defying the authority of a patriarchal society and taking action according to what she believes is right in her heart.Although no one can say for sure the exact date on which the feminist movement started, most of it is attributed to the past two centuries.Feminists today are viewed as raging, man-hating bitches, but feminism in its true sense simply advocates women’s rights.She even shows some characteristics of a modern feminist.

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The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

However, this is a concept that is hard to achieve.While Hawthorne may have felt that his novel portrayed Hester as a feminist character, he was unable to make her strong because he didn’t know how to portray strong women characters.Excerpts from Lois Tyson’s Feminist Criticism explain when feminist writing broke into the literary world, and how it was not proper feminist writing: “For example, before the centuries-old struggle for women’s equality finally emerged in literary studies in the late 1960s, the literary works of male authors describing experience from a male point of view were considered the standard of universality” (Tyson 84).Feminism is something that many writers wish to include in their writing to appeal to a larger audi...

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Feminism Case

But taking everything it has, I still consider it negative in a sense that the Author of such gender has a mandate for each gender of the human relationship, and as creature we can’t just ignore that but live a life as He designed it to be.Marxist Feminist .Liberal Feminist .Christian Feminist.The feminist were having an annual national convention but in 1869 was divided into two groups, the moderates and the radicals.

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“Shifting the Centre: Race, Class, and Feminist Theorizing about Motherhood” Essay

Autonomy, according to this theme, is critical in facilitating logical assessment both at the individual and community level.The author starts by bringing into the limelight the role of mothers.The view created by the author from this argument rejects the feminist theory by citing that not all who appear oppressed are at stake.Therefore, it would come out as a critical talking point and essential platform for liberation to the oppressed ethnic groupings.Following this autonomy, the concept of the self is further brought out with re-conceptualizing mechanisms being employed to match the previous experiences and the necessary life objectives in the society.

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An Alternative to Bureaucratic Impersonality and Emotional Labor Bounded Emotionality at The Body Shop

At that, the traditional bureaucracy is characterized with high level of control, strict rules and hierarchical authority; normative organizations are described as the structures which have less obtrusive control, delegation of power to lower-level managers and participative leadership; and, finally, feminist organizations are supposed to have the lowest level of control, consensual models of decision making and rotating system of leadership.However, feminist organizations as the structures which are more oriented on improving personal well-being of the employees, usually employ emotional expressions for own benefit.The majority of feminist theorists agrees that high level of emotional control is not a stimulating factor for good persona...

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A Brief Overview of Feminism Essay example

Although feminist literary writings began to gain popularity in the 20th century, feminist characters have been around for ages.According to Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan in their essay “Feminist Paradigms”, feminist criticism includes several other ideas.Trailblazers such as Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Geo...A Brief Overview of Feminism Feminism can be roughly described as a movement that seeks to enhance the quality of women’s lives by impacting the norms and moves of a society based on male dominance and subsequent female subordination.Gayle Rubin, author of “The Traffic in Women: Notes on the ‘Political Economy’ of Sex”, also adds: The literature on women- both feminist and anti-feminist- is a long rumination on the question...

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Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s house Essay

The feminist beliefs of Nora rise up at last and she comes to know that she has been a foolish doll in a toy-marriage and walks out of her house slamming the door behind her and surprising Torvald.This shows the feminist views of the character or the author.The feminist beliefs of the author hated this attitude of Torvald and encouraged Nora to break away one day from the ‘doll house’.The feminist ideologies of Nora were revealed in the end of the novel.We can infer from the theme of the novel that the author Henrik Ibsen was a strong Feminist as he created characters that fought for the rights of women.

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